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am mutually beneficial deal. we need the proceeds, they need our products. and i think i, i hope that we will come to some agreement as was in 2020 because in that there were a year the bike is tiny side, spent $212000000.00 on the russian week. and that was approximately one 4th of the total tre turnover for that year. just expanding another buster, a recent interview of years to pakistan. the media went viral in which you discussed them, run comes visit to moscow, and that issue of russia selling discounted wheat and oil. can you tell us a little more about that? i definitely, definitely. his excellency in ron hahn visited moscow and definitely he raised the issues of buying food and buying energy
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and definitely as the leader of a foreign country, he wanted some discounts that i think natural, i just cannot give you the specifics because again, i wouldn't want to compromise the negotiations. i think this is not very good when we conduct some kind of leaks, especially when those leaks can be used in domestic political struggle. understood, it's a sensitive time. i'd like to ask about your relations with the previous government if i were. is moscow interested in further developing ties would run count on his millions of supporters despite him currently not being in power? ah, we abide by one rule. do not interfere in
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the internal affairs of any foreign country including pakistan. otherwise, we continue to keep up close contact with every major player in the political arena. and i can tell you, sir, that for many, many years, what we used to have is basically add to part a system and pakistan because of the muslim league. and the put us down people's party just one after another. and right now the morale hans party, which is what you stand, the freaking stuff is having all the chances of becoming a 3rd major player in the tiny politics. so yes, coming back to your question, we think that we should keep in touch and we do so, and we also got to have in mind that, you know, here,
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there is going to be another election because what happened in april was just an expected development. well, just on that in run, come claims, he was the victim of dirty politics and that his exit was orchestrated from abroad . washington denies the but what's your, your thoughts on what occurred? i will or, or mentioned some tracks. moran han visited moscow in february and he's the visits happened to fall on the very day when russia launched the special military operations. ok, basically this is by the way they prove that iran han didn't know anything about it because otherwise you wouldn't have come. i then i
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definitely definitely had a choice and then he decided to stay in moscow and, or proceed with his visits. and definitely washington didn't like it. and when a superpower doesn't like anything, so it usually makes it a, it's a, it's a displeasure, felt to what extent that could have influenced the fate of the government. it's open to a debate. what i do know is that the, the, like hispanic governments, spokespersons a number of times, i claim it stated that there was no, ah, foreign conspiracy approved. so i think as an ambassador, i got to accept that you talked about trade earlier and buster height. you
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evaluate the overall current state of russian pakistani relations. i am happy with the trends because back in the 990 s, we used to have something like 180000000 dollars right now, week after 700 on the average 700000000 dollars. so i'm pretty much optimistic and i think that we should not, you know, artificially accelerate things. and the main problem is to get our markets open to people. there is another problem. the problem of language, because basically pakistan is part of the english speaking world. and it's part of the west and all the markets are major mark markets in the west,
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so it should explore the russian market. and i think that what we're holding in saint petersburg now is helping this. yeah, just finally, there's so many shifts and alterations in the global situation. right now i do expect a positive trend, as you're saying between moscow and islam about to continue despite who's in power . absolutely, sir. just one factor each administration since the end of the ninety's, each leader visit the russia $999.00. now washer. we've to have a 2003 sharp, 2011 diarrhea and 2022 in brown, con, separate visits. ok. and maybe just before you go as well, because on the program, as you may know, we've been covering the situation pakistan in recent weeks. so many people out on
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the streets, millions of people protesting supporters with m. ron can. what is the situation there? what is the atmosphere like in the country as it stands, ambassador? ah, oh, we feel that the situation is controlled. we feel that the iran seeing that there may be some violent disturbances in our rearrange, in some hot shots. so we think that it's pretty normal and we think this is within the boundaries of law while we appreciate your time on your thoughts for coming on the program, explaining it all to us today. they need like gum h, russian, and buster to pakistan. thank you. thank you. ok, we are going for a short break here in our t international. i'll be back with much more global news in moments they with us i
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i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is that conflict with the 1st law show your identification . we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point, obviously is to create trust rather than fear with take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with i, my name is frank richardson,
