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ah ah ah maternity hospital is hit during ukrainian shelling of done yet the un cause a violation of international law. we heard from a hospital patients. i want to get pregnant women and those are their newborn babies are seated. everyone to cover how they keep elsewhere and done. yes, 5 people are killed and over 30 wounded in ukrainian shelling which local officials described as the worst since the conflict began with, there was an explosion i tried to lot. i'm just curious how to bluffton window
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shattered. i looked around and there was blood everywhere. the nato chief suggest ukraine may have to see territories to reach a peace deal with russia. putting the block is a where the conflict code for the escalate bond new delhi. it's done for against the w t o restrictions on subsidized agriculture. that's a mid growing pressure from the west with coming to live from moscow and broadcasting to the world. this is our t international i peter scott's and wherever you watching from welcome to the program. the u. n. has condemned as a violation of international law, a ukrainian attack on a maternity hospital in done yet. women in labor, among other patients, were evacuated to the basement where medical staff continued to help them as part of the building caught on fire. there was no military presence in that medical
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facility, but no casualties were reported among the patients and the mother to be told us what happened. pregnant women and those with their newborn babies are seating that everyone to cover how the key to the manage to find shelter. we don't know that most likely ever manage t this is the city came under some of the worst shelling since the conflict began. according to local officials, now quick warning, you may find some of the following images. disturbing. 5 people were killed in the attack, including a mother and a child, and more than 30 wounded. this is hundreds of miss $1000.00 salary shells were fired into the city with the towns marketplace suffering direct. it's according to local officials. the attacks were at least partly conducted with shells of nato tolliver. we go live now to ortiz, roman quarter reporting from done yet. rahman, what can you tell us about this latest shelling in the area?
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well, it was a very tragic day. indeed. on monday, a, as, as several people were killed and scores of wounded as a result of ukrainian shelling on several districts. districts of the city of fudge anesco 5 people had been killed including an 11 year old boy, and a his mother who were at markets. a couple of vendors died there as well. besides that, a lot of fun damage to civilian infrastructure in the city of de anesco. a gas pipeline was destroyed is as well as if you will do depos several houses, some a multiple apartment buildings corps. there was a fumes of black smoke all over the city of jeanette disk on monday as it was shelled for continues to for a period of at least 2 hours people were hiding in the basement. so yours truly also was right in the center of the city. and as the shelling started was very close to me. so we had to go and hide in the basement as well. people here and,
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and as have not seen anything like that since 2014, as they told us. and here are some of their witness accounts. yes, you love, could you say i was sitting in an armchair. my husband was in the bathroom walking . we had a blast and the window shattered. i looked round and there was blood everywhere. i jumped out into the corridor to see what happened to him, but he was okay, thank god, he was unheard of. what would you, what would, where you hit by the chart, because i wish to w yes, shot from windows and even from door panels, hit me. the doctors kept me over and removed all the glass from my arms and legs. but i refused. go to the hospital, let those who are really badly wounded go. another guy was taken hospital, he was hit in the vain by shod rules. my friend nice to and i with the very 1st her and into the basement than there was an explosion. i cried a lot, i'm just carrot is this roster. i automatically went down to the basement with my
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child. how old is your child wishing me? 8 years old, we stood here. we didn't go further inside and debris fell on us right here. optim should i've come to my apartment, but it's completely destroyed. one, uh huh. provides my child lays on the bed here sits at the computer. and if she were lying here, we were lucky that we were in the basement. it saved our lives. while we haven't heard any damage to the military infrastructure as civilians and civilian infrastructure that was having to damage some standing in a, one of the places where ukrainian artillery that ukraine artillery. it's argued, this is a maternity hospital, very close, very near and dear to my heart. and so my camera man as well. this is where his son was born 4 years ago and my god, oh my god, daughter was born, i hear as well. so it's very painful to see what happened here. the shell landed
