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tv   News  RT  June 16, 2022 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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a joe biden imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. mm. so there's your boomerang, huh? ah, the leaders of you state germany, italy and france make their 1st war time visit to kiev. the lock pushes for renewed peace talks about europe. suffers from storing oil and gas prices are goods or rules. that's the message from goes from the ceo of the st. petersburg, international economic. he said the western dominated economic system is undergoing drastic changes with the u. s. dollar weakening. i'm and d v u. s. central bank approved it's biggest interest rate hike and 3 decades in attempt to rein in searching price inflation.
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with around the clock across the world, this is r t from the team and myself, you know me. hello and welcome to the program. at least 7 civilians have been killed in ukrainian rocket attacks over the past 24 hours in the loop. ganske republic is according to local officials. most of the casualties were in this the 2nd off. while the city of dun yes has also suffered another day of shelling reports a must have explosions, were heard thrive theory on thursday and elsewhere in the done yet republic, 14 residential areas are reported to have come under fire, leaving one mom dead on another wounded dpr officials say the shelling was conducted with the use of multiple launch rockets systems and yet has been enduring, continuous shelling by key forces among the targets earlier in the week. a maternity hospital and in key of french liter
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money will mccrory house call for a peace talks to continue during a meeting with ukraine's presidency landscape. mister micron. german chancellor left shows on the tele and prime minister mario druggie are all currently in ukraine. the true of european leaders made the trip. a sizable divisions are emerging within the over support for key on it's the mountains and the conflict. the leaders travel there are by train with earth raid sirens in this city sunday, shortly after their arrival. before the meeting, they made their way directly to the suburban earth, and the men had been criticized by ukrainian authorities for not providing kia with the skill of weaponry. it's been asking for on for not visiting the country sooner of the french president is trying to mitigate the situation while this coming from detroit stolen in the future. i have always been consistent. france has been at ukraine side since day one, and president lensky himself has always wanted to talk with president putin. what
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we for wanted to do by coming here, is to see all this for ourselves, to pay our respect and admiration for the courage of the ukrainian people. and to be able to have this exchange with president lensky, as well as to talk about the future. friends, friends, a harlem entry election this weekend here in paris with the left is foolish and challenging parties, absolute majority in a tight race. so people here in france wouldn't mind knowing what that whole is doing to fix the mass that he and his you counterparts made when they went with an diversion section for which their own citizens are now paying through increased costs of daily living. my whole and you have placed themselves out for sure. they've promised total support to ukraine and zalinski. but these who have come to the realization that he can't realistically be achieved by giving to lindsey everything that he wants for. and the resolution of the conflict is going to come
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by and negotiations and not through some kind of battle. victory. mack, who is the key of double speak, meaning that he's really good at telling everyone what they want to hear and everyone walks away happy. and it's on one hand, he's rooting for ukraine to win, in this case, on the other to keep, stay in the table above the need for negotiations in his public addresses and press appearances and since continued on public and negotiate the keys are mutually exclusive. my whole is just paying list service to one of these things only is actions will prove which alger chance are all schultz is also sending pretty strong message to great officials as a wait around their promise, german weapons to arrive and end up getting like she'll say boy friends who are stood up on the last you know, to shoulds for failing to deliver time prime minister mario drug use for a minister proposed to for peace last month, which serve. if nothing else to at least project his government's desire for peace
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rather than continue. * conflicts, all 3 of these taught leaders are publicly demonstrating solidarity with ukraine during this visit is key for sure. but also this visit has very clear undertones of desired me complex in favor piece sooner rather than later. as the you considers whether to fast track ukraine into becoming a member of the block, moscow's ambassador says he is skeptical about whether that will actually happen either. oh you nor i will live long enough to see you. grain out as a member of the european union, nobody's talking about membership at this point. the point of discussion is the candidate status, which immediately has raised oh, different views and control versus i believe that russia and europe in the sense of
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the european union, will always be neighbors. and are doomed to be partners in one way or another or in the words of angular medical the for me, german chancellor, that we share the sense of the same land mass together. it's much more than land mass. we share our common history with all its ups and down. ah, we share a lot of other things and those agreed a deal of conflict ability in the economics fear that was rushes and buster to the e. u. a blood merritt cheese off who was speaking to us on the sidelines of this and petersburg international economic forum, the premier showcase of the country's investment potential, the annual event currently it's 2nd day of for is being held this year under the
