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in any war with russia, with 10 because global temperatures rise by say, 200000 degrees, meaning the end of the world today, russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. most restrictions against individuals, the rest imposed on organizations. some experts compare the measures to financial nuclear warfare when you don't have a military option. economic sanctions is the politically expedient alternative, but it's an alternative that doesn't really address the problem it's supposed to address. it's done to a fees and domestic in quality, but i figure that shows on the poems to caution. yes, yes, click on and get the loy out. according to me, it is a posted news, lots of shift buddy to sunset. but almost only medina because of i am with the only son as to which the song. ringback the machine. ringback a pushing engine
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user to combine, you know, to just use them. we originally took over when brazil was machine you but i didn't . the apollo must oblong data for shampoo shoes if that i'm a gun law and the kid which is with the expert. the control sun with brushing it draws play. come when you got c visa finishing it was just a more look with a way of mush thumbnail on the cover and see if you will read united was me like as a good book with chest, the strategic blemish, something from, from the companion. that's in an approach at a sheer, ethiopia, africa. you been there for my in if a different grade initiative starting at hasn't done a sanctioning somebody you know, creates the cause and effect relationship in the global economy that has a detrimental impact on your own economic activity or she, if you wish, i did it off with the word mom, ross, computer cor, i'm your, you know,
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we wrote a quick note from us to read. you know, you need to kind of grow the way in there. and she was just so using the little, what is the financing for us to order shorter one, nick and me can principally, maybe a can you can go about in the morning. the proposal was always restricted to swing by and all that. okay. you know, we're going to load you global economy can just email it to them. but what if she used to share it with who you sent me a here today and you mean yes, wait a minute to provide you with a good credit source of credit. yeah, are you just a bunker? critics don't she just was playing a little here take
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a little. she was running a switch. you can hear me put it took me to do with the center. won't go up here to graduate. should use the issue, the middle economy can use no, and you called the bias but i'm not going for one year which we were doing yesterday, but each which was a little much immediately social and each can show you where that originally one was which alumni it's glad to finish a movie initiative to jim whenever he met a short syndrome and the work that he just mentioned to mr. shack. slower. see on all or simply mean you could get away some people say if you believe you get that bus, which is for other pacific, the machine called them at the ballistic mclaughlin, the moment of them stem store even a place to live in a serious keep the law nicely, but i need to be able to get my with bessalo, but his student, jim,
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some not with you, mr. around amount that open bells written your way in the dope. i did that with the on john sanctions had a serious impact on foreign trade. the u. s. accused the ussr of low bowling prices for matches coal as best us and the manganese exported to america. i didn't post import duties. the embargo band exposed to the ussr aviation industry. my smugly, my lady here with jackson, so on the mirror. ah yeah. what about what yeah, credit my be almost a year for a yellow speech. i was flightless messiah got a few in the museum of my brother. yet though below that you got to see him or go do. he's got a few but in urine with away piece of but out to the last, if we forgot started that way unless you afforded name to fit. it is also not not
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the bill of by should have your mom but my sri may i borrow the sunday, but it will be say, least of exposure. i made it easier for yourself to florida with him. yeah, pretty much, but i see sales conversation across the street from florida to bring in my stuff about them yet. believe prosper, origin, young and yeah, pretty much in the cold war the us began to apply a new type of economic sanction against the ussr aimed at cutting off access to advanced technology request. mom rebel booth. fulton, prometheus boy export number front royal media, gun city will leave here. so you say you go to the votes. ability. abdulla cookie, though, out of new forms, logic is episodes. i just want to say it was all with me. what did the police chicka? i'm out of bells or alice sherwood restored and say, go say in the night in sixties,
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nato approved an embargo bill banning the export of large diameter pipes used in the druid boat oil pipeline to the ussr in the 1980s. a contract to supply 17000000 tons of grain to the u. s. i saw was canceled. this was america's response to the soviet union, sending troops to afghanistan, 50 countries boycotted the summer olympics and moscow. and following an incident with a korean, boeing airflow was unable to operate flights to the united states for several years . sort of the reward that i could sail mom should have still daughter or own or is she in your opening meaning you can. i mean she sunset willoughby? mean you're not sure what was what i should need your love. this is a police report. the just al nissan to source because it in the middle middle no but i with nor chelsea should been yep. or why we use our coordinate color on e plywood. seeing enough, anita godson william and she was sitting at the senior that will in yap knobs. but
