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have negotiate a piece or should it fight on indefinitely? and what is nato's in the game? what does winning mean? meanwhile, despite sanctions, russia is creating political facts on the ground. with our team crew reports from the front line of the several done yes. good chemical plant in the la guns republic where foreign mercenaries find themselves trapped alongside thousands of ukrainian soldiers. big oil companies claim to buy the west. president for inaction pushed back against his call to ramp up production, saying that he himself previously encouraged a shift from fossil fuels and amid anti russia sanctions. in western pressure, vladimir putin will speak at the st. petersburg international economic form, which is hosting more than 100 countries with
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broadcasting from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now we start with the lu ganske republic city of several done yet, where foreign mercenaries are believed to be trapped in a local chemical plant, long side ukrainian soldiers. now, according to various estimates, up to 2 and half 1000 troops are stuck in the industrial zone. russian and allied forces say that they have taken control of all the city except for the plant as ought were. key of forces blew up a container laden with chemicals. at the end of may, a move local officials have called a provocation and a crime against civilians. ortiz, you go to don of comments from the front line. behind me, you can see the black plumes of smoke. they are rising from the azores plant. there's about $800.00 may be meters to the positions of the ukrainian forces. in fact, were the only news crew to go this far deep into the territory of the town of several
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. the nets, in fact, may be only about 7 to 8 days ago. here were the ukrainian positions, but they had to fall back. now it's under the control of the russian forces, but you can clearly hear by the ambience, if i may say so, the fighting is very much intense. mm. yesterday we agreed on a cease fire of the chemical plant. we went to hell rescue civilians and then the ukrainians took out a tank and started shooting at us. and a fight again broke out. when i was there yesterday, ukraine didn't want stop firing mortars. it fight is anal panicking. you can hear so on the walkie talkies. they want the battle to end. we can hear it in their voices are problem with from 80 and they fired to their own troops and then a tank moved to shell. our positions. it was a typical scenario. ukraine moving to a strategic place to make it look like we were doing the shooting. but we were
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actually standing there with white flags. the i lot of mercer's, they're mostly british. much of the food and dry ration says from britain and poland amid all this may, hm. hundreds of civilians are scattered around the towns basements and shelters. this one harbours around 20 people whose neighboring houses were destroyed by the ukrainians. they say, look, still, i do. it looked in below. the e. e. o by me. in o lea, don't see he shouldn't kill is threatening 8th. he so let, let me in knee grants in lea, a unique each year. they were ag didn't yankee dickie still
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it? and this used to be a music academy over several minutes used to be what it used to be to was renovated and you can still see in the details the amount of money and effort put into this place. but it is no more the ukrainians sheltered burning at and was effectively rendering useless when they did so. up to 60 civilians were sheltering here from the bombardments with when russia special operations began. ukraine and troops immediately entered our city. they placed their arm on the vehicles in residential areas, drove around and started firing the sales. and our soldiers came in, the ukrainians retreated, and then the bombed us smashed us from our basements. we could see crane and tank shooting at our houses. these people beg of one thing to help them escape this hell . in the end, we'll leave with a ward of handwritten notes. it's phone numbers and messages they'd like us to pass
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to their loved ones in russia. i'm again done of reporting from several in ask are see in the daniel republic, the capital is now suffering a 10th day of continuous ukrainian artillery shelling with official saying. western made howitzers were used to bombard schools, hospitals, and residential areas. and as howitzers, rage more and more lives are being lost. danielle republic officials say more than 100 civilians have died and almost a 1000 have been wounded in the last 4 bloody months in the republic. among them. a 7 year old girl who died in a showing almost 2 months ago. ah, for the open up here it is to spot the rocket land it. these are the cassettes that
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were filled with all sorts of fragments, but there were 2 cars parked here and the explosions, right. between them was there. and she was at the epicenter right in front of these 2, cause i looked out from the steps and she was just lying that i called to, i thought maybe she lost consciousness from the blow. and at the last moment she moved her legs. i thought she was alive. fuel began to flow from the cause towards her legs and then everything began to bonn. yeah. i yelled from my husband and ran out, picked her up by her jacket and quickly ran with her twice entrance in that in the entrance. she took 2 breaths, and then she was gone. ah, she was very cheerful and kind gone. she had many friends in kent garden, children still ask about her. my youngest daughter is generally afraid to welcome yard. we go for a walk so much so as not to see it all with his gall was our son. i saw him. it's
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very hard to live with allies. to hold a dead. i see needed a notion, nash said, bring me nearer throws them near him, gave them me no chance. one of the world's biggest and most important business events. the st. petersburg international economic form has entered its 3rd day in russia's northern capital. this year, the form is held under the slogan, new opportunities in a new world. the iliad botanical joins me now from the form venue with poor mima unarmed the
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president of bricks, international forum. and it's a big day for you take it away. ah, shawn. hi again. indeed, it is a big day before i talk to a br nima though, let me just explain what to expect on day 3. first of all, it is the number one event of the form called the plenary session. and we are expecting the russian leader president latimer potent to weigh in on everything that's been happening around the world. and in russia, in the past 4 months. and usually a he spent about 3 to 4 hours talking and taking questions. so that one's really important. now, yesterday we heard from the ceo of gas from alex a miller. he made a very emotional speech and criticized europe for something that he called