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right on on the roof of this building. old you can see all the windows, the glass has been shattered. the top floor is almost completely destroyed as well . a women that were in this hospital, i have old managed to go down into the basement to evacuate into the bomb shelter. and fortunately, no one was killed or injured right here. i spoke earlier to the head doctor at this hospital and she said that they will have that will be forced to close this down to in because it's very dangerous. i here at the moment and there will evacuate adult, continued serving ha women given birth at a different location because it's just simply too dangerous here. also the head of the, at the nest people's republic, denise pushing. well, he said that this is also very unprecedented. the way the network is being shelled
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recently and they hears his statements or do one of them for forward with the enemy has literally crossed all the lines. with these prohibited methods of warfare, residential and central districts of jeannette scar shelter, other cities and towns of the internet's people's republic are also under fire. ah, well, this is a surly and precedent. the whole city all funds on nets was ha, shaking on monday, but it's not only here of that. so people civilians continue to die is along the inside front line in the next people's republic, people are continuously been wounded and killed as ukrainian military continued sarah, arising civilians. well, in response to that incident, the russian deputy representative to the un said the shilling was under reported by the western media. i believe you can listen to his words. now,
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where is western media reaction? all those bbc world. reuters world a, f, p, et cetera. who were shouting about damage to maternity hospital in mary u. paul used by ukranian nationalists as a firing position. ukraine is deliberately targeting civilians. will we hear a word of condemnation? i'm now joins a live here at the missourians awards with have our bartlett and independent canadian journalist who's been covering events in dunbar, santa syria, for the last 15 years. you have a thank you for joining us today. well, 1st of all, we just heard from the represents russian representative at the un that said, this situation is been under reported. you personally have seen this to both in syria and here in dennis as well, your opinion about. so why this has been under reported by the western media? yeah, i also just notes all, even the un itself is under reporting. it in the sense that, while the un secretary general declared it a clear violation of international law,
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he also describe it as extremely troubling. now just imagine if this maternity hospital was in kiev or some other ukrainian city, he would have used much stronger language. i would say, but the under reporting or the clear non reporting a tall of such a bombings is consistent with western media. corporate media reporting on matters. ukraine dunbar, sorry. donuts and syria, for example, in 2013 the largest cancer treatment hospital in the middle east that can be hospital was destroyed. it was truck bombed by f. s a terrorist. and that was under reported in 2016 a maternity hospital in leper. the debate maternity hospital was internally destroyed by a rocket, which landed outside and exploded a car. 3 women were killed, many more were injured. and i went to that hospital after the fact and talked with the director, and i saw for my as you know, with my own eyes how badly destroyed it was and it got no reporting in the
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corporate media. the data state hospital was badly damaged and numerous words were out of commission. ah, because of terrorist bombing and sniping, and again, no western media report on this because it doesn't fit their narrative, their narrative is solely to vilify i. in this case, it would be to vilify the rush forces in the danbury forces in the case of syria to vilify russia and syria. oh, so we've seen how the report the situation. maria pulled back in the beginning of march. a russian foreign minister said that that fact was a staged, but it was covered extensively in foreign media. and accusations were flying left and right. and who will you know, the, the footage clear to show that it was damaged in certainly to an aunt framed. i know it's easy to believe, but what's happening here is also easy to believe by the western viewer will not
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see that. why not once again because it doesn't fit their narrative, but again, you're right. like oh sure. at the time when media were reporting the american maternity hospital had been destroyed by a russian airstrike, western media was all over that. and of course, they have massive amounts of money and ability to publicize that 247. but as you rightly noted, that hospital was evacuated, that the necessary rather not evacuated as of and ukrainian forces expelled doctors, nurses, and patients from the hospital before this stage of and even occurred. western media didn't report that and i think they're still continuing to push that narrative. but jak, if they came here they would see a gaping hole in the roof of this hospital. and i was just speaking to one of the doctors here and asked him what's on the top floor and he said delivery rooms. so you know, god forbid some of the one that were sheltering in the basement that got to the basement in time, had been up there at the time of this terrorist act. well, fortunately, no one was hurt or injured during this attack,
