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development, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time to sit down and talk with at least 3 people are being killed in the latest shelling of doing it 50 as local officials, acute ukraine of intentionally targeting civilians. a prominent to us media outlet takes down $23.00 bits articles off discovering they were full of fake news stories including allegations against russia. ukraine plus julie mythology family express is outweighed. daughter london approved the extradition of the whistleblower to the us, where he faith is
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a 175 years in prison. with a will welcome. this is all the international with the latest world headlines. it's good to have you with us now don't. yes. the officials say 3 people have been killed and several injured in such a day. the shelling of the capital city with around 200 artillery rounds, fired by the ukrainian forces residential area, thought allegedly being intentionally targeted by caps troops. ah, has seen the latest fatigue from the varnish hill of sky and clay by ship district showing the aftermath of the attacks with smoke seen rising above the impact site. local official say 2 of the victims were emergency services work as well. the 3rd appears to be a civilian. and this latest drone footage from dawn yet shows smoke rising over
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a building in the cities stadium also struck by ukrainian artillery. the number of casualties at that particular site has not yet been confirmed as he is remark, cancer reports from the scene. the shelling of civilian areas of the nest can continue. this says saturday from the very morning we're heard several explosions right here in the center of the city. just for you to understand this is the arena here in donnette. the one that's welcomed matches of it's one to 12 european championship and a right behind me. a building is on fire. on a saturday, at least 3 people have been killed by ukrainian artillery. 2 of those people were servicemen of the emergencies ministry. they came to a site where a building was destroyed in order to help out. once they arrived. you could you create in artillery, struck once again and also later on saturday,
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one civilian had been killed, wants to get a lot of civilian infrastructure, had been damaged. here in the next cancer, well military infrastructure. i haven't heard any damaged to it. so for rahman coffer, have r t done as people's republic. a university chemistry faculty was among the damaged buildings that luckily there's been no reports of victims from last sight. a local professor says he witnessed the shelling, which he described to us in detail. yes. who? his city of school, who i was just walking along the university campus him is approaching the building . when the shelling began. shells were flying, writes overhead. people were running their explosions all around. i run up to the university, i was just on my way to work there and then came the explosions. there was shattered glass all around me. i think the shows probably from the recent deliveries from nato, because it showed didn't look like grad rockets, which are usually somewhat weak. and there's
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a lot more destruction here when you move. meanwhile, russia is defense, ministry has released fresh voltage of its attack, helicopters conducting pinpoint strikes on ukrainian army positions, floating rockets for more than 5 kilometers away from less hawkiss. destroying a can long post on several on the vehicles of the housing side. and the new twisting more thing called the fake news war over ukraine. with the reports of the usa to day resigning and shame after the outlet admitted she'd coax up. fax for 23 of us stories. the old reveal that some individuals quoted would not affiliated with the organizations claimed and appeared to be fabricated. the existence of, of individuals quote, it could not be independently verified. in addition, some stories included quotes that should have been credited to others. as a result, usa today removed 23 articles from its website and of a platform for not meeting our editorial standards. miranda has resigned as
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a reporter. at least 2 of the recall, his fake news ask was focused on the conflict in ukraine, alleging negligence by russian force is often dead. seize the example dozier nuclear power plant in southern ukraine. the botched article claimed the russians had threatened to blow up the facility while another piece by the same reporter focus on the stories of ukrainian women on the front lines which was made up the aisle. it has issued an apology for the fake news pieces while promising to improve its fact checking the poor story to a library of fabrications pumped out by the mainstream media. since the start of the military conflict. they've deal a radio host on political commentator told us it's very troubling, that western outlets continue to publish lies about ukraine. i don't think anybody believes if this was the only reporter engaged in this kind of making up quotes, making up stories. it takes a culture to produce that kind of outright buy a pattern. and i think the real irony is this is
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a publication that does the fact checking for facebook. people that get hired in newspapers, by editors that have a liberal bit by their supervisor, to have a little bit of a journalism colleges that they go to that have a liberal bass. they come in with a perspective that is not necessarily a, an accurate world view. and then it gets promoted with, with not only who hires them, but who promotes them. so i think it's a major problem. we've seen it in the us for a long time. and i think it's a dangerous problem because it's, if the public isn't getting the truth, it really is hard for a democracy, a republic operate. i hope that usa today won't stop with this incident again. i think there's a culture of disinformation is taking place in the media globally. and certainly in the united states, we've seen it with the smear campaign directed against president trump in the last 4 years. so i hope that they don't stop with this firing dis apology, and think that their work is done. again, they have hundreds of newspapers and other media outlets. they're owned by ganette
