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tv   News  RT  June 16, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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ah ah the headline stories this aw, are the leaders of e u state germany, italy, france, and romania expressed support for ukraine's bed to join the block as they pledge and amid a visit to kiev to supply more weapons for the conflict. our goods are ruled. that's the message from gals problem ceo and petersburg, international economic forums unsafe the western dominated economic system is undergoing drastic changes on the us dollar is weakening and big oil pushes back against us. president joe biden saying his call for them to ramp up
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production is misguided because he's the reason for the deficit of the commodity in the 1st place. the broadcasting for moscow. this is our t. my name's you know, neil of 30 minutes of news and views start the leaders of france, germany, italy, andrew mania. buck immediate candidate status for ukraine's bid to join the knots of the met and care with ukraine's presidency. lensky. the quartet made the trip as sizable divisions emerge within the uber support for ukraine and its demands in the conflict. the french, german, on italian leaders travel to give by train with arrayed sirens in the city sounding shortly after their arrival. before the meeting, they made their way directly to the server of urban which key f a q russian forces
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of trying to use as a base for seizing the capital. the 3 had previously been criticized by ukrainian authorities for not providing kia with the skill of weaponry. it's been demanding for not visiting the country sooner. however, during a press conference following their meeting with latimer zalinski, the european leaders spoke about their immense support for ukraine, including supplying additional lethal aid. lafond, the people mutual of france has been alongside ukraine since day one. we stand with the ukrainians without ambiguity. ukraine must resist and when a wallach, he'll get ukraine up. italy wants to crane to be a candidate for the european union right off tape hold. it's next meeting. ukraine deserves candidacy because it's fighting for freedom and democracy. zelinski. grandma wanted amo to frame belongs in the european family and aunty were supporting ukraine with the deliveries of weapons. we will keep doing that for as long as it is needed from me. kolinski already know what back home dry he and schultz. why? because they do say it, and that is for the war to answer to houston,
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even as they pay lip service to more prices and weapons, which ha, an odd now for getting caught up and stuck in european red tape, slowing delivery. so what can we actually deduce? from this visit in q, french president, and manually back hold, hold on the conference that the 3 leaders are doing every day. so that ukraine along and decided state while italian prime minister mario drive. you said that there me message in talk to lindsay was that they want to see ukraine as part of the european union. france, germany, italy, romania have all now called to mediately grad ukraine. you member candidate status, become a whole member of the you could take years 15 to 20 years. as my calls minister of european affairs came on barn has said now, no one realistically thinks that this is going to be a quick cross us. no country with foreign trained neo nazis folded into its army or who had kind of political influence in the country as they do what you french is
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going to be of any use for our staff, nor is a country whose leader demands deadly weapons every time he shows up on a zoom call, but dangling the carrot of you membership in front of zelinski, frankly, is a loose cannon right now let's face it is one way to get him under control. and to get him to the negotiating table on the use terms. the notion of you can see which zelinski has suggested he desperately wants for ukraine, gives the leverage all, i'll be able to maintain that ukraine alone is deciding its fate as a medical center. and it gives zalinski a face saving reason to seek an end to the conflict. earlier i discussed the e leaders visit to ukraine with russia's deputy and buster to the united nations. dmitri polanski, you leaders are currently visiting kiev reportedly backing ukraine's candidacy for
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the block. and to revive piece talks to resolve the conflict. what's your views on the timing why they're doing this now? there was a lot of show for them to go for these 3 leaders. they were very much expected in here and they are expected also. so exercise some influence on non presidents landscape, not only to provide arms to the country, but also to help you to engage in meaningful consultations and to accept the situation as it is. that's the whole set of, at least from, from russia to you. leaders on the visit said the key must decide whether to negotiate with russia but, but earlier in the last week or so, there was quite a strong stance that should negotiate. why do you think that policy appears to have altered b u countries, including those sam, their leaders to keep all the local it will be controversial in their statements.
