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alessandro, however, this method has an impact on the policy on, on state policies in the us. and that is a from now we'll be back and let's say 30 minutes. another phone freshly tuesday with a start international. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic and development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with
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yes. lodge loosely may gigi and he pushes a shatter all your yang and pulled him for more seal. with jekka, michael pushing wave, we're horned an initial. now there are new to your from girl demand started from long march long or start kreuziger strong girls show the actually data. ah, now she did a mission. that is the lords of so boy, very a boy the term. so it is now i'm in my number, those diane is her as another, you know, rosalind, it's anonymous. b lazley realized very diana had to go in
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a dorm store. and i see at the national she dorm dk, bam, we missed it. we cielo bruce lord amy, dawn because i am near she still got audi nass leisurely, a scholarly buckeye east at the bundled c by guy, and he is madison. it is shadonna. it does still. boyd, by the way, that she was fido of his at colette, i need a badge, a severe router. he had been at the master at cisco, that soil. slower, slower would beast workers. the rack is rushing is the cielo and clara lea voicemail. alaska did appear to support dinner, but today i am still my ghetto. we effect you boyd, it. mr. gus, for data for a torch crew. sher, whipple, it uber because your boys, florida state. ah,
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says retailers, public yeah. got health nato. any that they would support any progress that you might have, the store where you would nationwide see the sheet with sure pro hoarded santa rosa natalie told ukrainian a but the most the yes. labor at the same i could add a new will i be evelyn with at the moment? chris royce was ritz besedia mariska post, but national renew them in the green, utah, my rubbish. app, nauseous that i mean really were doesn't mission. they must apply it in there. but i need to know as each there is no way in the complete in we've sure to vision which it is sure the provided we, i'm freshly to to see it. it will. jessica are still meeting the other day. we were to cut about usual lean or a nash nettled. national is formerly cook. porsha. willat is full is on a collective in the missouri excursion back approach. you risky. figured out the failure as well. literacy school figured out by a sports on the national territory and national me with
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a might be but it area or collect your foot piece, situate so it is still further under the football. is this the into another one. so then learn the post to put them on the mobile cell at the most. so that was, if the growth go live on us will, it will remember made it to women more say muslims political situ. ah, basic, i thought a thumb the whole to sign you may call a sign that open a new us we'll just for the new position. we spoke many also to reduce them 6, use them use of sure. no way to get to me or put a practical economy. the wolf was laid me. well, the prod, unit, procrastinate person. i know a budget assist with some other brochure about this deal here. what about is
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practice on my badge of mine machine. but i knew on it so that she has to let you cook with one another. and i didn't do anything. but if someone they were in the area, we were supposed to walk with another. i'm going to just go to school.
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i just want you to ship a felony. there's 9 units, lucy, sustainable. who's bought a book, give me towards you. good. nor it's illusion. new catch up. we what i need. i need notes in the notes in the middle initial's, e or so just because it shows a question. so when we move a b r news money enough to simulate issued by explain one of them of disc that choice in our didn't this got us started do on just 110 to learn. play on some pretty much when we are doing the alertness jordon and nick, what's causing one joy korean on goal general pronounced pecans. period to to ah,
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i'm in a well i do need to live and if the most it is your hood of what bertha bertha look at. you got more of the with the oh much. okay. ask him a little bit. if he's going a little bit. lucille, to seal on you thought that was not very nice wanting you was in, in a sea chest. don't stay anymore. the idea is, this is just a, is this a yeah, been able to comes with the got there. stocum stand will jasmine is there. you
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build what you don't miss the gamma, but he did add that it's that with the tumble he should be at the ah, you see she's come. what are the more success? let shin so the sheet that origin that i see last the elderly law clearly appeared . it was a sheet that introduced us way for me. so one model that see that was to ship the modem, go to this, chase the storms for at the key creature. we from them intended may yet glad chance . go on that order. basically chew it, but keep the share really you the share. can you say we she told that she worked with us and that's an annual i'm getting that actual in order for that one has no anita yesterday for you over him and you push law when it what, what do you be a straight not random. the said on, on the, on rush,
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becky food, you know, go the deal, the buy at a more was naya. so, so a lot. yeah, i spoke with new shows right now. sure. you got to store, you now got our new new purpose got there again. so much does your time are us getting a home here in georgia yesterday with sort of when i was so melissa, prefer bear with me. i thought you would put a sample with the lender. so when you visit a suit of the medium cup and you will be way to us at the board, trustees and i have a the mosque about these 20 t relates below due to the dentistry streets in atlanta, one of them with a few of you didn't we provide, you let you get to it and you need it to me,
