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a minute or 2, but of course general ah ah, at least 5 people have been killed and 17 wounded in the later shelling of don't your city? i've local officials accused ukraine. i've intentionally targeting civilians, ukraine, vice president, petro porsche jenko. admit these signs the minsk agreements with the don't boss republics to pull time and re on his military and never actually intended to make peace with gone. yes. guns, no guns. a prominent u. s. media outlet takes down 23 of its articles offered mid thing. they were full of fake news story, including allegations against russia. ukraine less,
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judy mythology, family expresses, outweigh, talked to london, approved the extradition of the whistleblower to the us, where he faced the 175 years in prison. a welcome to you. this to international with the latest world headlines is good to happy with it. now don't you ask officials say 5 people have been killed in 17 wounded in such a day. shelling of the capital city with around $200.00 territory round spies by the ukrainian forces residential areas are allegedly being intentionally targeted. ah, who has some of the latest leticia from the thought of she loves sky and quit by shim district showing the aftermath of the attacks with smoke,
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steam rising above impact sites. local officials say 2 of the victims were emergency services personnel killed while working at the scene of an earlier shelling attack. and this thrown footage from don yet shows smoke rising over a building in the city stadium, also struck by ukrainian artillery artes women concert reports from the scene. the shelling of civilian areas of the nest can continue. this says saturday from the very morning we heard several explosions right here in the center of the city. just for you to understand this is the arena here in donnette. the one that's welcomed matches of it's one to 12 european championship and a right behind me. a building is on fire. wants to get a lot of civilian infrastructure. had been damaged here in donetta, kansas. well, military infrastructure. i haven't heard and examine to it. so for rahman coffer of
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r, t, done as the people's republic and university chemistry faculty was among the damaged building. so luckily there's been no reports of victims from that site. a local professor says he witnessed the shelling, which he described to us in detail. yes. who are going to city school. i was just walking along the university campus and was approaching the building when the shelling began. shells were flying right overhead. people were running their explosions all around. i ran up to the university. i was just on my way to work there and then came the explosions. there was shattered glass all around me. i think the shows are probably from the recent deliveries from nato because it showed didn't look like grad rockets, which usually somewhat weaker. and there's a lot more destruction here. scruples. meanwhile, russia's defense ministry has released fresh footage of attack helicopters, conducting pinpoint strikes on ukrainian army positions. launching rockets for more than 5 kilometers away from their targets, destroying
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a command post on several on the vehicles of the opposing side. ukraine's previous president, petra per shanker, has admitted that the 20142015 minutes to pace agreements to end the civil war in dumbass meant nothing for keith and only gave more time to militarize the country. jim's, if it is pretty good and how did the negotiations in music and we achieved work? we wanted, we didn't trust, put him down or we don't know. our task was to avoid the threat or to do a war. it was necessary to get 8 years for us to restore economic growth and builds up a powerful military. well, this was the 1st task and it was achieved. the men's agreements were broken by russia, france, and germany to ends the military conflict in don't boss of the 2014 q and key as the don't. yes, guns, no guns. republics proclaims that independence. but ukraine responded by sending in
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the military to put down the rebellion. the conflict spoke to civil war that left thousands dead. president pershing. pope was forced to cool off his troops and sit down for talks after his military failed to take the capital cities of don. yes, guns, no guns. under the minsk dale's ukraine's government agreed to give the republics at some autonomy, although they would still remain part of ukraine, however, it didn't deter t. as from further shelling of dumbass, when vladimir lensky replace power sank. i was president in 2019. he promised to boost in the peace process. however, those efforts also stole with failure to implement the men's road map and the continued hostilities with donia it's kind of bounced forces. among the primary reasons for russia to launch is minutes have operation, and february kennestone from the hamilton coalition to stop. the war told us that ukraine's previous president passed full responsibility for the ongoing military conflicts in his own words and in front of the entire world. he has admitted that
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during his entire term as president of ukraine from 2014 to 2018. he undermined he deliberately sabotaged the immense sc agreements he bargained in bad faith. and therefore, he is an author of the current military conflict in ukraine and should be held responsible after the war if there is some kind of tribunal. and as for the countries which guaranteed implementation of the minsk agreements, including france and germany and the o. s. c, these countries, they bear responsibility. they were either fools or accomplices of porsche ankle because for 8 years they did nothing to stop the, the horrendous loss of life in gun that's and the turning of a 1000000 people into refugees. so they too are to blame. clearly there
