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tv   News  RT  June 19, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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ah, a, [000:00:00;00] with the head of the british army issues a rallying cry to troops telling them they need to be ready to face russia on the battlefield. the west goes all out to tackle the rise in energy prices with the u. s asking oil and gas companies to ramp up production. while germany has already started to use gas stored for the winter. and as the u commission recommends giving ukraine candidate status of some countries long on the fringes of the membership fee, it purely as a move against russia. it's a matter of interest. ukraine is suitable for europe, enough to be against russia. they especially want to do this in order to separate
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ukraine from russia's patronage and expand nato's borders further. so that's it. there's nothing else. and with another civilian killed and 2 more injured in ukrainian shelling of don. yet we discussed the rise and civilian casualties with the french veteran who fought for don, yet forces in 2015. the center of finance is not part of the front line and when they constantly hit the civilian infrastructure, they will have the weapons. it should be cold terrorism. when every single day there are victims among civilians, they can only be called a terrorist state. a broadcasting live from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to help you with. now the u. k. is that new army chief has warned that he will start preparing a force capable of defeating russia in battle. there is now a burning imperative to forge an army capable of fighting alongside our allies in
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defeating russia in battle. we are the generation that must prepare the army to fight in europe once again. the statements from the army general follow last weeks . it surprised visit by boist johnson to kim of rhetoric also echoed by the nato chief and the british prime minister himself. we must prepare for the fact that he could take years. we must not lit up in supporting ukraine, even if the costs are high, not only for military support, but also because of rising energy and food prices. i'm afraid we need to steal ourselves for a long war. time is the vital factor. everything will depend on whether ukraine can strengthen its ability to defend it soil faster than russia can renew its capacity to attack. threats have also come from america with former u. s. at general wesley clark, calling for nato to intervene in the conflict while president biden has announced a twelf package of weapons for ukraine, this time worth $1000000000.00. the russian foreign minister says that the west's goal is just to destroy russia,
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where they are trying to achieve what they have already announced a long time ago that russia should know its place. russia has no right to its own voice in international affairs. russia must abide by the rules invented by the united states. that's all and i think it's perfectly clear that they won't succeed . lauren douglas communist party of britain committee member says that the west is escalating the conflict in ukraine any to escalate in this war? i think is extremely dangerous. i think it indicates really just how unfit for face anybody using your foreign policy development should know how to actually converse way than to say other leaders. and you know, we are not in a situation here where there is no race to the west from what's going on here and estimates you situation potentially will, mike, it was not just for the people at the prime,
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it will potentially escalate and other countries in the war and i think some of them is completely irresponsible here. and i think that you know what they're doing, potentially, you know, could, could lead to nuclear annihilation. mutually assured destruction was the strategy that was adopted in the 1990s. they seem to have forgotten that, that, that's actually a whole new player owns rice of which was predicated on the basis of no 1st games. we now actually have western leaders who are countenance sing the possibility of 1st use of nuclear weapons. and you know, so we can talk in nice terms, i think is dangerous, very, very dangerous. the statement comes with the u. k, facing rising fuel prices along with a hike in the cost of energy, housing, and food. you k gasoline sales have slip to 6 percent year on year over the last 6
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weeks. in the latest indicator that record high pump prices are hurting transport fuel demand. meanwhile, the cost of diesel has increased even more significantly. many people in the west are claiming their leaders are interested in domestic politics, giving all their attention to ukraine just yesterday. thousands of protesters swept through london, demanding lower prices and higher salaries. they took to the streets with posters and flags demanding the conservative party and p. m. johnson. resign locals. think that the is completely out of touch with citizen. this government a never work with touch with nice myself a. tell about. well this government, he told me to call a great day exploitative people cannot hang that bell. we will see in this country i will turn to 1989,
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and we will say cons, hey, hey, hey, hey poll. the extraction is finish labor on nobody dry. we have nothing left to gave people. i'm home a children who are involved with benefit the law and living alive. a government is the greatest responsibility really for what's happening in this country at the moment and is the reason why so many thousands trade unionists are normally working cost people turned out to demonstrate of course it's not true to say that the risk of rising energy crisis because energy process, we're already rising in the 21st century in the 6 richest country in the world.