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monday to offset that, says the shape i'm like i thought in the whole, it's a bottle stored on the road. you could order a new proposal. it's a new cookie in the state, new york, i thought on your new choice for door this, your window approach of the key on it quest to wait them, but you don't us a lot of us to get us if they, it's a chest. you got good or, and we're not going to much who our, our, your center or no, i didn't want to store it in there. you talk to move to do the right issue and you said, so you're good that course regarding your son. course you're you're still pushing you way. they're not showing dog. i'm going to was july. the got a deal. say in some them new car dealers crushed mr. new. yes. if the in that us is full day, i said it a stay off, the new total can not be big enough where you have no idea mall. boy,
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i think that is for relative on because our lab waste, let me nasa my go out and i will stop. wait. wait a minute. road, sneaky honey spot. did they go away? yeah, no problem. nick at the weights off. come on. you to focus your payroll, present the project data with them and chill everyone. we are a genius specific. let's say you don't for up a cohen nibble which you will pick up so that we now have come, sustain on station id. okay. my deal sticker on israel, well, he's a new national you more you do because we had school craft on a shelter, said that portion, but with communicate that him or was more or less where you can that and i couldn't, you're supposed to feel because actually are somewhere else, a weasel is a so you will ok. yeah. per year for we will prorate them. good. okay. just sustain neck back so much. yeah. national i'm here to share it. i'm
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a senior management team. we go lower than the squeaking role of a pity them where we jammed on the phone. daniel specified as a person you missed there so that we had a contract with the got those last problem one long though because there's what that will last a bill. a money. yeah, no, i agree. sure. peter, the show on the, in the, on the, on 3 the on war. but those need to go with the last report. i sure guys don't get to the whole i've done a really with
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with no duet cordell. it'll go so now one of the, my dish muscles that you oh, it's a saturday and you know, when they, if they go to, let's just say it's salem, both of them and what they, what they should put in a way. so the dealers, basically that's a new push the, the with the initials or did it go. what that would be with national, that you wish director bundles of in that to go got it. when you study old ladies will like, you know, they'll in the office you so great. and when it is,
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is it going is deal it probably gone seriously? so the another dealership of the person, that's where you are a no initial media. anybody out the list that's going to be a bit polluted them, digital with nibble, which i don't know the names of those who are closing on a sam initiative. i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to create trust rather than fear a with artificial intelligence, real summoning with
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obama protective phone existence with a see the current crisis in sri lanka, as a continuation of the global financial crisis of 2008, which really has been resolved we have only been trying to financial eyes and bubble up high autonomy and, and what i see as perhaps the crisis of neural is shooting sri lanka 1st. so i don't think the usual solutions going to we're going to have to drastically change direction the are to come up with this crisis. ah, a
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show. last just move it to put it back to do is job with a live with. then i was by, see, we're all met by the almost we, but if you know that you shut a b a british lee up that you did a huge group by cbo, but i'm still with the photo ship,
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my mental know the social because you deal with when you money at machine, away in the solution, william with this stuff, sets it up in the machine. the if they, when the ocean is the way it's and then we meet the needs to be with us. that's what we're a no a with all we knew it would be what a deal was with them. well, i'm going to miss it down to them. i believe was 8, is
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a 3. yeah. so those 3 states a little bit, it shows a bunch of them know what i see and the motor that i would do it when i sample silica, what would be where to go to look when it, when i system, when it lowered it, but don't cook i thought of an issue a little bit lower than the element this still it? no, yeah. they didn't have a job with them. go to that equation storage d b, b to absolute, then sure. the will you know, get the um for us to really with are oki, done with it, and then the engine study, go directly down there when it was a sure we did it. there's a double additionally not stepping ability to move in with them, but it is can blend megabytes. so initially, i mean if you were open not the the numbers unit 3,
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still it does your bullshit. i sit down with them more or less because of an ocean little dust when you started melody this yet. give me your no do with this yet. give me a good idea by than this. it would mission that were not the what if i knew when you started this jack emilio? no, no, not so. i mean well, i know we usually go get sally used see to you. it was live, you will get a show medium, but you're more with them if doing what you go it. it is la maya with the stuff my hold it. so money will believe by the all this he looked the give way. what that i supposed to lead to lashelle in the mood bush with the curtain used to go on broader, but ok if, if you knew,
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well let's talk on was that was written here and i'm looking for yourself to just get a merger. glad to rebuild a humanly abilities. law meticulous news from lucelle. so going to see they could sort of what the issue may be listening. well, she doesn't want to give you a book. you know what this image over for that on most of it is your billing is i don't really like live video to luckily a clean letter looking here who actually is new to work with a sickly. if you want a little shorter than this, you still want to live video mill new and i wasn't. so my daughter love a new build you. mickey is old and again, what was the loss of a good already? well, trouble that or any reality tv she me like you have 30. did you want to wash marybell?
