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we should be very careful that of personal intelligence at the point obviously is too great trust, rather than fear a various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with ah, me thinking you got the stuff that we've seen and what it looks like. so we're showing a little was recently from the ocean dias to move center of chicago. i'm sorry, lots of them will. you company out there, so please. so mr. ashley with
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this mission of property in putting me on the mazda 6. what about broadway? that should cynthia about the move, the social services to see the where it's a finish, conceding open, emotional distortion of bob. it could be like a key so, but still no one that isn't cook with. don't reach him with susan. yeah. you missed unless you yeah. get resign you. yes and do shit and he's all for yeah. you on national, not on bison. what is far all done. we'll move on off by the seat that you will not puzzle. i skied the
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are the gums i do, but i wouldn't the got you the really what like your point with munoz. i would put on some of them in a long see, yours just said bristow, shit it on, you know, but a little door to lane a yard will sell you some look at least and then yes, go. she doesn't. when you hit them my album out i bought thought, yeah. which in the dealership as corla snow with little kit cuz she me oh oh yeah. ha. mooney bozza
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with blue. oh, what is it just for josh us answering for i would think i'm willing to stood for famous was. 2 0 me ah, ah ah,
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ah ah, i am the one. yeah. the phone. but it was just a little more settled. kidley shit, those go for that when you're not an instrumental to kind of don't want to cast a ah stevens, you told them when, when your machine is here for sugar low, someone cry, modal butler corporation is issue with the group isn't she has consult prior to dealing with the regional children from the community. what i'm dealing with humble,
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as i said was in the watch and both of them could have been lazy and willow chippy, the shells, and the one for me. and i know that the last and that about the they will live and even us better boy shanella or she can check your order. as soon as soon the shipment looks, tyler ship a commander village kind of nice forwarded me. ah, ah
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ah, treated company feel a needed all proof the father. he's with the money but the his, my but i believe it's the other point i wish and bill has thought i had a sale on the phone with us to deal with that. that was the form of your call with the material will stay on the phone with been in the lab. so we're on the phone. but i must choose the electrical, her all over the with me as the slow down. we're still homeless and sent out those to the whole i need. yeah. look dispute. and she was, you know, what, the report on the smart me ah su mahash. and then you know, the lot issue with the content i was just,
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i don't know what that was put in your at the for sure that the initiative for the plus shelf came over to them with the permission. but nobody ever sent you the invoice from the course washing board as opposed to fuck the money. me because of shorter i oh skinner. let me know both of them, but for the complex which i was just confused here, is the water is just an inch or what on the printer. so i'm not getting exclusions for some manual shows. a bit of bizarre now able to answer any feeling pretty well . it looks like i want to go through that only that the was thorough. the phillip was in the room, but because we want to move on the didn't off century, would you say no more showing them politician? there was no with him for them. leslie with the machine you have to pull up your
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cellphone, which is role. if it's more complex, if you're who implement shirts, you're just going to see it as a mortar. but though somebody's opinion is we're sure of the month the case was and it wasn't c p c issues with those people don't let one of us monitor. she's still going euro sympathizer issue system, but that is all in one of his disc kit. kimbrell problems here. when you posted on the wall that mention with y'all, stalling the solution to the frozen food pill, some of the guess what with leslie sheila, selina, i'm sorry my dear dennis. what's going on?
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i might have got on until one. yes. wishes political dollars. but the most that yesterday, but mostly in the front. ah, but it's your mother question was cars double clicked. you are absolutely if caution of a picture where the battleship was bullet between destroy my bill, is it on the ear? chest is near washington, but awarded sunday. the singing. yep. olive speech came on. usually the boarded somehow from us. they had to know. shes mr. francois modem. ah, which did some good to won't be able to put towards just did not revolt. but those are going to dom much because it lot say of minneapolis or francois initial shorter one. you're not that the kicker, the don mitchell. i smoke bizarre. so he will nip up all speed. skip it. almost all . just acc? yes. you could have danced underwear and you what those east console song results
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from some show here, which does she late and on the division with him, but i'm so renewable. she'll have she lucky that out of you. went on just on the gun. them it was you my after i only work, she not trained with dentist. i'm up at the money she still out of college like up . she mo, resign you. ah, she does. he does set yo, can you start pushed to not m e 6 just yet by using his go? she doesn't want, ah, a yo. yo, i ha ah, ah, is she there used to?
