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[000:00:00;00] ah, the headline stories this our russian by forces accuse ukraine of disrupting a key evacuation route from the ever done? yes. by violating a see far within an hour of it happening the little bit. jennifer, the ukranian president and his official. we'll have to negotiate with russia. we, as you repeat and share one continent and russia will remain part of it. in about 3 each in front of nato troops. frances leader goes onto the scribe russia, a strong power called for to negotiate with moscow to reach the nato itself,
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rumps off its escalation. rhetoric of the u. s. pledges even more military, a to ukraine during meeting of the alliances defense ministers in brussels. of high profile participants gather in russia's northern capital for this in petersburg, international economic forum, which has the good to have your company that's our own, our, to you know, nail bringing you the days global use stories done by us forces have accused ukraine of disrupting a crucial humanitarian corridor that the russian military is established in the embattled city of sierra than yeske. ukrainian trips allegedly violated a cease fire near the corridor. within an hour of it opening the ukrainian military taken off positions in
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a chemical plant in the city. western media outlets report that $500.00 civilians are also inside the factory and would be able to flee via the evacuation roots new ganske authorities. those say there's double about around a 1000 civilians in the facility and they're being forcibly hell to deter a potential incoming attack. the officials are that only one civilian has managed to flee the plant when he was unaware of the corridor being opened. in the speech in front of nato troops, frances president affirm that russia is a quote strong power and said that ukraine must negotiate with moscow to restore peace on the continent. meet little bit jalap, the ukrainian president and his officials will have to negotiate with russia. we as europeans share one continent and russia will remain part of it. russia is a strong power. therefore, i have never greet with an approach, according to wish we would start
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a war with russia today and seek to destroy tomorrow. while it is not the 1st time that a manual across the house called for negotiations with russia and he has suffered a barrage of criticism for it from ukraine, another eastern european countries. however, nato members, germany hungry in italy, have also supported efforts for a peace agreement in all the us defense secretary pledged even more arm supplies to key ab during and nato meeting in brussels. on wednesday, lloyd austin said, ukraine's weaponry requirements have been quickly evolving with the conflict. we feel pretty confident that we're working hard to give them. what they think is role . when you're in a fight, you can never get enough. ah, you, you always want more. you always believe that you need more and i have been there. again, this is a constant effort. we don't,
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we don't believe that we're gonna meet every need by tomorrow and in 2 weeks from now that requirements were probably half of all the bit clock joining me in the studio to talk through developments as r t correspondence, charlotte dubin city. hi charlotte. so it appears weaponry was, at least at one of the main focuses then of that nato meeting of defense ministers in brussels. it was, and it's also been the focus later this evening or wednesday of that decision by the u. s. defense secretary to announce further funding for ukraine, and that was the announcement that there would be $1000000000.00 of further funding security assistance for ukraine. and this has got a whole list of new weaponry that is going to be wing its way over that. that includes guided m r s mr. ammunitions, how it says i sum 36000 a 155 millimeter ammunitions. also harpoon coastal defense systems, thermal cameras, a massive man that's been announced just from the u. s. also getting announcements
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on wednesday from germany back in new weapons that they're going to be sending over . and this includes free promotional launch locket systems. now the u. s. secretary of defense saying that literally, within the next few weeks, ukraine's going to happen capability of firing long range missiles. and what we've really got a sense of today is nato allies really doubling down on their support for ukraine when it comes to weaponry. and key of has been insisting house in it that it needs more and more weapons from the west. how's that going down? know them well they've, they've obviously got what they wanted, know, but from other countries and didn't. what's the sense that they're there, they're being facilitated to the extent that ukraine once. what's really interesting, as we have heard of the last few days, this figure being bandied around that ukraine isn't getting 10 percent. yeah. what's been promised, and that's the question that has been put over and over to officials, nato allies across the globe. that in fact,
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our question was put to the defense secretary from the u. s. to day. and he responded to that 1st of all by saying who his that, that are the response from the person who asked the question said, it's the, i'm under deputy secretary defense in ukraine. and he said, well look, i've spoken and been with his boss all day. that's not what's come across. and so i think he should go and check back his figures and work out how he's essentially come to that. so there's a say sion, this idea that perhaps these figures that we're hearing aren't possibly correct. although the secretary of defense for us, they'd been gone to admit that these are evolving figures on a constant basis. but that question keeps being asked on nato allies doing enough to defend to help ukraine. and it really does seem to be a question, is now irritating officials hair the ukrainians. correct to complain said nato allies are not serious enough about providing them the
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weapons. they say they need i think, the nato allies, individual nato allies have been extremely responsive in recent months. the list that they gave us early on in the conflict looks very different from the list that we're talking about. now. we were heavily focused in the beginning on air defense. we're talking about a heavy rocket artillery. we have shifted the conversation. we've talked about armored vehicles. so we now have this new list of new weapons that are going to be sent to ukraine. the question is, will it be enough? well, there are claims that ukrainian soldiers have been getting advanced western weaponry faster than they can learn how to use it quite incredibly, what do we know about that? well, that's why we know at the start of this conflict out, there was the sense that ukraine,
