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a little boys will give us one ah, this was the ukrainians forces last bastion last, holding ground just outside of several, the nets, and well just outside of the industrial zone of the resort planned on the visit positions used by ukrainian forces before they retreated into chemical plants in service done yet. moscow says a humanitarian sci fi was violated by kip contracts with hundreds of millions of dollars are already signed on the opening day of the st. petersburg international economic forum with much more to come as the events which these thousands of the piece gather and the 2nd day the cranes armed forces threatened to shell rushes
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courage straight to bridge. and despite president zelinski claimant, there would be no such attack on russian territory on the earth makes its biggest interest rate increase in almost 30 give us an attempt to rein end rampant inflation a minute past 10 am on thursday morning here in moscow. and peter scott and wherever you joining us from, welcome to 30 minutes of news and analysis on oxy international. and we start with the latest on the war in ukraine way. 8 civilians have died in ukrainian rockets attacks on the la guns republic that is according to local officials, most of the casualties were in the city. of those fighting continues an official from ukraine's ruling party. i've missed u. s. media that 1000 ukrainian soldiers are being either killed or wounded every day in the dom bus. meanwhile, russia has accused of violating a cease fire by disrupting a humanitarian car during the east of the republic. it was opened on wednesday to
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evacuate civilians sheltering in bunkers beneath the as of chemical plants in the battle. the city of sever done yes. russia claims ukrainian artillery shell residential areas of the city shortly after the car door was opened. arts easy, good is done. the reports an industrial area, the size of a small city, ukrainian troops sheltering in its catacombs, mingling among civilians who aren't allowed to leave. if you're getting the as of style flashbacks, you're totally right. this is the resort plans in several the nets where recent history is repeating itself. ah up to a 1000 civilians are estimated to be trapped at the assault chemical plant. russia
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has made an attempt at a humanitarian sees far, but ukrainian artillery had other plans. this was the ukrainians forces last bastion last holding ground just outside of several minutes. and well, just outside of the industrial zone of the resort plan, which is by the way, just about a kilometer away from here. this is from where they fled over. they're joining our, the regimen and joining civilians who are being effectively held hostage there. the sci fi was botched as give forces shelled what was supposed to be a humanitarian corridor. also hitting it with tank grounds, only one elderly man in a come whatever may attempt eventually managed to get out. the bloody standoff around the plant continues as key of refuses to accept that yet a another massive surrender of its troops is looming over the horizon. amish dawn of art c. ukraine's top general has openly threatened to its arc. russia's
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crimean bridge saying that the choice of target is completely understandable. that is something that contradicts claims from the ukrainian president. the key of is not going to attack russian territory. the courage straight bridge is target number one for the ukranian armed forces. this is no secret of their military or our military, or their civilians or ours kids. when you have fired at russian territories across the border, which really me no, we are not interested in selling civilities. we are not terrorists who shall civilian neighbourhood equal? the courage, straits bridge, which the ukrainian general was referring to is also known as the crimea bridge. was built after crimea reunification with russia back in 2014. and the 19 claimants along construction is the main artery between the russian mainland on the peninsula and the longest bridge in the country as well as in europe. we discussed the general's comments with former cia analysts, john kitty, aka, who believes their parts of the ongoing war of words. one of the reasons,
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at least why this ukrainian general made the comment about the bridge publicly, was for propaganda value to, to worry russian troops in the area to make them think that this terrible attack is going to come. i think the lensky is telling the ukrainian people what he thinks they want to hear. i don't think that his, his messaging is necessarily meant for the russians. it's meant for the ukrainians . and if it is going to make the ukrainians feel better for him to say that he wouldn't attack russian territory because it would be bad for the ukrainians to be able to to or to have to withstand a rush response. i think that's why he's doing it's funny. we're hearing completely different things from the ukrainians. we're also hearing completely different things from many of the leaders of the nato countries. i think that there's not a whole lot of coordination that is taking place. on the one hand,
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there are political statements. on the other hand, there's military planning, and sometimes the to just don't go together. u. s. has approved a new package of ministry aid for ukraine with $1000000000.00 bringing the total donations to kids since the stuff the conflicts. $6600000000.00 give demands for support are changing though, with no asking for more power for rocket systems, which the us to say it. is it prepared to send earlier? my colleague, you know, neal discuss the recent decisions, provide new packages of miniature, a to ukraine without caesar salad davinsky decision by the u. s. defense secretary to announce further funding for ukraine. that was the announcement that there would be $1000000000.00 of further funding security assistance for ukraine. and this has got a whole list of new weaponry that is going to be wing its way over there. that includes guided m r s ammunitions. how it says as some 36000,
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a 155 millimeter ammunitions, also harpoon coastal defense systems, thermal cameras, a massive man that's been announced just from the u. s. also getting announcements on wednesday from germany, back in the weapons that they're going to be sending over. and this includes 3 multi launch walking systems. now the u. s. secretary defense saying that literally, within the next few weeks, ukraine is going to have this capability of firing long range missiles. and what we've really got a sense of today is nato allies really doubling down on their support. the ukraine when it comes to weaponry. when cube has been insisting house in it that it needs more and more weapons from the west. how's that going down? know what's really interesting as we have heard over the last few days. this figure being bandied around that ukraine isn't getting 10 percent to what's been promised . and that's the question that has been put over and over to officials with nato allies across the globe. that in fact, our question was put to the defense secretary from the u. s. to day,