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and they need to be searching every one to say that the same thing is not happening because i think it's more of a culture than it is just one road reporter who k prime minister parish johnson is facing backlash from and pay. he's on the skip the key conference at home in favor making a surprise visit to kids don't the spokes person and i will say will not be attending the summit in the u. k. just now as people is expected to speak at the event. absent leadership, pretty much sums up this government's approach to the country's problems. it's not an excuse. he could have gone there any time. even his most loyal supporters here are pretty pissed off. a prime minister is also being accused of showing total content holy. i want to send the voice to that outrage. johnson was busy being entertained by president lensky in k. as for discussing additional u. k. military support for ukraine on things on announce, visit, come saudi off the gym,
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and french and italian leaders came to talk on thursday was not cross the political commentator anthony webb for more. thank you for joining us on the program, anthony. now, what do you think of jonathan's decision to choose k as overland and what do you think it says about his political priorities, especially of the narrowly suffice to know confidence opposing parliament just last week? well, it's the shows a lack of power sees because the trip or i'll call the symbolic action and wait to abolish should under course look, are you in pool paulson, let her know conference, which he face, that he did not insult. i think it's 40 plus 70 some 400 offer key people because he basically deciding it's more important for me to this. it's a foreign country. i'm for me to recall the interests of my own. my own country is the true. you need to go to the crime,
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but it's almost like he is trying to off stage the 3 key key man leaders pop up from the fonts a full form list a apparently we're trying to look at some piece initiatives in retirement for fossil talking the you see the to the training she you but of course i said i got the masa. the key currently says that and it does seem that the prime minister at the time when as a national rail strike claiming money, economic problems in the u. k. and the feed and new fuel crisis alone with things which is not getting policy for some reason. the crime is got
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their policy. and so, of course, the driver would he give them about one of the hall 1000000000 pounds worth of weaponry to the train without any mandate from the, the british public. and this money is solely needed in many other directions in the u. k. because the u. k. across the country that many cops and services from the i'm a chest to pass services to large grades to pools and all this money could be put to better use. bob is home is the prime minister, wants to escape any st. some eyes, if his actions, bright, disappearing off to the ukraine for promoting his proxy will. i think some people will press for something to stay in the train and i'm glad i send my money back. but it's certainly very,
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very concerned. i'm putting the u. k. the position, why a prime, she offered even more assistance to the crying. he's off. ok, see trying how 210000 you can traipse for 120 c r day period. so if i said, i don't know if it's $10000.00 and so, and there's label thorazine from bowman tool from the british public on this matter because the defendants, such as i have been voice are, gave so much space as to why the prime minister was in the craig and said it was important to see a key ally, well, legally be trained is not a, not a law. and on the shy pool form with buying proper defense agreements for the ukraine. it's something which the the i've gotten say following on from
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the usa and this post war mongering is not helping the situation which all your your reports mentioned. but some of the shelling in the east has been caused by nice high conjugated ottomans, under close when the elms were fuss, she cried. they would need history are described as defensive on re upped swells advice that i replace it as i saw seniors defensive arguments, but, well we, we thought this terrible problem when we called mission creek going on. i'm the primary list of the u. k is more and more engaging the you cat 8 and a foreign policy without the pub beschler published pub. right. and it's already done the 2nd do on the have to look at this and why are we getting no
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arms or the assistance of the afghan resistance? way we let down millions of people by taking a sided cool deal with the child about are not going to stop. i'm dead resistance. the resistance took the title at the i'm desperate for all the notes and supports and we get them absolutely nothing. yes. now, how do you feel this important thing on johnson's career on said ben feature i was political policy. well, clearly he's been job is because see that the very, very confident see how to andre 48 consumptive m. p 's pricing against him. so he's living, paying along basically without the support of lisa the pride of his i'm fees under cause some some m p 's separate. i would prefer to have to fight off to the ball action when i, if i felt more people, if i see and see the prime minister, a trace of my even the previous previous advice and very confidence in well