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pap should only be sent soviet era weaponry from eastern european countries. and those eastern european countries could have new weaponry, basically because they're saying that the ukrainian so just wouldn't know how to use the more defensive weston i. technology at what we did here again today in the past conference is that there's been more training that's been taking place, not just obviously the training. we know it's been happening since 2014, but specifically in the last few weeks to ensure that ukrainian so just can use this weaponry have. but the reality is that training doesn't always we to lead to quite results. for example, there was a report highlighted just a few days ago that suggested that javelin missiles that was sent to ukraine went without a customer tech support number at so to speak. when they arrived, there was a problem with the technology at the soldiers on the ground had no idea what to do with it and had nobody to turn round to to ask, what do we do here golf? we're not sure. and there were some that have criticized this hang. well, if you're gonna supply this kind of weaponry to ukraine,
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you must also then be able to supply that tech support afterwards. and if you're not, then really, what's the goal? yes, some of the detail really is extraordinary. isn't sure, i thanks very much for taking us through at ortiz charlotte davinsky. well, we also heard on this from a former pentagon security policy unless michael maloof, who believes the u. s. doesn't have the capacity to keep providing weaponry to ukraine up the current pace. as, as european countries provide these weapons, they expect backfill from the united states. and the united states in turn has its own limited supplies. and in order to meet those demands on any persistent basis from here on out, which then raises the question, what is u. s. policy toward ukraine, ultimately, the u. s. is going to have to ship it's production to a more war war time production. if it's going to be prolong in this,
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of this conflict. and before the conflict arose, we dangle these, these little, these toys, these exotic toys to them and come to depend upon it, but are not sufficiently trained. there was no way the united states was going to be able to sufficiently supply and prolong this. the supply trains indefinitely without running into this very problem and you have no assurance. the bottom line is you have no assurance that those rockets are not going to be pulled up to the border and fired into russia and created and create a whole new level of escalation that we did not anticipate. and that's what kirby was saying. well, it's up to the great inside. they want to use the equipment. well, wait a minute, they're going to get you into a further war. if that, if you don't have limitations or if you could supply the stuff without conditions.
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and i think that germany is at odds with even stolen berg. and his approach there is, there are cracks in the, in the nato solidarity if you will. and i think germany has been much more cautious given the politic politics of the current chancellor. i think that they take the lead in the direction that nato countries are going to be going well. mexico as president, her slum nato's policy towards the ukraine conflict, calling it a moral. it comes just days after he refused to attend the u. s. hosted summit for the americans because washington refused to invite several other countries region. i'll supply the weapons and you supply the dead. it's immoral. how easy it is to say here, i'll send you this much money for weapons. couldn't the war in the ukraine have been avoided? of course it could. mexico it earlier said it wouldn't be sending arms to ukraine on,
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refuse to sign off to sanctions against russian under as manuel lopez abra door has advocated for dialogue. is the best way to resolve the conflict for mexico is leading the charge against us had gemini, after washington excluded cuba, venezuela nichol. right? you all 3 the subject of us sanctions from the summit for the americans. historically, the u. s. has been latin america's at top trading partner, but he's now facing a new challenge from china. we spoke with an activists who sees the area is no actively demonstrating more opposition to us. dominance i believe is more than just cuba, venezuela. and you can either posing problems for us had germany, even though a good number of the nations of latin america attended the summit of exclusion of biden's. they still announced and declared in the summer they were not happy with
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what was taken place. and it's a warning, it's a warning from argentina, from other leaders who said, you cannot continue that the fact that the u. s. was hosting the summit of the americas did not give it the right to decide who belongs mexico with love is saying, now we speak as a latin american nation as a latin american nation on behalf of all of latin america and the caribbean. and why love is over, as the most significant figure refused to attend the summit of the americas. that will probably have some repercussion. but i think what's happening in latin america and even in the rest of the 3rd world, is that countries are saying, we don't want to be bullied anymore. and we will act in concert with each other to coordinate more together economically, politically and reject us had gemini, which doesn't bring any good to those countries. gas prices in
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europe has been searching on the news that russia's this stop using a crucial turbine for the north stream pipeline. moscow say's western sanctions have prevented adequate maintenance work on will cut supplies via the station in question by a for the one 3rd to no more than 67000000 cubic meters per day. europe has been increasingly vulnerable to gas supply disruptions. russia also stopped in the race to recipient companies and poland on bold guerria in the last number of months following the refusal to pay for the commodity in roubles. earlier this week, moscow said it was reducing gas, sent to your 5 and more streamlined by 40 percent of what was previously planned after german company, siemens energy feel to deliver repaired gas turbines to russia on time due to the sanctions imposed by canada. it is currently impossible for siemens energy to deliver overhaul gas turbines to the customer. against this background,