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again, there are very frequent statements when we get some on them. the other hand, there is bigger and bigger, demanding these countries in the countries from the population to their rulers, to and this turmoil, the comic to moral that is embracing european countries more and more and solution . so these are crisis which is becoming a guarantee and security crisis. and it's quite clear that all the, all the 3 of these crisis. so i think that the leaders to bear in mind, we know that ukraine is demanding more and more weapons, seeing that gleaming that it will be able to, to get the upper hand. ready russia, which is very far from reality. of course, we know that the moods in the are quite a few forums and there is more and more demands for finding a peaceful solution. from this crisis,
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day to the st. petersburg international economic forum, the premier showcase of the country's investment potential, has not wrapped up the for the day on the will event is being held this year under the slogan, new world, and new opportunities. me the is one of the main news lines that come out of that day during his speech at the, for the head of russian gas export gas problem said the world's western dominated economic system has been undergoing drastic changes with the us dollar weakening. oh, godaddy mccook the bretton woods system. 2 point oh is simply a paradigm that says our currency, our rules. they tell you how you can use their currency, what you are allowed and not allowed to do. and the west makes the laws, but we're seeing the dollar lose. it's a gemini, as payments in other national currencies or on the rise. and finally,
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the paradigm itself is changing. the priority is being given to another formula, goods, money, goods, we sell gas, then we extracted our goods, our rules. one of the most awaited discussions during day 2 of the forum was the one related to the oil and gas sector. we were listening to, to speakers whose words could literally change the psalms on your gas and electricity bills. that is the seo of gas from and also rushes deputy prime minister in charge of the energy sector. after a number of e country switch to roubles when paying for russian gas, the head of gas from proudly stressed how he believed the days of the bretton woods system were coming to an end. and also pointed out how the dollar was losing its weight as the global reserve currency. another important aspect, russia has always been in favor of more predictable gas trade. for years,
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moscow has been insisting on the long term supply contracts. now though, the ceo of gas from is saying europe is suffering from empty gas stored sides and soaring prices because it kept refusing to sign long term deals. this policy is something that russia warned against for a very long time that they took cushion settlers krishna. europe has abandoned long term contracts. that means that for those long term contracts that have not been concluded, our extended capacities have not been created as a result. spot markets are a liquid, we warned europe about the consequences we were asked to build lord street to. we built it, but it was not certified. it's for him. his name now gas problem made headlines earlier this week. when it cut it's gas supplies to the you through the north stream pipeline, down by 40 percent, this immediately led to
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a spike and gas prices. now guess why that happened to cut the long story short? the seamans compressor units were sent for repairs to canada. but they couldn't be sent back because of canada's own sanctions against russia. so this was another example given by gas from ceo a like say, miller. he stressed how the western countries were shooting themselves in the foot by slapping russia with sanctions. the 2nd speaker alexander nova crushed his deputy prime minister also sent out an important message to the west. he said that in the near future, the current turbulent all market will depend on how crude supply chains will be modified. mr. nova said that russia will definitely act fast to build the required infrastructure for extended exports of russian oil to consumers
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in the east. and this is russia's answer to the current situation. we also got the take of international affairs analysts, even to a phase of who explained how russia has been dealing with the impact from western lead sections. it's a harder for europe to get treat a freshman garza due to their obstacles too quickly, substituted to is the american one or the liquefied gas coming from valan g. all is same politics. so we'll our press economy in the near future, please. and we should also think about strategic decisions about or their re direction of our get supplies on the international markets. the western initiatives of sanctions failed to course, the collapse of the russian economy, russian financial assorted to some in a situation actually visibly really to is there any internal, horrible financial infrastructure at the same time? so there are a longer term effects, so may be huge. so,
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so the world bank assess as to the decline of g d p. and so we will have problems in the number of love, gracious economy, due to the excellent control, we should not neglect the damage. the damage is realistic in may, the governments of, for their friendly countries. they are not joining their western sanctions regimes, right? how, where we're businesses in this congress have to take into account the threat of secondary sanctions or the enforcement actions in the u. s. case for uses when it comes to economy until the internal oil policy. this is not just russia, this is corey 19, the problems in their management of the economy while it sees it to blame its own law, the russian president on russia in general. but so we should say, take her, our own or false and to the cows. despite a boy count from
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a number of western officials and business men, foreign guests for more than 100 countries are in attendance of the forum, seeking, tick clenched, lucrative contracts, some humble, ruddy, achieve that goal with hundreds of millions of dollars and deals already signed off on the events opening day r t also got the chance to speak with russia's foreign ministry spokes person there . maria is a horrible said the u. s. isn't concerned that the sanctions against russia are hurting you. economies as it reduces competition with allison isabella mercenaries . to me yesterday you spoke with western journalists, there was even the little dispute. how difficult is it to talk with m. c mozilla to lap salazar? i did not go or it's absolutely the same if you stay strong in your positions than it's possible to change that we have our position and it's unchanged. it has its own values and meaning, and is based on facts and reality. that's why western journalists are worried and
