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tv   News  RT  June 13, 2022 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, 4 civilians are wounded. emily toll pull off to watch. local authorities claim is a terrorist attack by ukrainian forces against their own citizens. this is the percent of the ukrainian forces. just outside of the nets can from there they can well they can shoot and shell in all directions. amid 5th flushes on the front lines, our t reports from a battlefield near the ukrainian army stronghold on the outskirts of done yet. a leading italian newspaper identifies individuals who it says are involved in so called russian propaganda. we heard from an italian photographer who was outraged to find himself on the list. i am being accused of pro russian political propaganda,
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but what proof of this allegation do they have? i'm just doing my job by reporting what i see. i had already been following the conflict for 8 years and all these years i had a clear view of who was the grocer. also coming up, refugees in the u. k. stand between a rock and a hard place as the government is set to deport them through wonder or send them back to their own war on countries. we hear from a member of the u. k. cbs community a. it's unacceptable because this is discrimination of other refugees except ukrainians, but they send others back to wanda with one minutes past 8 am on monday morning. here in moscow. mine is peter scott, and i'll be bringing you all the latest news here on our t as the new week gets under way. let's start off with the latest from the ground in ukrainian. conflicts for people were injured in an explosion near
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a police station in the union city of milli, told for the local authorities claim the kid was behind that bluff and explosion at the power station also plunged parts of another south eastern city in the upper ocean region. fed young into darkness, but no injuries were reported on key of has yet to comments on any of those incidents. meanwhile, the intense fighting continues in the city of several done yet with new guns for public forces now in control of its residential areas, fights is from that republic have now taken around 97 percent of its territory. meanwhile, don't yet screw up a big forces are also advancing with more than a double that doesn't settlements falling under that control. the fighting is continuing on the outskirts of the capital, where you quine forces hold 45 positions. it goes down of reports from the front line. ah,
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this frontline is just outside the city of the nets and according to the military here, the ukrainians, over there, they've amassed a significant amount of manpower and military vehicles in a matter of the past week. basically here's what happened. they had to retreat from the north because that's where they're being pushed by the the nets, people's republics militia. so they have no other option but to go to of day of car where they have various, what basically stronghold it's a fortress. so they can hide that, so they're concentrated in the this is the percent of the ukrainian forces, just outside of the nets can from there they can, well, they can shoot and shell in all directions. basically from over there, they're shelling civilians, internet's civilians, and other villages and towns here and quite often the use. so this is the remains of a polish shell and it's aluminum. and what's very special about it is that you can't hear it normally. you can hear the hissing sound of mine as it's approaching you,
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or is it as it flies above you? these don't make a sound. these are silent killers. and in general, according to the military, they seem ukrainian seem to be running out of soviet ammunition because more and more they're finding these western made remains of the armaments. what natalie said you, when she pulled on the notion which they've really strengthened their positions in our part of the front in have dave in the direction of the village of spartak. we suspect they did. this is our soldiers squeezed them down from the north and they moved people here along the only road that can still be driven on. they've brought artillery systems in tanks here and camouflaged their positions. but we're gradually forcing them out. they've moved over here because there are 2 large heavy, concrete fortified areas in a former military base in the area. and you know, the little front line town of spar tuck is tormented like it hasn't been in years.