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that she survived it 6 months later she was actually gone, but the problem is, if the premise does go within 6 months or so, he's cause the immense damage to the british economy by his reckless policy regarding the crying. because it's becoming more and more clear, but the sanctions against russia. ok. she sunshine, the bush is public, much more. and if you think back in u k history, when was being, say, 3 percent rise of the cost of living. that's been big parliamentary debates and so on. and now we got the cost of living across the fuel going off, but minimum of a 3rd i'm, we're having, she know you debate as we speak at the moment. the media, the old main street major in the u. k. i'm the opposition. a keeping clots about
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the real causes of these fuel fuel prices. i think the limits bed lit can be cut off for a because the increase that see a high and even present patients. i think it was yesterday said that the, the western countries have been very reckless and engaged unless such sitting policy because it had tom done more than they had on russia. yeah, i think that will be, i think there will be a leave for the u. k. to solve all this war mongering and change to a position of the big apiece, like on becoming the true, neutral in the cry. now that sounds pretty impossible at the more and more people see that the, the, the position you take up a cycle has really, the hong position,
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trash up, you know, the sooner that they'll be a change of policy. i would see europe in comes she school change, their policies are cause this to slice aside from. but i bars johnson was to try and stop the peace making process, which is a really irresponsible brain today because what it's doing is can designing a loss of rational the whole lot of ukrainians to need the suffering and need the staff when are we all know it's quite easy to have when you said the you cry and you just sent me needs to tell preston i with he needs to, i'd say, but i would like to compile nice. i think that's a good time for sorry. things are up to that political candidate to anthony with a thank you very much for doing this on the program. really appreciate your time. thank you, nicky. the gangs were public officials,
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se sum ukrainian soldiers half rendered as a local chemical plant in the city of several don. yes, no officials said the exact number of military prisoners and the affiliation decision unit is not being disclosed for security reasons. to avoid the potential persecution of the relatives of surrender soldiers in ukraine. 2 and a half 1000 troops, including foreign mercenaries of believe, to be hold up inside the cities sprawling industrial zone. with several western mercenaries, were also among the grip of recently captured competence and ne, in ukraine. we sat down with 2 of them, both americans to find out what brought them to the war zone. just a warning we have not been able to independently verify their claims. the. it was reported in our, you know, prior to like january, february of this year, i really knew i couldn't even tell you where ukraine was on them out, to be honest. we were not getting that news. but when things kinda started mumbling
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up and then kicking off here, they did start reporting on the fact that there had been conflict in dumbass for, for the past 8 years. but it was always presented as russian aggression in that area. we were not told about any ukrainian attacks were, were told about the ukrainians is that they were in trenches for a ready to defend initially when the conflict started on february 24th, i saw a lot of news. and again, i now believed that they were propaganda from the west side, not visibly just america, but the west as a whole. that is that right russian for his work. got it like indiscriminately killing like civilians and through my travels, i did not see that. i would say it was my eagerness. my stupidity coming here with not a lot of knowledge of the conflict that all. i hope one day i can go home to my
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wife and start a family and forget the conflict and just try them and other people not to come here. ah, i don't know the location, but we were in the forest car key area we engage in combat with russian troops. now ukraine were retreating and we were asked to cover their retreat. when we were covering them, the russian forces ran over in our position. we had to like fully retreat and when one of my colleagues and i waited about 3 hours in a fighting hole just to, to make sure the coast is clear. after those 3 hours, we ended up walking 4 through the woods for about 5 hours. we eventually got onto the road when we surrender to russian forces. it's not my war. i feel for the
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ukrainian and people i feel for the russian people, you know, i feel for everyone involved because, or is, is terrible regardless of the circumstances. i don't know why the west focus is, is just sending weapons, weapons, weapons, money, money, money. there is a diplomatic solution to this problem somewhere. but it's going to take some time to get there. and i just think that they're at this time, they're not willing to deal with it. so they'd rather just give a bunch of stuff to ukraine and let it be ukraine's problem. i would say tend to anyone who is thinking about coming over, think really long and hard about about why you're doing it and what can happen and, and if this is really your fight, if this is really something that you need to be doing, one of the world's biggest and most important business advance these from petersburg. international economic forum is wrapping up on saturday office. several events full days.