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slogan, new world and new opportunities ah yes, some interesting news lines emerging during his speech of the form, the head of russian gas export or gas from said the world. western dominated economic system has been undergoing drastic changes with the u. s. dollar weakening . we run karate mccook, the bretton woods system. 2 point, oh is simply a paradigm that says our currency, our rules. they tell you how you can use their currency, what you are allowed and not allowed to do. and the west makes the laws. but we're seeing the dollar lose, it's a gemini, as payments in other national currencies or on the rise. and finally, the paradigm itself is changing. the priority is being given to another formula, goods, money, goods, we sell gas, then we extract it. our goods are rules. ah will escrow live now to our
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correspondent out the forum, ilia and franco. hi there earlier yet, energy gas supplies, i think in particular to europe, a big talking point up north either much. and there's been some interest to remarks that they already right unit. one of the most awaited discussions during the 2nd day of the, the st. petersburg or international economic form was related to the oil and gas sector. and we were listening to, to speakers whose words could literally effect these sums on your electricity and gas bills. that is the ceo of rushes, energy, don gas problem, and also rushes deputy prime minister responsible for the energy sector. so after several e country switched to roubles when paying for russian gas, the head of gas from proudly spoke of how he thought the days of the bretton
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woods system were gone. and also pointed out how the, the role of the dollar as the global reserve currency was weakening. now, russia has always been in favor of more predictable gas trade. for years, moscow has been insisting on long term supplying contracts. now though, the c o is gas problem is saying that europe is suffering from empty gas stored sites and also storage prices because it kept refusing to sign long term deals. and this policy is something that russia warned against for a very long time that they took cushion settle. this krishna. europe has abandoned long term contracts. that means that for those long term contracts that have not been concluded, our extended capacities have not been created as a result. spot markets are a liquid. we warned europe about the consequences we were asked to build nord
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stream to. we built it, but it was not certified gas problem made headlines earlier this week where they cut the deliveries gas deliveries to the you through the north train by blind down by 40 percent. now this is something that immediately led to a spike in gas prices. now guess why it happened to cut the long story short, siemens compressor units that were used in north stream were sent for repairs to canada, but they couldn't be sent back because of canada's own sanctions against russia. and the head of gas problem stressed how he believes the e was shooting itself in the food and the foot, sorry, by slapping russia with sanctions. and this was another example of that. now i mentioned the russian a deputy prime minister, responsible for the energy sector heat mainly spoke about the oil. and that he
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believes that the something that needs to happen right now and something that will be effecting the oil market in the near future. the most would be how quickly russia could modify the oil supply chains and, and he added that russian needs to act very fast and turn to the east and it's supplies. this is something that we heard from russia's deputy prime minister. and these are of course, very important messages that are being sent out to the west in these time of crisis . and during the times, when the western community really wants to isolate russia area, great stuff, thanks for taking us through that talk north in st. petersburg are tease ilia for tranquil. well, the deputy head of russia's energy ministry says that you appears to be losing sight of the needs of its people. the past few months we've been experiencing
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a company distorted energy market which has been, was, had made, you know, it was not a, not at all. it's not a natural state of the market. when some countries try to limit the freedom of others to trade. and besides, you know, the losing side from this is the consumer. so ultimately, the european union is the biggest loser because united states has its, has a fairly developed oil market while, you know, while european union is an important source, any such measures, they ultimately lead to distortion and inefficiency, global energy market on the midterm. and in the long term, there is a shortage of energy. and so basically we need to be reasonable suppliers. we need to be responsible suppliers, which we are so long to supply what we're don't to supply to those countries which are already to work on market terms without all these artificial instruments and all these artificial crutches which are being put in place by somebody will despite a boy count from a number of western officials on businessmen foreign guests from more than
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a 100 countries are in attendance, seeking to clinch lucrative contracts. some have already achieved that goal with hundreds of millions of dollars in deals already signed off on the events opening day. r t also got the chance to speak, but rushes foreign ministry spokesperson in st. petersburg. re as a heart of essays, the u. s. isn't concerned that the sanctions against russia are hurting you, economies as it reduces competition with arms and is up of them. isn't that nice to me? yesterday you spoke with western journalists. there was even the little dispute. how difficult is it to talk with him? he met his goal at it, when absolute i did not go or it's absolutely the same if you stay strong in your positions than it's possible to change that we have our position and it's unchanged . it has its own values and meaning and is based on facts and reality. that's why western journalists are worried and i'm not, i know my task and understand what my personal beliefs are. of course,
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the intensity of our work has increased because so much fake news has emerged. but this is more of a problem for the west for its liberal society because they are filling themselves with so much disinformation that they are simply losing their audience. they are eroding even the little trust their audience has for traditional media. they're hiding so much in the reports that people will soon simply start to disconnect from reality lagging at gaga. and i also believe when western journalists come to your briefings, they continually make accusations about russia void and international law. there's a sensation, good. they're trying to get some kind of confession from you. are there any mistakes in the military operation that official russian representatives can admit to see what mislaid diplomacy says dylan is not a no proud of them. the latter national justice system stipulates equality of all before the law if someone considers themselves above the law but chooses to remain within the system than the system doesn't work. when i hear american shouting about
