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a with that you for a minute thought, oh, you mean you a killer one, the initial be while i pull up a can use to put value a new when you do or change, but you also still done those a mostly i didn't so much of that going to thought that i'm
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going to be just a you, would you what i see the student both his dog little q lation says diesel tutorial . don barza with a go to boston, do i even though, so what's more, what's going on with the girls piece? you're going for several weeks successful russian entrepreneur, you're either gone or has been moving humanitarian cargo to the people who don't boss from moscow. and he's been doing it at his own expense. he in a group of like minded volunteers, deliver it to where it's most needed in the region. a lot of people like me, i mean, you can,
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i don't know if i can got along with them. do you believe neil's thoughts of start on year old boy? control homes, just look forward to mr. don bus dollars per year for to get yours was dealing with on the international breakdown is just about a what i see the senior bussey's dog. you motivation says this not tutorial. don barza this, the cookie will do a produce your support, your another aspect of yury and he's been volunteers work is that they locate and rescue people from the water still actually on. i just renewed in bunker for money over meaningful molly carson, financial, dumb tissue show more of them actually by media. i'm sorry when you guys to come when you're writing this is jeff multimedia doesn't, doesn't show me like a report of the additional otherwise, if you, if she doesn't want to. as i said,
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i'm worried that about my it will say yes. and you're really with them because we're, there are a little school bus done and i have called it today. my real book can only be accessed by special missions, escorted by the military. assistant viking is ongoing in the city center. ukrainian near nancy and self militants have retreated to areas around the leech and as of style plants and putting of phoenix resistance. there's also brief idea because details of working with small what will be sh at. but if i push the button, you the only postcard button. oh, don't just read them. would always reaches normal business hours. how about the one you heard a? well, i would be with his book. it's like his doctor. i had already done. he was, we do to just move way, move or time gleese. i took my sandwich up on blood dug. he shot russia. not really job. tangleridge is because we put a lot of the art fate. sure. go minute. ah
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little. it says that you reform for also a place in like a dealer muscles, gig or keith or from california initial be one of them interested. i thought i might you thought i'd you like talk stuck. what day did you be jewel did on was to lead the getting people to settle, got cocked up on a new job. it will be worth nothing. im so kim wilson, chris oh glen you talk with was wishing ah little slogan. louise. dick just on the board, middle of the just for the spot on nicholson and east logo logistics with the expeditions main objective is to do the food and medicine to one of my or you both districts and to try and find the keys.
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sales family, maria and alexander, from what they understand, alexander isn't able to move around on his own. a couple must be evacuated when we arrive and see some local us by the underground parking garage, which for many has become a real life saver already. when i got video dory. hm. i thought i would. yeah. i am lab wall. nobody was you know, if we missed your call, even though this area has been liberated, most people are still living in basements. all the flats and houses have been destroyed, or a freezing a phone call with water and candles with no waiting goals. who is so, you know, they say, oh, you went through with people from murray, you both basements and courtyards on high alert. they see and hear everything in minutes, a crowd gathers around the humanitarian, a truck i the rumble of artillery increases
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is fighting in water exchange in the nearby center of murray. you put on the as of style plant for brand new breakers, guardianship. despise wash. anybody you saw the nurse not structural features 3, i mean yes. good afternoon. good evening sir. i'm not does. does not move up real quick. second was dylan and your last pay online was 3rd no actually set of the check. got that, should that it, it, can you mail it easily wage please you more. which was nice if you wish, glittering it you reached up also though alexandra cheaper was to go with doctor jackson. we try several times to find that brought a suit of a mother and daughter. they are going, you are a national but valuable a chicken dish at the final cordon. so just stop us from moving on. further.
