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i don't think the usual solutions going to was going to happen. drastically change direction. the are to come up with this crisis. ah ah. you can you write up the stuff that we've see and what it looks like. so we're showing a little who has recently been diagnosed with cynthia chicago, i'm sorry, lots of them. will the quinn company out there? so please. so mr. ashley with national property in putting me on the mazda 6. what about broadway at the church, cynthia baltimore, social services, to see the words
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a finish conceding was open. emotional the thrust upon it could not like a pizza, but still no. more than cook with old creature. with susan. yeah, you scowled. mister listed. yeah. get resign. you yes, just do 70, sophia, you national, not on bison. what is thought far, all does normal that off by the teeth are you will not puzzle. i skied a globular dorm, but it wouldn't nuggets you only watch like your porch
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ah yes, i would put on some of them in a long see. yes, yes, said bristow, sharon? no, but our little dog delaney yard will sell you some work at least. and then yesco sheet on when you hit them my it will be my on board thought. yeah. which in the do a squirrel snow with little kit cuz she knew oh oh yeah. mama mooney bozza with
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oh well this is jeanette just for josh us in training for i would think willow stood for famous last. 2 0 mm. ready ah, ah ah ah me. yeah, yeah, the new one. yeah. the summer. but it was
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a snow storm. water wants to settle kidley shit for them when you're not an instrumental to kind of don't want a gift a ah, the muslim pulled on with new machine this year for sugar low summer cry modem for look up reassuring is issue with other group is that she has consulted prior to dealing with the regional chiller definitely in the community. but what i'm dealing will, as i said, us in the fortune both we've been in the concrete ways listening below chippy 2014 in the mail.
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i know that the last and about the they will live and even us there were boy and i was a bit off or that she can check your order. and soon the soon the shuttle will look start to ship a command to village kind of his ball with ah ah ah, treated for new feel and need it all approved is what was done, you know, but the,
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his, my, but we did see the point alicia and bill has started sale on the phone with a deal that was messed up to your call. that will stay on the phone with been in a while. so we're on the phone. but i must choose the call her all over the when me as the but almost love. i'm like, we're still homeless except those the whole i knew. yeah, it will not be finished washing the report on your smart me. ah, you know the lot issue in the phil subtle when he was put in your shows that the initiative for that the push out to kim told them i told them when there's a there's nobody ever sent you the invoice and of course shampoo that's supposed to
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talk to one of the of short i owe a guy you let me know about your company, which was saddam brother him? yes. can you please hear the water is just an inch or what's on the printer? so? no, no, believe me. me this is priscilla manuel should have been able to answer any phony please you. it looks like i couldn't get the full thought only that the was thought like philip waltz in the ready. but because want to move that on the what did enough sense? would you say on the wall showing them politician there was no, they would have put them leslie with a machine? yes. pulling up your cell phone, which is what if it's more complex? you who implement should she just showed as though some, but i'm just going to show of the month the case shows, and he wasn't repeal se issued on with the national bar off of cash monitor. she
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had spoken year of sample pricing initially system but the link is all in $1.00 of his discontinue simple problems here was 20 percent down. wanted to mention with the younger stone. honestly surely that the free repeal some of the guess what warning with closely sheila, such a nino comes out of my g as in what storm for much of got on until i'm when you're fishes for pickup to it. but the most mature hosted about mostly my front. ah, but it's your mother of noise cars double clicked. you are absolutely use carson of a quick to what about the whole shameless bully between destroy my bill?
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is it on the ear? chest is near was near the but of woodson, the singing? yup. a pile of spears came on. usually the boarded somehow from us. they had to know shout mr francois modem with which did some good to won't be able to put towards just didn't revoke what tom was recommended. monica said, lot say is neil us. oh, francois initial shorter one. you're not that the kicker, the don mitchell. i am a bit as odd sir. you will nip up all speed. skip it, almost all, just to kill. you could have danced under, won't you? what those rece console song was also some some shall i, which does she late and on the division with him, but i'm stuff renewable. she'll have she of lucky that out of
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what done just on the gone them. it was you my, after i only work, she not trading that we'd been use them about the money she still out of college like up she mo, present on you. and she does your district. yeah. and i can get stuff pushed to now them e 6 just yet by using his go. she doesn't worry. ah good. oh no. oh oh oh, yes she, they used to. i see i could because now i could do a very good cds in a she shut he uses, she said, but i mean yes, but the most to yes, she finished with this at that i see as that is which in laura spots i today love
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that guys, you jen yet to which intended open you my g says to withdraw door, listen, you cheer you up. open emotional my am you said this post a good you know? yeah, but you, you i, i, i, you so yes, dos with them. i know i so you're good with i see with a yup. wouldn't a god
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bless him. ye funny bother with him. he'll come for motion for his new civil at the vienna. put you in a t small an upper chief. nothing mad but there you'll know of the us not noiseless thought. what gosh, what are your muscles and to you and you get 3 per year, are you going to see your snake any $30.00 you buy my brain? he or she goes to it? yes. yeah, you know, it's got bombed e nationals. i'm not sure. does she shut by side sitting? 44 shit! yahoo with a blue shield with
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with a condition on yes. i'm, you know, and see what the most dominique, like i've been to this no longer was your line, you bus mother a mom or she you was my you were it was to run or more. yeah. which was not on my see your national super store. i mean, you're what dollar from feet by them. we are conditioned a ah
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ah, ah, ah, a ah. the sanctions package bars russian flags vessels from entering you posed belgium, gary sweeney. romania sooner and turn out would be close to russian ships. here
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for with this talk of, we routing oil and gas exports to asia as myself, but i with the additional booth for the eastern part of the northern sea root has never been around a sure there with food or she's done yet. but of course, that all, ah, the, the,
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i me, i was interested, beloved by this number. what is the, tell us what is a news that i need to know? we've been looted in the memo, spoke where it was, but still we still personally speak stuck and we the we normally use that word is much more similar. ah,
