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his way to his do i personally so that juliana sanchez, unbreakable. however, he's only human. she's severely suffering from post traumatic stress. he say rarely suffering from psychological door to, from all these years when he's not being he's not, he's not sleep and keys demo nights and the perspective dad, he will spend the roots of his life in the most oppressive conditions. you can have anywhere in the wall is going to break anybody. i'm going to break. julie allison's does what the doctor said. she's going to commit suicide if he is escalated to the united states. and that those are for me this hour. i will be back in 29 minutes to the full in fresh look at your weekly
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stay with us. much international. ah ah, ah, with
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with yes, i mean, usually my agency. i need a shut all your yang project form. was you jack michael christine life or ordinary initial?
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no. i knew you were from gerber. demand started from long. are market strong when i start to deter sco roll. you girls show me absolutely diatra. ah, now she needed a motion. that is the lords of so bored say, a board of dirt. so it does not mean but number those, they added another, you know, roslyn, it's anonymous. the allows libya is very, diana had to go in a dorm store. and i see at the national she don't go you ma'am? we missed it. we it was. sheila blue slowed amy dawn because i damn near cheese. jim got thought it nice when the jelly, a scholarly buckeye east, at the bonded ot becca and the east madison is shadonna. it are still boy, by the way. right. so she was fired or be circulated any at bad just severe router
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. he had been denied for the last hour at cisco, that soil, slower, slower wood beast workers. the rack is rushing is the cielo and cleared the lea, voicemail lot. her did have to sit for dinner, but today i am still. we got all we of at you, boyd. mr. gus with data sla, torch group. the will, whipple it uber because liberty, florida state. ah, says italy, republican coquette, metal i knew that they had severe shot. any progress not but you mind the store where you it now should wait. see, the sheep will show oprah or just send me a better answer, 90 tory or crating it, but the most the yes labor at the same i could add new. will i be? evelyn with at the moment kush voice was ritz be stereotyped mariska boyce, but the machine renewed them in the garden. you saw my rubbish out nauseous,
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but i mean really were doesn't mission they must provides in there. but i need to know as each there is no way, and they complete that in we sure the vision which it is sure to provide you that we i'm personally to to see it. it will jessica prestige meeting the other day. we were look at about usual if we know a national nationalist formerly cup porsha black is poorly the will not collect even the zappa excursion pack quotes you risky, figured out a st. jude as well. you strategically figure out blackboard on i'm actually tutorial national me with a might be but it area or collect your foot piece, situate. so at the still 3rd, that total bundle will, is this the into another one. so then learn the post to put them on the mobile cell at that moment. so those are the critical illness. really well. remember, we did to women more service muslims, political view situ. ah,
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basic, i thought a thumb. the whole design is color signing. that open a new yes or just for the new position, waste of money also to reduce the me 6 them use them use of sure. no way to get to read it or put a practical economy. the wolf was lead me. well, the prod, dealer, procrastinate personnel, a budget or cisco, and with some other brochure about this deal here. what about this practice on the edge of the machine? but i knew on any of them so that you use us to let you cook with
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any other. and i didn't do anything but someone they wouldn't let me so we were supposed to walk with another. i'm good, as it seems, pretty smoothly. i just want you to ship a filling design units. lucy, sustainable hoods. waterfall said no, we could keep that. i would give me towards, you know, it's illusion. new catch up. we, what i need, i need is, know, it's in the way. and you know, it's in the middle in the pony or so was it just because she was like when she was sure when we moved, we did a news molinas a bit of issue. i explained one of them of just joyce in our dentist gotta start
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a new one, just 1100 chiller. play on some pretty much newman. we are doing the northwood. jordon and nick puts carson on julia korean. on belgian ponette pecans, period or 2? ah mm hm. mm a. well,
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i do need that new promotion. and so hopefully with with him, with bertha look at him, got more of the with the oh much. okay, it's got a little though, is he's going to look luciana, seal wolf on. you thought that was not very nice wanting you was in the, in a sea chest if they're going to stay any more to stumble on ideas. yes, this is just this, this is where you have been able to comb with that. yeah. that they're still gonna stand with as soon as they build could don't miss the demo. but he did add that it was humble. he should be at the look ah, easy, she's come ordering the more success. let sions of the sheet that origin that i see last the elderly law earlier period teeth of the she, the insidious of, sways that i me. so i will let shin see that was to ship the modem. go to this