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we've got wanting 5 people who are missing a meal. every died in faith, their children. we got one is 6 relying upon food banks and food donations in order to be able to survive. and these are people who are unemployed. many people who are working. many of them working several jobs, learning poverty high. i'm just not i just the current situation. energy cost doubled in april and everybody in the country has to see an increase in the amount of pie in the amount that they haven't supply. so they gas and electricity say we're in a situation where people will have to choose between hating and eating what we have at the moment. and it functions in the interest only if it is not functioning in the interest of the, not this country. ah, the west goes all out to tackle the rising energy prices. germany is going to use
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gas is stored for winter as russia cut supplies, while the us treasury secretary accepts that sanctions against moscow. strike back at washington. ortiz don quarter comments calling all oil and gas producers. it's time to flood the markets, at least. that's what washington's hoping for. he's asking upon our domestic and international producers to produce more. it makes sense. joe biden has long been trying to rip the west away from one of its biggest energy suppliers, russia. today i'm announcing united states is targeting the main artery, russian economy. we're banning all important. so russian, oil and gas fuji, there will be no longer a nor stream to we will bring it into the system. magine, different fact, europe didn't have to count on russian oil. if they were energy independence, $400000000000.00 of e u, sanction related losses. record breaking runaway inflation in the u. s. itself and
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washington's taking all this even further. if recently, slap sanctions against a number of chinese and m roddy companies doing business with a rand. one of a few countries that might be able to counteract the rapidly rising global price of oil, but washington seems more interested in its maximum pressure campaign against to run. so oil prices saw a sudden sharp rise after that decision is just the latest episode and biden's series of sanctions that leave world wide pain and suffering in their wake. for those who had rather laugh and cry means comparing biden's. tragic tumble from his bicycle to the collapse of the economy. offer some sort of comic relief. others though, just want the price of oil to go down. asian boys hoping for a quick return of iranian supply to bring oil prices low amidst rising geopolitical tensions. i think that the united states responded to soviet, contrary about what happened that was happening over the ukraine. because of all
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the schools that begin is that they could use this color, max lavetia and using loans. sanchez, could she be say, without realizing this is oh, really backslash, although you called me on the likelihood that he was likelihood fell on inflation to make matters worse. histories repeating itself as washington's demanding. the european union stopped buying natural gas from russia as well. reports are already saying berlin, for example, may be hoarding gas to prevent a disastrous winter. we must and we will do everything we can to store as much gas is possible in the summer and full gas consumption must continue to full. so more gas must be stored in storage, otherwise things will get really tight in winter. it's to come as no surprise that all these consequences of the west's generosity towards ukraine have begun to change people's minds about the conflict. according to a poll, published by the european council on foreign relations,
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35 percent of europeans are war weary and want to see a peace treaty signed with russia. only 22 percent. want to see the war continue. that much is clear when you talk to the people on the streets of italy. for example, the vision at the back gasoline has an absurd price with $50.00 euros of gasoline. you can't fill the tank yank and i don't go out and i don't take the car and i go with the public transport. it is the only way that she said with the subsidy that will be removed at the end of july gasoline, price will reach to euros and $0.50. there is no solution. we are in a catastrophe, or somebody of holla, titian's have not always been up to the task. we hope there will be a more substantial intervention vivian and has become a difficult situation. i don't drive the car anymore. i write a vesta. the european union's helmsman, no doubt, see the fatigued riding on the wall with the calls of its officials for key f to come to the negotiating table. getting louder and louder. french president emanuel
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macro on said key of will eventually have to negotiate even suggesting that ukraine might have to give up some of its territory a big no, no for ukrainian president, flawed of mere zalinski. it is necessary to speak to fulton. i will continue to do so as the french president for also the and candidacy. it's up to ukraine to the side. we cannot decide the conditions for the end of the war instead of the ukrainians. all decisions are made by the quine in leader. they don't ship what even a double more, but we need more help from our partners. first of all, we need weapons. full support, without any exceptions, had said backs, resist, every one who is stuck in 20th century. when nations interests were traded, turkeys, dictators, appetites, at any rate, washington's insistence on putting politics ahead of common sense energy decisions might just see western economies take a harder tumble than bite and off his bike. and if this maximum pressure campaign continues on around what effect do you think that's going to have on east asian
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energy markets in spite of this is a way to do other countries because there are some other way and, and pulse as far as the, the biggest customers on hold, china's be waiting with russia for a long time and trying to see why it's long should be disrupted and the pressure are for. ready so that's why it is stating why he a. ready a so i think that we see a and a very complicated i actually action a scenario, but at the end of the day, i think it obviously seeing that recently,
