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aah! with the west fueled a global inflation storm through its short sighted policies that according to vladimir produced comments at the international economic form in saint petersburg. but i think we all hear about this so called, who tends inflation? who's listening to such nonsense? everyone understands the real reasons. huge sums of money were printed and this money was used to purchase goods and services outside the western countries on the global markets. in an exclusive interview, r t spoke to american mercenaries captured during battle in northeastern ukraine. they did start reporting on the fact that there had been conflict in dumbass for,
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for the past 8 years, but it was always presented as russian aggression i. one day i can go to forget a conflict in this try to live on people not to come here. usa today is now recognizing that some of its pro ukraine articles vilifying russian troops are based on fake information. with quite catching lot of direct from our studios in moscow, this is art international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. right now, let me put it has shared his take on the global economic crisis, as well as russia's reaction to the unprecedented sanctions. from the west, he was speaking at one of the world's biggest and most important business events. the st. petersburg, international. economic for the
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one of the main topics of friday's discussions was of course the military operation in ukraine. r t. z editor in chief margarita manion was the moderator to the forum and asked the russian president about the future of don bus. she will be by yet some new people in our country and in the liberated territories are afraid that we will quit and leave. will we leave, can use them and we will support the people living in these territory. but in the end, only the people who live there will determine the future and we will respect any choice they make him up with him. so was dream of, let me approach and weighed in on a range of topics in his speech at the st. petersburg, international economic form. they included how the so called craig of sanctions against moscow has failed. president also mentions and inevitable and of the unit polar world order and the importance of technological sovereignty to ensure russia can produce and provide for itself while avoiding international self isolation. our
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tv patrol has more from the form of well, we almost knew that vladimir putin was going to use strong language and throw punches at the u. s. and allies. but the russian president got very tough, perhaps even tougher than expected. and, you know, the speech almost sounded like a lecture for russia's geopolitical enemies. mister putin also lashed out at his western colleagues for what he called losing common sense. and also literally forgetting about the interests of their own people. all in a bid to we can russia, president putin also brought up how global economic hardships were being blamed on russia. constant the which according to the russian leader, is totally unfair and something wrong with shameless lucian. but at the consumer we all hear about this. so called putin's inflation,
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who's listening to such nonsense, it's intended for those who can't read and write that. so russia and our actions on liberating dumbass have absolutely nothing to do with it. the current rising prices and the problems with inflation, the problems with food and energy supply, gasoline and the energy sector crisis. all of this is the results of the systemic mistakes in the economic policy of the current administration in the united states and the european bureaucracy. that's the reason and that. so for them, the beginning of our operation is a lifeline that allows them to blame their own failures on others. everyone understands the real reasons. huge sums of money were printed and this money was used to purchase goods and services outside the western countries on the global markets, taking all the supply. no one wants to think about the interests of other countries, including the poorest ones. the world is changing very fast, and these changes are revolutionary,
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says latimer potent. he also believes that while the is changes are inevitable. american and european governments are actually going against the course of history and are stuck in the past. plus, mr. brewton blamed the threats of a potential famine in the poorest countries purely on policies chosen by the leaders of the u. s. and allies. he said that the sanctions led to enormous fertilizer price hikes, which clearly worsens the food crisis. when it comes to the effects that the sanctions of had on russia, president putin noted that they are much less serious than expected by the authors . why? because of how russia evolved in the recent times. so mark and so sir, as i put in extensive, the construction of western sanctions was built on the false thesis that russia is not suffering from an economic point of view that it is critically vulnerable when
