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this kid with 2 fishers, please, who can use that? if the new was unwinnable is deal it is. i didn't miss it was i didn't good, but she'll slow official scope. was it the good voice william nor go minova? let it double at the curb. my humor got to read a book to look what seems feared him, but see, i'm on the probably him eat seem the selenium push anadia and a good boy is going yesterday. she sitting upright and got to the school and use the sheet which is what i'm oh, the truck is that if you, when you might still farseason will not say move you 2nd and we thank you. by the way, you had me as the night. yeah. i so i missed those, them, it was,
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i mean you storage it the way you deal with. the other thing is we can move on. you see up us down in these are that you got a started not to be home until monday much you similar to 0. the finished thing with venue. you do know that, you know, even like a little bit of what you like when you go someplace with session a she's with
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a good mom, mom with you. got you before delivery. there's a national scholar here, 3 different with leslie and did some my local sculpus go with most, some of them i can do with this level with jim and michelle with mr. new schuman does the food ordering with relationship to remediate or less. and you're not going to review this to shows just for questions in maybe to use mom a for any of you. i'm when you're dealing with jordan
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dish, there's the machine a motion with would have to new music. you mrs. does that start with lou? yes, there's a used to let me double those aids. this is just this that i you. there you go to the kitchen. is nice that you would be the annoy, stays, dad, i see it. yes, i would always put you through what we thought it would be easy. sure enough adolescent and that you do not feel what if you wish to if you think that that you used to be a kid for catherine? what about the now morgan ideas?
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yeah. awesome. i was in the, by the way, we would, we would, i would, it wouldn't do with them for the, with
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the bus till at least with the away in the city schuman with clean. the just isn't that the chip, those that is, is that the, i need the ego when you might you none, none of these, nearly enough dollars to move rock stores which we started with. this is emily. i thought i should, i should us will be the most because you go when you got a chance, if you the new one, is it because you don't, you not, it is done it with us and this will be and you will, you know, you won't be was know, with a soon as a city was then it was,
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it was the deal. did sickle, e, b, e, b, be good with national. want people that work with the one was a warm see when he says it will be with my me and one b o e p pretty you with national use of what a little use and you just a little puzzle shouldn't be a special that football not any answer, but that is in museums. but i think when you try to stay longer, pardon me. the most was not good with it. i had trouble with a go in and i spoke amanda with both who did both. so when you a little shed, some things you know, so, so each little boy with smith is i get all this me.
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so when a group is started with you, boy, we not only are you seeing the so she can find what's the does or what. thank you to the way by say, i need wishing to let you know what you think it's in the gym store. was like all of the, from what i need to call the school, say a number which you know, give issue will be on most with, doesn't like your shipping. you might normally use use go to the pick. and mrs day on is called the unpleasant with the pl good it. because it is lisa thing in which we went we, we didn't play, she knew. is it? well, usually it will be on here. why don't we see you or will you with, with the missed your call yesterday for the past with
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a legit newly organ zones alleged scheduled to visit with with with that name. oh no, no, no i was right. there is no new york with but the one is like what year?
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so ordinary move with scales. yeah. for those numbers. so whenever you enough match those those definitely few years there. i will just with motion you hold on one minute, your ticket no actually phases. oh no, we'll okay, then we'll be very much and it will amuse lots of a chest on us. there's a new nice europe in your new home as usual with a like a lease. then learn. if morrow's within probably a month, if they had the youngest in like a studio, that you do is do that with them to play with him down or not. but you hello me multiple times. over the phone,
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you can sneak with blue cross continuously similar to judy, but 2nd switch here, but going from yes, i'm calling from a good thing here. thought i knew was almost done instead of the month of ego with dr. me, you lose, you lose your, you little words. if you know my, just the, it, those are pretty, are the version a stuck on your computer. so believe her new has a new are big news, 3 of versus with kira, you know, lies. so then the books covered for the care of this work on to give to the internet. yeah. additional last lovely. brad by which good
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day to room? yes. yeah. with my bit with the most in speak directly via the home. yes. michelle mostly awake cigarette on this. it's is our opinion that humans up in our young a b e lane again. oh oh i was curious that young. what i'm gonna do. 7 7 7 wookey john, but those dad yard learn boys do? yeah. i was young. i was sure my is did john. i need a young but those did. yeah. i see you. yeah. what's your boy good you yeah. oh good. so i
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you. yeah, i need your ga, ga, bar your with your door or yeah. i yeah. i was home on when you moved from bill of school is was with like if there was a whole month on us. missed the bus. nick of will not the rule. give me a like a day right now, look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot
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must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law. sure. items of the patient, we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. and the point obviously, is to create trust rather than fear with take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with ah, ah ah,
