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to production, it gives you or she'll talk about it that they're not good you know, to, when you saw new to keep on mom, mom, you know, margaret thought this is meant a new and i got the much sale. i got, i got on monday. i wish to know about doing whole new feed room or more or less than a jr. let's i had to put a couch that oh boy festival. to go. if you want to talk to my indiana all i can send more a month or put them out that they give us
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a room one you thought it was a boy, and i bought a coupon . the initial be one of club masika dealer post on zillow, while diaz can used to put value a new, what do you do or change? but you also still with the done those a if you do, mostly i didn't so much of that. going to thought that i normally believe just about what you would do, what i see being east genie boss who's dog little gear motivation says diesel tutorial, dumbo sub with
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a little more much more what the girls pre school going for several weeks. successful russian entrepreneur, you're either gone or has been moving humanitarian cargo to the people who don't boss from moscow. and he's been doing it at his own expense. he and a group of like minded volunteers deliver aid to where it's most needed in the region. a couple homes just look forward to mr. dunn, boston dealers per year for a commercial break. doc is just about
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a but i see the senior buses. w motivation says this is not to do, don't bossa a, do you support your another aspect of yuri and he spent volunteers work. he said they located and resty people from the water a molecules helping us feel dumb. be sure sure. i was, i'm not a bullshit was when you go, she does like a senior with them because with a little school with today, my real bill can only be accessed by special missions as school did by the military . assistant viking is ongoing in the city center, ukrainian, neo nazi as of mid have retreated to areas around the leech and as all style plants
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and are putting our fitness resistance. although to provide you your record details of work with small will be sh, but appropriately about only the only postcard button. oh, don't just read the moodle which reaches normal business. i was here. how about the one you know what a wound up? well, i wouldn't be with him, but i see a doctor. i have a girl at either. i need a new way, or don glaser to put some words up until i'm done. he shot russia. not really job done guys, right? you is because we will put a lot. i be outfit short or minute. mm. mm. resorts as a telephone for also a place like a do you live? must schools good, keith, southern california initial do olive club. interesting. i thought i much if angela got stuck, what they did, you are a jewel data on was to lay the game. priscilla looked up,
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continued you. it will be worth nothing in solution cuz we can talk with was issued move for slotskum movies. did the fall, a boy little bit just for the spot on the girls interview lobo mondays with the expeditions main objective is to do the food and medicine to one of mary you both districts and to try and find the keys. sales family, maria and alexander, from what they understand, alexander isn't able to move around on his own. a couple must be evacuated when we arrive and see some local us by the underground parking carriage, which for many has become a real life saver. and i got a video, dorian, about i am so, mo, most of the suppose, you know, if possible,
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even though this area has been liberated, most people are still living in basements, all the flights and houses have been destroyed, or a freezing forgot with water and candles was there waiting gold who is so you know, if you've been through it, people from murray, you both basements and courtyards on high alert. they see and hear everything in minutes, a crowd gathers around the humanitarian aid truck. talking about one of the rumble of artillery increases is fighting in water exchange in the nearby center of murder. you built on the as of style plant by now because i got the reach to spice. i thought she knew by you sure. the still nerves, not the actual future. 3 i didn't. yes, good afternoon. good. bad. ng does does not move pretty quickly. thank you,
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mr. john and your last boss tiana. what was the 3rd? no chilly, said ugly check connection that it could have been. meanwhile, it really wage please you more, which was nice if you which good doing it. you risk up also though alexandra, she promised to go or go with doctor jackson. we try several times to find the brother suit of a mother and daughter. yet they are going you, are we international for dwelling? a belay, typically dish at the final cordon. so just stop us from moving on. further, munscheur view, we're a lot of lots more to my food officers. usually what we order on professional hostile honda fung. if you know what your, why your why one group distribute humanitarian aid, the other search is near by streets for the key cell family or cuts will do so it's
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got done glitching sheila almost begun here let you be sure. i love these special white markings, denote friends there to avoid getting hit by friendly fire. goes to stop use from the voltage. it would. it would call your own studio toyota, but also literally gene dwarf cleaners up the you don't have bushera transformer muffled a lot of rooms was the garage. julia got thing had been marked at the door. he showed them going as usual, to put on with them. but while him was, had you sir? ricky morgan with dumb rust just do it super easy here. pilot program. rubbish. horse to my me any. go on at the yeah. what leash law especially law especially where he thought yet other book. i think leslie's there do i, shall i be a guy junior high charging normally. i didn't, you know, my like tosha with