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and he responds to that person by faith, who has said that at the response from the person who asked the question said, it's the am under deputy secretary defense in ukraine. and he said, well look, i've spoken and been with his boss all day. that's not what's come across. and so i think he should go and check back his figures and work out how he's essentially come to that. so this idea that perhaps these figures that we're hearing aren't possibly correct, although the secretary of defense for us did been gone to admit that these are evolving figures on a constant basis. but that question keep being ost our nato allies doing enough to defend, to help you crane. and it really does seem to be a question because now, irritating officials are the ukrainians correct. to complain, said nato allies are not serious enough about providing them the weapons. they say they need. i think the nato allies,
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individual nato allies have been extremely responsive in recent months. the list that they gave us early on in the conflict looks very different from the lists that we're talking about. now. we were heavily focused in the beginning on air defense. we're talking about a heavy rocket artillery. we have shifted the conversation. we've talked about armored vehicles, there are claims that ukrainian soldiers have been getting advanced western weaponry faster than they can learn how to use it. quite incredibly, what do we know about that? well, that's why we know at the start of this conflict that there was the sense that ukraine, pap should only be sent soviet era weaponry from eastern european countries. and those eastern european countries could have new weaponry. basically because they're saying that the ukrainian soldiers wouldn't know how to use the more defensive weston a technology at what we did here again today in the past conference is that there's
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been more training that's been taking place. not just obviously the training. we know it's been happening since 2014, but specifically in the last few weeks to ensure that ukrainian so just can use this weaponry. but the reality is that training doesn't always lead to quite results. for example, there was a report highlighted just a few days ago that suggested that javelin missiles that was sent to ukraine went without a customer tech support number, so to speak. when they arrived, there was a problem with the technology at the soldiers on the ground had no idea what to do with it and had nobody to turn round to to ask, what do we do here golf? we're not sure. and there were some that have criticized this tangle. if you're going to supply this kind of weaponry to ukraine, you must also then be able to supply that tech support off to it's. and if you're not, then really, what's the go? well, in other news or contracts with over $24000000000.00 roubles or more than $40.00 and $20000000.00 was one of the many signed in the opening day of the st.
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petersburg international economic forum which were on the world's leading economic events. and he's now entering the 2nd day in russia's northern capital. joining me live now from the forum in st. petersburg is our ts eliot patricia as what's up and so far the event and what to expect to happen in the coming days. ah peter, hello to you from russia's northern capital, i am at my favorite events on the calendar and i'm not the only person saying that let me just explain to you what is happening here at a time when pretty much everyone in the west is trying to isolate russia in every possible aspect, the country's government decides to throw a huge event, a huge business gathering. it's called the st. petersburg international economic form, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. and guess what?
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we can see participants from about 140 countries, and i guess this is something that doesn't really sound like universal isolation. the moto of the forum is new world, new opportunities. and i'm not saying that the russian officials aren't looking at the sanctions as something that's hurting the russian economy. but like the moto has it, the country keeps looking for ways to turn the negative effects from the international blood pressure into benefits. here's how the russian prime minister evaluated the effects of the punishment from the west blade at the corner of which are those we've managed to weaken the effects of the sanctions, the economy steadily adapting to the new challenges, the macroeconomic stability is being maintained and all social programs are
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continuing in general, we can say that at this point our economy is tackling the pressure of sanctions from someone doubling him. for now, we've not yet heard about any big international contracts, but it's still early days. the, the main events of the form are planned for thursday and friday, although, internally we heard about many important agreements being side. one good example is a major contract between v k, which is something like russia's facebook and the, the meal payment system. which is ross's answer to visa and mastercard. now the main event of the form is called the plenary session. this is where of latimer pollutants speaks to the international leaders that are guests, that this form and also weighs in on everything that's been happening around the world. and internally in russia during the past year,
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so we're all waiting for that main event as well. of course earlier, thank you very much. that old dates, i trust you keepers abreast of any developments over the coming hours and days at the economic format in st. petersburg, thank you very much. well, earlier earlier katrinka spoke with sammy caught juanita ahead of the indian business alliance about opportunities for asian countries to do more business with russia. the whole while is going in the session and there is some one has to be blamed for it. so definitely is not russia because they didn't bring this situation . so the western world, and i make a broader tradition where, where hold africa is willing to go in crisis. it's often being said that by boy caught seeing trade with russia. the western countries are only opening up new opportunities for asian powers and emerging asian markets. we missed the train.