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chest, the storms for at the key creature we from them intended me to blad, shall go and order easily chew it, but keep the share, leave you the share. you say we she thought that she worked with us and that's a management group. the national in order for that one has no anita yesterday for you over in british law, we made a what, what do you be a straight rather the said on, on the, on, russian, becky food, you know, go you deal the play at a more was naya so, so a lot, yeah, i spoke with new shows right now. sure. you got to restore, you know, of not go on in your purple skirt there again. my mom does your tongue
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are us again here in georgia? yes. the last to death with sort of when i of so most of prefer. yeah, with me what you put a sample with the lender. so when you visit your food at the medium cut, then you will be ways to, to let us at the ball. interesting. i have a, the mosque, about least with the t relation spieler due to the dentistry street in national and other than with a few of you didn't we provide you that you this to it that i nothing in that somebody to me, one date of that says the shape i'm like i thought in the whole it's a bottle stored on the road. you could order a new proposal. it's a new cookie. and master new york, i thought on yet, mitchell is the door. they see a way no proof of the key on it. is it best to wait them, but you don't us that you wish me that it's a lot of us to get us. if they it's a chest, you got good or and we're not going to much throughout our your sooner or no. i didn't want to store it in order to move to do the right issue and you said,
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so you did that. did it right now some push your to do your stuff personally you way they're not showing dog. i'm going to was july there got to deal say in some name new car dealers crushed mr. new. yes. if the in that as is for there is a stay off, the new thought can not be big enough. where you near mall. boy, i think that is for relative on because our lab waste. let me now. so my go out and i will stop. wait. wait, wait, road, sneaky, honey. sports. they go away. yeah. no problem. nick at the weights of come when you to focus your payroll present the project data was i mitchell everyone. we have
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a specific, let's say you don't for up a cohen year for which you will pick us for that we had to allow our chrome sustain on station id. okay. my deal sticker on it. oh yeah, i'm not sure you more you do because we had school grass on a shell say portion, but it is communicate that him or was more or less where you can learn a couldn't you're supposed to feel because intellectually or somewhere else. a weasel is a way it will. okay. yeah, per year for we will prorate them. good. okay. just sustain neck back. so much was 2 national. i'm here to shared. i'm a nash get a team, we go load and they get him roll and then a pity them with them on the phone and you're specified as a person you miss there so that we i don't know now some contact with the got those last probably about one long, so because there is what that will last a sharpie to what the show on the, in the, on the,
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on 3 on war. but those need to go to when asked for. sure guys don't get to watch it on another layer. what our director, they'll be gone, gone for, gotten anything with with, with no do cordell, it'll go so now
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one of my jewish muscles that, you know, it's a saturday and you know, when they say it again, let's just say it's salem, both of them. and what they, what they should put in a way. so the dealership, basically that's a new push the the with the initials or did it go. what it would be with that when you started bundles of in that to go to that when you study, or that is for, you know, the of you. so, you know, when it is, is it going, is deal it probably gone seriously? so the another, it does a lot of, you know, you know, initial, anybody out the list that's going to be a bit bother them digital with nibble, which i don't know the names of the portal that was on a sam with
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a 4th with becky. unless you, with that you for them a
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job with another show. last, just move to put it back. double do is job with a live with it. i was by see by the, by the more so we, but if you know that she's a, b, b, i was a british, loosely up there, you did that. you would know what each group by cbo are both filled with a felicia, my mental social because you deal with when you minute at machine, away in the sole issue,
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away in this with this for stuff that's a death in the machine. the if they, when the ocean is the weights and then the mika is for the low tech, and the be was sim, isn't that like with a with all we knew it will be what noonish a dealer, what players are will as well as with miss it down to them i believe was it is a bit it shows a bunch of with no i see. and the motor that i would do it when i sample silica,
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what would be where to go to look when it, when i started, when i started to load it. but don't go to the next, the little, the element this to know the job with them go to that, the quiz you store, push the b b to absolute. the initial a g are all key with it in the road. it engine study go directly, or was it a sure we did it? there's a double additionally, not that the state in the loop with medium but it is comply megabytes. so initially i mitigate, we're open not the the, the present it still it that you're bullshit. i sit down with them on this because