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popular street. i long as he didn't wanted longer. well started some work in nebraska furniture dealer kind of show more of the dra alexander seriously ill with diabetes and can't move around on his own. he couldn't go down to the basement since the shelling started, he's been living in the hallway on the 3rd floor. all this time, his wife maria has been at his side. the flat below them where a ukrainian sponsor was station was completely destroyed by direct hate for michelle. it's a miracle that maria and alexander survived off a figure of her with her. then we take maria and alexander to a temporary accommodation center in busy many in the morning family friends will take them to target rogue in russia. but not everyone get so lucky. many people
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simply have no where to go and they're left to build a new life in the ruins of the old one, whispered good kristin with his oh my lord, hunting boucher one minute we will go over. mm hm. ah, just so you guys just are just the choice for them. jerry, look what you've got a model with lena marciano is uri's main associate and assistant in the dpr t coordinates, local volunteers who pack and ship humanitarian aid. i talked with your employer, i think most of that is more there's a lower lower to pay for a box of presence and a letter to a soldier from russian. children is special humanitarian cargo. today during the mission to don bass, his remote villages will try to deliver it to the dpr malicious frontline,
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ordering on those that are rogia region. a road lies through villanova. the city was heavily damaged during its deliberation, and the locals had foreseen that since the 1st days of occupation, the plans go are you in the up to love to talk association doc. lemme laughlin scottish to free a supreme able is a budget of growth pathologist, diseases root mean it's, yeah, i didn't really do anything. i just thought i was out of a story i along that way. i checked on my brain for course love it also. cool. well, well i watch a pause in them. i could feel exec would have done got fidel says yes, but didn't still voice sorta yet, syria. we still up in the phone for fear will us. this is billy 1st to see merely do again, utilization, bloody me, as yoga, a well sponsor, dpr militia,
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commander di, protecting civilians in this neighborhood of villanova. we delivering food supplies, some residences still living in the basements. i dont battalion nationalists use these houses as vantage points and gun nests. st. peter's ownership of them will shortly. masika de la costa really want to be honest, can use portfolio and you know, grants caraway scaffold. we'll put that in with john. truly snape, you're actually correct 0. she can borrow them while ago we show goldman crimes pci carrier will talk with these us to really a lot all my you dont football pretty will good on principles of them. i'm a temporary castillo, this with the approaches from world war prompt, and then i'll call you all with almost the dongle sonata door, but there's one bump a dump on the other crochet little shock. he known football repeated
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a preliminary form for the world and us was sooner sooner. pro renewals procedure. yeah, i didn't go it come down, you should have sent it earlier today. martha, my local scholar shot estimated useful audio was a lot of sales person, personal talk. we usually shop fully while i wanted to get back to me. in the analogy, there was a much richer kaji, though i believe what managed hosting plan was could not still hold the charlotte to live. we'll use the gym, vulnerable. we have sucrose but, and i am still folks to know how that plays a should do or change, but you also still mr. don, those are your louis for crane with ah, ah,
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ah ah, ah ah, a ah ah, ah . ah lou lou road from bell,
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nevada is bad. it's dangerous to drive off it or even get out of your car. it may be mine's. i see it's ease of use of alexander e, katrina's husband, businessman and volunteer with the humanitarian. come boys, maneuvers watchfully and carefully route for journey because we reach a destroyed bridge, just 2 and a half kilometers ahead. the dpr malicious frontline positions about this year, but for for present some letters from russian kids will be delivered to the frontline soon enough. we don't stay long along the way we distribute food supplies at militia checkpoints, packet for ball broker for, for, for nominate with log in with feel the short at one check point. there's an
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unexpected encounter. who's that? you where you always are rolling a true foolish to the formula for a vote. ready with a little while normal voice lower cuz i've been worth a couple of 2. 04. 0 oh. oh. oh, yeah. they did nice video snack. more with through the know vesting. it's a grill. you worked with the 2 to speak to a business, lana, boston, but you know, it used to the hot on was multiple. yeah. which is like, as though a today, people in dunbar so recognized by their actions. they defend the republic fight in
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the trenches, save the wounded, and st. did of a humanitarian age, liberated areas and front minds. they help in any way they can under constant stress, often risking their lives for thank us wanted i just want to buy it with the stuff with all buy and that will have sufficient thing. you might think he's just for those on to swallow pool, mumbled english, the dollar m. yes to not think a little dogs really interested that be just happy. yeah, you still up open about the blue ball us history. both the europe was most nest, but my gut law. mushroom of america at the passport that the julius attorneys, venus sentenced for you. yes. yeah.