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was a war being plotted against the people of the donnette and lucon sco republics . and when they tell us how much they care about the people of ukraine, it's not true, it's not true. it wasn't true in yugoslavia that wasn't true in afghanistan wasn't true and, and libya wasn't true in iraq. this is, these countries are just ponds and a great global game of the u. s. empire u. k prime minister of irish johnson is facing backlash from and pays off the he skipped a key conference at home and faith as making a surprise visit to cath chosen spokesperson announced he will not be attending the summit in the cages now as before, he was expected to speak at the event, absent leadership, pretty much sums up this government's approach to the country's problems. it's not an excuse. he could have gone there any time. even his most loyal supporters here
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are pretty pissed off. this is the 1st test of outreach to his colleagues, and he has failed it. if my minister is also being accused of showing title content for his colleagues, which is on p voice that outrage johnson was busy being entertained by president for lensky in care. long discussing additional u. k. military support for ukraine. johnson's on announced visit time shortly after the german, french and italian leaders came to talk on thursday, political commentator anthony weapons, things to put his premier. it's kelly putting his foreign policy agenda. if i said he was citing eyes were important for me, see, this is a foreign country. now for me to recall the interests of my own, my own country is the tree need to go to the ukraine. but it's almost like he is trying to off stage the 3 key to you, my leaders,
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pharmacy for farms and cool. so to pull from was from media for via apparently were trying to look at some piece initiatives in return for fast tracking, d, u n c, a n g u class. all the master, the key points is that it does seem to crime that is a national rural strike with many, many economic problems in the try and the food new fuel crisis. a long list of things which is not catching policy. as a new twist, there was being called the fake news war, either ukraine with a report for usa today resigning and shame on the outlet admitted she cooked up 523
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of best stories. the audit reveal that some individuals quoted were not affiliated with the organizations claimed and appeared to be fabricated. the existence of individuals quoted could not be independently verified. in addition, some stories included quotes that should have been credited to others. as a result, usa to day remove 23 articles from its website and of a platform for not meeting our editorial standards. miranda has resigned as a reporter. at least 2 of the report is fake news articles that focused on the conflicts in ukraine, alleging negligence by russian forces after they'd seize these apples, sierra nuclear power plant in southern ukraine. the boast article also claimed that russians had threatened to blow up the facility on another piece by the shamed reporter, focused on the stories of ukrainian women on the front lines, which was also made up. the outlet has issued an apology for the fake news pieces while promising to improve its fact checking the pulled stories during
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a library of fabrications pumped out by the mainstream media since the stars of the military conflict. steve gail, a radio host and political commentator told his it's very troubling that western outbursts continue to publish lies about ukraine. i don't think anybody believes if this was the only reporter engaged in this kind of making up quotes, making up stories. it takes a culture to produce that kind of outright buy a pattern. and i think the real irony is this is a publication that does the fact checking for facebook. people that get hired at newspapers by editors that have a liberal bit by their supervisor to have a liberal journalism scholar just that they go to that have a liberal that they come in with a perspective that is not necessarily a, an accurate world view. and then it gets promoted with, with not only who hires them, but who promotes them. so i think it's a major problem. we've seen it in the us for a long time. and i think it's a dangerous problem because it's, if the public isn't getting the truth,
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it really is hard for a democracy or republic to operate. i hope that usa today won't stop with this incident again. i think there's a culture of just information that's taking place in the media globally. and certainly in the united states, we've seen it with the smear campaign directed against president trump in the last 4 years. so i hope that they don't stop with this firing dis apology, and think that their work is done. again, they have hundreds of newspapers and other media outlets. they're owned by ganette and they need to be searching every one to see that the same thing is not happening because i think it's more of a culture than it is just one road reporter i got into a public official se sum ukrainian. so just have surrendered at the local chemical plant in the city of several on yes, as this will say, the exact number of military prisons, their affiliation to 30 units is no. it's being disclosed for security reasons. to point the potential persecution if their relatives in ukraine now to 2 and a half 1000 troops, including foreign mercenaries,
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the believe to be hold up inside the embattled city sprawling industrial zone. several western mercenaries were also among a group of recently captured competence in northeast and ukraine. we sat down with 2 of them, both americans to find out what put them to the wall. so now just a warning with not being able to independently verify that claims the it was reported in or, you know, prior to like january, february of this year, i really knew i couldn't even tell you where ukraine was on a map, to be honest. we were not getting that news, but when things kinda started muddling up and then kicking off here, they did start reporting on the fact that there had been conflict in dumbass for, for the past 8 years. but it was always presented as russian aggression in that area. we were not told about any ukrainian attacks were, were told about the ukrainians is that they were in trenches for a ready to defend initially when the conflict started on february 24th, i saw