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me, video study live for the moment caught up with me and this picked our play is crazy. if you will we're finished. i fish there actually me wasn't sure it was dark. start back. yeah. we're in the new part of the rose king. my should isn't him on somebody. it's on the question of boardman to do not use too much from fuel park to start the tourist suddenly somewhere to park ski and she really to hear the mom when you start our yeah, me, i'm pretty with you. good. short the other for you. it's new, like one course. i go to you with those other bones of women that you dumb through
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the will. what do you make list? visetti good for him to be was sealed me now. vignettes ah brushes to do the new still it's him. we brought up with you hello, milton unable a family group name is not all nickel because i've got to use them. well, you can change it. they've all must have glass or some would chill steps if you that you it was it. but the loo tray, e bring you still believe me? some cut out to provide some the lenient 8th of the doorway by little story and as a set of friends that as you, i said it's on the we immunized tedious legion is still certain anyway, and i just went on that but english of the body when i shall be spectacular just yet. when i speak, you said that he chose a sub riley water meal scout that i might, the momento get that you speak to him. let them not. at easter a formal schools will stop. one of these machines stores jewish has been issued, nor do you do unless it is while in knowing them. just then my brother was when you
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are both doing scholarly cheat, is 3 cesar. to be sure i'm if job wisdom tooth a back what that is, a barley wish. if sure. if you all me yet, or the only means, you know, don't get bustle. my will plenty more years. torque arc. with wellstar medical body, a bit issue, a garage suit and that does a bid on society done in women through body. it's the d spotswood. so thanks initially when we're still amy i was about with
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a spoke with jim sich us. there was an i v on course porcelain was this has been like where you're sick with him with right there, but needs to be aware of boy look forward. your course of course was smeared demarco does me truth from the over. yeah. pretty cross. when you miles storm wallace with steel issue for, well, the key was slow here, so snow with more for all but the computer and you're from a share change in the video talk, lots of chill. one of the visa devali said this, the only hurry to boost up behind, but anyway, i still don't know is it? well, that's the only way of show it to be discussion when you're pretty sure i'm with the what is a push pull out a see what's going on with the spider with
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store. she'll talk with the system in your to 100 us a little with my children, brought in potions, this b b s coming. but the most of those are this should dollars. sure. with us. that'll not. did that on posterior with on the mushroom, all the stuff that i missed a was this when those because sure both oscar keep the kid pitched, you get a cookie at the bulk of those kid on a long way of sugar popular in i am in my list of the party at your company mail. either sama, opponent, them phone call to shaun kidmore. here this property is
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a facility. the child social is. this is savannah for his alina salinas. my bill amused labella was ordered severe, but which in cook with richard bishop with the managed care status of the show. at the con. yes. now chain jolla g m and get it. she does it in whistler recorded guardlick position? i mean, you know, you could have been in bella was saying, usual on your yeah. if you go breasts and then your daughter, the 4th of november is they get a deal as many as can see nearly happening on that. yeah. try to get a feature squish color on the, at the with them. it was that a symbol which could tell, i mean, yet could hear from recording it couldn't yet skin radians come with she would like somebody cher. ah,
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but i live in the. yeah, i'm a cheerless was christopher. would you let him go to next? phillip steve bush, might that go against quite a bit. he's casually private in my school with the up of the below must go school. mr. continue, i brought you or something more that was cleared the windshield virginia of high custom, which is shaquilla, puerto eve camacho, esquire, at the cisco ah stucco pressure system. when you see on the friday, it is dealing with ashley additional to the phone assistance. sheila chapter project i bought it, but i had some nights in the us for tea. a starting, i did miss me there. she don't talk about crow. his aunt thomas thought, no, it is. it's less cut out a mi. yep. chaise. doris brushwood says not come with
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a start. one thing since his deal is to little bit of jealousy and then all we have the pre jealous, cham with that the you had when you're below is emotions even. and to start on the when i see leanne was pulling was his ideal. those totally summers him leave, which my daughter could other. he's a come water. he what they do, shave soon as you see me listening of your time, which is just the thought of who 30 to morning cuz no one can miss summers to bring you my should the other you cannot done. but because the new year's eve believe it was blazing late korea,
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social or political potential bus peninsula numerous. so we'll put a bundle oh oh okay, for sure . okay, it's a football but i love football initiative roster. the whole sheila looking to the church actually
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glumly. sasha furniture only to show the room, but the light from the law firm handling the initial letter. when done it. oh oh, the oh fast is it you're welcome. we're with mother in law, michelle: oh, eddie this month. it's it on autopay at the more com or so when you were so we're just social numbers with boys in one of those monitor woodard so though,
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but i'm gonna show you what i yeah sure. the mutual says shells sticky hummel's cousin duck knew william nicholas floor. here we is. he has to know at the nearest i'll pass them bullish jim stole women to think of where it would have been . was something with your holcombe. good. another kid. i shall. fortune daily, for also some of ah, ah luis to come to russian state will never be as tight as on the north landscape with speaking with will ban in
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the european union. the kremlin. yup, machine. the state aunt, rush up to date and support. r t sport neck, even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube said with me. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to this is i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with
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ah, good, good, good, good. good. the great, she's the world brings. i don't think i can the story. i mean you still more you can call me when you bring in the new year for food come really was shock corley when she when you press be good. yeah. but he
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stuck with the why and with the name of luisel. we do go with the see in the all of the me she has to do, but your precious of them a solution that she's coming. we're the only like with lucel's a fall. newly sure, thanks to be with the review of the letting you please that would give me shit at me. ah, i was using it out, but she did not. yes, i was fortunate by.


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