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especially the black and the station that he con, does the whale. why? because a lot of russians defense ministry says cruise missile strikes have killed 50 high ranking ukrainian officers including generals in ukraine's the new pro pet tropical region. moscow says that the strike occurred while a working meeting of ukraine strategic commanders was taking place. russian officials have also said that some ukranian units have fled dot mass combat areas due to bad morale, poor physiological state, and a lack of support from care. over the last 24 hours, 400 ukrainian soldiers are reported to have been killed. had dozens of pieces of heavy artillery destroy. this wooded reportedly shows done by forces firing artillery from the northern danielle republic at ukrainian positions on bass forces have said that the ukrainian army is actively using
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civilian infrastructure as shields which complicates its work. meanwhile, the civilian areas around on yet 6 republics capital are still suffering from ukrainian attacks. at least one civilian was killed and 2 others were injured in the late of shelving, according to officials. they're around 60 missiles, also had the city center of done yet. leaving civilian infrastructure heavily damaged. our correspondent romance cost of discussed the rise in civilian casualties with air one castelli, french army veteran who joined dynamic forces in 2015. what made you decide to come here to the next don't bonkers you to when i was living in europe, i followed the european news agenda. so what was happening in our country is that upset me. when my done began, i just have it's what these events closely. i realized that not everything that was happening on my damn was he cranes. well, it was american politics. it was not the people of ukraine. it was american
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politicians who wanted to interfere and ukrainian affairs and change something. i did not imagine they would be such a victims on my dad. i began to notice that nazi's and ukraine were being supported by europe. i did not think that after the end, the world war 2, you would support nazis who openly show that beliefs. and then people started being killed odessa, hans, and don't ask. and i decided to come and see everything with my own eyes. well, to miss you, while you and i were speaking another 3 people have been killed by ukrainian artillery in the nest. why is ukraine terrorizing and targeting civilians? civilians who still refused to evacuate, refused to leave the city of the next yesenia. but objective detail. no salt with when there is a war when someone has to. mil infrastructure are always civilian victims, but the central finance is not part of the front line. and when they constantly hit the civilian infrastructure, they will have a weapons. it should be called terrorism. this is what ukraine has been doing for 8
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years. when every single day there are victims among civilians. it can only be called a terrorist state. they have a $155.00 millimeter caliber artillery, some of these systems of those that france handed over to ukraine, and this is what they are hitting civilians with an addition at the same time, president mc crohn says that he wants the issue to be resolved peacefully or will that it is necessary to conduct peaceful dialogue. but how can such dialogue we can talk to the fee himself gives wetness to kill normal people. they just want to create a war until the last ukrainian remains started. this decision was made by the u. s . what the hell of europe against russia. the u. s. want to weaken both russia and the european union, and now they are killing 2 birds with one stone. this war is only beneficial to washington. they're trying to weaken 2 powers that can create competition for them to war. so as the european commission speaks in favor of giving ukraine you candidate status, residents of other candidate countries say that they feel cheated and discouraged.
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r t 's. maria national comments here and brussels look like honeymoon herself to ukraine. was recommended for a you candidate status, but there still seems to be a little rock natural to spoil the barrel. yes. ukraine deserts, european prospective. yes, ukraine should be well come as a candidate country could work has be done, has been done, but important work also remains to be done. yes, important work. enormous work. let's take a look at the official list of demands. adopt a plan for a former, the entire law enforcement sector, and media, as well as anti money laundering legislation and national minorities legal framework, implement the anti olga hello. that's just a few of them. it sounds like there are many problems in the candidate country, and the goal is quite hard to achieve, at least in the near future. so will be,
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you turn a blind eye or is it ready to take a race? next ukraine is asked to further strengthen the fight against corruption, the fight, but wasn't quite successful lately. according to transparency international, 2021 corruption perceptions index. ukraine ranked 122nd out of 180 countries close to zambia. but for the use seems ukraine doesn't even have to succeed. promising to tighten the fight could just be good enough. for the sake of justice, georgia also got a similar list of demands to become any u candidate, like diversifying political parties and guaranteed media freedom. well, despite the country situation where the opposition please, there actually is one in georgia and freedom of speech seems much better there compared to key of really see never which the level ukraine has similarly attained over night. and georgia is not the only country facing such injustice. the waiting
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list joined elite european club is long, and some have been standing in line for decades like turkey, which has been seeking you membership for 35 years. seen ukraine simply skipping the que would certainly make such countries very angry. blue shirts, furniture it's a matter of interest, is russia important? is turkey important or is ukraine important? programmer, ukraine is suitable for europe enough to be against russia. the u. s. supports it, in other words, on the european union and the imperialists act in their own interests. so they have no interest here or cultural social conditions and cyclical conditions may have changed. it could be for them to speed up now to isolate into and circle russia. they especially want to do this in order to separate ukraine from russia's patronage and expand nato's borders further. so that's in there is nothing else. leanne. mueller international law no longer exists. the european union no longer