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i see i could because now i could do a very good cds. that's in the desert in e was a she shut he uses. she said that, i mean yes, but the most the issue with this at that i see as that is which in laura spots i today love that guys you jen yet to which intended open you my g says to withdraw door. listen, you cheer you up a cup and you move to my am you said this post a you know? yeah i, i you so yes, dos with them. i know i so you guys with a
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i'm a yup. wouldn't a god bless him. ye funny bother with him. he'll come for motion for his new civil war at the vienna, but you're not too small. an upper chief. nothing mad but there you'll know us not noiseless stuff. when i go to give material muscles into you and you get 3 per year . are you gonna need to make any $30.00 even more your brain? he or she those to with geico formed. he nationals about shot at there's a she shut by side, sitting in. 44 shit! yahoo with with
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blue with with on for a new to this no longer was your line, you bus mother a job or she was my you were it's too strung or more. yeah. which was finished. not unless see a natural super full armina latoya pharmacy by them we're conditional abuses. does
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she? i was just with the other, my usual my blogger, with long mo, when i was showing wrong, when i'll prove, just don't hold any world that you have to say, proud disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground ah needs to come to the russian state. little narrative. i've torn ending most landscape div asking him now knocking holes
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or something. i mean, we could be an assistant babel disability o'reilly's providers, be dealing with we will van in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machines. the state aunt rushes today and archie spoke mckibbin. our video agency roughly all brand on youtube with ah
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ah, jim glass revenue miss victor clear below bundles, goods, just know what it stuck or tell us what the new stuff is getting to this time. it would be but utilities north at middle because she was parkway was but almost always real partially. is he specter can with the about we have normally you said a word is spectacular. watched it yet. i wasn't say to more similarly, a
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with a video luca study, better or mo must cover up be co carmina marana williams. this victor, please use your will to spot a talk with official dorian. ah, wasn't sure it was dark stuff. yeah. you, my brother, or the new purpose or school here, my should isn't. you might somebody at some of the such them boys and i do not see it. you've seen lots realty has gone so far to start the guy. get fourish died suddenly somewhere to roll a party mosquito or she'll well it's you hear the mom when you're star? yeah. me i'm pretty was sheila yoshika is more short data for you. it's new like one course. i good to you. we thumbs other bones of women that do you dumb judy or
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will, what do you make list? v city could put up to be was sealed me now vignettes with brushes to do the new still it's him. we brought up with you hello, board. unable to family, a nickel because i got just on well you could change it almost here. glasses somewhat chill steps. if you that you it was that you put a little j e. bring you still believe me some credit to collide some the lehman. i've of the doorway by little story and have a set of strengths that you i, somebody when i, it's on the we immunized tedious, near leach misty. anyway, and i just wanna, oh, but english of the body when i shall be spectacular just yet. when i speak, you said that it's only a sub riley water meal scout that are by the moment, does it get that? i split the him, let them not despair. a former school muscle star. one of this machine was dogs. jewish has conditions more. you do most it is
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a while and knowing them just then my brother was when you started booting scholarly cheat is 3 cesar. to be sure i'm if job wisdom tooth a back what? but it's a barley wish if sure. if you think me at the done the means you know don't good possible. my will. plenty more years talk are they upholstered nickleby, a garage suit and they've been on society done in women through what he had to do spotswood, so thank to nationally i wish to see me. i was about the
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just good a little bit of them, but i spoke with kim since then, neil and foolish for from this event that we're used to be able to more than we've seen right there. believe me or the boy is on the floor to go for calling. we will not from the a didn't like me to stay in the room with the 3 crosses when you might storm want to speak to a service dealership. that would think it was slow here so soon i would probably call you so much change in the video doc. what's the chip? one of the visa devali purpose, the service that only hold it and we stop right behind for a standard that allows this was sort of sterling way of sorts. and peter scott here when you're pretty, pretty sure with what is shantel. those are filled with push, pull out a little bit more soon, leon was at the spider at the court. i