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we have informed the canadian and german governments and working on a viable solution. well, let me break out. dian last week, canaday expanded its list of sanctions against russia, targeting the oil, gas and chemical industries. it humper the return of key turbines that are manufactured in canada must be sent or regularly for maintenance. the unless been sent european gas prices soaring into the double digits. we spoke to political othello, something bruno this, the european people want this situation to be resolved as soon as possible. i think kind of might allow for the turbines eventually to get back to germany. but will these turbines be then sent to russia? that's a very difficult question to answer. and this is one of the few ways they can put some pressure. because of course, we've seen the other effects have been completely in russia favor. i believe russia has never had such revenues from gas because europe is
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increasing its import ahead of the fall where they feel they're going to be losing as not having enough supply. so the, there's a surge of demand. russian gas. so and germany, i'm sure would like for the, for the situation to be resolved because germany and italy, the 2 big, most of the largest industrial powers in europe are the ones that will suffer the most from this situation. another new sign on a busy day, the u. s. has extended a waiver to allow certain energy related transactions with russian companies to take place until december 5th. that's the same day that the e you intends to start enforcing embargo, again, see born imports of russian or r t correspond the rich blevins delves into whether the initially intended approach against moscow has faltered. now,
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when it comes to the numerous saying shows that the u. s. has imposed against russia, there appear to be more questions than answers starts to feel the impact of their own measures. just month after washington announced unprecedented sanctions against moscow. well, the media now admitted that the binding ministration is concerned about the effect those measures are having at home rather than abroad from soaring gas prices and inflation to concerns over a global food crisis. the united states right now is really hurting, and that's just the beginning. in fact, even officials from the us treasury are now admitting that they're concerned about the over use of sanctions against russia. all of that comes as reports are saying that the u. s. government is even encouraging american companies to purchase russian for fertilizer in order to increase supplies overall. but i see the
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question of whether that would violate distinction the u. s. currently has in place . well, the answers are not entirely clear here. the story that the sanctions are causing the problem i think is deeply misleading. sometimes companies are confused about what's allowed and what's not. and we will try to clarify so that they're able to go forward. but we are also working proactively by trying to inform companies about what they are allowed to do. now for the question of who is to blame for the current prices here in the us. well, president biden has tried to put the blame on everyone from russia to republicans in congress to even former president trump, essentially everyone other than himself, even as biden's own approval rating continues to remain your record low faces ever work. they always hurt the sanction or more than the saint to me. i been watching this scene myself. these were never the sanctions or rush, we're never going to work worst sanctions on iran didn't in just in basic general
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term that was never going to be a success strategy. and we could see before the war even broke out, i was saying and many others, all in my, in my circle were saying the same thing that we have a cost push inflation problem that stems from a lack of supply of basic commodities. and then you try to take the world's biggest producer of the marginal pound of copper therm of gas barrel of oil out of the market. and you don't expect there to be a tremendous ball back like every the prices are all set at the margin. if you tried to remove the russians from all of these markets, all of these models might have all the commodity prices are going to just rise tremendously. while the us now have plans to send an additional $650000000.00 of military aid to ukraine, if not more, as we heard today, the united nations is desperately calling for funding to prevent
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a potentially devastating oil spill off the coast of yemen, u. n. member states have pledged around 3 quarters of the $80000000.00 needed to remove an estimated 1000000 barrels of crude from a decaying tanker ship and the red sea to find the additional money. the u. n. has launched a crowd funding campaign. a potential oil sto, could cause an estimated $20000000000.00 in damage. the tanker was built close to half a century go and subsequently converted into a floating storage facility. it hasn't undergone sufficient maintenance work since the yemen, the civil war, rusted 8 years ago. we heard from a regional expert who believes western pers don't really care about problems in the developing world despite what they can to develop service. according to the charter of the net nations environmental rights became one of the fundamental flights of the human being before a sample of some sort,
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some sort of real. ready need and if that could be to treat these environmental catastrophic issue, especially in the sea. but now we see a lot of friends, especially on the west. you and unfortunately, he's motivated by the dominic countries, especially us, greek. that's an and frame. and for the middle east and the south country are not on there, they are just focusing on just the problem that's near 5. they are folders box or disregarding any other bob in a way for does. and if you see also we have a pop in the fall assigned, we have a problem, we have a problem in lithia, we have a problem, any walk, we have a problem in somalia and all of them made by the west one of the world's biggest economic forums kicked off on wedding students in petersburg. it is russia's premier showcase of the country's investment potential and has gathered together