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the ukrainian forces are hitting it with all the military might. they've got there . but while it looks deserted, a handful of civilians still live there. many out of principle of cheer to love nozzle. what of what i've been living here for a long time. more than 40 years, i've lived through the whole war here. i haven't gone anywhere. we started living in the basement when the war began and all the utilities were disconnected. the electricity was shut off literally in a week's time. shortly after that, the water was turned off, and then a week later the gas was cut off. in the winter, it's clear that the apartment isn't heated or so we've been living in the basement to get that in a meeting with those who decided to stay, they have to live in conditions like this,
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especially given the increased volume over the bombardments coming and bombs falling from the ukrainian side, of course, this is no block to re hotel, but they have an improvised something of stover fireplace, a couple of bunk beds. but notice how neat it is here. little improvised shelves. something like a rack here. so even given that people here, of course, they have to survive in will really die conditions. this is miles better compared to what we've seen. and as of style steel plant, for example, where the as of neo nazi fight as well, this is much cleaner, much better, much neat, and much more of a home. as russian troops continue that advance in ukraine, more and more weapons are being found abandoned by cubes. forces western states have been shipping thousands of. busy sh range on medium range missiles, words, uncontested systems, and vehicles and defense systems. the country both key of is requesting further military aid,
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as is now heavily reliance on those weapons of these. donal quarter picks up the story key of cheerleaders in the western media. look a bit down these days, no doubt, the heavy military losses encouraged by ukraine have sent a shock wave of war weariness across its camp. this is an artillery war now. and we are losing, in terms of artillery, the sheer number of casualties more than 20000 a month, raises the question about what state ukraine's army will be. and if the war drags on into the autumn with its sour ukraine, with tens of billions of dollars with a seemingly never ending flow of weapons to boot. and still kiev says it needs even more military aid because it's now running out of ammo. so to real, the ukrainian military's western lifeline back into the fray, it's deploying some good old fashioned fear tactics and cooking. if pudding winds 500000 ukrainian troops will join the one and a half 1000000 russian forces. if europe was invaded by russia,
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they could not defend themselves all the while jo biden's busy saying i told you so about his warnings to ukraine's president vladimir zalinski back before russia launched its military operation. i know a lot of people thought i was maybe exaggerating, but i knew and we had data to sustain. he was going to go in off the border. there was no doubt and zelinski didn't want to hear it. it's not just biden though zalinski, his cabinet seems to not like listening to western officials at all. at last month's world economic forum in davos, former us secretary of state, henry kissinger, called on zalinski to make territorial concessions to russia in the interest of peace. for that zalinski said he felt like he was in munich in 1938, preparing to make concessions to the nazis. at the same time, ukraine's internet database of enemies of the states mirror. for it has accused the former us statesman of spreading fascist propaganda. more recently, kissinger double down saying a place needs to be found for russia. at the end of this war. the question will now
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be how to end the war at santa place has to be found for ukraine and a place has to be found for russia. if we don't want russia to become an outpost of china in europe, as a landscape continues, is uncompromising position economic consequences of unconditional support are piling up in the west. and the u. k. many are cutting back on consumption of both food and energy according to polls, one in 6 germans are skipping meals. i mean, skyrocketing food prices and across europe. the authorities are warning of a harsh cold winter to come. who knows how much longer key has before the west decides to cut its losses abroad and focus on far bigger problems at home. we don't know where these weapons are. lending some might be being used by the troops. but we know that many are destroyed before they're even deployed by directly, that the pose,
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or even in the trains. and also the concerns for the effects of the war on europe, particularly energy and food costs are going to already having an impact on the population. the similarity between the reporting of the war in the major newspapers and overwhelmingly, in the last couple of weeks, the stories have changed. tone a bit. they've mentioned the service of ammunition. they've mentioned the some ukrainian losses. they've mentioned difficulty of energy provisions for the, for the winter in europe and every day there's a new solution as to how to go around the problem of the russian guy and what's going to happen in october and italian newspapers compiled a list of individuals who it says are involved in so called russian propaganda and
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he's publish their names on photos. the article in korea dela, sarah claims at 10 individuals on among the reporters as was the professor under senior diplomatic official parts of a pro, to, to network. this aimed at influencing the government's political discourse. well, we heard from an italian photographer, he was surprised to find himself on that list. i'm going to sub popular korea, dela service publication is something awful because all those who are mentioned in the article are being accused of spreading fakes and supporting what they call russian propaganda. besides that, it doesn't offer any kind of an example of evidence which supports their statements . i am being accused of pro russian political propaganda. but what proof of this allegation do they have? i spoke directly to their deputy director fiorenza sires johnny who co authored the article i asked her for evidence for at least one example of misinformation which i've ever spread during my career. and she failed to provide any. i told her that the allegations made by the newspaper against me are very serious. the problem is