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but shilling continues. so we heard the multiple shelling this morning as well. you have a bartlet, i want to thank you very much for joining us today. and that's all from us here in the next. for now, us, our tea corresponded for among the culture of reporting. so as alive from don. yes . gonna latest shelling. thank you to both of you and stay safe. civil rights attorney robert patillo says the media is being weaponized in today's conflicts event the ukrainians are still using all things to be allowed to. our 27 year gone . one of the least acar walker pill, soviet era bombardment tools shows that they are not interested in simply taking out military targets. they are simply, interestingly, holds a wholesale corporate bombing of areas will hold. so, skimming the rush in progress in the people republic of don. yes, it is unlikely that any western outlet will make any mention of visiting point in time. part of the problem with modern warfare is that the media has been weaponized
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was all similar things take place in of, in iraq and afghanistan. during those conflicts were only to you with narrative carried on the international stage. i was only 20 years later, we found out, we know exactly what got us into those conflicts versus the narrative that was given to the american people. we seen the some were what the shadow war to long on and the, and african other 1000000 countries. so these are the presses abdicated or places. the 4th, the status bring the neutral armed or simply giving information rather the airport and propaganda arm of the military duster complex. well, as the ukrainian military continues to suffer, significant losses nato's chief to suggest the can't, may have to seed some territory to reach a peace deal with russia. but worn to the block is aware of a possible future escalation beyond ukraine. autism or august df pixel. the story, none of us can tell what stage the ukrainian conflict is in, or how soon it lend intelligence agencies and generals and the east to west they.
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they may have a hint, but everyone's in more propaganda mode. they won't say, unless they have something to game. what we have are indications, seemingly innocent statement here or there that, that gives away much more than intended. this is possible. that's all to question the way. the question is, what price i willing to pay for peace, how much territory? how much it depends on what sovereignty, how much freedom, how much the workers are willing to sacrifice for peace. we all see a kind of vertical escalation, war fight, thing, more suffering. have your weapons in ukraine, but escalation be on ukraine. nato's chief of staff himself was voiced, the idea that ukraine may have to give up territory for peace. this is from the guy whose job is literal. russo phobia to deny russia at every turn. it's telling and it isn't just him, the idea that ukraine isn't going to win militarily,
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despite the billions upon billions of dollars and in nato guns and missiles and launches, and rockets and drones heaped upon ukraine. the idea or admission that they aren't going to win this fight is gaining traction with mr. turtle. i'm not going to tell them what they should and shouldn't do well appears to me at some point along the lines, there's going to have to be negotiated. settlement, we must not humiliate russia so that the day the fighting stops we can build a way out through diplomatic channels. all of this is in stark contrast to what we heard before from nato leaders. when they thought that the thousands of tons of, of arms that they're pumping into ukraine would see keith, the glorious, this is known as the sustain and coroner, the support of the international community living facilitated by the united states as it is a significant reason why ukraine is able to stop rush from taking over the country
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. this for our goal is that putin does not win. our goal is for ukraine to be able to defend itself and to be successful, to restore peace in europe, we must continue our support for ukraine. so in its negotiation with russia, it can decide on the nature of installation, it must come freely and, and not under the bed marrow of the gun. loosely that was wishful thinking. front lines have turned into a brutal need grinder, ukrainian officials have admitted to losing almost a 1000 troops a day, which includes those killed and wounded, taken out of action, a 1000 a day taken out of the fight. the question is, how long can ukraine keep this up? it's incredibly clear that ukraine is not winning the war. now. there's a huge military defeat also on the political front as well. these sanctions are having the impact that they thought that they might have. so i think this is very
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important because you know, what other kind of leverage do they happened, the only leverage they have is to lean on zalinski and say, listen to it to bring about and the war and to bring about peace. you're gonna have to concede, can see some territory here. and i think really the us, the, this is the last card that they have on their sleeve to play. understand europe and america sanctions of backfired tour horrendous degrees. there is division and naser with some asking, what is the ultimate point of continuing this? if you crane can't win, what the sanctions have resulted in is a food crisis and the fuel crisis and an energy crisis. and none of those are affecting russia ergo, we may have no idea how long this conflicts will last, but on the west har, all ready, looking for a way out as western pressure escalates, india remains defiant amid the world trade organizations restrictions on subsidized
