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such a loss is come when you stole your doorstep, because when you're gone this suddenly agree with domes, donna, because all emilia, with no yellow green a gillis thought visit, you will not wailings. will sheila saffir um, of course why he, why not? i've been throw you away now on frederick is. steinway laughed cheech near way. now what we can we the key? only so many gramma me you 3 will nicely. nina. school choice. you not winning? you can danny boy. no, let the bill of such a stronger solution, but almost a c k pretty weigh each. it will not. the key is a family of his dear and you never style. oh, a december 2013. the los peaceful year and the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end,
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the euro. my dance movement is gaining momentum in protest prompted by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. oh there are so much you must do. you'll see such as new york res paper. yeah. ah. since you all are solution all is cooker. if you see one we took we made on other show up at below senior color tissue. i left no bottom jojo a store, but we'll edit, we'll edit the quinn with the us as the sheen kimberly over your store. but he could get a pistol over those who i am with some of my brother. i name any bullets initially . i knew 1000000 a put a will suit already
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a a with a motion for the if there's are some of the going for the stairs then. yes. cub, bullish really at this in my when done by super ice crush. cuz i had to go in on some units for sure someone was just sitting there. i mean, you know, in the as a new mile. so does anyone know both what stretch humor stuff that's going on when i'm looking for a job
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notion of la my me, i'm not show up here. um we t yup. will you run into that? i'm going to post longest lunch that you there at your company for most of our churches on the production. and i was still getting the package. can you believe me? jacob brought it up where we used to show movies. if i wasn't words that were still with us, i use just giving was daniel or christine. you will did a little busy schedule, but i was up on the sleeve. the one you still with mary, i'm not gonna use the grades which darya and you'll be, what is the meeting with people will be on your criteria the way you get the one you michelle, you might done lowest to fill in the graphs for people like you said i was on baby listen, somebody was nuclear wasn't, you know, i'm probably like a shilling. you're getting the little grains of. oh, great with
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new and used one. sure. no one. you don't need that boy, unless your wife isn't sure. leaders and rank and file members of nationalist organizations admit they had been preparing for violent st. riots long before the protesting gulf key lee, but i thought supposedly it to be live now. so let's just go put the green, the number of all this he has to lift and lose, but i don't go much elliptical acumen will grow cream school. i'm not totally screwed, isn't this? when i actually bought into so us is thought a total greens can, which are the rooms come all the some will not really gotten a warning boy commission. yes. or all of them with a valid on your response to live. so nunes, them all in addition, in solar layer on the go 1000000 though kicked well, you know how to keep a job where
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yellow? green schema for money seals, e noise. marsha napoleon bu a junior my e p. record to greenly up on for the most not for a little while, most. furthermore, with some of the chill, it actually put us the edge of less, don't put it in the store in the proceeds, give me a call and then i will, i will be
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a you with a book up and doing that just sub mount the border with the new molecule, put a star dealership, you can look on my to you. i did that with virginia style. yes. move with the top right? yes. a she, she also be a snowball stoker with them boss of justice to bluffton, losing each unless among mazda, loosely surely not national union, of which he just need you to sort disease with study. so if somebody's that did you se julia sobriety. so my value, michelle boss, gretchen, what did you try to was reasoning. webpage vehicle dumbly cheat? well done with a coolness bureau, you all know that video mushroom stored here. eve will dip on your switches. tina was michelle. it
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had a oil opportunity. chicago was denellin reynold, we missed the list of night. useful to optional was stories lusciously was from police to keep us, they had left will not she let us practically let you go. we're still grave of morley and us. janet, if you don't wish only to go on. yeah. or should i just leave a ca equals totally steady shasky new guy. do you know how to communicate this well, is that about the what he's doing him with a boy that with an adult values up with a switch to brainstorm drip out. because the worst than we was that about them, we mean probably will touched on years is up on no grain because you think you didn't get to them. we're not the use of can put them away. she's always, inc. are we sure john mitchell? by just while it wasn't the engine light on your porch,
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a few integrity and you continued those because the worst possible done when you're bored and you buy your product key for a low promotional a store. you bought it when you, when you do business with you for a mass to living with wayne eastern michelle a little just a little going to be would be a governess, co conflict from the stigma or i'm the store and you will be watching. right? yeah, i a little or he really, if you're a little guy,
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this isn't really little do with that show. you spoke little b o a when you pull up what you'll see on yes. but he'd say, i spoke with you to, to do what you scared and thought c. o. like with all of them with re world is with you is with you,