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they go so carried away in spreading the smith. they themselves apparently believed it. when planning the economic blitzkrieg they did not notice was simply ignores the real facts of how our country has changed and recent years. these changes of the results of our planned work to create a stable macroeconomic structure in short, food security, implement input, substitution programs, full marin payment systems, and so on. rough as obvious answer to trade embargoes and also a hail storm of anti russian restrictions by western countries was cementing friendship with the likes of bay ging or new delhi. and also a number of other countries in different parts of the world. like latin america or africa, but mostly in the east. however, as we heard from president putin, the importance of close ties with china and india was clear, long before the events of 2020 to the police, commuter nice miasma. a multi polar world is inevitable for you and those who cling
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to their imaginary global leadership, its all costs to making a colossal mistake. this is a mistake that will cost and daily. i have no doubts about that. you can ask for relations with asian countries in general, and with china in particular, we did not just stop building relations with them in connection with the latest adventure of recent months. so yes, we have been doing this because in asia and in china, the creation of new centers for the development of the world has become quite the same goes for india with there are also about one and a half 1000000 people with their markets and economy developing very intensively african and latin american countries are also actively developing that. i mean so right, that was the session full of very strong and very important messages for those who weren't actually in that room. but were very far because they either boycotted the form or called on others to do so. the question is though,
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whether any of that is going to be taken into consideration by them on the sidelines of the form r t editor in chief. but to get into someone young said that it doesn't really matter if the west, here's russia or not, that's what you're putting has made moscow's position clear enough for the people to me. now it's not so much the speech that matters to me, but the emotion that i felt while listening in the confidence that had the therapeutic effect on me and on our people in general. it is clear that the speaker was calm, confident in a great mood, very friendly people who are not sure of their well being in victory. don't talk like that. and they don't spread such emotions around them. but it was important for me to hear that we will not leave that the people who want to stay with us will stay with us and that, that their decisions will be important. it doesn't really matter if the west hears us or not. you were in a stable track and we will not. we're away. the russian minister of trade and industry denise montague, of told
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r t from the st. petersburg form that local industry has so far adapted well to the new tough economic reality. mozilla in the city today, part of the industry has already adopted the tough economic conditions. but every day we are facing new challenges, not only additional sanctions packages, but also dealing with a number of economic problems. today, for example, the strong rubel is limiting our exports. however, companies know where to move forward, counting on measures of support from the state. as for the countries, there has been a shift towards those that are friendly to us from the middle east, africa, and asia. these are countries willing to work with our country hill. moreover, we do not abandon our goals and objectives to increase exports, maintaining all support measures for ganske, a republic, official, se sum,
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ukrainian soldiers have surrendered in the city of several done yet at a local chemical plant. there officials say that the number of those who surrendered and their affiliation to certain units has not been disclosed for security reasons. as to avoid persecution of relatives of those who have laid down their arms according to various estimates, up to 2 and a half 1000 troops. including foreign mercenaries are believed to be hold up in 7 done yet 6 industrial zone and with more ukrainian soldiers and at foreign mercenaries laying down their arms. some also were recently captured in northeastern ukraine, or t correspondent are among costs of spoke with to us fighters who are currently encamped to video. and we want you to keep in mind that we cannot maintain the rest of what they're saying or independently verify their words. because of these interviews were conducted in captivity, you just tell me the circumstances around your capture or did you surrender? how did it happen? we were in, i don't know the location, but we were in the like
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a force, corky area. we engage in combat with russian troops though ukrainians were retreating and we were asked to cover their retreat. when we were covering them on the rush and force ran over ran our position. we had to like fully retreat and when one of my colleagues and i waited about 3 hours in a final just to make sure the coast is clear. after those 3 hours, we ended up walking 4 through the woods for about 5 hours. we've actually got onto a road when we surrender to russian forces. what? so what made you make your way out of here to ukraine are initially why wendy conflict started on february 24th. i saw a lot of news. and again, i now believe that they were propaganda from the west side. not specifically just