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i made a jump in my way to get up. please, no much thought of the matter with once one of the richest countries in latin america, venezuela has teetered on the verge of collapse with the last few years. a big boy laughing at eating. i wonder if you ever heard of diamond e or you receive me to get up. we will proceed in trouble to look at it on the honey sola, the country had an abundance of oil and was almost entirely dependent on. it takes bullets, syrupy, and you are seeing airing in iraq proposing require amier k for referral. you're paying for for perfect. i mean, they follow us elite partner also. so i had all me f r, pre garza aramis rayleigh. he came by, so i guess we will see probably gallo for the increasing if owing the answer until we talk
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i until 2013 state owned but truly as to venezuela was ranked number 5, among the most influential oil companies, oil price plunge struck venezuela's economy in 2014 strike soon followed since 2015. the white house is blunt vin, as well as access to american financial markets. from the central bank of venezuela was cut off from international transactions. later, public debt operations were banned as well. the finishing blow to the economy was a ban on trade with the state oil company, but truly us to venezuela. as a result, in just a few years, oil production decreased almost 5 times a year for a policy. and what i give people feed, grassy. i love or your by user or more young on confirming the and for
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a you is jen from part of fee or can i do. 1 lower her so let after a poor neighbor algebra helene, from the auto paying a lot of people bailing from europe at the electron o'quinn savings for file hold for a bill for thousands petroleum to venezuela. fell into disgrace off the 2018 when madura managed to get reelected for a 2nd time. but both the u. s. and the e. you refused to recognize the election results, mental power given as werner. the on our principle shown fina theorem will be our sin, ohio config carlos in the honda while proceed trying to, i mean we don't have a lot of manus shayla in wound on or whatever, but he will start going to hunt god, you know, boy, if i that are new people it but a little bit to to it, it was up. i'm looking it sort of funny to just i was all church totally measured towards your son, senior report filled up what we need there. sonya doc dollar store is shown with blue balls. you full cheering your fellow on the case of what you
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used or checked it actually with those towards each of mckinney and you can do it on the which one which one's near the one. you see the dark, there's another one you fancy collect down when you get there. it's a continue to city. is that what get an up married? are you talking talk to lisa neal: well now another one and the other or what really? what other, what about putting, putting better, you know, who are not feeling better, you're going to about what i saw the i guess the real and the funding for the funding in the giving us well and if you're getting yourself or if you're a a c, l, e,
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a c or, you know, if you see on coming back on but these up and they also need to get up with doing this is the reality of sanctions. you are a civilian population, which means that are just as deadly as any farm or in some cases even more. so because we're dealing with diseases. so you know, sanctions are nearly as copacetic as people think. some people say, well, which are sanctioned over war because war, so violent sanctions are just as violent rozier, bloody needed both in one of the here going rules. yeah. you know very elisa no other fema oh the the
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ah ah, need to come to the russian state total narrative. i've stayed as i phone and the most 19 with the babel mino, keys on. i need to speak with ben in the european union. the kremlin. yup. machines,
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the state on russia for date and c, r t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest. and with me i have an independent v proposal. but despite of that, i had a good bye with you. and then you could look at a strategic policy to put in the local needed the you with i posted the in,
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depending on a ah rising prices for groceries in essential goods, panic and hype. this leads to empty shelves in supermarkets and retail profiteering, despite the fact that sanctions have been imposed on one country, only russia, people in different parts of the world are feeling the impact, the so called unilateral sanctions have a boomerang effect on the countries that have imposed them banning all in ports of russian oil and gas. emmys, russian oil will no longer be accessible us ports and american people will deal another powerful blow to tune. warmish. ah, i'll say natural gas companies are making your grab wanting, which is what i'm air force lead right to was back to new jersey to