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that at the moment we are being compromised among people who follow such newspapers as korea, dela sarah, people are being discouraged against listening to our news and opinions. and it's a real outrage. the thing is that not a single italian newspaper, a tv channel, asked for an interview with us. archie is the only channel which got the idea to call me and ask for my opinion about the situation. in fact, i have never been an unequivocal advocate for russia. i'm just doing my job by reporting what i see. i had already been following the conflict for 8 years and all these years i had a clear view of who was the aggressor. i saw that it was the crane which started the policy of aggression against the russian speaking population of don bass. i would also add that unfortunately in the last few years, russia was somewhere in the vicinity and that somehow served as a constraining factor to avert reprisals. against these people, i kept doing my job. i completed my last mission in april, during which i recorded everything that i encountered, interviewed people. and now i can't figure out how it is possible that my
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professional view is being rejected in italy. italians continue to vehemently oppose the italian government decision descent arms to train. the latest poll show that 60 percent of italians are openly against these arms deliveries and favor a diplomatic solution to this conflict. over all the majority of italians are tired of following the war. they show ever less interest in war related news. many italians have become thinking more about their pastime going to the beach, considering this war to be something alien to their lives. it's not just by them though. zalinski cabinet seems to not like listening to western officials at all. 39 care home residents have been evacuated to murder. you pull from a nursing home near done. yes that's. that's a ukrainian forces. allegedly sheldon destroyed the building that they were living in when in the done yet so republic underneath forces moved into that village. archie visited the home to bring some humana serenade there. we found out about a senior citizens home here in murray whipple,
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while we were looking for other elder people elsewhere in the next people's republic. we found out that they have been evacuated here from their senior citizens home near then that's their place was completely bombed by the ukrainian military and they were all brought here. now they reside in this place. their rooms look like this. there are at least 80 senior citizens here, right now, there is no electricity. there is no running water and they depend on people to bring them humanitarian aid. i spoke to some of the people that live here now about the ordeal that they had to go through. even does have godaddy, doesn't goober wrong in a a with but do you stayed in
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a basement what my conditions, they're like, what you think who are malnourished? the god, these tiny pieces of food, the kid, and they would ask for water. if we came to the nurse to ask for something, she would just yell at us. what could we do? we just sat and cried. there are several women volunteers in this says senior citizens, home year in merkel. we brought them food sweets, fruit, obviously, they're very thankful for that. the von sees something like this very often a year is what the local nurse told me about what they're lacking. nish, above all, we need medicines, especially painkillers because we don't have a dentist here. so we need to ease the pain, at least still to come on the program. the u. k is said to deport asylum seekers through one day if they don't return to their water countries in the middle east on the african continent. their story,
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i'm more coming up at this short break. oh, a 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desert wonderful language, sheffield miler. so when you get just me sitting there with the phrase now, particularly refers to canceling russian culture, yet them nowhere to create the fuel. because it's convenient, my fuel, which will be all there is children that go with that much to leverage to london. he, namely, what russia is created over the past 1500 years is now questioned. ashley condemned,
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reviled and rejected. a bill of bramble, there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you said a little sure. the list joining total condemnation gross daily. and now includes just a asking to cascade shostakovich that i need to you a left. but yes, it also says that with the time, will you do obama lee? you that will do that a little bit more. ah, you cannot school the american people all the time. on all occasions later, the american people will realize that trying to read all marketing innovation, real old development,
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huge investment in manufacturing
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a ah ah, we'll come back to the news here on our london. so high court has given the green lights to port refugees seeking u. k. a solemn to wander. that's the decision that has been criticized by some british politicians as both unethical and unsafe. now, those coming from war torn countries in africa, the middle east face either been sent home or to one of africa at least developed states. labor has made clear from the start that pretty patel's one to plan is completely unworkable. extortionate li, expensive unethical and profoundly and british. these are vulnerable people and scare children who are alone, many of whom have undertaken perilous journey to come to the u. k. in hope of safety, no one risks their own family's life, unless they are running from dangerous more acute than the face on these journeys. the fight is far from over current,
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people across britain incense that this government wants to send people seeking safety halfway across the world and are taken action. deportation of refugees who arrive from war torn syria, iraq and afghanistan has been met with process on the streets across the u. k. the some demonstrators, even going on hunger strikes to protest against the court ruling the 1st flight through wonder with $31.00 refugees is set to take off on tuesday, an additional $130.00 asylum seekers may be sent to the african country in the coming weeks. while a member of the syrian community in the u. k. summer, lee, we shares his despair over the government's controversial decision. no, i mean you had this, so i didn't, of course this laws been rejected here on a legal, moral, and humanitarian basis. it's ignited protests from the political opposition, legal and humanitarian organizations have been expressing profound indignation towards this legislation, which is not only limited to refugees,
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but also lengthens the attention period for anyone who illegally cross the border into britain from 6 months to 4 years. even the un has condemned these actions, but politics, as they say, has no conscience. the paradox, as we previously mentioned, is that the british government has criticize the president of wanda and the human rights situation in that country. however, british interests have been ultimately decisive. for the sake of these interests, the british government has turned a blind eye to a great many. while meanwhile, the u. k. p m, boris johnson says the deportation of asylum seekers coming from africa and the middle east will help suckle human traffic and that's after london has accepted over 60000 ukranian refugees during the last 3 months. some actually, again, believes that the british government is treating its refugees on equally according to the you case statement. the presence of refugees on his territory is costing 5000000 pounds a day. they say they are fighting against illegal migration and use that to justify
