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fragments to there were 2 cars parked here and the explosions, right. between them is there. and she was at the epicenter right in front of the east to cause i looked out from the steps and she was just lying down. i thought maybe she lost consciousness from the blow boxes, and at the last moment she moved her legs on and i thought she was alive with fuel began to flow from the cause towards her legs. and then everything began to bang out and i yelled from my husband and ran out, picked her up by her jacket and quickly ran with her while entrance in that imean trend long. she took to breton and then she was gone. she was a very cheerful and kind go on that she had many friends in kindergarten. she still ask about lot my youngest child generally afraid to come yard. we go for a week so my so was on hope to see it goes awesome. i solely. it's very hard to live with allies. there's
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a lot of a near him gave me, i thought, jones industrial average in the u. s. continues to collapse, falling by another 700 points to low is not seen since november 2020. the index dropped below a symbolic level of $30000.00 and is nearly 20 percent. all fits highs reached in november last year, and some happens the mid story. inflation and invest is fearing that a recession is imminent. joe biden, though, seems to be optimistic about the economic prospects. first of all,
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it's not inevitable. secondly, we're in a stronger position than any nation in the world. joe, overcome this inflation when a while, the u. s. face is storing inflation with this consumer price index spiking and hitting a 40 year high of 8.6 percent in may. in a conversation with an economics report, a bite and said people are feeling down now and he needs to give them confidence. feels he needs to do to lift up a country that he said is feeling really, really down. the president said, the country is still dealing with the psychological scars from the pandemic. added to that our gas prices at nominal records. all of that has set up a dynamic where he says he needs to remind americans to have confidence because he says the country is now poised to win the 21st century financial commentator and form a stockbroker. bill holton though, thinks washington already face is serious economic troubles. i think we're in
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recession already at this point. i think we'll find out by the end of this quarter when the numbers come out. if not, i am certain we are headed for recession. so that is going on, obviously her demand and the ability to, to make purchases, which ultimately will reduce sales, reduce volume, obviously the amount it can be sold on a property. i don't think this is an average fair market. i think this is a generational shade. and it looks like a change in, if you want to call it monetary supremacy, i think the monetary system is going to change it's, it's the 1st been shake up since world war 2. so financially, there are some, some pain. and if you want to call it bad things for the west, it's losing its head gentlemen, me with their currencies the international community is outraged off their birth in
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time. secretary has to be extradition of julianna's songs to the us. whether we can expand the faces up to 175 years in prison on espionage charges. allowing julian his sons to be expedited to the u. s. would put him at great risk incense or chilling message to journalists, the world over. we call the u. k. to refrain from expediting julian assigned for the us to drop the charges and for a songy to be freed hard to believe. but it looks real. every serious press freedom group in the world has protested this. it is an appalling symbol of how far the british and american government's commitment to human rights has declined. anyone in this country who cares about freedom of expression should be deeply ashamed that the home secretary has approved. the extradition of julian assange to the united states, the country that plotted his assassination. well, this is an incredibly dark day for journalism. it is an incredibly dark day for democracy in britain. i've spoken to many of my job is colleagues this morning i'm
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. we're all incredibly concerned about the precedent that this decision has set. today's decision, quite frankly, is a stain on the british government. and we can no longer say that they stand out for a human rights that they stand up for, press freedom, that they stand up for democracy despite what they claim. so the, what we really must say is that julian assange must be freed. and until judaism is free, every germ this across the world is in chinese songs. his legal case has been going on for years now in 2019 his asylum was revoked. in the ecuadorian embassy in london, i was arrested and sent to the maximum security prison belmont place, generally reserved for terrorists and the high level christmas. in february of 2020 extradition hearings began, and year late said, presiding judge concluded it would be a crescent to expedite to song the u. s. to,
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to his health. often would 10 months from london, high court have it turned the decision and agreed with the us to extradite 2022 months. and i found his doc is days as a london court has issued the official extradition or to followed by the u. k. u k . home office is confirming the older friday morning as long as it's facing a 175 years in a u. s. prison for revealing americans dirty secrets. which makes publish to leaked classified information about the iraq and ask on was revealed video of the u. s. so just indiscriminately slaying civilians proving torture on prison. a death due to mistreatment of the guantanamo bay prison camp. it exposed a proteins, immediate bias and asking to push bernie sanders after the presidential race while posting documents specifying c, i a spy tool kit and cyber warfare. steve sweeney international edits of the morning star newspaper se julianna's, on she's facing a continuous threat when the u. s. because they want to silence them at all costs.