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i'm not, i know my task and understand what my personal beliefs are. of course, the intensity of our work has increased because so much fake news has emerged. but this is more of a problem for the west, for its liberal society because they are filling themselves with so much disinformation, that they are simply losing their audience. they are eroding even the little trust their audience has for traditional media. they're hiding so much in the reports that people will soon simply start to disconnect from reality. lagging gaga and i was a brief when western journalists come to your briefings. they continually make accusations about russia, violate an international law. there's a sensation that they're trying to get some kind of confession from you. are there any mistakes in the military operation that official russian representatives can admit to see really, what would say dubois might. since d n one is not a low brow, but the latter national justice system stipulates equality of all before the law. if someone considers themselves above the laws but chooses to remain within the
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system, then the system doesn't work. when i hear american shouting about russia or making accusations about not observing international law, i have a question for them about whether america's observing international law and to what extent they are actually interested in preserving international law and how much they have undertaken efforts to destroy the international justice system, every government can have its own views on international processes. and russia recognizes their right to their own policies and views. but they are not letting us do the same. they are rejecting our national policy is to preserve our national interests. these are sovereign domestic and foreign policies conducted in accordance with international law. i believe the time has come for us to stop having to continually justify ourselves. and so simply present our grievances against their liberal system, which has led the world to the brink of a global collapse by unilaterally imposing sanctions that reflect upon themselves
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and impact other regions in the world by supplying weapons to a country. that for many years has been killing its own citizens and has done everything to destroy international law. we have responded to the sanctions, very pragmatically, and the situation has turned out in our favor. i'm confident that the us previously considered the consequences of the sanctions for that you and figured that there permissible, it's actually in the interest of the u. s. to restrict the capabilities of the you, because the u. s. doesn't want any competitors. so hitting russia and letting that ricochet back at the e. u is ideally within the u. s. plans. so he's got the bull sheila's house. that was the journalist can interview you at your briefings was all see, can do the same thing with other officials abroad. those of them all with our cooperate of my sickness. while this is an issue of free speech, you the west is refusing to allow us to question them even going as far as to block our t as a media outlet in our country. the situation is quite the opposite. we're open to
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any media, but when our sanctions opposed against us, they aren't giving us accreditation. they're not giving us visas and we're imposing sanctions in response. but what that, what that means is we read them, does love and is it, can we see how much pressure washington is trying to put in other countries and how it's trying to force them not to engage with russia? do you somehow feel this from your own colleagues? pocketbook, reapplying is bring my po no. well, they understand that their own countries are the one suffering. they suffer from the policies of their own governments, which ho bay the will of washington and aren't allowed to sell goods to us or jointly produce what both day and we need. well, from $1000000.00 deals to chance meetings on the sidelines will make sure you don't miss the moments that mater at the st. petersburg international economic form. or we call me this.
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ok, another story that bring you to day with us inflation of it's highest raven decades . joe biden, us fund and self squabbling with american oil companies. the u. s. president has called on them to ramp up production to resolve the countries energy prices. but the industries response wasn't exactly what the white house wanted to hear. while we appreciate the opportunity to open increased dialogue with the white house, the administration's misguided policy agenda, shifting away from domestic oil and natural gas, has compounded inflationary pressures and added headwinds to companies. daily efforts to meet growing energy needs while reducing emissions. longer term government can promote investment through clear and consistent policy that supports us resource development, such as regular and predictable. li sales, as well as streamlined regulatory approval and support for infrastructure such as pipelines. while the american petroleum institute, how suggested 10 steps,
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the biden administration could take to address the energy crisis, the price of gasoline in the u. s. s. skyrocketing in recent months, is almost double what it was at this time last year. rising inflation has coincided with rising distrust in the u. s. president's biden's approval rating has been falling for the last 3 weeks, quite considerably reaching at record. lows articles on a kil, up, and explains the dispute between joe biden and be going working families across america are feeling the crunch of the rising energy costs, the high gas prices. so now we have the white house coming forward with a letter directed it. oil companies in america urging them to an oil production in order to drive the prices down and take the burden of the high costs off of americans that are frustrated with the rising costs. here is what the white house
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said in their letter to crunch it. families are facing, deserves immediate action. your companies need to work with my administration to bring forward concrete, near term solutions that address the crisis and respect the critical equities of energy workers and fence line communities at a time of war. historically high refinery profit margins being passed directly onto american families are not acceptable. now, oil companies will come forward. instead, the white house simply does not understand the industry and they can't simply increase the amount of output this easily. it's not a matter of simply pushing a button or, or pulling a knob that there are complex issues in arranging how much oil production is amped up or slow down. now many have also taken note of some statements made by the white house press secretary. she came forward and said that it is the patriotic duty of boil companies to amp up production. this is what she said, boil companies, they have oil refineries. they have responsibility to what they have been doing is