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it was really big opportunity for in 9090. we're getting one more time chance to get the mystery. so definitely yes is going to be a very, very big interest for all nation companies. and let me tell you why not, why not asian companies. you see the economy of india. we are the 3rd world biggest economic. we in india, i having a lot of wrong information about russia. one act is not enough. then the western media and the bug window rest, this not one country doing it. so i d, 's only for one, russia, right? so if you put it like that, but there did the whole of america, the whole of europe, if you take all the proponent, is there been working ready raylynn when we lost the war? before we started, of course, we'll continue to bring you any key updates from the st. petersburg economic forum as it progresses. ah,
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in a bid to check staggering inflation, the u. s. central bank is raised is key interest rates marking the biggest one time increase in decades. the federal reserve raise the rates by 3 quarters of a percentage points pushing its benchmark rates. a range of 1.51.75 percent. the height which will affects consumer business loans is the 3rd since march on the biggest in the last 3 decades we heard from professor of economics jack rasmus and investment manager, mitch philistine, who both don't sound too optimistic. they feel they've um, almost lost control of inflation and the markets and investors have been pushing the fed and the government to get more aggressive to raise rates. and that's what's really behind all this. but you know, it's interesting. i listen to jerome this morning. you know, and the chair to fit chair and a he indicated that, wow,
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this is really about doing something about demand driven inflation. and you ask, is the fed really can't do anything about supply? well, the problem is supply i'd problem is the commodities inflation. that's going on now, menace to do with the war in the sanctions also has to do with supply chains that are still, you know, in trouble after cove. it has to do with supply chain issues with china shutting down because a covert awhile and it has to do with speculators. i don't know how he, it figures that the doubling interest rates as fast are going to avoid a recession. there's no doubt there's going to be a recession in this country. just a question of how soon i think we're in a recession, but i think the recession can get much worse. because i think the consumer is already tapped out. pretty much people's wages haven't gone up to compensate them for the amount that the prices be. inflation has gone up. so this is the mismatch.
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and the problem and that interest rates going up, it makes the problem exponentially worse. so can consumer spending should slump even more in my estimate, which will cause a worse recession? and i think that they've taken inappropriate measures. had they done things properly a few years ago, they could have avoided this problem. but the biggest problem is when you print money out of thin air for over a decade and inflate your balance sheet to ridiculous levels. and in the federal government starts spending money by printing money. you have a problem and that's why we're seeing epic inflation everywhere. separately the u. s. has extended away but to allow certain energy related transactions with the russian companies to take place until december, the 5th. that's the same day that you intend to start enforcing an embargo against the bone imports of russian oil ortiz, rachel blevins, books. whether the west initial approach to moscow is paid off. now, when it comes to the numerous things shows that the u. s. has imposed against
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russia, there appear to be more questions than answers starts to feel the impact of their own measures. just month after washington announced unprecedented sanctions against moscow. well, the media now admitted that the binding ministration is concerned about the effect those measures are having at home rather than abroad from soaring gas prices and inflation. your concerns over a global food crisis. the united states right now is really hurting, and that's just the beginning. in fact, even officials from the us treasury are now admitting that they're concerned about the over use of things and against russia. all of this comes, reports are saying that the u. s. government is even encouraging american companies to purchase russian for fertilizer in order to increase supplies overall. but actually the question of whether that would violate distinction. the u. s.