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just last week, the british government were found liable and admitted to having spied on one of duty massages lawyers. i mean, this is a blatant attack on democracy in his right to a fair trial as well. and that's also not forget, more importantly, that last year it was uncovered that the state i, i had colluded with the british intelligence services, who would apparently agree that judy in a song could be us, would be assassinated on the streets of london. they came out with a whole list of various scenarios including a car accident on the way to on the way to the airport to just shooting him dead in a gun battle. so it's very, very clear that they want to silence. sorry they want to silence the truth and this is a rule. it was test or order goes human rights defenders. those that believe that stand
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for freedom and democracy. pakistani struggling with natural gas and electricity prices which have rocketed 45 percent in the last month alone. the government has been forced to continuously raise prices to meet international monetary fund requirements. the countries finance minister blames the former governments and global inflation for the crisis. earlier, pakistan's planning minister was heavily criticized onto telling the nation to drink less tate to help save on import costs. here's what people think of the deteriorating situation. lot been damage, although just forget about having me 3 times a day. i wish to eat at least 2 times a day, but even that's impossible, right now. it's terrible. a poor person can survive in these conditions. low shared anyways, no electricity will just leave the show and sit here because there is no customer visiting fuel. prices have affected everything including our business. so what all
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of the household, you double prices have increased to 100 percent. we pull people, we can't do anything but the ones, the sacrifices in this way, we'll die one day. there is no solution. her product is sort of where we spoke to the russian ambassador to pakistan who hopes to come to an economic agreement with the governments. we're in touch over the issues of buying wheat or energy resources under the previous administration. all iran han and we're still in contact with lee pakistan is that today i wouldn't like to view the exact details of the ongoing negotiations. do not compromise them, but i can tell you that we are negotiating in good faith. i think that both sides are interested in achieving and mutually beneficial deal. we need
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to proceeds. they need our products and i think i hope that we will come on to some agreement as was the 2020 because in debt there were year the like he's tiny side, spent 212000000 dollars on russian wheat. and that was approximately one 4th of the total trade turnover for that year. they were paying commission has recommended ukraine be granted, it's a constant state isn't a 1st step towards the membership, the key if the commission recommends to the count. so 1st that ukraine is given european perspective and 2nd that ukraine is given candy, that status. this is of course, on the understanding that the country will carry out a number of further importantly forms. and we all know that ukrainians are ready to
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die for the european perspective. we want them to live with us. the european dream we joined by our teeth contributes a rachel monster. now rachel, good to save ukraine in the you. oh, is it a done deal, or does he has to have a long road ahead to become a member? so he's moved today by your can european commission leadership to read read ukraine? yes, it doesn't. a candidate for you membership is mainly a symbolic piano moves to project you solidarity that you crash you commission prisoners of the longer land made it clear there that there are a lot of conditions attached to moving forward. what's called a number for the reforms needed by ukraine, and yeah, no kidding, michigan zone if you allows for orders movement launch. there is no way in the country like ukraine with hot military conflict by soiling poorly tracked weapons flooding in wider include foreign back meal. nazis could possibly part in the water
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free zone with the rest of the you, with those weapons and fighters able to row around germany, france at least a when you. that's just absolutely ludicrous and with duran present, an obvious threat to the rest of europe. now ukraine was routinely derided by western media tanks, pre conflicts for authoritarianism, incorruption, all which now seems to have just not to be banished. the european commission has found that ukraine overall is well advanced in reaching the stability of institutions guaranteed democracy. the rule of law, human rights and respect for protection of minorities and has gradually approximated to substantial elements of the e. u. a queen in many areas. a recommendation which comes a day after the leaders of germany, france and italy expressed their support that does not confer candidate status yet . remember that the 1st step on the path to membership. but those are the cause of the eastern european countries heading into
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a european council summit on the issue next week. now to move forward all 27 member state, you must degree. but even if they do full membership free cray could be many, many years away. something that french president a man read my call has been pointing out, leveled by law. we do not have the rights after so many weeks of war in such a difficult moment to tell the ukrainians to come back later. and that for a signal must be sent. now, yes, we are ready now to recognize your status of candidate the e u membership. but we also told them frankly, this process will take time. there will be conditions that will be a road map which will be made by the commission to be fulfilled and therefore you will not become a member of the european union to morrow. an interview with friends to yesterday during this visit to keep my hope also if a potential ukrainian concessions of disputed territory, which mac home knows about sex, zalinski and ukrainian officials. but now you has leveraged over ukraine as it
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dangles this new designation. it's like the parent telling their kid kind of like if you behavior. so i'll tell you to do this in this case being b u in ins. and zelinski being the guy who really, really wants it. and being on his best behavior means he's going to have to come come to the negotiating table because that's what european leaders like my whole keep saying they wanted to do. and it gives the whiskey away out of his destination, of the conflict and release. any pressure that he might be facing internally from other factions that maybe we're not too well aware of on the outside. he can say, hey, look, sorry guys, i really want to keep fighting, but we really start. we need to start on this path to you membership. still, there are no guarantees. i think it's important to remember that this point, denmark in the netherlands, for example, have already expressed opposition grades included in the block. and there can't be