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thousands of gas for over $140.00 countries for the 4 days of events. the only opening day featured several delicate steeped and russian politics and economics. while the event overall has drawn attendees from all over the world. now for a quarter of a century, focusing on the innovations and investment opportunities, russian foreign ministry spokeswoman murray as a horrible things. and especially this year, the forum is proof that western powers cannot isolate russia on the world stage. up with these deals, the boy, what has the west done? they've isolated themselves from us, but it's impossible to isolate us. the west has cut off partnerships and mutually beneficial cooperation, systematically destroying the entire fabric of our relations. yes, the west wants to cancel us to defeat us to dominate us. but at the same time,
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they want to co exist with us. they need to fix something within their values and basic principles, and develop a unified position that nobody, if they believe in their policy of cancelling russia and restraining our country's development in accordance with that policy, then they are isolating themselves. the whole world is watching what's happening. asia, africa and the middle east are drawing their own conclusions about whether the west is a reliable partner strain when russia is supposed to be boycotted by every one in every possible aspect. well, that's what these people want. the new world order to be like the nation still goes for it. it goes for a hosting, a big international business gathering. it's called the st. petersburg international economic form. it's been happening every summer for 25 years. $140.00 countries are taking part and it's always been
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a chance for russia's businessman and government officials to showcase rushes full potential and also laur investment. so what's happening this year? nobody's coming. and the st. petersburg rain. you know, it's famous. does it make it more pleasant? let's have a look at the venue. ah. well, the vibe is quite usual when you see all these bright cool monitors around you representing top russian companies. you always feel your part of something very promising, modern full of energy. the main days of the form have not begun yet. okay. the leaders of the likes of france or japan are not coming even though they have taken part in previous years. but mr. brewton is welcoming the presidents of for
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example, catholic, stan or i'm menia, which are considered was his friends. and are part of a you reagan, economic integration block, which has taken ties in the european union as an example. and in the times of embargoes and boycotts, rushes really counting on friends like that. it's in our common interest to stimulate trade and investment. encourage joint technology development, strength and financial and stock markets increase the share of settlements and national currencies. it is important to introduce and develop truly mutual beneficial integration models as it is already being done in the space of the regime economic union. right. a few seconds ago you heard vladimir putin mentioned something that's usually called d dollar. arising giving up the u. s. dollar in transactions with russia's partners is something that's often widely discussed here in saint petersburg. the moto of
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this year's form is new world, new opportunities. that's exactly the essence of the event. russia is trying to turn sanctions, actually the effect of sanctions into new opportunities. the anniversary meeting is taking place at a difficult time for the entire international community. the long term mistakes of western countries in economic policy and illegitimate sanctions have led to a wave of global inflation to the destruction of the usual logistics and production chains and to a sharp increase in poverty and food shortages. but as it happens, prospects open up along with challenges every here at the saint petersburg, international economic form, one country as awarded the status of a special privileged guest. and this year, it's the turn of egypt, the land of the pyramids. the number one event at the form is happening on friday, june,
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the 17th that is called the plenary session. and this is where almost exactly 4 months after russia's operation in ukraine began. vladimir potent together was his counterparts, will weigh in on everything that happened around the world and in russia, in these 12 weeks. stay tuned. well, ileo also spoke with some a count raleigh. today, head of the indian business alliance about the current state of the global economy . one of the big questions that delegates will cross with this week. the whole while is wing in the session. and there is some one has to be blamed for it. so definitely is not russia because they didn't bring this situation. so the western world and i make a broader tradition where wed hold off because when to go in crisis, it's often being said that by boy caught seeing trade with russia. the
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western countries are only opening up new opportunities for asian powers and emerging asian markets. we missed the train. it was really big opportunity for in 9090. we're getting one more time chance to get the mystery. so definitely yes is going to be a very, very big interest for all nation companies. and let me tell you why not, why not asian companies. you see the economy of india. we are the 3rd world biggest economic lee in india, i having a lot of wrong information about russia. one act is not enough. then the western media and the bug window rest, this not one country doing it. so i d, 's only for one russia, right? so if you put it like that, but down the hall of america, the whole of europe, if you take all the apartment, is there been working ready? raylynn when we lost the war before you started while thrive?
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to wake up north. there is so much plants and that's where we come in. we'll make sure you don't miss any of the forums. big takeaways, the major developments that may be lost in the plethora of talks deals and meetings on the sidelines on there on online r t. how's you covered by for ah ah ah ah
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