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a lack of common sense when making decisions in the oil and gas sector. so mr. miller not missing his words. there's going to be a lot of discussion on that topic as well. but let me step aside from europe and talk to per niema and on who's representing bricks, which is a partnership between countries, from actually 5 countries. there are brazil, russia, india, and south africa. and china and a, a dis is often seen as an alternative to g 7 for example. but there are quite a few issues to discuss for nemo, welcome. thank you. my 1st question is, in the times when there are some very serious ties between some brakes countries and western countries that are now only thinking about ways to punish russia. is this a challenge for breaks or an advantage?
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i think this is a positive sign and it is in vain that now or do you have a whole way looking to word tonight, denisia and us and european union. but after sanctions, we can understand that there is a need for late foam and makes us taking place in new heights and importance is observed. so i can see that this is the opportunity for the big countries to overcome in this situation and do support ratio. because this can happen to any country because china is also always on that list. now, india is or neutral situation, but this is under pressure of love asked us not to support ratio or not to buy oil and gas from this year. so these things wing on and it is this i to get is trend internal lobbies of the big countries where stand that
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perhaps this pressure is only going to increase. so what should the breaks countries do to withstand that pressure? i think the mix countries should unite and they should propagate their agenda among big plus countries. there's a need of a mix, plus countries, cooperation with brick flows and they should organize their currency because if system is sanctioned for this year. so not 10. 9 when i'm talking to you and i and ratios, exchanges in you on and currency. and similarly, india is also planning to extrude that nc, repeatable. so currency like european euro, we should have, but it's good to see this is very important. and new roof,
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new shipping rules required for the trade. so bad mix countries can get new strengths and new white to call currency for 5 countries that are representing more than a half of the global population. is that actually realistic in the near future? if we're taking the breaks countries. yes, of course, but it's countries, economic strength is very high, their g, d, p a and the countries those who are coming up for the cooperation with the new development bank. they're also having good strength for economic development. so bricks, countries should have their united currency. i think new development bank can play a very important role. you mentioned the swift system,
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so it really a good way, ford for the break country to develop an equivalent of this with system for payments within the block. this is high time to say that you should have a system are to exceed the currencies 1st fall dollar, how you money is going down. and previous couple of weeks me saw and i saw the plea. everybody in your office started to say, this is the ear of b. so means for high dame because they started to strengthen their roubles. so i think this is the example to think by really mix countries can do. what, let me be frank with you. this is, i think it's my 7th form, and every time i'm here, i keep talking with the experts about this process of di da,
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arising stepping away from the us dollar as reserve currency. but you know, these discussions are always the same. but what's this new big step that needs to be done to make sure that we're in a new stage of the dollar rising because everyone keeps talking about it. but maybe it's not happening that quickly. you're very, they read, you know, there's always gauge of a new style, some innovation that takes time and it is hard to develop new. now after sanctions emergency cars for all countries officially, big countries that they should unite and they should create some route and the dollar. so as you are saying, you are discussing for many years, but alvis by my side happening. so i think now we do
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have to see a solution and many currencies are developing. and earlier before i show you crisis country thinking that they should be allowed to go and see or not. but after this crises, many countries automatically adopted in system. so i think the future is good to go and see. the chairman of the washington state duma said that the world needs a new g 8 consisting of china, india, russia, and denisia, brazil, mexico, iran in turkey. but if we already have breaks, why is there a need for new g 8? i think the story was that via a g g 7 group is needed to be fresh and to read all of the visions and ideas. so i think it is
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a new solution for thinking to proceed solution that might be invitation to some new countries in that group. and new alliances are taking place after this. you guys? so i think we will see and future new alliances are taking place. like all said happened few days, few weeks passed. our prime minister in them will be visited there, australia define and us. so like this, new alliances are coming up and world is in, you know, there might be a, it is a time to think that we're to go. all countries are thinking that after us places like in iran, also they put up the sanctions and all of sudden everything have somebody will know when injury law and after this, where she has all the examples that should have new alliances and your
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graphical situation. might people, you keep pronouncing the world alliance, but here's my question, is breaks a partnership or already an alliance. let me put this way with new alliances. mix mix is, are in the mix, is having good airlines in the school and makes us competing every year. when united nation, marty's international law and bank breaks us, started cooperation with their new ideas. i new geographical and economic situation. something that i keep mentioning quite often here during my interviews is the global food crisis. what solutions for that can
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breaks all for nowadays? global food guys is our 1st goal reminding you guys is seen very high and especially she saw that that is a complete disaster situation. and many more countries are coming up with this situation. where does the distribution system? because we created new hypothetical channels to distribute the system to our cities. and we break up the rules system and local distribution is not there from local to international food, mundane and during crisis situation, these things we're going to find this crisis. i think we should be paying for the local, analyze ation and local planning on the full distribution system. i don't think me the guys who there is a problem. all simulation. what are you enjoying yourself at the forum?