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any dissenting e member states for ukraine to get the green light. but at least you commissions announcements today allows the leadership to tell you pray that, well hey, we're trying our best. okay, right to martha. and i say contributing to thank you very much for that. as the u. s. looks like human rights violations worldwide is seems as failed to fully investigate his own role in perpetrating such abuses in yemen. as according to a congressional watchdog report, ortiz, mariah garcia, has the details a quarter of a 1000000 deaths later, the united states still hasn't been able to figure out whether the $60000000000.00 of weapons that supply the saudi arabia were used to kill innocent people. in fact, the united states openly admits they didn't even bother to try to find out there have been reports of extensive civilian harm in yemen. however, d o, d has not reported and state could not provide evidence that had investigated
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incidents of potential unauthorized use of equipment transferred to saudi arabia or united arab emirates. joe biden came to power promising to wind america's role in the blood buff that he's yemen, than to stop supplying saudi arabia with all the bombs and missiles they wanted. he promised to stop supplying offensive weapons. everyone cheered and clapped and celebrated. and that was that, except who's to tell what an offensive or defensive weapon is. how's that for a new poll u. s. military training mission officials told us that all of the equipment, the u. s. cells through f m. s to saudi arabia must be for defensive purposes in accordance with the arms control export act. however, these officials could not provide a definition for equipment that is defensive in nature when we asked how they distinguish between equipment used for defensive purposes and equipment used for offensive purposes. there are some weapons pgm, so precision guided munitions,
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for example, hooked the jets and used the air strikes very offensive. what the u. s. government did to avoid heavy scrutinise, sell the missiles in parts, thereby by possible the bureaucracy. we didn't sell them a missile. they claim we sold them pots and with instructions on how to put them together, all hands are keen. the state department had been selling p gm's in component parts, so that each individual transfer fell below the threshold, requiring congressional approval over the last 8 years. saudi arabia has made something of a habit of launching air strikes that big gatherings, so weddings and funerals and market places. plenty of times who the rebels in yemen have found the remains of us supplied munitions at the scenes. rockets and missiles bombs made in america, yet somehow the united states has been unable to do the same. it turns out if you
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don't even try, you won't find anything wrong. centcom officials told that they do not know how d o d security cooperation officials in saudi arabia and u e would obtain the information necessary to determine whether u. s. origin defense articles were used in yemen by saudi arabia, r u e, against anything other than legitimate military targets, such as civilians, our civilian infrastructure. this was a brief summary on how to wash your hands of all culpability. for one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world for 8th long years. it isn't particularly brilliant or slides, just bold and somewhat shameless. but really shameless is all for doing all of this . then coming out and demanding accountability from others, or even saying so. but saying you'll hold them responsible we have, i have a long history relationship with saudi arabia, one where we raise issues,
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where we have significant concerns on human rights and on a range of issues and one where we have had a long security relationship that has been in the interest of the united states, i in terms of this, it a specific strike and a reaction. obviously any time there's a loss of life, of innocent lives, that is a tragedy. ah, and we are, we are mindful of that focused on that. we and many other organizations have been saying that it's really impossible to half a day and celebrate that they the olympic games at a time when the country. busy is a committee so many human rights abuses, particularly in sin, gen, reports of russia's human rights abuses and violations of internationally mandatory and law, or mounting by the hour. there is, of course, nothing new in this united states and nave, who have done to the world. what they wield these past 3 decades, and no one could do a thing about it. thank a valid
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a human and labor rights lawyer said washington doesn't think international law applies to the u. s. b u. s. has made sure that it would never be held accountable . right. the u. s. is not a member of the international criminal court. it is in fact sanctioned the international criminal court. when it said it was going to investigate the us for crimes and an afghan, a stand the u. s. under george w bush actually passed the law that said the u. s. could bomb the a, give the i c c. did investigate the u. s. us is made sure the international law does not apply to the united states. it does not care about the humanitarian cause of the tours of us knew all along effects, samantha power, who was instrumental and making sure the u. s. would not be investigated or crimes . any and she herself years ago, predicted that millions of p. m, and could die due to the war. but that didn't change her course of action didn't change the u. s. course of action and it won't because they don't care. china has
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overtaken the us as the foreign pow with the most positive influence in africa. that's according to a poll among young adults in the continent. the survey was conducted among 18 to 24 year olds in 16 african countries and found that 76 percent considered chinese activity is the most positive for the continent. pushing the u. s. which finished 1st of the po to 2 years ago into 2nd place. the results of the straight ton of wising influence on the continent with investments to infrastructure development projects and affordable products listed as his most positive contributions. but colon china is a better friend than america. i think it's china because it believes in giving and receiving better with china. so initially, but that was on with, out of china as better because it could take over the world economy in the future. i believe it's better to be closer to china than the us in the current reality.