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any laws adopted by the government. they've made an exception for ukrainian refugees, so they can enter the country with or without a visa and gain a full range of rights. it's unacceptable because this is discrimination of other refugees. they accept ukrainians, but they send others back to where wanda this while taking into account earlier, the u. k. specifically raised the issue with united nations about lack of human rights and principles of rule of law. in rwanda, but now as the situation is unfolding in the interests of the british government, it's positions have changed because we're wanda agreed to accept the refugees in order to get support from the british government in international arenas. and for the president of rwanda to gain approval. and finally, as global brands have left russia on mass in protest over the country's aggression in ukraine, the fates of many businesses are still in the balance. let's, after 30 years in russia, mcdonalds has sold their business with the new owner we,
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brandon. it's a tasty, full stop artesia to bends, give it to one of the new restaurants to take a look at some of the changes. and of course, to sample the menu, it's probably the most popular opening of a restaurant. well, since it originally opened in the 1990 s. and this is what they've been waiting for the return of the big, well, this new name is tasty. ho, stop. and it's pretty much what you'd expect from the old franchise. bought of you, director general says it will be different. we are completely different, but all the assets have been sold, barnsfield. so when you buy up until you've seen that on them, what is your while? far as assessment to pos, crossville spaghetti, the completely new fronting, unprecedented. ah, thank russia, which we successfully managed to do. we do not have any relationship to the
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conformational. mcdonalds announced last month that it was pulling out of russia. the american big food joint made a huge hoo ha saying it could no longer stay in the country. it was no longer reasonable with its own values as a result of the war in ukraine. however, it is keeping its options and the company has the white boy back these franchises within the next 15 years, as will fall, least friday model was completely exit the thrush market. and not only is a former corporate business, but also also punches he's stopped working in russia. so my son in law forest loans, i via law as a will get a gym law. it's the whole screw, cynthia, all this station airport. so can you see a modem of sports authority over my eyes are closed, are equal to fight phones, 40 percent on buttons at the moment. stuff this some say is
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a sewing of russian resistance to sanctions. and western business is leaving new home growing companies, taking over despite highlighting its losses. mcdonald's house moved away empty handed, and there is this new name changed. but the one question that everybody wants to know is does it still have bad taste that they love so much? i'm your car. it seems to me that the taste is even a bit better. oh, yeah, i'm very glad that mcdonald has returned to russia, but it's a good mazda, 3 decades ago, i stood in the same to you when mcdonald's 1st open. i was a student double us today. ah, yet i think the new restaurant was jaycee all stopped. well develop further and be even better than before. well, there's only one way to find out who i'm loving it. charlotte, even ski for archie, pushkin square in moscow. well, i certainly got my stomach rumbling wherever you're watching from. thank you for joining. we're going to take
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a 30 minute break. nobody stay tuned from all great programs here on our to ah ah
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ah ah needs to come to the russian state will never be tied as i'm phoning most lampkin div asking him then i'll slap it within 50 babble disability on any scoop. i'm speeding with we will ban in the european union. the kremlin. yup. machines. the state aren't russia to date and c r t spoke that given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest, and with
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me, ah, ah hello and welcome across not we're all things considered on people about work that he and the blame game has begun looking good for ukraine outside propaganda is completely at odds with the military reality on the ground. and to this, the unintended consequences. sanctions have had on western economies who if anyone will be held accountable with
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to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess these in our slow, he's a professor at the university of southeastern norway as well as other of the use of opium propaganda in international politics and a budapest, we have george samuel, he's a podcast, the guy which can be found on youtube and locals are a gentleman, cross stock rules, and that means you can jump anytime you want. and i would appreciate it. i start out with plenty of glenn, let me read you a few headlines that will surprise you, or george, or our viewers considering our coverage of what's going on in ukraine over the last few months. ukraine, ukraine's at risk of losing war with russia military official. that's from newsweek shortage of our, of tillery ammunition stamps. ukrainian frontline. well, that's new york times. we're almost out of ammunition and relying on western says ukraine. it's the guardian ukraine is running out of ammunition as prospects dim on the battle. washington post. i could go on and on, but my point in mentioning this going is that the narrative is changing. the coverage is changing, but not the policy. so how do you square that?
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was a good question, i guess because the media has been selling this i so you credit victory for so long and i agree, this is where also i think it's been obvious, at least since april that this war for possibly is over. so i and so the been said they've been selling this for so long now. and then at some point in reality we'll catch up. you can't ignore it in the more now that, well, all the supply lines are being cut off and you see this huge disparity. but i just have to on very quickly this is been the true, as has been the case for most of the war is a war premier with that with artillery. and when russia has about 20 times more artillery, then they will whim, everybody pretty much. and this is why it's been slowly breaking down the cranium defenses, but they have been with me now obviously now is a breaking point. you see


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