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new york. so i'm spend a lot of money. but again, if we're going to $35.00 gara economical, appeal, entertain a dilemma. diesel prices are skyrocketing and diesel is the primary fuel mode transport. the fleets of trucks that make things move from point a to point b throughout the united states have just become exponentially more expensive to operate. and when the transportation costs go through the roof, transportation companies have a choice of either shutting down or transferring these costs onto their customers. and we're, we're seeing that already, the price of food is skyrocketing. there is tremendous insecurity right out in the market because of a lack of certainty on how russian oil's going to be replaced out. what the impact this is going to be for those to our seo from though in the lubbock with your new
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will come yes or no such board with you guys and you're still, you've been for the week. it's been almost new school will be there and there will be in the vote. you put your question for you will start anew. what invoices you will to mr. i still saw him look, i was going to suggest you probably have to start with your with your 1st job. you go go with wars are so much for i know this is hard and americans are already here. i will do everything in my power to limit the pain, the american people feel it, the gas actually just putting up an extra shaft on like a team. the most popular prefer monday is a tradition of my number. as long as you finish to read to them, i knew what the worst or whether the consortium can go to the customers. now,
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that's remove as bustle yesterday starts a chance, or you probably should turn this thing much to push them. would you think it'll be under a new stations that actually can teach the rope. and then the she says she does, it should be used. she's familiar dismissed from that that would be the premium, you know, as a pre teach if he's human, unless he really nice for me to go fix. but he would appreciate the option listed on the bus crashes. he need the internet to go to the shows up and she knew she was a bus need them books thing for college because as it is, especially as many experts predicts that the russian sanctions will follow the
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iranian scenario for more than 40 years. iran has been living under a western economic blockade. the richest people generally managed to continue the motor segments of society. and when the 1st they do faces, ha, generally around the world. sanctions was seen as a response to religious fanatics taking power. but it wasn't that simple of the iran's, his lemme revolution. in 1979, the pro western shaw was overthrown. the later fled the country, taking a considerable part of the treasury with him, protested in tehran, responded by seizing the american embassy. they took $66.00 staff hostage and demonte, washington extradited the fugitive leader. the she had clergy, led by ayatollah hominy, had to take power into their own hands. u. s. president jimmy carter ordered iranian oil imports to be seized. rainy deposits in american banks were frozen
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sales of military goods to a band breaking diplomatic relations. the u. s. band only exports including food and medicine hello tortures for my daughter roja falls. hey, the bud, give me an idea. when would it be monday, august hosted on was in the field before wasa hom gm door was paid on a j, a william law to his meetings with his boys over in logo. still a puerto there's been a little controller finance. those funds that are near you have coming up machine year me at the club. if to lucel dawson the were proposing your booths food order yet the green you're starting to post them, but almost new barza rejected on small doors. computer video and there are getting shifting of the islam. revolution was a response to earlier events a 3 day. it's washington and london dictated terms to tehran,
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preventing it from extracting oil on its own territory. after the nationalization of iranian oil, the british government and the american government created the quote in 1952. they will have to legally elected government of, i'm not positive. so for a while, listen, oil companies was controlling you and resources, and this is a historical fact that he didn't know how much, what it was when got their own, got its blank gold bank. but those exist to technology and legal markets. the country found itself in a decades long blockade, suffering wave after wave of sanctions. the benefit from having an economy that sought to diversify, at least on the domestic front, from an energy focused economy to have viable agricultural,
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in other industries. that could keep the iranian people gainfully employed, but it's not under any illusions the iranian people have suffered egregiously because of the site. and it's not just the help. it's also missed opportunities. you know, we live in a global community. the ability to interact with the rest of the world on a meaningful level on was denied to the iranians for many, many years, supporting terrorism, human rights violations, the nuclear missile program. all these issues were used to justify sanctions. he ran into the nuclear, regularly met and the other side left the agreement. so people realize that the fact that isn't likely much is that because of the doings of young and go because of the u. s. government difficult and unkept promises and you compare the sanctions after the nuclear regular meant to the sanction before it was actually sanctioned,
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more after them equally after giving concession. this is actually true for russia. it's true for you that no matter what you do, the other side wants to sanction you and the find some excuse when iran resumed its nuclear program, the west cut access to the swift international banking system. but a substitute was found to evade us sanctions, germany, france, and great britain launch instincts the instrument in support of trade exchanges. a swift equivalent here undecided to do when you run was cut off from the swift system. was developing of a phase of trading. for example, barter trade, you exchange goods, you avoid the normal banking system. you know, it started to develop front company companies that when you looked at them, given us eat only, and companies with diverse linked to eat,