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america, but the west as a whole that says that right russian fort worth it like indiscriminately killing like civilians and do my travels. i did not see that say it was probably my naive miss my stupidity for coming here with not a lot of knowledge of the conflict as a whole. i hope one day i can go home to my wife and start a family and forget a conflict and just try to the people not to come here. what did you know about the bus before? i mean, come here. i was reported or, you know, prior to like january, february of this year, i really knew i couldn't even tell you where you was on them out to be honest. we were not getting that news, but when things kinda started bubbling up and then kicking off here, they did start reporting on the fact that there had been conflict in dumbass for,
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for the past 8 years. but it was always presented as russian aggression in that area. we were not told about any ukrainian attacks were, were told about the ukrainians is that they were in trenches for any ready to defend you. now i feel like it's still your oh it's not my war. it's not my work. i feel for the ukrainian in people i feel for the russian people, you know, i feel for everyone involved because, or is, is terrible regardless of the circumstances. i don't know why the west focus is, is just sending weapons, weapons, weapons, money, money, money. there is a diplomatic solution to this problem somewhere, but it's going to take some time to get there. and i just think that there, at this time, they're not willing to deal with it. so they'd rather just give a bunch stuff to ukraine and let it be ukraine's problem. i would say, tend to anyone who is thinking about coming over. you think really long and hard about about why you're doing it and what can happen and,
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and if this is really your fight, if this is really something that you need to be doing now the fake war over the conflict in ukraine is still ongoing with an american newspaper usa today now recognizing its tendency to fabricate facts. after a reporter resigned for inventing sources in the articles. the old, it revealed, at some individuals quoted, were not affiliated with the organizations claimed and appeared to be fabricated. the existence of other individuals quoted could not be independently verified. in addition, some stories included quotes that should have been credited to others. as a result, usa today remove 23 articles from its website and build a platform for not meeting our editorial standards. miranda has resigned as a reporter. at least 2 of the reporters articles pulled by the paper focused on the conflict in ukraine. one of which suggested negligence by russia after it overtook
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the project nuclear power plant. in the 1st weeks of the war, while a 2nd focused on the brave ukrainian women fighting russian troops also deemed to be based on fe quotes. and the publication has apologized for the articles and fired the reporter who wrote them while pledging to improve their fact correction system. now the stories join a veritable library of shame pumped out by western media since the start of the war, including an incident where reporters use old footage of the ukrainian showing of done yet that left dozens of civilians dead to accompany stories related to the russian showing of care. earlier i spoke to steve gill, a radio host and political commentator who told me that it is terrifying that newspapers continue to publish such lice. i don't think anybody believes, if this was the only reporter engaged in this kind of making up quotes, making up stories, it takes a culture to produce that kind of outright buy
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a pattern. and i think the real irony is, this is a publication that does the fact checking for facebook, and they can even check the facts within their own newspaper. and gwinnett, which owns usa today as newspapers throughout the united states, back to the fighter pilot. that was the ghost of tea that was supposedly shooting down dozens of, of russian aircraft turned out not to be true. you had the sailors, the ukrainian, the ground forces that were taunting a russian work ship that supposedly got obliterated, turned out to not be true. and those are just a few examples of the fake news that is perpetrated the public perspective, certainly in the west, from the beginning of this people, they get hired at newspapers by editors that have a liberal, ben. i know they're supervisors that have a liberal, other journalism colleges that they go to that have a liberal that they come in with a perspective that is not necessarily a, an accurate world view. and then it gets promoted with, with not only who hires them, but who promotes them. so i think it's
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a major problem. we've seen it in the us for a long time. and i think it's a dangerous problem because it's, if the public isn't getting the truth, it really is hard for a democracy, a republic to operate. the european commission has recommended ukraine be granted. candidate status in a 1st step towards the membership. but the commission chief says, key of has a lot of ground to cover before the country can take part. in the so called european dream. the commission recommends to the council 1st that ukraine is given european perspective. and 2nd, that ukraine is given candy, that status. this is of course on the understanding that the country will carry out a number of further importantly forms and we all know that ukrainians are ready to die for the european perspective. we want them to live with us the european dream.