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agriculture. the countries of commerce minister says that you did a well new deli excuse me, won't be pushed around by external forces. all bouts of threats. order reconciliation developed countries, signed a one sided pact to benefit their own farmers before the world trade organization was formed. they gave a raw deal to weak and developing nations. india has been fighting for the rights of its farmers and agriculture within the w t o. no one can pressure india. we want to come to any pressure to push the geneva based w t o set restrictions against exporting state to subsidize crops, say nearly its own fair prices on global markets. now, such subsidies allow indian farm is to grow more weeks on rice, but lower costs. and new delhi has said a plans to change the policy to support is domestic farmers and protect the countries food security. india has seen recent tensions with the west over keeping his close relations with moscow amid the conflicts in ukraine. it's us
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or j to calls from the united states to quote impulse of russian oil, but instead increasing purchases, it's heavily discounted prices and is now one of the top consumers of russian energy. while the u. s. has imposed an embargo on impulse of the fuel from russia. and the u. s. had this to say to new delhi on it's stance. in my conversations with them, i've said, look, we don't have secondary sanctions, we can't ban your purchases. but as you increase your purchases from russia, don't go too far and don't look like you're taking advantage of the pain that is being felt in european households in the united states. earlier, we heard from an indian political expert who says that the u. s. should treats india like an equal partner if he wants to improve relations when you deli, well i think one of the reasons why india has been under so much precious because the u. s. expected india is an ally off the u. s. which is what got down to the us lines on line on the embargo and russian id. but i think for the west to needs to
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understand 2 things. india and russia size has started. india has a sovereign right to do what is info, self interest. and india has payment again done when something's justified. for example, with venezuela, with iran, it's worked, it's looked at along with the western block. but with russia, india, energy security settlement in india needs to secure herself before moving on. and you know, if you want to think countries are buying, who continue to buy, import oil and gas from the show. so i think it's in this consumption do increase as much later than all of europe. and this is your 1st needs to reduce their purchases before they can make sure in the, on what you're doing with regards to show. the rest has to deal with india. i think, you know, and then the 3rd part is it has to understand what constraints or destruction and we support it with the rest. but it, it seemed, and we cannot spoil our relationship, which is traditional friendship with russia,
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of who's been a friend and has been with us. we're to content. if you're not out, it's all important. jeopardize it energy security just because you know, the western countries we have a problem with a country become 2 or 3 countries. i mean at some point in, gosh, look at in the g security which is paramount. go again, repeat. india has 1400000 people in the us. energy security is paramount. and moving on now, the chinese president, she, jim pink, has signed in order to strengthen the country's military preparedness. the move comes amid rising tensions over taiwan and the order which contains $59.00 articles is designed to quote, safeguard national sovereignty and regional stability. china alleged to us is causing tensions in the region, creating an atmosphere of conflict and confrontation. u. s. president joe biden want early that washington would respond militarily. if china does attack tire one . earlier china's defense ministry said to the country would to provide to prevent
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the island of taiwan from succeeding. if any one dares to split taiwan from china, the chinese military has no choice but to fight at all costs and take all necessary measures to crush any attempt by taiwanese separatists to split taiwan from the motherland. the chinese military will resolutely safeguard national security and territorial integrity. just last month, the white house launched an initiative to strengthen american economic ties in the, in the pacific region, with more than a dozen countries with china was not included in that initiative. independent china analyst, andrew long gave us his thoughts on beijing's military moves. look at this, nothing more. it is just the parents of the military operations, a prison. so all you know, who's getting the tree personnel and also installation of equipment and also military assets ready in case the war breaks out because there was tension