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a z a z e in your home a h u r y b. but i was like with my plan, you can always have anybody. i knew where you'd be. so much as you know, of plunge were united to what i would issue. sure. but if you wanna with love in dealing with? no, we're not
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a unistrut issue. bullshit. i got a, a, you know, we are in a, were, you know, disney good digital digital or got but with this, with you next door to chess and you're able to completely gra,
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which the of your i to not do that you gotta do that isn't a silly the boy quite enough to she knew he said ok, i 2nd silly products, but it's a, it's a resolution cleveland, basically somebody who brought in a wind adults. ah, that with none can use the movie goodness just it. but i mean, honestly, we saw your scenario and the premium of going to that wouldn't silman the union of the mere tumble for federal mask. he spoke coin the dish that a motor home garage, a portal nipple to put a tv. one way to when you deal with
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what it was most to, which you schooled omar, most of the to work. so through with the subway shows a subway for somebody who was on issue with the smartest for bites. any percentage in log a bus. which of course, i'll realize this switch them up. you don't wish to lecture annual storage character as yourself. so you're probably going to sort of ah,
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i do go to some way that might be a new boy, bruce, but they don't combine it with a gun. and then you look, i did, i did a sure
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to you for the whole just for those advise you will throw that with a boy. no one with ah,
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just with to let it was for the mission. i thought about it last year. so as we have to sort of letters with that, with
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the natural sawyer, with close, with your, with all the way to work with guys that which so, i mean, yeah, it's with joe i just was was i just got principally, but get with them when you go to be a good with a
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a, a, a with a a, a do my what i do, the bill does a little thing on. i want to dissolve what's going on with the medical normal,
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marlene gable for, but the armoire, i'm of him. not some good the oh, yeah. well, postcolonial with follow them with your music state. now, what about what lee kayla is a partial? well it didn't look up on the whole deal dealer. i left a note with a. c i was going to be
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in them a condition does a beautiful is william of got a smart role. is this just to live or? yeah, because i live that he is this me the question. yeah. communication or so i have been completed it so i don't know when it will it the voice of thoughts on the submit, but i'd finish from, you know, some, i think it had been if that particular and they should been you know, the bus. because justin, by choice you always so much welcome to do is i'll come out and we'll let you know it's in the most need that she bush just and i have shown you the answer is dania. you haven't anything at all, something you you the voice of a asking, especially with pressure. just another way you did a within sam? yes. nature. and that there was a shit about him,
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a snitch in same year. make sure i knew, but i said that should it, but there's no need to pass the check if you don't produce the pollution from what says align, you should should church scheduling it, it has all the way to go forward with it, but which is the publish which sophisticated this is a question when you spoke on those in just when you feel busted e estimates and listed. and you heard me pretty new plus just a new post i thought you would should go use doing don't use the se would yes, you wouldn't. you the news dealer might put on it shouldn't be a deal. because after, after main decent producer there will be but no, what is the, what's the, it was the would be a dormer leslie. we'll it. so i'm quote, quote it, ah,
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we just reaching the wouldn't just you brought us cooking to them, but if your forces were not season, my boys just get i was long pull meta, she chose not say not door. when you stores it, i see the stuff that you what anybody else. you put you put those up when you wait a 2nd. this was no yo video store just was a question. national address was a what is the who, who g just enzymes. can you buy more? yeah. 2 of the ways that we have you know, usually genius a rule of nathan laughing and sure when you go with a woman. yes, you left that pretty fountain neither. not says you really, pennsylvania my one thing, i need you to know that my to go with the force to double that i need me to support
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that on my museum. forget about needs to be done in the future with any things delayed. susan released recently. yes. the submit which you wrote web mail yet because there was a any that was a should do or for last maybe less than like a minute. yes, we still do this on the clothes when the money which with susan is and if the other said is to be great, but it might wasn't but the most with people who are in
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ah a functions package. bosch and flogged vessels from entering. you ports, belgium, gary, lithuania, romania, in. turn out that there would be close to russian ships a. now this talk of rerouting oil and gas exports to asia as much myself, but i with
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the additional boost on the eastern part of the northern sea route, has never been around a little close with stored in him, of course. or if he's done yet, but of course that all, ah, we see the current prices in sri lanka, as a continuation of the global financial crisis of 2008, which really has been resolved. we have only been trying to financial eyes and blah, blah by economy and what i see as perhaps a crisis of your liberalism shooting sri lanka 1st. so i don't think the usual
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solutions going to we're going to happen drastically change direction. the are to come up a ah 25 people have been killed and 12 wounded in the latest shelling of don't yet 50. local officials accused you crane of intentionally targeting civilians with a prominent u. s. media outlets takes down 20 to where they thought schools are discovering. they were full of fake news stories including allegations against russia, ukraine, a student, a phones with family, expresses out way down to london, approved the expedition of the whistleblower to us where he.


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