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philadelphia got in the movement in age 13, going on 14, and we were violent towards those people because we believe that we're in this race . we were here 1st and this is our country being part of that movement. i got your sense of power. when i felt powerless, we got attention when i felt invisible and accepted when i felt a level life after hey, is an organization that was founded by 40 skin, no, not the white supremacists in the u. s. in canada. and they found each other and they knew that they wanted to help other guys get out is 2 parts to getting out of a violent extremist group. the 1st part is disengagement, which is where you leave the social group. and then the next part is d. radicalization work belief systems audiology are removed. it was very impactful. when someone finally came along with no fear, no judgement, you heard my story did nothing to challenge it. validate
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ah, in hunter's russian state, little narrative as tired as on the nose landscape diva to him. then i can also sons and meet within the 50000 feet of keys on that is 2000 speedy. one else about this even with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and split or t smooth neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest, and with
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awe, 40 minutes into the program, welcome back. china has overtaken the u. s. as the foreign power with the biggest positive influence in africa. now there's, according to a survey among young adults in the continent. now the survey was conducted among those age 18 to $24.00 and a total of 16 african countries. it found that 76 percent of african youths considered china's activity as positive for the continent leaving 2nd place to the u. s. which had held the top spot in the survey just 2 years ago. the results show china's rising influence on the continent with investments, infrastructure development projects, and affordable chinese products listed as the most positive contributions. but for la, china is a better friend than america. i think it's china because it believes in giving and
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receiving better with china. so any that was on without the china is better because it could take over the world economy in the future. i believe it's better to be closer to china than the us in the current reality. it's preferable to work with china with johnny taylor shallow die, believe it's china. i think china can help africa more china is better because it brings its talent and no here will the u. s. recently sent a letter to 14 african countries urging them to reject green imports from russia saying the food was stolen from ukraine. that's as much of africa struggles with critical food shortages. bringing summary, as to the brink of famine, the white house spokesperson has admitted the u. s wants to prohibit sales of grain . what i can say is, we are working with other countries to prevent the sale of grain that has likely been stolen from ukraine. will the chairperson for invest relations at the african national congress? youth league shared his thoughts with us on why public support
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a shifted from western countries to china. is found china to be an honest country to do business with in comparison to the west, which when they arrived here, they did not even see us as human beings. but instead they plowed our mineral sources. they are the ones that bomb to heal shima. they're the ones that got fat, she just to test a nuclear bomb just to protect and lasha. so we asked to the ends of history. we understand what the intention has been. they have been everywhere in the world where there's been a lot of sources, an image not to do business there, but still could, can they joined that people of those kind of those countries. we are saying that we are going to have relations with the russian people, whether american america loves it or not. we will not be subject to western media,
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would tries to cling to the chinese people as a bad people who are in africa to do wrong things. because we can visibly see here, to help with development, and that to be here. and they see us if equals who they can enter into business with. not the people that they can spin from. ah, okay, keeping a tension on china, it is moving to consolidate its iron or imports through both purchases by state owned groups in an effort to cut her extraneous dominance of the market. let's go through what that means. china is considered history as largest export markets. the biggest importer of its iron or but diplomatic relations have soured in recent years. and china has placed economic sanctions on the street here in response to a series of grievances. the trillion prime minister this week called on basing to lift the trade boy called to improve relations, political and financial analyst and low,
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juliano said it was economically suicidal for cambra to clash with china in the 1st place. trivia 2 years ago started a, an investigation wanted an international investigation uncovered. and this is how it started door. the purpose here is to do the coupling. australia has a 50 percent of the trade with china. so basically it's extreme depending on china . so what he did by attacking china was basically a suicide. it's extremely societal for failure to do that. in did, the purpose is to come to in china. this is not the china of the 100 years of you mediation. keep in mind that the western world, one that you partition china and do you mean the asian is actually ending with the hand of hong kong in 1997 and the ultimate reification of china will be with high one sofa. china is extremely important to maintain the sovereignty over taiwan. it unified, the whole nation,