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can hear the hold up of social talk, but still in your 100 smith, rural social. i'm wondering if i can just ship the question on this brief because i'm a shooting with a feeling for children ross has been abused me, but almost a $1000.00 short of failure. we just took them. we stand up until the mushroom took them. yes. suppose it was this one of course, george bush. unless you can keep the pin. she just the cooking. the bulk of those kit on public lama live sugar proper. amy near my list of the party. tow company me out. a little sama opponent them florida to sean. kidmore here,
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this property is just a facilities, a child social was severe. it's a venue somewhere near snellville. amused. then we're going to pull up was awarded severe, but when she took with richard bishop with the managed care status of the show at the con. yes. now change jolla, tim and cliffs. yeah. it is. it's in whistler recorded cars. are they position law mean? yeah. they could have been in bella aimlessly. unusual on your yeah it's, it's a new globe, breasts and then your daughter, the 4th of november. did they get a deal? i've been yes. go see me. let me know that you try to get a feature squish color on the get the what the middle was that a still which candle? i mean. yeah. co easier for them for going it go. then you had scanned that ins, come with seo like somebody to ah,
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but i linda. yeah. whichever was close to what she listened to next video is portia, might that, that will give it a go. she does casually drive it in my school. the up us to be alone must go to the spectrum. but in your credit, guy, she wrote you or something more that was cleared the windshield, but she knew of hi to confirm what she shook with daughter. eve stuck in the choice where at the city country, ah, i stuck a pretty system easy on the i did sir, is dealing with ashley and usually the phone assist for taylor. chandler dodge, i had trouble with it, but diets and i took them for t. a but the story i did. mm hm. there's don't talk about crow his own store. no, it is that it's less cut out a me up chaise. doris. brushwood settled. come with
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a 1000 things as his deal is too little. that actually steal them all. we have the pre jealous, cham with the doctor, you had to nibble, i was motionless, even to start on leave, and i see leon, you must put it in his ideal dumpsters amazingly chosen with other he's a computer. he what they do show you soon as you see the reasoning of your fame, which is just the thought of with that he to morning cuz no one can miss summers to bring you my should the other you can have done both because the new year's eve believe the bus at the blazing lake social needs
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for the bus potential a new show will be oh oh oh okay. okay. i show the book. okay. but i need to finish it last a little the social if you are looking for a check check. longly
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fashion than the furniture which you know in the show room, but the light from the highest off the phone in the envelope. not an initial one. 0 oh the oh gosh, is it you're welcome we're, we're smarter. well, in, i'm not sure how i do this my bridget on autopay anymore can when you will. so we're just social numbers with boys in one of those monitor,
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whether to the promo or yeah. sure. the mutual shells. sticky who most casual doug knew, are you in the hospital here? more? yes. yes. to know at the nearest i'll pass them louis she tim, still we're going to go. we're in with something with your hawk on a daily frost of so much. ah, a with my new publisher? a future. a question here with,
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what did you do? just what exactly is the west policy approach on ukraine should give, negotiate a piece, or should it fight on indefinitely? and what is nato's any game? what does winning mean? meanwhile, despite sanctions prussia is creating political facts on the ground. a
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ms. munoz carter to let you know if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out in about about a quarter. don't put your human symbols on display a guy, so you guys don't talk to strangers. i avoid noisy gatherings. a minute actually eaten your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll, russian, a specific social you can find
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a with an r t crew reports from the front line of the several done yet the chemical plant in the loo, guns, republic where foreign mercenaries find themselves trapped along 1000 of your premium folders. u. s. has not fully investigated, its role in human rights abuses in yemen. this, according to a congressional watchdog report. and us big oil companies blame the vice president biden for inaction pushed back against the call to ramp up production, saying that he himself had previously encouraged to shift from fossil fuels with.


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