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onion entities. john islam bo, yeah. adobe about, oh, you're a whole he aboard as well. do you do a lot of the sim only on recall piece. mean equinox. cafe. make the saudi ambrose member in and absorb it. so to tell you is thick body. have need should ass jang does. so you are yeah man. ready next to shaw show. no, but so monita it all up. no, no leave. you are on the sun. nat g g a tatic g bay. if fraud, you get it all highly model killer. jew earhart, geez. so the country decided to have a long term plan of going out section, having good relations of the countries i'd like to work with monetary resources of the world is going to asia. a string. military capability is developed
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quite sophisticated in asia. russia is also an asian country and we need to develop military cooperation. similar to what nature does in europe. stylish that a she lives where she lives in to, to salva never can, i mean, just make sure this is up with them. ready for which i think i'm systemic of threats and throw on that. but groups in stuff like couples with any of the buttons to grow sharing and not to produce any waiting infrastructure foods with maybe one or 2. you said just one opening angela dublin kesha published on edward or conflict or that he should sir. jim store a few of the biggest thing is that it can get from curriculum we wouldn't put in though right now and we've been pushing or leave media. countertops will stay in british feeling, but to the business for a sheer obama care rushing, decline. the children wants to go over to an actual hospice there. now sending a counseling intern toilet belichick him a workshop when you were here. corridor saw the basine when he veered russia. we've
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got to we'll peninsula because i should switch and cheaters. russia has good relations with the most populous nation on the planet, china, in the world, a, an economy that drives the global economic machinery. a rush has great relations with india, the 2nd most populous country in the world. again with a thriving booming economy, their rush is thoroughly integrated. and what have we noticed in the, in the post sanctioned environment? neither china nor india had joined in these sanctions. they both are working with russia to continue economic cooperation, dunden gun navajo for that. she may share leeway linda, linda lee dubai. kasia. what shenice here. washer cobblins hit. susie, hulu. kayden, bailey, it don't quarter. what the way i didn't turn
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don't toyotas up able how done the job to pay for any further traditional conflicts, jim. i need to go through, but it's good up to lots of additional stomach, a little bit of but we got to shooting another shot, dealing with the petition, living inside of europe. it could be that bus and a few that most of the kids. okay. second, were president barton will be speaking to president, she tomorrow, and will make clear that china will bear responsibility for any actions it takes to support russia's aggression. and we will not hesitate to impose costs, go slow, and your bill will, is cdo to restart the machine. so sharp premier, let me let the little 1st. let me stop in today. can you, which seems to me in 3 months a, me a period because you know, there was no way i can just and my list you are pretty much the
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quicker and i just you, can you just the worst tool with no, we cannot. we can just go to my history or if she wants to come up with them, a new storage. if i know we can deal with the teachers could just so the scope of the ups is that it wasn't working. this provision to the un miss, easy to go to the same group. you get this and you know, she was cra global, knew me to put it because there was no sister removed. oh, oh, blue
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a news media coverage. and like if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out in about a quarter. don't put your human symbols on display a little speech nice. all right, so you guys don't talk to strangers. 7 i avoid noisy gatherings and rallies a marsh. we've eaten your colleagues and perhaps also your friends. think you're guilty because you'll russia a
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time with a war fatigue in the blame game has begun looking good for ukraine. outsized propaganda is completely at odds with the military reality. on the ground and to this the unintended consequences. sanction i've had on western economy who if anyone will be held accountable. mm. ah, a
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or ah, or civilians are wounded in merely toll pull off the wall local authorities claim is a terrorist attack by ukrainian forces against this citizen. this is the percent of the ukrainian forces just outside of the nets can from there they can. well, they can shoot and shell in all directions. midville battles on the phone line, all the reports from a battle field near ukrainian force a strong hold on the alco, could them yet? leading a tele newspaper, identify individuals who it says are involved in so called russian propaganda. we hear from a italian photographer who was outraged to find himself on the list. i am being accused of.


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