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it's preferable to work with china or don't go to taylor shannon di, believe it's china. i think china can help africa more china is better because it brings its talent and know how here with african politics on the economy, analyst lawrence, k. freeman told us that china has proved its success in africa. unlike the u. s. in terms of reality and practice, china and food stilton road, he's actually making a much greater contribution to african nations in collaborating with them to build absolutely necessary vital infrastructure projects, united states and europe in the whole western that britain has actually failed to make these kind of long term investments in support african nations in building their infrastructure. the u. s. recently sent
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a letter to 14 african countries urging him to reject grain imports from russia, saying the food was stolen from ukraine. now says much of africa struggles with critical food shortages, bringing some areas to the brink of famine whitehouse spokesperson has admitted the us wants to prohibit south of grain, an african national congress youth league chairperson told us that support shifted to china as the us didn't treat africans like humans. what i can say is, we are working with other countries to prevent the sale of grain that has likely been stolen from ukraine. we found china to be an honest country to do business with in comparison to the west, which when they arrived here, they did not even see us as human beings. but instead they plowed our minute under sources. they are the ones that formed hiroshima, they're the ones that one mac os actually just to test a nuclear bomb and just to put it in the last year. so we are students of history.
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we understand what the intention has been. they have been everywhere in the well, the web is minute out of the source is an image not to do business there, but to still and put carnage on that people of those kind of those countries. we are saying that we are going to have relations with the russian people, whether american america labs, it or not. we will not be subject to western media, would tries to, came to the chinese people as a bed. people who are in africa to wrong things because we can visibly see that they're here to help with development and that they are here. and they see us as the quotes. who are they can enter into business with not the people that they can from. thanks to joining us here in our to international went back in just a few minutes with the latest. ah.
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with 30 i spoke earlier, but so for what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new front line towards that bridge? what they call this area. the greys a really early found that of course, pretty me what that was on your mother. you had to call with a dog. well, no way more so that similarly wasn't done with. she'll berella. i knew i still wonder if his daughter alexandra,
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who she'll let us that she made up city of pleasure. was that what does that double hit phone? yeah. what buddy leslie was just before he boyfriend, cool. there. scratch your party, growing up with what i just did, didn't the global, why do we have finished a gentleman rather than you should be had with long no. when i was shown, seemed wrong when i was just a shape out this day because the advocate an engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart,
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we choose to look for common ground. ah, a with a one up with a question. get with
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do a new business and you will clean them priyah b e r w that was chosen. yeah, americans, graham, when you wrote it, you didn't go to really just such an article not feeling well. you'll still suction short muslims, you factor of the different student info with you throwing the problem and you're still with yours. we are both in at the study skills doesn't match the stickly voice of choice thought it was a community or not on the institute. it which jewish in the longer you bullshit just in the solution, not political push to to remote because there's no way to force or do for course i don't know who stevie i know. paula:
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don't know if i should just with you used to play in finances, kamala, ah, just what exactly is the west policy approach on ukraine should give, negotiate a peace, or should it bite on indefinitely? and what is made those in the game? what does winning mean? meanwhile, despite sanctions prussia is creating political facts on the ground. ah
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ah ah, the west still the global inflation storm by a short blanket policy, according to vladimir putin is common for the international economic forming the pages that i will hear about this so called inflation. who's listening to such nonsense. everyone understands the real reasons. huge sums of money were printed and this money was used to purchase goods and services outside the western countries on the global markets, a public official se sum ukrainian. so just to round that the as all chemical plant and this is deborah dawn, yet beginning to surrender.


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