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russia or making accusations about not observing international law, i have a question for them about whether america is observing international law and to what extent they are actually interested in preserving international law and how much they have undertaken efforts to destroy the international justice system, every government can have its own views on international processes. and russia recognizes their right to their own policies and views. but they are not letting us do the same. they are rejecting our national policies to preserve our national interests. these are sovereign domestic and foreign policies conducted in accordance with international law. i believe the time has come for us to stop having to continually justify ourselves and to simply present our grievances against their liberal system. which has led the world to the brink of a global collapse by unilaterally imposing sanctions that reflect upon themselves and impact other regions in the world by supplying weapons to a country. that for many years has been killing its own citizens and has done
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everything to destroy international law. we have responded to the sanctions, very pragmatically, and the situation has turned out in our favor. i am confident that the us previously considered the consequences of the sanctions for the you and figured that they are permissible. it's actually in the interest of the u. s. to restrict the capabilities of the you, because the u. s. doesn't want any competitors. so hitting russia and letting that ricochet back at the e. u is ideally within the u. s. plans. so he's got the bull sheila's house. that was the journalist scan interview you at your briefings, but i'll see can do the same thing with other officials abroad. both of them all with our cooperate up my sickness. while this is an issue of free speech, you the west is refusing to allow us to question them even going as far as to block our t as a media outlet in our country. the situation is quite the opposite. we're open to any media, but when our sanctions opposed against us,
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they aren't giving us accreditation. they're not giving us visas and we're imposing sanctions and response. but what that, what, what it means is we read them, does love when is it good? we see how much pressure washington is trying to put in other countries and how it's trying to force them not to engage with russia. do you somehow feel this from your own colleagues? pocketbook? reapplying is pretty much, oh no. well, they or stand that their own countries are the one suffering. they suffer from the policies of their own governments which ho bay the will of washington and aren't allowed to sell goods to us or jointly produce what both they and we need very sort of a in conversation with earlier. a tranquil from indeed $1000000.00 deals to chance meetings on the sidelines. we will make sure you don't miss the moments that matter up the st. petersburg international economic forum or weekly the
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ukraine appears to be sending mixed messages about 8 military targets. after the country's top general said the curt, straight bridge linking the russian mainland to crimea could be targeted. he added that the crossing could become the quote. number one aim since it provides a way to deliver resources that claims contradict the ukrainian presidents previous promise that kid would not attack russian territory upon receiving western weaponry . the courage straight bridge is target number one for the ukranian armed forces. this is no secret of their military or our military, or their civilians or ours. would you have fired at rush in territories across the border? which, hulu? ne, no, no. we are not interested in selling civilities. we are not terrorists who shall civilian neighborhoods unique? quantify the ukranian general's threats came right after the u. s. president
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approved the largest military aid package to key f since the beginning of the were another $1000000000.00. key of is the man's don't. and there are though, with president zalinski now asking for more powerful rocket systems, which the u. s. and nato say they're ready to send. former c i a analyst, john curry, aka believes washington wants to keep the conflict going. as long as possible. the united states makes these these policy decisions to send millions and billions of dollars of arms to ukraine. i don't think that they care on capital hill, what zalinski says, or whether or not bombs are going to fall in on the russian side or the ukrainian side. i think really all they care about is making sure that you s defense contractors continue to churn out, weapons to send to ukraine because they get paid for them and they keep the economy going and they keep americans employed. so as far as the u. s. is concerned,
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it's better for the u. s. if this war drags on as long as possible. and the u. s. can make that happen by continuing to supply weapons and weapon systems to the ukrainians. ah, okay. 2 more world news now in a bid to check staggering inflation, the u. s. central bank as res, that's key interest rate marking the biggest one time increase. in decades. the federal reserve raise the rate by 3 quarter percentage points pushing its benchmark rate to arrange between 1.5 and 1.75 percent. the height which will affect consumer and business loans is the 3rd since march, and the biggest in almost 30 years. we spoke to economics professor jack rasmus on the investment monitor mich firestone. optimism about the move was in short supply from both they feel they've um, almost lost control of inflation and the markets and investors have been pushing