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a resolution and this will just when you started melody this. yeah. kimberly all that do with this in the middle of a good idea by them it would. nish, no, we're not that he what these i need when you started this jack emilio on, i'm not sure why me. well, i know we just totally, it are all gonna values. see you. it was live. you was, you know, show medium, but you're more with them. if doing what you go on is is la maya with the stuff my hold it. so my new belief. but you know what this he looked like e. what are they supposed to lead to lashelle in the mood bush? with the curtain used to go over with order, but if you knew, well, let's look on those that was written here and i'm looking for yourself. she was
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getting ready to go get a bill to humanly. billy's law not circles. louis, formerly mucho gonna see they could sort of whenever you see, show you may receive a book, you know what this image over for that on most of them, it is your billing. it won't be like live locally of clean other stuff looking lucille who actually is new to work with a sickly and he wasn't which of those issues don't want to leave video mill new and i wasn't super bowl models room. all of a new build. you did 2 years old and again, that was a lot of good every month with a new really days she me like you have 30. did you want to wash and rebuild it in? you're sort of in the square the ceiling. will i need to order some,
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need me amendment return slab from the billing. it wouldn't be a toy that message the and you talk us middle anymore with lee west anymore was, this is my niece of school and we had a scheduled a today and you could keep that with we stay late deloach level with one that are to do that yeah, so a little we should delicate, wouldn't use it a little would you such is this not a problem, not procedure. but she does want to stay if you did it a little because if it is i work, i cannot get it. there was a teach them to spell it in go for which was lucidly. wood. yes guys. what about you guys are still in you go load me one more gallantly, but i came to acute them through him. this in the good. what about like,
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what about you guys of the 2nd problem with the room? the off with my guys 9. you got orders of legitimate heritage scapes and i put together for the salmon was folk, a moron. so i'm glad it's public. appreciate if you go to the new to with plans that they go to a 1000 on us this year. was more of a little of do so for a lot of with so she can anyway, it's a chem else by sam is just good is public. if just knew, are you the told yesterday with
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ah, a boy. well, i really believe that it is still m. oh, when is the bundle? it just shows on the dylan door,
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osha dillard led to the border. it is monday though. so to modulate the shuttle. yeah. we have a room with you. i think it is with the, with a woman with a specific one. the one issue with the car and my salary and you'd like to just get a deal. i will, i hope that going to stay emotionally considered a visual that you said you like, like almost like what i've shared
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with with home like this with more than a year of a with only in my mind. me a what then you from a guy with
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a toy nationwide, so i'm going to share it from yes. the ritalin with what hopes in those core clear monday you long to song good news for you or something. number my heart, but it is our do it, but it is so broad or so. yeah, we'll look at it as of today because really see x, y media video needed on one by league liability as i had
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deal is a bit out of soon as domes, audio only a domes. audio. basil i'm credited, liberated on castile. is monica susan garalia. last on chiller, sorta my said you by himself was only promotes at non proportional to recorded, not a busy week or so, but i see that need to but also i think that, oh yes, yes, it was a lovely sure was also a william. so she'll be with you. people started with a spicy by new pla, had he bought the freshly nauseous, bright yellow skier is store another if you buy cautious value that i wish i bring you storm it into class,
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but is sure with la hadn't gotten us boiling. you miss your we, we usually better the let the zola, the hersh rourke with good. now brush oser malott's is fussy, manuscript backlog, and you can, you might get, i'm free back. was watching her or she had yet you had leslie, which in karachi, california and i see sky ah, a new ticket with
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with a with at least 5 civilians die in the latest shelling of done yet. residential areas, reportedly by key forces who are also reported using native weapons to target civilian infrastructure. european leaders line up to visit ukraine to promise many things that they themselves are skeptical of including supporting gives you association president vladimir putin says anti russian sanctions have failed. many causing internal grieve for the west itself. the number of sanctions isn't precedent.


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