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what is your number one goal intern? petersburg? what are you here for? i'm very much enjoying because since last monday, muncie we're hearing about russia. and when we came here, everything we found is normal. people in goodies and they are working more hard to overcome from this situation. because in this forum, funds we don't make for them for us to, for like on going to a lot of that that is the 25th anniversary of the space and beautiful to deal center. and 2nd thing, i think that all the major companies like guess from my roles, i don't and those in what it's like for level find new route to cooperate with new alliances like bricks and the school and the alliances. and they will find
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a solution for over for an email on the president of the brakes international forum. thank you very much for your time and thank you for being a guest on our team. we hope to see you again and good luck. thank you. anyway. all right, bricks numbers, south africa, is considering importing oil from russia to mitigate surging fuel prices. skyrocketing energy costs have hit the economy hard, and the countries minister of minerals and energy now says buying russian crude could provide a lasting solution. speaking to the countries parliament in cape town in blamed anti russian sanctions for the global increase in energy prices. simplistic solutions do not last. now was then kind has to be reminded that the economy of war day of red, i'm loosed disproportionately and better. so the reader and kind is like ours and
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then well respond to that as a kinder. we muster is one to that is or can not be emotional if need be. if need be done to the governor to portfolio directly, we should consider important kudos from russia at a low price. now, despite being pressured by the west to sign up to the sanctions, most african nations remaining unwilling to give moscow the cold shoulder. south africa also abstained from voting for a un resolution condemning russia's military operation in ukraine. and the country has continued strong economic cooperation with moscow. the director general of the south african institute of economic research in innovation told our team from the sidelines of the spi form that working with russia is the country's best option. currently, south africa confronted accelerating rate of inflation driving the prices higher is a big
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a big component of that is the cost of fuel. commonly known facts south africa has no real oil resources itself. so to that extent, it is dependent on importance. we also have challenges with electricity, but just stick cetera. but they all resolve around natural resources that are not available. to that extent, south africa has to divest, they cannot remain solely dependent on the transnational corporations that guarantee supply it has to act on behalf of the people, not in terms of the interests of the owners of those companies. it's also important to realize south africa is also investing in renewables and arrange alternatives. but those have not come on line. and to the extent that it's necessary to south africa to utilize fuel, it has to look at how best it can receive and working woodthrush than others make sense. from 1000000 dollar deals to chance meetings on the sidelines, we will make sure that you don't miss the moment that matter have the st.