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you should use with the scare, the ceiling. will i need the doors? need me 1000000 return lab assumable. any wouldn't be a poor that message the and you talk us middle initially to let me more with my, with any more with this is my needs a call and we had a scheduled a today and you could keep that with we stay late deloach them with with a gun that tested it, and that's a this good to go. i didn't know we should. delicate, wouldn't use it a little. would you such a procedure? what should i just leave you a little bit cuz that is i work. i cannot get the word, i bet a teach them how to spell it in go for which was like, why would you guys,
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what about your scatter? so when you go load me one more godly book, i came to assume them the good. what about like, what about you guys of the 2nd from them? a room the or put my guys 9, you can do it as a legitimate here to teach a salmon was folk. i'm ordering some glow at is public appreciate video do ski go to the new to with bland that they go to both a is a little of do so a lot with so she can anyway, it's what i checked out by sam. it's just, it is public. if just this to you, are you at the told yesterday with
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a with i really believe that it
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is still m. oh, when is the bundle? it does show on the dylan washer dealer ledesma did the border. it is monday. those are a lot more should it the shuttle yeah. with, because really i think this is working with a woman with a specific one. what her on issues with no, you're not going to see the claim. my son again. but if you just get with the shopper dealer will, i hope was that going to stay emotionally considered
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a initial record that you said you like like almost like one up here with home like just always with him about i'm go very far for july, you know, if you were to jumpstart with, not only in my mind, a blog with that's what the new from a guy you bundled with
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with a bit of the oil nationwide. so i'm, i'm going to share it with you. what hopes most quarterman clear monday you'd known to sean, called the you. so you for something number, my hard, but it is or do it, but it is so broad or so his blue, successful toilet book, gabriella,
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really seriously me to read you needed on willingboro legal liability as i had deal is a bit out of so many as domes, audio only a dongle. basil i'm credited liberated on costume dish. won't give susan garalia lost on chilly look. sorta my said you by himself was only pronounced at non proportion to recorded now. secretary in. we're busy so far so so, but i see that people need to put all that kind of stuff. i think that all you're working on yesterday with the lovely sure was all of them. yeah, i wouldn't. so she'll be able to pull some of it. mm hm. a spicy but you pla, had he bought the freshly nashik, bright yellow skin. so another if you park or side valley that i wish i bring you
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storm it in the class. but if you're with i bla hadn't gotten us providing you miss your. we begin shortly. better the let the, the let the hersh real quick. now brushing malott's this fussy bunny ski back log you can, you might get, i'm free back. was watching hiroshi yet you were leslie, which in karachi, california and i see sky ah ah, a little with center of chicago last
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with the show please. the semester ashley with he's off. yeah. you national another a with on some with oh no, but i live on doyle. i will look at least the new sco shit on when you hit the my review my auto bought. yeah. which in that usually a score to us? no, i would get a oh no more. oh yeah. oh yes. oh yeah ha.
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oh ah ah, the west fuel the a global inflation storm through its short sighted policies. this is according to platinum or pigeons. comments at the international economic form in st. petersburg . but i think we will hear about this so called, who tins, inflation, who's listening to such nonsense. everyone understands the real reasons. huge sums of money were printed and this money was used to purchase goods and services outside the western countries on the global markets. in an exclusive interview are 2 spoke to american mercenaries captured.


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