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taking advantage of the war. and as i showed earlier, they have tripled. triple their, their, their income time to act, we have done our part with the, to treat it petroleum reserve, the one the 1000000 a day for the next 6 months. and so we need them to act that oil companies find the statement to be particularly ironic as the policy of the white house has been pretty clearly to phase out the fuel. they are taking the opportunity of the high energy costs to push electric cars and new energy vehicles and other, other mechanisms that don't use fossil fuels. they want to get rid of fossil fuel. so at the same time, the white house is actively trying to phase the states off the fossil fuels reduce the amount of fossil fuels united states use as they are now calling on oil companies in the name of patriotism to amp oil reduction. many are looking at this as a great example of the erotic and not well thought out the nature of the,
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by the administration policies when it comes to the energy sector. china has overtake in the us of the foreign power with the biggest positive influence in africa. according to a survey among young adults on the continent. the survey was conducted among those aged 18 to 24. in a total of 16 african countries, it find that 76 percent of that group in consider china is activity as positive for africa leaving 2nd place to the u. s. which in fact had held the top spot in the survey just 2 years ago. the results show china's rising influence on the continent with investments, infrastructure development projects and affordable chinese products listed as the most positive contributions. but for la, china is a better friend than america. i think it's china because it believes in giving and
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receiving better with china and tony shut in because that was on without china is better because it could take over the world economy in the future. i believe it's better to be closer to china than the us in the current reality. it's preferable to work with china with johnny taylor shannon. i believe it's china. i think china can help africa more china is better because it brings its talent and know how here my head with the u. s. recently sent a letter to 14 african countries urging them to reject grain imports from russia, saying that the food was stolen from ukraine. that's as much of africa struggles with critical food shortages, bringing some areas to the brink of famine. the white house spokesperson has admitted the u. s. wants to prohibit sales of some grain. what i can say is, we are working with other countries to prevent the sale of grain that has likely been stolen from ukraine. but we heard from african a 1st analyst,
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lawrence freeman, who says beijing, as i'd shined washington in its influence among african nations. because it's been building needed infrastructure in terms of reality, impact is china at hand through it. he's actually making a much greater contribution to african nations in collaborating with them to build absolutely necessary vital infrastructure projects united states and europe in the whole west. and has actually failed to make these kind of long term investments in support. african nations in building their infrastructure to lack of energy, killing them. the lack of where will transportation, killing them, lack of montana or cultural development. the thing could be changed out at the
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united states in china, where to join together and building up the infrastructure platform necessary. unfortunately, united states with china has done that more over the last 20 years. and here for chinese making a greater contribution and every emerging as an economic power. and it's not going to be about a rope of the day story to keep an eye out for big developments by giving us a follow on twitter news. when it happens there from the international team, myself, and you don't know if i'm in ah
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with 30 i spoke earlier, but so for what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new frontline chart that require that they call this area the greys a really early found. the of course pretty me what that was only about
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a used vehicle with bill taylor rico, dale dough. so nobody wants to assume any voice from them or with she'll berella a lennox on roku or blue. she'll let tell us that she made a pretty uh pleasure with buddy unless it was just before he boyfriend. who here scott, your quality grow your favorite them with did didn't look like a gym and like other than you should be had with ah
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ah no one? no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. what all more shrill than what? the unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. will. oh, you know, to production it, it gives you, oh, sure. did that. they're not good. you know, when you saw new rochelle, you mom,
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mom. you know, margaret thought this is ms. newman from all one of our new and i got the sale. i got ya. i got on monday. i wish to know about julie whole new. he didn't go on more or less than a jr. let's i had to put the mother on buddy built a couch. nice. oh boy festival. to go on. what on this talk? she my a new on it. i'm all, i can send more a, you know, a lot. a lot today i'm authorized additional strong sanctions. i'm visiting jordan, thank you. let's license ok. so she'll move up. be joke more russia. the special military operation in ukraine has triggered a wave of anti russian sanctions from the west,
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and it keeps coming up with new ones almost every day. this package will include financial sanctions that harshly limit russia's access to the capital markets. foreign companies quitting russia atm card to bluffton banks, disconnected from the international payment system shop, left to ations, antola and euro exchange rates followed. can russian business overcome this? monopoly sellable up on a couple more sto, show, car wouldn't. what are more things should i learn on the cello modification from when you buy the mileage? the deal is but i'm sure your material, whatever it was for what he meant that he woke up the pillow on the cell is the current. can you say a song see near a board denazi's to huddle? she instrument that i am his mother. it took to my of the guard mother bonnie, now was moore's misty, so it will soon the issue of missed glue to have the zip is both beautiful blue so she.


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