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petersburg international economic form for the remainder of the week. the us president has been accused of playing blame games when it comes to us energy prices with florida governor rhonda santa stressing that he needs to take responsibility for his incompetence. he need to take responsibility or was trying to blame of a people. he's always trying to create a scape goat excuse me, in the last week but, and also has been slammed by big oil companies after he requested they ramp up production to tackle gasoline prices that have almost doubled since last year. but the industry is response wasn't exactly what the white house wanted to hear. while we appreciate the opportunity to open increased dialogue with the white house, the administration's misguided policy agenda, shifting away from domestic oil and natural gas has compounded inflationary
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pressures and added headwinds to companies. daily efforts to meet growing energy needs while reducing emissions. longer term government can promote investment through clear and consistent policy that supports us resource development, such as regular and predictable. lee sales, as well as streamlined regulatory approval and support for infrastructure such as pipelines earlier, biden said big oil in action had nullified his administration's efforts to soften inflation. but the company's claim, it is the u. s. president himself, who has radically shifted focus from oil production to green energy that now tries to move the blame to them. record rising, inflation has coincided with a rise in distrust in biting with his approval rating, falling to record lows over the last 3 weeks, or 2 corresponding kill them up and give us more on the dispute. working families across america are feeling the crunch of the rising energy costs, the high gas prices. so now we have the white house coming forward with
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a letter directed oil companies in america, urging them to an oil production in order to drive the prices down and take the burden of the high cost off of americans that are frustrated with the rising costs . here is what the white house said in their letter. the crunch it families are facing, deserves immediate action. your companies need to work with my administration to bring forward concrete, near term solutions that address the crisis and respect the critical equities of energy workers in fence line communities at a time of war. historically high refinery profit margins being passed directly onto american families are not acceptable. now, oil companies would come forward and said the white house simply does not understand the industry. and they can't simply increase the amount of output this easily. it's not a matter of simply pushing a button or, or pulling a knob that there are complex issues in arranging how much oil production is amped up or slow down. now many have also taken note of some statements made by the white
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house press secretary. she came forward and said that it is the patriotic duty. we'll companies to amp up production. this is what she said. we'll companies, they have or refineries. they have responsibility to what they have been doing is taking advantage of the war. and as i showed earlier, they have tripled. triple their, their, their income time to act, we have done our part with the strategic petroleum reserve, the one, the 1000000 a day for the next 6 months. and so we need them to act that oil companies find these statements to be particularly ironic as the policy of the white house has been pretty clearly to phase out fossil fuel. they are taking the opportunity of the high energy costs to push electric cars and new energy vehicles and other, other mechanisms that don't use fossil fuels. they want to get rid of fossil fuel. so at the same time,
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the white house is actively trying to phase the arctic states off the fossil fuels reduce the amount of fossil fuels united states uses. they are now calling on oil companies in the name of patriotism to amp up oil reduction. many are looking at this as a great example of the erotic and not well thought out nature of the by the administration's policies when it comes to the energy sector. as the u. s. looks for human rights violations worldwide. it seems it has failed to fully investigate its own role in perpetuating such abuses in yemen. that's according to a congressional watched report ortiz, broad, gusty, of comments, a quarter of a 1000000 deaths. later, the united states still hasn't been able to figure out whether the $60000000000.00 of weapons supplied the saudi arabia will used to kill innocent people. in fact, the united states openly admits they didn't even bother to try to find out. there
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have been reports of extensive civilian harm in yemen. however, d o d has not reported and state could not provide evidence that had investigated incidents of potential unauthorized use of equipment transferred to saudi arabia or united arab emirates. joe biden came to power promising to wind america's role in the blood bus these yemen than to stop supplying saudi arabia with all the bombs and missiles they wanted. he promised to stop supplying offensive weapons. everyone cheered and clapped and celebrated. and that was that, except who's to tell what an offensive or defensive weapon is. how's that for a new poll u. s. military training mission officials told us that all of the equipment, the u. s. cells through f m. s to saudi arabia must be for defensive purposes in accordance with the arms control export act. however, these officials could not provide a definition for equipment that is defensive in nature when we asked how they
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distinguish between equipment used for defensive purposes and equipment used for offensive purposes. there are some weapons p g m. so precision guided munitions, for example, hooked to jets and used for as strikes, very offensive. what the u. s. government did to avoid heavy scrutinise, sell the missiles in parts, thereby by possible the bureaucracy. we didn't sell them a missile, they claim we sold them pots and with instructions on how to put them together, all hands are keen. the state department had been selling p gm's in component parts, so that each individual transfer fell below the threshold, requiring congressional approval. over the last 8 years. saudi arabia has made something of a habit of launching air stripes at big gatherings, so weddings and funerals and market places. plenty of times who the rebels in yemen have found the remains of us supplied munitions at the scenes. rockets and missiles
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bombs made in america, yet somehow the united states has been unable to do the same. it turns out if you don't even try, you won't find anything wrong. centcom officials told that they do not know how d o d security cooperation officials in saudi arabia and u e would obtain the information necessary to determine whether u. s. origin defense articles were used in yemen by saudi arabia, r, u e, against anything other than legitimate military targets, such as civilians or civilian infrastructure. this was a brief summary on how to wash your hands of all culpability. for one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world for 8 long years, it isn't particularly brilliant or slides. just bolden, somewhat shameless waltz, really shameless his offer. doing all of this then coming out and demanding accountability from others.


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