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. this is the 1st time that beijing has these kind of guy lies, but this time it warning the united states not to pull out the promise all the one china principal. because the although the united states, i keep on saying that the owner, the one china principal, on the other hand, the united states and seem to be doing all sorts of things i'm trying to hold while this is trying to promote taiwan independence. and finally, as consumer prices continue to rise in the united states, president biden is trying to alleviate pressure on american households and shifting the blame on oil companies and russia. this coldness as these approval declines among key votes is and many of his fellow democrats begin to lose faith in his presidency. biden's. busy old line about everything being russia's fault isn't
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cutting it with americans. inflation is a real challenge to american families. today's place report, confirm what americans already know. prudent try. psyche in america heart rate is, was a war 2 years growing less popular by the hour. the latest numbers showed joe biden, having a 20 percent drop in popularity among voters age 18 to 34 from january 2021 to june 2022. now it's important to know this is the group that got joe biden to the white house to begin with having a big turn out. it's not hard to understand why old joe is so unpopular. he seemed to promise an economic rebound, but it never happened. at this point, america is facing the highest rate of inflation in for decades. gas in the united states is up to $5.00 per gallon. in addition to that,
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you've got the mass shootings that took place in buffalo and in texas and the gridlock when it comes to guns. it's pretty clear joe biden is not steering the ship in a good direction. you could expect republicans would jump all over him, but now with numbers this low, we've got folks on the democratic side of the aisle turning on the new york times, let the cat out of the bag, revealing that they interviewed 50 elected officials, who are democrats and all of them are deeply concerned about the rising strength of the republicans. they say that biden should not run in 2024 because it would be handing them an easy victory. to say our country was on the right track, would flagrantly depart from reality. biden should announce his intent not to seek reelection in 2024 right after the mid terms if the president has a vision and that's something certainly we're all willing to entertain and examine when that when the time comes. that's not a yes. and, you know, should he run again?
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i think that i that i think it's it's, we'll take a look at it. but right now we need to focus on winning a majority instead of a presidential election. the presidency is a monstrously taxing job. and the stark reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a 2nd term. and that would be a major issue. he looks his age and isn't as agile in front of a camera as he once was. mid terms are coming up in november and at that point we could see the u. s. congress shift based on how voters decide to respond. however, after that biden will still have 2 years to possibly turn things around. regardless, there are many, even within the democratic party camp that are at this point saying it might be worth just throwing in the towel, finding somebody else for the job. caleb martin, r t new york. let's say you're bengal today with the latest from around the world. do feel free to check out our chun along odyssey for more news and video content on
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his pizza scott's. and i'll be back again at the top of the hour. ah. with
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lou needs to come to the russian state little narrative time on the most. i'm skiing with 55 with will ban in the european union. the kremlin. yup. machine. the state on russia today and c r t spoke next. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with me
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ah with mm ah, welcome to world to party, as the chinese war strategist sounds to positive more than 2 and a half 1000 years ago. if you know the am and me know yourself, you don't need to fear the result of a 100 battles. but if you don't warn you, crane has already led to have a plethora of unforeseen strains on the global economy and analyst form that worse could be up to come. how well did the protagonist in this drama understand that roles that age and their limits?
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to discuss that, i'm now joined on the seen by dr. gal, vice president of the center for china and globalization, isn't gal, it's great to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. thank you very much for having me. now in one of your articles prior to the beginning of the russian military operation in ukraine, you warned that these crises made degenerate into a melodrama with potentially devastating global consequences. and i think we are all witnessing that melodrama or tragedy. now, do you think though, that it may still lead to some sort of a hollywood style, happy ending, or should be preparer cells for a much more sober, much more darker culmination? you're raising a very important question. i think it is time for mankind to look beyond into the future. i think we can start with the year 2122. that is 100 years funk a day. and i can see.


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