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so it moves today by the european european creation leadership to recommend ukraine as a designated candidate for you. membership is mainly a symbolic p are gonna move to project you solidarity with ukraine. you commission presenters of underlying made it clear there that there are a lot of conditions attached to moving forward. what's called a number of for the reforms needed by ukraine. and yeah, no kidding. michigan zone you allows for porter is movement within the zone. there is no way that country like ukraine with a hot military coffee, fire swollen, poorly tracked weapons, flooding in, supplied, wider include foreign back neo nazis could cause the lead part of the border result with the rest of the you, with those weapons and fighters able to roll around germany, france, nbc, when you, that's just absolutely ludicrous and would prevent present and obvious threat to the rest of europe. now ukraine was routinely derided by western media tanks, pre conflicts for authoritarianism, corruption, all which now seems to have just not to be banished. the european commission has
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found that ukraine over all is well advanced in reaching the stability of institutions guaranteed democracy. the rule of law, human rights and respect for protection of minorities. and has gradually approximated to substantial elements of the e. u. a queen in many areas. a recommendation which comes a day after the leaders of germany, france and italy expressed theirs. corbett does not confer kennedy status. we ought to remember that the 1st step on the past membership. but those are the cause of the eastern european countries heading into a european council summit on the issue next week. now to move forward all 27 member state, you must agree. but even if they do full membership, free crane could be many, many years away. something that french president a member in my home has been pointing out little bundle. we do not have the rights after so many weeks of war and such a difficult moment to tell the ukrainians to come back later. and that for a signal must be sent. now, yes,
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we all ready now to recognize your status of candidate for you membership, but we also told them frankly, this process will take time. there will be conditions, there will be a roadmap, put will be made by the commission to be fulfilled, and therefore you will not become a member of the european union to morrow. still, there are no guarantees. i think it's important to remember that is fine. denmark in the netherlands, for example, i've already expressed opposition to ukraine's inclusion in the block. and there can't be any dissenting e member states for ukraine, yet the green light for at least the commission's announcement today allows the leadership to tell ukraine that well hey, we're trying our best political analyst and nicholas medical, which believes that the you is desperate to ad ukraine to the block, but t of is entirely unprepared for such a move. i think this is a political stance that the you, as mustering moving now, because europe, your opinion has been doing anything you can to try to get ukraine inside. i think
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at seeing today that it's losing ukraine or that is possibly that it may be using using ukraine. and it's doing if you can, to try to push the ukraine into the region in some way or another thinking that may be ultimately. this may put pressure on russia to stop to stop the ongoing military activity because maybe a few crane were in the european union. this would, this, would this stop russia which, which is absolutely wrong. and if we look at the details, if we look at the ukraine today and the conditions entering the european union, we see that ukraine a fish, practically, none of the conditions said to the european union fundamental criteria set out by the european council itself to, for any european member to enter the european union are not met by ukraine today. so having the head of the council saying, you crank and enter the european union, i'll buy that ukraine does not follow the criteria of copenhagen is really it is
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a joke. u. s. has imposed sanctions on companies from china, the united arab emirates, and iran in an effort to stop them selling iranian crew to what the united states is pursuing the path of meaningful diplomacy to achieve a mutual return to compliance with the joint comprehensive plan of action. absent a deal, we will continue to use our sanctions authorities to limit exports of petroleum, petroleum products and petrochemical products from iran. the new measures block financial transactions with the firms or those affiliated to them and threaten those dealing with them. the sanctions are aimed at choking iran's oil dependent economy to prevent it from developing a suspected nuclear technology. however, due to the current fuel crisis, they have also contributed to a spike in world crude prices. investment manager, mich firestick says that such decisions are not just worsening the situation,
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but could it lead to a dire outcome? 3 new deal, baby, and net 0 in the u. k. of course he couldn't pass the ballot box. so this is what they're trying to do. they're trying to disrupt the production of fossil fuels. i mean, if you go back, you can find the tape. joe biden said, if you get selected, he will and fossil fuels, and this is what they've done. i mean, yes, yes, g is a big part of stopping with funding for exploration for oil companies, cutting the funds so that there can't be exploration. so people have alternative energy. you're going to see rolling blackouts in the west coast of america this summer and across america. supply chain disruptions all because there's not enough fossil fuels. you're also seeing across america, you're seeing flights or canceled trains, or cancelled. we're at about $120.00 per barrel now they could go much higher. they