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currently has in place. 2 the answers are not entirely clear here. the story that the sanctions are causing the problem, i think is deeply misleading. sometimes companies are confused about what's allowed and what's not. and we will try to clarify so that they're able to go forward. but we are also working proactively by trying to inform companies about what they are allowed to do. now, as for the question of who is to blame for the current crisis here in the us. well, president biden has tried to put the blame on everyone from russia to republicans in congress to even former president trump, essentially everyone other than himself, even though biden's own approval rating continues to remain your record low. but the conflicts in ukraine know, 6 people have been killed in the ukranian rock. it's a start on the gun. 50. it's the hand of us according to local officials done yet. and lou guns for the cities are coming under intense fire with russia accusing care
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of deliberately targeting civilians. this should and could not bring to keep any military advantages. the news is not on the line of conflict. there are more military objects where the show shall so do credit and military deliberately target serious if you didn't do stick some infrastructure, hospitals more considers the letters ambassadors, comments came after this fire in done yet. so on monday, with local authorities seeing ukraine fight, hundreds of missiles and shells of the city, 5 people were killed. i'm on the search engine where the market place and maternity hospital among the buildings hates. ortiz roman cost of visit to a hospital where many of those injured have been treated. we are right outside of the genetic central trauma center. this hospital is just one of many that have been treating thousands of patients that there were wounded by the ukrainian military, out of those thousands of patients, at least 200 or children. and. and now i'm going to go and talk to
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a couple of those kids that were injured by the credit military. over the last couple of days ago, a shell hit a car near my home and the explosion shattered our windows. we went to hide in the bathroom, then a fire broke out. we tried to put it out, but we were unable to. so we grabbed a mattress, tossed it out of a window and jumped down onto it from our apartment of the 2nd floor. i spoke to the chief surgeon here and that from a tele just sensor vadim. nobody and go and say he's been working here since said 2014 and personally helped her thousands of people with their boons caused by the ukrainian military. he sent it over the last 3 months. the shelling year internet only intensified was only really you louise, barbaric artillery, at saxon, our city have intensified. we are used to attack near the frontline, but recently shall have destroyed the city center. these shells can hit any one
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just yesterday in 84 year old woman was wounded and brought to us earlier and 91 year old was also wounded, is truly barbaric. this is where hundreds of ambulances arrived each single day, carrying many, many patients that have been wounded by the artillery of the ukrainian military locals are saying that for the latest shelling here is the in the next, the intensity of the shelling is unprecedented. and they're certainly hoping that sir, this will, and very soon, rum on cost for of artie, don't ask people's republic. and finally, these railey defense minister has proposed the formation of the us led coalition to count the iran, which will include tel aviv on a number of arab countries. it comes with washington is still not committed to a new nuclear agreement with iran. and the deal was canceled by the previous us administration, which left many countries in europe, frustrated off the contributor,
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rachel moss and explains us president joe biden has a year and a half revive the iran nuclear deal struck in 2015 with the european union. us, china, germany, france, russia, and the united kingdom. under the agreement, a foreign policy cornerstone of brock obama presidency will bind with vice president. iran would curtail its uranium enrichment program and exchange for sanctions really and normalization of relations. former us president donald trump talk the deal like it was an i love to way out of a prem by the non cleanup duty while washington continues to dinner. and iran continues to pursue with nuclear agenda in the absence of the deals viable european company era to enter the iranian market are growing pretty frustrated to make matters worse, better gas is talking up a new anti iranian coalition led by washington. we are seeing the french space change and intensifying a variety of barriers, so we are working significantly in building the israeli defense forces and all security alms. alongside increasing our collaborations with the u. s. are most
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important ally and other countries in the region. washington is also backed in pulling over iran and it's role as world man in europe, backyard, seizing in iranian tanker near greece at the end of may, following a request from the u. s. justice system. the oil is to be transferred to the united states at the expense of that country. iran responded in a tit for tat, capturing the releasing of a great ship in the person gall this month. according to the quincy institute, the responsible state crush us, differing on iran deal re entry, is causing a risk with europeans. the washington think tank called the resolution pass that the international atomic energy agency last week defense or iran, nuclear enrichment activities, sponsored by the u. s. britain, germany and france, but opposed by china and russia. an illusion of unity between europe and america. by the way, to ron reacted to the vote by removing the agencies,
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cameras. your sites. 27 cameras are being removed in iran, apart from an online and return monitoring system that we have over there. this is, of course, poses a serious challenge to our ability to continue working there and to confirm the correctness of your situation under cheap, cheap diplomat. joseph morales recently do ask them for a restore deal suggest the divergence of european and american interests over iran, the possibility to strike a deal and return to iran. nuclear deal is shrinking, but we still can do it with an extra effort. maybe you should consider the possibility that washington has it right where it was that is politically hand left
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and unable to enjoy the competitive advantage of a new trade relationship with iran. have permission to join us again in about half an hour's time. for more news, as well as the latest developments from the st. petersburg, economic form right to on our, to international i. p to scott, to thank you for watching. ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust or rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with
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a robot must protect his own existence with oh, need to come to the russian state. little narrative. i stayed as i phone and the no slam stephen hammond, i'm not getting all sunset for a coup in the 55 when okay, 09 is too bad with speedy. when else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia today and split our t spoke neck, even our video agency, roughly all bands on youtube with, with, with
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