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and this will make be an end of the century of humiliation that the west, the to, to china. while, while you asked no plans to send an additional $1000000000.00 of military aid to ukraine, the united nations as calling for funding just a fraction of upsize to prevent a potentially catastrophic oil spill in the middle east, off the coast of human human member states, a pledge to run 3 quarters of the $18000000.00 needed to remove an estimated 1000000 barrels of crude from a decaying tanker ship. and the red sea, a potential oil spill in that area could cause an estimated $20000000000.00 in damage according to your rights groups. now the tank was built nearly 50 years ago, subsequently converted into a floating storage facility, but it hasn't been maintained properly since the yemen, the civil war, rusted 8 years ago. i made them stuff. director of the asia center for studies and translation, believes crises in the middle east. don't really figure in the west radar to
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develop service. and that's according to the charter of the nation's environmental rights. became one of the fundamental flights of the human beings before a sample is some sort of real need to treat these environmental catastrophic issue, especially in the sea. but now we see a lot of friends, especially on the west, you and unfortunately, he's motivated by the dominic countries, especially you as greek, that's an and frame. and for the middle east and south country, not on there, they are just focusing on just the problem. that's near 5, they are older, but it is or disregarding any other bob, them away from their orders. and if you see also, we have a problem in palestine. we have a problem statement. we have a problem in libya,
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we have a pop in any what we have probably been so many and all of them made by the west. now i'm sure you may have noticed a gas prices in europe helping surging on the news that rushes to stop using a crucial turbine for the new word stream pipeline. moscow say's western sanctions have prevented adequate maintenance work and will cut supplies via the station in question by a further one 3rd to no more than 67000000 cubic meters per day. when indeed, europe has been increasingly vulnerable to gas supply disruptions as russia also stop deliveries to recipient companies and poland on both gary a recently following the refusal to pay for the commodity in roubles. earlier in the week, moscow said it was reducing gas and to europe by the north, streamline by 40 percent of what was previously plant after german company, siemens energy failed to deliver repaired gas turbines to russia on time due to the sanctions imposed by canada. it is currently impossible for seamans energy to
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deliver over whole gas turbines to the customer. against this background, we have informed the canadian and german government and working on a viable solution. last week, canaday expanded its list of sanctions against russia, targeting the oil and gas and chemical industries. it hampered the return of key turbines that are manufactured in canada and must be sent there regularly for maintenance. the night's been sent european gas prices storing into the double digits. we spoke to political as ellis under bruno, who said, european people want the situation to be resolved as soon as possible. i think canada might allow for the turbines eventually to get back to germany. but will these turbines be then sent to russia? that's a very difficult question to answer. and this is one of the few ways they can put some pressure. because of course, we've seen the other effects have been completely in russia favor. i believe russia
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never had such revenues from gas because europe is increasing its import ahead of the fall where they fear they're going to be losing as not having enough supply. so the, there's a surge of demand. russian gas. so and germany, i'm sure would like for the, for the situation to be resolved because germany and italy, the 2 big, most largest industrial powers in europe are the ones that will suffer the most from this situation. ok to big. another big issue of the day, vladimir putin has discussed food security issues with south africa as president in a phone call that focused on at russian grain. i'm fertilizer supplies to the continent. the to leaders call for increased straight within the bricks framework reiterating china sounds that the blog is
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a vital force for regional economic growth. the bricks roofing consist of 5 countries, brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. on this considered a symbol of a rising multi polar world of its members seek to increase economic cooperation among each other. a prominent russian official bricks delegate expanded on the contrast between its approach and not of western military monetary unions. nasa said, daniel, but bricks is a stabilizing factor in an increasingly turbulent world. the brakes partnership isn't aimed against anyone. unlike the u. s, the u. k. and they are allies, bricks, countries don't seem to impose upon others. a world order based on rules invented by the west. i'm convinced the bricks should play elite enroll in resolving globally. she's go up while returning to the ukraine conflict, russia has accused key of all the deliberately targeting civilian areas with cities in that done yet can lead counsel republics coming under intense artillery fire.