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has any criteria. so they gave ukraine the status to receive it, so it doesn't make any sense any more. he made the whole labyrinth that is presented to the candidate countries. in the end, it turned into one decision for ukraine. but such concerns are being voiced, not only on candidates who are losing their patients, but even some a you found in countries like france. so this will i for india market in order to enter the european family as equals, ukraine must revise its history league, which had stopped glorifying nazi collaborators who killed tens of thousands of jews low to despite it may by your memorial exist even t, f. you the street leading to it is named after stepan mendera, a man hero, worshipped in ukraine schools who himself killed tens of thousands of jews and was allied with the nazis. new conclusion, kia seems to be getting his candidacy through at, by now pay later program. the question is, will it actually ever be able to pay up? perhaps it's still too early to ask such questions when engagement doesn't always lead to marriage. in any case,
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you leaders are due to decide on ukraine's candidate staters. later this week the u. s. is again moving to curry, favor with india, the white house is indo pacific advisor. stressing that relations with new delhi are some of the most important this century. i think there are always challenges in our bilateral relationship. the key is to remain purposeful to understand that the most important relationship in my view for the united states in the 21st century is likely to be with india. the u. s. has sought to build a strategic partnership with india for more than a decade, but gains have been soured by new delhi. failing to join the west course of condemnation of russia for the war in ukraine. washington is uncomfortable with russia being india's key military equipment provider and a recent band by new delhi on wheat exports has also caused friction. the relationship has not been helped by comments from
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u. s. officials who attacked religious freedoms in the country. for example, in india, the world's largest democracy and home to a great diversity of face. we've seen rising attacks on people in places of worship . in india, some officials are ignoring or even supporting rising attacks on people and places of worship. a correspondent for the hindu newspaper, dinner car perry says that india is a public displeasure with us. comes as washington place. is it under massive pressure? yeah, a lot of friction loading this kind of green and a lot you're going with the us just take it by the us for him. get to the motor to show what he called the hardest against russia both and if you magically as well as in the, you, in the, into because of the us has been pushing in the,
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on the different frank is an order is not for just immediate different model though, it depends and dependents operation on certain balls, which is us or 60 percent of the pictures of people trying to being in the hardware still constitutes the origin. and there has been concern in the policy and circles what, how the media space to support and maintenance as well as delivery guidelines of new equipment reaching, get kind of cities of these in the last few years of that we should, we were to do that. china has launched its 3rd aircraft carrier, named after a province located across the south china sea, from taiwan, as it continues to bolster its military presence in the indo pacific region, the aircraft carrier was launched amid rising tensions with us over taiwan issues. it is the chinese navies, 3rd aircraft carrier,
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only the u. s. has more of the vessels of the move comes after a recent statement from joe biden, that the u. s. would engage militarily, if beijing were to take military action in taiwan, we support the one china policy report. all that we've done lose the past. but that does not mean not me. the china has the ability, has the excuse me, the jurisdiction to go in and use force to take over taiwan. you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily. for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes, you are. as a commitment we made by we spoke to victor gow chair, professor of su chow university, who says it's about time. the u. s. came to terms with china's rising economic and military power. the united states need to come to terms that china is growing and
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growing very, very fast. it is girlie much faster than the united states, and the chinese military power is constantly on the rise. this 3rd, that chinese aircraft carrier, the full gym carrier, is the most sophisticated, conventionally powered aircraft carrier. to date it is the most sophisticated, and i will not be surprised if the next aircraft carrier, china will produce in the metro just couple of years will be nuclear powers. so this says the united states need to come to terms that charnise growing. china is becoming a more and more important power. and the chinese military might, is something that the united states cannot ignore. and they need to come to terms with that. eventually, china will be one of the most important countries in the world,
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but we promote peace rather than agitating, full war in this world. that has a for me, this are on back and let's say 33 minutes with another full and fresh look to new. see what start international ah ah
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ah ah, ah ah, tomatoes is one of the most beautiful cities in russia's far east. ah, it sits on the river that runs on under russia, china buena and was for many years the far eastern capital. ah,
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there is no shortage of historical sites here. the officers club is one of them. this is where in december 1949, 12 members of japan's quinton army stood trial. what was the only time wall criminals have ever been tried for creating a biological weapon and testing it on. mm wait. it says you know one mush son a banana luxury of them with. ready a lesser david and elaine delayed to no. no, no, no, no,
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but no single. but nasal book, dana, you heard you did. the remorse shown by one member of japan's top secret unit 731. he and his colleagues killed thousands of victims. well, developing biological weapons, he's the guy who had been a unit 731 soldier means young man and killed people. paul johnson, an american director, has studied unit 731 documents at length, and knows its history well. unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short than build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known.


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