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i am a with we believe there is activity in the shows up on me, but i need to keep awfully an easier and was telling us we'll just put digital whitland records show cuz it was loading you just, you more with when you play minutes you'll switch your they people scored and then you should get the most which to shoot. first one is a sub with customers to produce was up ah, the at the like when your bill with almost a 1000000000 but a minion, lee,
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and you talk a could tell you more to a show for the new brute joke are still use that you buy so safety, you will send you a nice design or deal if needed. so not conflict is days went to all steaming ski. what was totally new or just blue sharks? i was wondering course go with the little plug into your bloodstream, which is why not 1st. yep. came up, i called christian venues cuz all spoke with a new machine i leased my daughter was in car rental program that she did not especially that i should believe it was rachel should be external with
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ah another well you while you easy while furnace us? ah yeah. or you know it's a lie. yes. south. yeah. thrashing south with carson for years now which is done for me double up. my pizza is emily. a full body of from shelby schemes. room should thoughtfully a lot again york fortune, very up number
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a lot about it more than just the natural who ah oh a ah with
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ah, since the bank away the donuts people's republic. whew has been ranging and don't boss. ukrainian. artillery it's been shelling civilian, townsend, mining villages for your more. very lovely deal. new york. oh god, i blew off with the school with a deal about one of the a little above the whole of the 3 of the floor boards will give us bullet one. ah
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concert you cut out literally what happened your daughter in law would of ocean come, reduce your and then we're done your bush multiple commercial so do more for the extra bull so sure. the blue cross. yeah. and yeah, we're bringing in both of them. actually su styles, i mean the whole shrubs for i'll just quote those relations when you're welcome trust her principal will to chose full will. nobody called up. i'm still still time in your spirits with them or do you do them somewhere? total bill of the $1100.00 g is not so you will accomplish that. you knew this was, i'm sure scott acquired about a property or charlottesville. you knew you were with them. here we go, go to somebody with the radicalization of my dad and his proceeding apace. barricades appearing all over central key. my dance,
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self defense activists seize and control government buildings. confrontations with the police on new mia skirmishes anymore. real battles are ranging in the city streets protested, wheeled, iron bars, improvised batten's, stones, and stacks of molotov cocktails. a with ah,
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journalists, roslyn kat, saba covered the events on my down in 2014. he saw what was happening in the center of cape with his own eyes, and it's still trying to understand who was interested in keeping my dad going. and why is this a good you got to do it when you my really if you lazoodo and then using you, if they didn't get pretty young of thomas it hooked up like you really got hope, a cookie cutter. you took him the all that was why me so bush neither was wanted with it brought me here. did you miss? i'm is, is really suddenly need to bring money. bretheren is what virginia, thoughtful of short of the city of mister store for the social press 3 to say no abuse for the was the one of the more dinner lawyer. lot of people put a shrunk of some sort of over um, a hollywood democracy. oh. 6 i see him
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with. 6 a. 6 6 0, my gosh, i'm coming to an uber. got us washington, gopro, chicago auto renewals on lupita jump. emilio and we should airline. yep. yeah. he's like, oh yeah. alex on dakota kosky was one of the commanders of the ukrainian security services alpha group in jeanette's. he was regularly sent to keep on detach service and was well aware of the situation in the protest, written streets by february 2014. the situation on my dan had escalated seriously from over me a lot. nothing to bring up on the new the new model, if this was the one on the last day when you move in with you. well it
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will be settled. and i know my question is if you see the modem, which is a little moving the shift, is it a little moving couple paula? no more than the mall. i wouldn't sure that she was naval up. there was a problem. i went to the with you and you mentioned you said when, but he bought them google chrome. you do, you, would you go and you go neutral? so when you which was just for you to go for a couple domains with much we could keep them dealer to a preschool. so, but yeah, we do work with just a boy, but i'm not sure, but i'm still not e, so pissing them, ship when you my dish, we do deal up serials and stuff. i mean,
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yeah. but the more i want to switch over to someone to grow young with, with some less, they do it less. they bought. there are natural store for some reps for children, and one choice thing about bug you buy the lose, you said be external solution like issue a problem, but i don't know what's up to what you slow postal carlo or binary choice glued shut q g. so with a
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with that but just to shut it down, we're still i'm probably out as a new student or leave me a good show. a new escalade record. last year of slip i tested always told me just a couple i just wish use the gym a choice. this important issues with when you go, then you learn problems. legacy has been can you please, could you bubble b got a push to marsha grier ski. the little would you, she, you know, glass, you could g does, did really, you know, my down tumble onto my done it a little shy of shift me for the other are the most affordable. i'd also like you for the sort of the movie to go. just go with people double folk, lavinia look a diesel to put your america welcome today. what the bushes die for?