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the fed and the government to i get more aggressive to raise rates. and that's what's really behind all this. but you know, it's interesting, i listen to jerome this morning, you know, and the chair to foot chair, and he indicated that, wow, this is really about doing something about demand driven inflation. and you ask, is the fed really can't do anything about supply? well, the problem is supply i'd problem is the commodities inflation that's going on now menace to do at the war in the sanctions also has to do with supply chains that are still, you know, in trouble after cove. it has to do with supply chain issues with china shutting down because the co ver awhile and it has to do with speculators. i don't know how he, it figures that the doubling interest rates as fast are going to avoid a recession. there's no doubt there's going to be
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a recession in this country. just a question of how soon i think we're in a recession, but i think the recession can get much worse. because i think the consumer is already tapped out. pretty much people's wages haven't gone up to compensate them for the amount that the prices be. inflation has gone up. so this is the mismatch. and the problem with interest rates going up, it, it makes the problem exponentially worse. so can consumer spending should slump even more in my estimate, which will cause a worse recession? and i think that they've taken inappropriate measures. had they done things properly a few years ago, they could have avoided this problem. the biggest problem is when you print money out of thin air for over a decade and inflate your balance sheet to ridiculous levels and in the federal government starts spending money by printing money. you have a problem and that's why we're seeing epic inflation everywhere. separately the u. s. has extended
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a waiver to allow certain energy related transactions with russian companies to take place until december 5th. that date is significant because it's the same day that you intend to start enforcing an embargo. again. see, born in ports of russian or ortiz, rachel blevins has been looking at whether the west initial all or punishment approach to moscow was paid off. now, when it comes to the numerous things shows that the u. s. has imposed against russia, there appear to be more questions than answers as the west starts to feel the impact of their own measures. just months after washington announced unprecedented sanctions against moscow. well, the media is now admitted that the binding ministration is concerned about the effect. those measures are having at home rather than abroad from shoring gas prices and inflation to concerned over a global food crisis. the united states right now is really hurting, and that's just the beginning. in fact,
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even officials from the us treasury or no admitting that they're concerned about the over use of sanctions against russia. all of that comes as reports are saying that the u. s. government is even encouraging american companies to purchase russian for fertilizer in order to increase supplies overall. but actually the question of whether is that would violate the sanctions the u. s. currently has in place? well, the answers are not entirely clear here. the story that the sanctions are causing the problem i think is deeply misleading. sometimes companies are confused about what's allowed and what's not. and we will try to clarify so that they're able to go forward. but we are also working proactively by trying to inform companies about what they are allowed to do. now, as for the question of who is to blame for the current prices here in the us. well, president biden has tried to put the blame on everyone from russia to republicans in congress to even former president trump,
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essentially everyone other than himself, even though biden's own approval rating continues to remain your record low, racial blevins taking us to the end of this news block, but if you'd like to delve deeper into any of this, our stories may i suggest r t dot com? does a solid jumping off puddle with fresh content live discussions to be fine there too . good bye for long with ah ah
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mm. ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been cancelled. the very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desert wonderful lucille mala, so thought it was brilliant frog yet just missed that in the one it would put glue . the phrase now particularly refers to cancelling russian culture. yet them know what she grew up of. see what was the zip code where your mouth for cure, which will be your child, so that all the most of the separate yolanda eat them. we what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question. ashley condemned,
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reviled and rejected to sort of, i knew that it was funny. at the will of bramble. there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you said a little sure. the list, joining total condemnation gross daily and now includes dostoevsky to cascade shostakovich that i need to. yeah, i thought it was quick tour left, but yes, it also says that with the w deer. obama lee, you want to look a little bit more ah, ah, needs to come to the russian state. little narrative. i've stayed as i'm calling the northland scheme div with 55
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with will ban in the european union. the kremlin new. yep. machine estate, aunt rushes to date, and split, or t smooth neck. even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with common core. she did you think even close with me? with
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the daughter of a brings food to the city. and on her way back, she takes people who are too weak to live in the ruins of mary. you pull any more april above the guide. nothing. just assume would accumulate a dog busily. never done this course, meaning hershey give us credit post the much need for close demo with the coastal grains. just write up a little logo, jones. now you get them to do that at the grange. if my brozowski, which genuine you wasn't deal of the young, it wasn't, that doesn't kill me. i've not got an e. what group? yeah. what shall shows about. do you only have to still noble
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port dot murray of those old ladies are involuntary witnesses to the cities. horrifying battles, many couldn't get down to basements or a shelter because of their age. so they watch the horrors of war from the windows of shell flats. oh yeah oh yeah, you got one here. yes. in with .


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