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this should and could not bring to keep any military advantages. the news is not on the line of conflict. there are more military objects where the shell shells fell. ukrainian military deliberately tugged suit, civilian districts, and infrastructure hospitals more considers than shoulders. the ambassador is comments came after a fierce artillery attack on the city of daniel earlier this week with local authority, seeing ukraine fired hundreds of shells in just 2 hours. 5 people were killed, more than 30 wounded with the crowded market place on the maternity hospital with newborns and pregnant women. there, among the civilian areas, had ortiz, roman katra visit fasfa, where many of the wounded are being treated. we are right outside of the genetic central trauma center. this hospital is just one of many that have been treating thousands of patients that there were wounded by the ukrainian military,
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out of those thousands of patients. at least 200 were children. and. and now i'm going to go and talk to a couple of those kids that were injured by the ukrainian military. over the last couple of days, a shell hit a car near my home and the explosion shattered our windows. we went to hide in the bathroom, then a fire broke out. we tried to put it out, but we were unable to. so we grabbed a mattress, tossed it out of a window and jumped down on to it from our apartment of the 2nd floor. i spoke to the chief surgeon here and that from a tele just sensor vadim on liberty angle. and he's been working here since said once, you're 14 and personally helped to thousands of people with their boons caused by the ukrainian military. he sent it over the last 3 months. the shelling here in gwinnett only intensified recently. we did utilize these barbaric artillery at
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saxon, our city have intensified and we are used to attack near the frontline, but recently shells have historically the see the center. these shells can hit anyone just yesterday in 84 year old woman was wounded and brought to us earlier and 91 year old was also wounded. it's truly barbaric. this is where hundreds of ambulances arrived each single day, carrying many, many patients that have been wounded by the artillery of the ukrainian military locals are saying that the latest shelling here is the, in the next. the intensity of the shelling is unprecedented. and they're certainly hoping that this will end very soon, rum on cost forever. artie don't ask people's republic and that wraps up and use our for now, but said we'll be back at the top of the are in a matter of minutes with all your updates on a busy thursday. stay with
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r t international. i'll see, you said, ah, with 30 i school broker a. what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new frontline towards that report that they call this area? the greys a really early found, the real quick pretty me what that was only about a used vehicle with the village olivia, they'll do more no way more for them so that similarly with him or was it a show berella?
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i knew i through english historical cherry or lennox on the roku or blue shield that tell us that she made a feel like it was that what does that double hit phone? yeah. what buddy. luckily with that before he boy cool here scott, your party grow your favorite them with. i just didn't think we're why do we have finished? a gentleman? got it and you should be had with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on a very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how
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that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk with a magic you. but you might look at the live muscles. if you look on the initial be white glove, not a diaz can use to put value a new day or 2, but you also still listed on those a what i see the senior bus is the little gear medation says diesel tutorial,
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gumbo sub a b because of the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves well the part we choose to look so common ground. ah ah, ah ah, ah, ah,
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a ah ah, ah ah .
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with ours headlines, stories the leaders of germany, italy and france make their 1st war time visit to kiev together. now the manual mccollum calling for negotiations between ukraine and russia to help bring about peace. also ahead speak me out this in petersburg, economic for i'm interested in going on right now. gas problem c o. say the north stream to pipeline is currently ready for operation, but has not received final approval from the news. the russian gas exporter recently had to stop yet another turbine on the original north stream route to western sanctions. hampering river.


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