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a lot of news. and again, i now believed that they were propaganda from the west side, not visibly just america, but the west as a whole. that is that right russian for his work. got it like indiscriminately killing like civilians and through my travels, i did not see that. i would say it was probably my goodness. my stupidity coming here with not a lot of knowledge of the conflict at all. i hope one day i can go home to my wife and start a family and forget the conflict. just try them and other people not to come here. ah, i don't know the location, but we were in the like a forest car, key area. we engage in combat with russian troops. now ukraine were retreating and we were asked to cover their retreat. when we were covering them,
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the russian forces ran over in our position. we had to like fully, ritchie and when one of my colleagues and i waited about 3 hours in a fighting hole, just to make sure the coast is clear. after those 3 hours, we ended up walking 4 through the woods for about 5 hours. we eventually got onto the road. when we surrender to russian forces, it's not my war. i feel for the ukrainian and people i feel for the russian people, you know, i feel for everyone involved because war is, is terrible regardless of the circumstances. i don't know why the west focus is, is just sending weapons, weapons, weapons, money, money, money. there is a diplomatic solution to this problem somewhere, but it's going to take some time to get there. and i just think that they're at
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this time, they're not willing to deal with it. so they'd rather just give a bunch stuff to ukraine and let it be ukraine's problem. i would say to anyone who is thinking about coming over, you think really long and hard about about why you're doing it and what can happen and, and if this is really your fight, if this is really something that you need to be doing, one of the world's biggest and most important business events for st. petersburg, international economic form wraps up on saturday office several eventful days. me on friday, rushes president delivered a key speech on global economic issue that the event the military operation ukraine was also in the spotlight. let me stress that russia will not abandon the people of dumbass who need moscow's protection. look on your some of would, the shouldn't do that course. we will protect the interests of those people for
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whom are guys fighting that today. getting injured and dying. there is only one way through this. what else of these sacrifices for, of course, we will support the people who live in these territories. but in the end, only the people who live that will determine their own future. and we will respect any choice they make. that person also weighed in on a range of other topics in his speech, including how the so called a blitzkrieg of western sanctions against moscow has failed. the present dimension to an inevitable end of the unit polar world order and the importance of technological sovereignty to ensure russia can produce and provide for itself. while avoiding international self isolation can use well for him also hosted high profile officials from all over the world. the minister of mines, energy and walked, as molly told, is that the african country is seeking to expanded, seeking on a partnership with russia. it was important for us to expand contacts with russian economic operators. this cooperation, which has so far,
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been limited to the educational and military's fears can extend to the economic sector. and this can actually ensure the stability of relations. molly's energy sector is indeed going through a real crisis. and this has been the case long before the oil crisis began. today, the cost of oil purchases is really high for the main electricity generating company. and molly, but we are more or less coping with this crisis. thanks to the molly in economic operators. we're putting a lot of effort to meet the needs of the population. we also count on russian molly and cooperation, so that the molly and market is sufficiently provided with fuel and gas today. indeed, all countries of the world are facing rising prices for food products. that is why in surgery, better solution and may a large molly and ministerial delegation led by foreign minister abdulla d. o met with the russian foreign ministers survey lover of to discuss the issue of
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russian companies supplying fertilizers, wheat, and basic food products that molly needs. ah, with, with a blow at julian assange facing up to a 175 years in us prison on and spin us charges. his family has denounced the wicked expel, found his extradition, owed it to the west, which was issued by london on friday. process is being used to hide atrocity and we know that from histories that that can be done and the u. k. should not be doing that. it should not be engaging in prosecution on behalf of a foreign power that is out for revenge. joe's been published, extradited from the country, publishing evidence of war, cry, georgia and corruption. what vision means is that basic journalism,
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journalism that people do everyday thing information, publishing information. now the legal in the u. k. what can they say? the songs will appeal against london decision, and he still has 2 weeks to do. so. the u. k. home secretaries announcements on extradition, sparks international outrage, human rights organizations such as the committee to protect journalists and honesty . international have spoken up for the whistleblower. the extradition of julian assange to the united states to face trial on charges under the century old espionage act as a blow to press freedom with implications for journalists everywhere. we urge the biden administration to live up to it stated commitment to a free press by dropping all charges against the wiki leaks founder, allowing julian of sons to be expedited to the u. s. would put him at great risk incense or chilling message to journalists, the world over we call on the u. k. to refrain from expediting julian assigned for