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me on friday rushes president delivered k speech and global economic issues. at the event, the military operation. ukraine was also in the spotlight. we're putting stress that russia will not abandon the people of dumbass who need moscow protection. you can use them with an issue shooting to course we will protect the interests of those people for whom are guys fighting there today, getting injured and dying. there is only one way through this. what else to the sacrifices for if course we will support the people who live in the territories. in the end only the people who live there will determine their own future. and we will respect any choice they make the we've got dotted my patient also waiting on a range of other topics in his speech, including how the circle blitzkrieg of western sanctions against moscow has failed . the presidents mentioned an inevitable end of the unit polar world order,
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the importance of technological sovereignty to ensure russia can produce and provide for itself while avoiding international self isolation. perform also welcome to a number of high profile guests. we caught up with prominent russian sen constance in cause a chance. he says the new round of russian anti russian sanctions only creates more problems to the west. i expect even stronger come to vs between become to so the with because each and every package appearing does create more and more problems for the west itself. not for russia. russia has managed to overcome the previous thanks. and a package of the russian economy is not here to the door and into pieces. of course, we are still going strong. no doubt about this. and the resources of the russian economists are a few who do enough in order to not to be afraid of any further developments on
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their side. on the other side, the ethics of that thanks and policy heat, the less than an economist more and more so i am not sure that the 7 packets will ever appear at all. and if it appears it will not read any unbearable consequences for the russian economy. and it will probably create certain problems, but again, we are not afraid ah, where the whistleblower julianna's songs facing up to 175 years in us prison on espionage charges and family has denounced the wikileaks co found his extradition or to the us, which was approved by london on friday process is being used to
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hide atrocity and we know that from history that that can be done and the u. k. should not be doing that. it should not be engaging in prosecution on behalf of the farther power that is out for revenge. joe's been published on 3 publishing evidence of war crime, thought and corruption. what decision made is that basic journalism, journalism that people do everyday thing information. publishing information is now the legal in the u. k. u. k. home secretary, the decision has sparked international outrage, human rights group, such as the committee to protect journalists and honesty. international have spoken up for julian songs. the extradition of julian assange to the united states to face trial on charges under the century old espionage act as a blow to press freedom with implications for journalists everywhere. we urge the
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bite and administration to live up to it stated commitment to a free press by dropping all charges against the wiki leaks founder, allowing julian sons to be expedited to the u. s. would put him at great risk incense or chilling message to journalists, the world over. we call the u. k. to refrain from expediting julian assange for the us to drop the charges and for a songy to be freed hard to believe. but it looks real. every serious press freedom group in the world has protested this. it is an appalling symbol of how far the british and american government's commitment to human rights has declined. anyone in this country who cares about freedom of expression should be deeply ashamed that the home secretary has approved. the extradition of julian assange to the united states, the country that plotted his assassination. as long as his legal case has been going on for years in 2019, his asylum was revoked to me, ecuadorian embassy in london, where he had been hiding since skipping bales. it was that arrested by u. k. authorities and sent to the bel marsh,
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maximum security prison in 2020 extradition herrings began, and a year later, the presiding judge continued. it would be oppressive to extradite a songs to the u. s. to, to his health issues, but that decision was overturned, less than a year later when a london high court agreed with the us request to extradite the whistleblower. we're now in 2022, a london court has issued an official extradition order followed by the u. k. home office confirming it on friday, and thornton wikileaks came on the us scrutiny in 2010 off they published tribes of classified information about the wars in afghanistan and iraq, exposing footage of us soldiers indiscriminately gunning down civilians. they expose. they also revealed torture and prison, a death at the notorious guantanamo bait attention camp for down they as the former council of ecuador in the u. k. who knows mister songs personally, from his time at the embassy says the extradition decision is a most dangerous precedent. what we are witnessing is there
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criminalization of journalistic activity pew journalistic activity. julia sanchez is know that use of stealing, he formation of hacking documents. he's accused of obtaining, receiving information and publishing. that's what journalists do every day everywhere. i personally thought that juliana sanchez unbreakable. what he has in dual, all these years, the defamations, this neary, his men lift him off, which is a crew run into psychological torture. she has proved to fight against the most powerful people in the world. and she has not the stock they haven't breakin
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yet. however, he is only human any any journalist, anywhere in the world that one day, like the stones to his own life, what is published about them. they will apply extra territorial ne, a domestic lo espionage act is not something that we, who are know americans should respond to is for the americans. and they will come and take anybody from anywhere and put them in prison for life is a terrible precedent. many thanks for joining us here in the program of the back at the top of the i was now blue.
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what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk with
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the shop police who it can use. know if the new was unwinnable is deal it so i didn't miss it was i didn't good bushels, bushels coop was that the good voice was m nor go minova. let it double at the curb . my humor got to read a book to look what seems feared him, but see him. no, probably him eat seamless, selenium, anadia, and a good boy is going yesterday she said no problem. the got to just go and you. so i see this with amo, the joke of 9 people you might still farseason will not say is will you say give them i love them. thank you. by the way. yeah.


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