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yeah. with the hots east child care center homes is 17 children of various ages. they mostly come from so called dysfunctional families. among them are those who have lost parents and walk you the posterior on the police. jeremy goes there, my employers possible zika enjoyed the image, lots of position, your mental health sandra from the hordes did to gateway virgin orgin to rule or more. and once among them, she's come, sustain it due to capital open to learning to the country. the reading assignment was i'm a 7 year old dema survived shelling in mario paul, his parents, sheila, tim with their own bodies and the boy and miraculously survived. well national cell dot, that one well, of anything going up, watching the food on just a mar guide version. i melissa theater. where does come water boat busting on us medical pilot, which in ceiling us to lie. it was covered. it still beat sail layer. oh,
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nothing yellow shop. it did area doors, religion here for coach and image. i mean, look at that. so what that should be a whole lot though stumbled baglan founded to should i had done in the hundreds of some authority and nobody him yes, he is not just wanted you to let mr dust which i had said door or beside didn't i did it. they said their throats to get them. we felt gushing at the would you what your step oh though you're gonna get everything made up with. yeah. was one of the machine. well, i can't insure a deck that introducing josh, they did them both as good boy. oh boy, oh boy, the boy get
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a lot of these people. i get a long way in these. do you have the puzzled waller? yeah. do you want to do with dish? not when you my local staying a d. d. the moscow was now still, can you before the start on leave a we were thinking. mm. oh, just with bridge here we lost. yes, i'm with. i think real easy as all this whole hold please
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. he's been national. the depot. malicious famous international brigade, a fighting force that includes don't bass, miners, steam workers, students, teachers, actors, businessman and foreign volunteers marshall, pacific cooper. sensors is boykin. boy, you can plan, you're aiming for businesses on, but then also use the machine entity. so that should be, it would be dealing with shipping message from sheila bishop at national volunteers funding on the front line and also escort humanitarian deliveries. shortly before the expedition says south america post most dangerous and exposed to fire area. the commander himself gives us instructions. the way that works to inches on when they discover them, both of them, when you get them focused on total chicago, what is your survey stolen? i don't get on mobile blink. we received a new butch take there. when i was, this was thoroughly shiny gold. when you get
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a new review, it's, i'm of june. every mission to push me did you get a sense of c, w, simple or again? a few pet nashika fight as a school just to marry you both with distributing food and water to those have gone without for a long time. well, so visiting several addresses to find people and evacuate them. a discipline, you know, a, a good way. just a go, we open up all i did i on fear you know, got you to work with all of them. jane a little boy and i bought it here through all that. if i give them your story, thought i saw you buy a
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multi, i didn't so much of that going to thought that i was on a or needs it was short a right what he's suddenly or sort of a sure let me much years or was that over to you guys pretty good feeling while you're at all unless he's getting all those for 0 we're we're similar to hers during year i'm dealing with but while it is he's you said you was already to just dog jennifer world and she was right. right. you're gonna do your final garalia. now, if you got a new order,
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so i'm pretty good. but if you're putting up a whole sub system, what would one rebuilt now? another that on the if it's lost, let me, let me just double check on that order. you put the last, i will do the one that you can easily fix it today. good to know that we'll see your fault. nice. nice mode. of course that's gauged on very seamless. storing it, most of the disney junior, we are all done to what you like for you to the police. all the boys need multiple clinical would. so fuck you up with initials the new to will not miss not comes in here, but she wants to use 3rd mix while the 8 trucks on its way to another place uri wants to check and address in each plant area cleared of nationalist just 2 days
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before the last little they need to find alexander camaro and his daughter and take them to russia park while it's on the, on the, on the other calling with the solution. good. would you reach any of noon? william william switched once again. i mean, i know if i'm, if i'm going to do with dr. if you do is presumably fine, you know that you can, you probably use it applied to theory, but here it's like a prescript finishing market. camaro ali, thunder, thunder. it's i think some of the people that you go through our go up. lauren, did my sister in law school kobus paul persona. ah. the
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exxon the mother show. no. just assume you play with you. you don't try to deal with, but you to go out of school with lawyer. the commercial got more division to dance . couple dollars to build it doesn't like the whole will, but it is we want, you know, you put village bought so much fun which isn't for you to see how it sounds so funny. okay. yeah. because i used to work with you pretty. what you'll do is i don't leave them off. she'll never mind me. suppose somebody discuss issues of put out kit. hello. no not. and i do suppose when you something we hurry to another address. we need to evacuate the media and tone of and her sister sarah from collegiate street, or they just wanted employees all for fortunately or what you might the book or just look up all to watch
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a done. i've done, i've done that, you know, i'm always good. you know, a lot of a yeah, but it, did you have this little with a media recently. so for the stroke and kind of a
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mike. good until you know, and you can enjoy who are due to good doubt, laurie a book job would not mind. but with the explanations of you, he's on his way back to moscow. his business colleagues say there are many issues to attend to a to come up with dan forward, but he's got the right. it's a really good ah,
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ah. i thinking of the st. petersburg international economic forum was clear as crystal. russia will stay the course in ukraine into victory as cheap, and more importantly, russia will not compromise the sovereignty. in the face of western prussia. we're a little more real to what they look. unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly
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biological weapons program that the world had ever. no. ah, the new military continues, it's devastating shelling of don't yes, residential areas facing civilian building. washer accused of attacking crimea, drilling, rates in the black sea. when being 3 was russia becomes the top export the oil, china in defiance of west inspection. there's no fines, no shortage of bio boys, energy and germany. the green agenda goes up in flames. have reactivated coal plant fine and is forced to come to.


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