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the us to drop the charges and for a songy to be freed hard to believe. but it looks real. every serious press freedom group in the world has protested this. it is an appalling symbol of how far the british and american government's commitment to human rights has declined. any one in this country who cares about freedom of expression should be deeply ashamed that the home secretary has approved. the extradition of julian assange to the united states, the country that plotted his assassination. as long as his legal case has been going on for years and 2019 has asylum was revoked in the ecuadorian embassy in london where he had been hiding since skipping bail. he wasn't arrested by you. kell thirty's and send to the bell marsh, maximum security prison in 2021. after extradition hearings began, the presiding british judge concluded it would be oppressive to extradite to songs to the us due to his health issues. but that decision was overturned, less than a year later when london supreme court agreed with the us request to hand over the whistleblower. in april,
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a london magistrate court issued an official extradition order followed by the u. k . home office approving it on friday. as lawrence came on to you as scrutiny in 2010, after wikileaks published troves of classified information about the wars in afghanistan and iraq, exposing footage of american soldiers indiscriminately gunning down civilians, they expose. they also revealed torture and prisoner deaths at the notorious guantanamo bay detention camp. a callous to veda, there's passengers lawyer in ecuador, says london's x traditional day is a threat to journalists world wide shield prints. and ever since that good old grunted political asylum to julian salvage. we have been warning the decisions on the case could set a dangerous precedent in, okay, based on these principles, the former president of ecuador, raffo, korea, described such actions as the persecution of freedom of speech. all this time we have been insisting, and now we are especially insisting that this could be
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a disastrous precedent for investigative journalism, for freedom of speech. and for us ordinary citizens as recipients of information produced by the media. in other words, any person, any journalists who tries to condemn the illegal actions of a powerful states will have to serve a prison sentence on the territory of this state. so it's not just about to son. this is our common cause of fighting for freedom of speech. and it should consent, all journalists, regardless of where they come from, what media they represent. this is a kind of gag law that hinders their activities to sell. florida, as governor has accused the u. s. president of dodging personal responsibility for the record high inflation in the country. calling joe biden's position an insult to the american people. he needs to take responsibility. it's always trying to blame other people. ah, he's always trying to create a scapegoat. i guess his position is that it wasn't until he became president, that oil companies are trying to make profits. it's insulting to the average
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a citizen to listen to. some of this drivel are coming out of the white house and because they know people are upset about it. they know they're responsible for it. so they're just looking for a buggy man. i to try to pin this on. meanwhile, biden himself has switched to blaming international shipping firms for the crisis and just find a new law imposing several restrictions on the carriers. the legislation prohibits them from unreasonably declining exports and limits them from imposing additional fees on contain a handling with a response. the well shipping counsel stated that the new restrictions will only cramp existing supply chain problems within the us itself. it's come to me to stand off between biden and oil refinery companies. the president urge them to ramp up the output to lower prices at the pump as americans struggle with the backlash of us sanctions against russia. there is no question the latter mere prudent is
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principally responsible for the intense financial pain. the american people and their families are bearing, but a mid award that has raised gasoline prices, historically high refinery profit margins are worsening. that pain globally, we've invested double what we've earned over the past 5 years. this is a reflection of the company's long term growth strategy and our commitment to continuously invest, to meet society's demand for our products. unfortunately, what we have seen since january 2021, our policies that send a message that the administration names to impose obstacles to our industry, delivering energy resources, the world needs. foreign affairs and security analysts moxley bode essays president bind and is simply trying to shift the attention of the us tax tax payers. and both from his own political status as an inviting is simply in error. and with this latest round of who he's trying to find blame from, it becomes more apparent. what he's really trying to do is shift blame from himself
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in the run up to the us, november congressional election, where his approval rating as tank down below 40 percent currently at 39 percent, which does not bode well for the democratic party going into those election the political cost of his actions are, are coming home to roost. and he or his party doesn't want to accept the consequences of that. they hope that they could spin their way out of this. quote, is that by mean, what by didn't means is my economic war against russia is failing tax, right? that is, biden's tax was russia the sanction the united states in the us, the sanction or russia i the by did ministration in an attempt, a rather economically and sound attempt to cut russians,
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commodities. again, that are so valuable to the entire global economy. out of the global economy, resulting in these runaway prices for energy and food which drive up the prices of everything else. many thanks to keeping his company here on naughty international as always he can find plenty more news and debate and discussion on our website. artie dot com ah, ah, lisa hunter, russians state little never the tires on the nose landscaping with 55 with this big. okay, so my name is barbara speaking with we
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will ban in the european union the kremlin media machine, the state on russia today. and school ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest with me. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk
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