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could double from here. if the supply is cut off or some exhaust janice shock, it's the system. so if, if all prices continue to go up and inflation goes higher, you're gonna have further supply chain disruption and you're going to have price increases that most of america can't afford, which will cause a problem. a big problem when people are hungry, bad things happen. speaking of supply chain disruption, huge fires have broken out at a petroleum plant in the chinese port, the city of shanghai. the blazes started after an explosion shook sooner. pex ethylene glycol processing unit, leaving one person dead. the company says that the fires are under control, so you know, pack the china, petroleum and chemical cooperate. she corporation, excuse me, as the 2nd largest oil producing company in china and one of the largest in the world. with julian assault, tracing up to 175 years in prison on espionage charges after legal approval by the
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british home secretary, his wife and legal team denounced the wiki weeks co founders, extradition order to the u. s. process is being used ah, to high atrocity and we know beth from history on that that can be done and the u. k. should not be doing that. it should not be engaging in ah persecution . on behalf of the foreigner power that is out for revenge. all right, that decision lead to international outrage, human rights organizations, such as the committee to protect journalists and amnesty international have spoken up force off the extradition of julian assange to the united states to face trial on charges under the century old espionage act. as a blow to press freedom with implications for journalists everywhere, we urge the biden administration to live up to it stated commitment to a free press by dropping all charges against the wiki leaks founder. allowing julian his sons to be expedited to the u. s. would put him at great risk and sends
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a chilling message to journalists, the world over, we call the u. k, to refrain from expediting julian assange for the us to drop the charges and for a songy to be freed. hard to believe. but it looks real. every serious press freedom group in the world has protested this. it is an appalling symbol of how far the british and american government's commitment to human rights has declined. anyone in this country who cares about freedom of expression should be deeply ashamed that the home secretary has approved. the extradition of julian assange to the united states, the country that plotted his assassination sanchez, legal case has been going on for years in 2019 his asylum was revoked in the equitorial embassy in london, where he had been hiding for years since skipping bail he was then arrested by your stories and sent to the bell marsh, maximum security prison in 2020 extradition hearings began. and a year later, the presiding judge concluded, it would be oppressive to expedite dishonor to the us due to his health. but that
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decision was overturned, less than a year later when a london high court agreed with the u. s. to extradite. now in 2022 london court has issued an official extradition order followed by the u. k. home office, confirming it friday morning. rickie leeks published classified information about the iraq and after the wars revealed video of the us soldiers indiscriminately slaying civilians, proved torture and prisoner deaths due to miss treatment at guantanamo bay prison. camp and exposed pro clinton media bias and a scheme to push. bernie sanders out of the presidential race. we spoke to raymond l. mcgovern, a former cia officer who sees assumptions, extradition as a requiem for independent journalist. this is the broader problem here. if people in the united states think they can use the espionage act of 1917,
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my andrew against german spies to pursue capture and put in prison for the rest, the day lives, journalist, whether they be australians or uruguayan or ice lands, or if they live in antartica or in the arctic, we can get you because we're the united states and we have this law that we can apply to. anyone doesn't have to be american citizen. so you know, how dangerous is that? how, how damming will that be when somebody wants to write next time, some cables or try to get them released. in addition, of course, you have a surveillance system imposed now not only in the united states, but in the u. k. and other places where it's sort of quite a trick to get such a sensitive material to where it can be hosted anonymously. that's part of the problem as well. so independent journalism, let's compose a requiem for it because it's, it's, it's mostly did. and it does for me,
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this are i'll be back in about 31 minutes. another full and fresh look to stay with us. says our team trash blue ah ah . mm hm. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy
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confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk. in spring 2022. europe began closing, forced to russian vessels, one after another. the sanctions package bombs, russian flag vessels from entering you. port belgium, bulgaria, mania, romania, tuna. lee announced that they would be close to russian ships, russian vessel. karen gas, i'll call company gemini renaud, and not covers visor. is similar decision was taken by canada him later by the united states.


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