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if it's on the graph, i'm with the calcium cut off, little green. when we get those, you know what you look up the equation it or not. i don't know if you told me i knew fishes even good as yet, but she them the plug in the throw kit. curium as if a with justice visit justin's cuz i'd t up allows to produce kiddos in the middle school. oh for the store that i
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think the results go in for them to look at that for you. let's go across so a sequential so oh good. i'm actually pretty much i will show up on yelp talk a little plymouth. yup. my dear, but can you please again, what's to bye with key nose up on the let's look at move seals are you still a nuclear? you know what else with america? what's going on with your sense akila a yellowish bushel and all still kept busy but the cell is washing. you know, some of the dates at the sewer screen uniquely spoke emphasizes a issue. there's always probably a request to get us going to deal with that music or with some stuff. they're still school as a kind of cultural issue. go spoke with
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a boy with us. no. but keep rusty come, which makes me she is not the most coverage. still greens come or what the matter numbers because i don't know anybody who's doing this. i'm sure about simple machine. you're a model music you can keep them with voice. sure. let me see here, got the property of the window cleans cute them both. look, i would, she still couldn't cause a go for and you can switch no nouns. can you then use jewish opinion? i'm with the weight not communicate with her team image. not of my name's i'm a flushing your slash and she didn't. it's more just like when they use it for a school, why wouldn't you build up? most people are going to start with that. going to that was appointed to stalls, go back to your business that you should use a muffle for to move. i use go letters from out of your pool news and promotions i use when you live. i see it pretty much. i mean, you should be more team viewer, i'll say use will to push to place you a few questions. michelle: it was michelle, which is cedar. a
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post and you've been with us all some lot of a snooze off. and then it goes like you're still trying to talk to commend on. okay . yeah. videos, the of the saucy shalysea beaumont from cal 1st on us. so what are the of these throughout the will not work here to with car. so just in the hunting the can, you will be like me at garza with a show bull would settle on a master's up on the green auto stores and i sure sleep number 30, some of the buyers here at the close credit the post on and you computer williams, i was still capital interest agility and was up with a token issued a disc. the missile? sure talk is sure. is there sound up which all number is plugged in?
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mm hm. usa usa, a bounce up is the cable knit on this one. this somebody keep us slow them to receive the ski it also our lady looks at this fornes for or you will switch. it should only be reflected or all the way from over washington law was just a new design is a new prescription. and then each and you hm mm hm. with
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with a no deductible, which one you barbershop a year, the one that you have a question, get with a lease with
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an independent v, a warranty with you. and then if you look at a strategic policy for political people committed to work and i posted these that we are independent on the, you know, in a line with
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both, both the models you need to do both but nothing new with a us government perform already a lot of us, but your own for them was a they need that they're leaving and you that the guy with the 1st one, the party of the a with
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with ah, ukrainian force is launch at least 10 new shuttling attacks on residential areas in the city. of dawn, yet, what brings you the details more correspondent on the ground later in the program. with the media outlets start waking up to the real numbers of just how much money is being made by arms suppliers to ukraine with nato already spending more than $8000000000.00 in aid under the u. k. agree to send a new batch of heavy weapons to kiev, we hear from russia on past. that's a birthday who says he doubts london's willingness to support ukraine when the conflict n.


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