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munscheur deal with a lot of lot more to my food officers usually work. we, you know, on your phone from dish law, school, 100 funny. you know what your walker, why one grow, distribute humanitarian aid. the other search is near by streets for the kids cell family will pick ups, wonderful golden latisha almost beginning year. and that should be sure that these special white markings denote friends there to avoid getting hit by friendly fire guys to start using the walls, which would it would call your own studio toyota. but also i'm gonna delete gene wad greedy on those up the role of busher transform enough to motivate them. so was the garage julia got the wife patricia, what i'm doing is you're done with them, but the william was a blockhead user. ricky morgan with dumb rust. just do it. super easy. here. pilot program was worse. me any call?
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i'm a yeah. militia last ashley flores. not sure what he thought yet. other book, i think leslie's to go watch idea. cardelia i charging normally, i didn't, you know, my life tosha with fatherless degree that i long as she didn't wanted longer i started some work in nebraska furniture delegation so so was dora alexander, seriously ill with diabetes and can move around on his own. he couldn't go down to the basement since the shelling started, he's been living in the hallway on the 3rd floor all this time. his wife maria has been at his side. the flat below them where a ukrainian sponsor was station was completely destroyed by direct hit for michelle . it's
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a miracle that maria and alexander survived an offer for your offer. will that be with her? that we take maria and alexander to a temporary accommodation center in busy manet in the morning family friends will take them to target rogue in russia. but not everyone get so lucky. many people simply have know where to go and their left to build a new life in the ruins of the old one was for the better. good kristin, your village if i did not so much like hunting, boucher what my name sir with over. mm hm. ah, just so you guys are the choice for them. chery. look what you've got them all the dodge of you could 30 no much younger is uri's men associate an assistant in the dpr. she coordinates local volunteers who pack and ship humana, terry,
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and aid atlanta, which is for a few employees. i think most of that is more there's a lower lower before a box of presents and a letter to a soldier from russian. children is special, humanitarian cargo. today during the mission to don bass, his remote villages will try to deliver it to the dpr malicious frontline, ordering on those f r rogia region or our road lines through villanova. the city was heavily damaged during its liberation and the locals had foreseen that since the 1st days of occupation plans go, are you in the local store? because i switched into oklahoma laughlin scottish, the 3 us to being able as a graduate of growth. but almost as easy as your community. i didn't really do anything i did. i was out on a satellite for long. i worked at your tongue for brain for course. love it also.
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cool. well, well i watch a portion of the modem that could fuel exec would it done? consillio says yes, but it will still void sorta. yet, syria, we still need critical uniform yet for fear will us this is will 1st see merely to would you nearly as easily bloody me as yoga, a well known sponsor, dpr militia commander died, protecting civilians in this neighborhood of anava. we delivering food supplies, some residences still living in the basements. i dont battalion nationalists use these houses as vantage points and gun nests. st. peter's ideas on his audio. shimmy baltimore shortwave, masika de la costa, zoe wallaby. you can use them. but following, you know, grants, gear, waste kirkwood, we'll put that in with a john police name. you're actually correct. 0 chicky barring mala berg, we shall go. my crisis,
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pci carrier will weigh in please is really all my he done pretty good on the line with you set up an appointment with him. i don't know, but i don't know, but you can call me. i got a call for the walk through the protocol procedures. we would come down. you should assume that they don't marta, my local scholarship submitted us for it was a lot of sales person personal talk. we really sure don't want to present the bus to be not on out. there was, i'm not sure what the solution was to close the whole the charlotte uses the whole of our leave students to know how you do
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ordering, but also to be done a lot easier. louis for crane. the i look forward to talking to you all, that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is too great truck rather than fear with take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot most protective phone existence with
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a la road from bell, nevada is bad. it's dangerous to drive off it or even get out of your car. it may be mine's. i see, ease of use of was alexander e, katrina's husband, businessman and volunteer with the humanitarian. come boys, maneuvers watchfully and carefully route for journey. because when we reach a destroyed bridge, just 2 and a half kilometers ahead, the dpr malicious frontline positions about this, your platform does not present. some letters from russian. kids will be delivered to the front line soon enough. we don't stay long along the way we distribute food
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supplies at militia checkpoints, rivalry for one broker for the month of lauderdale, the seal the shirt to teach at one check point there's an unexpected encounter. but you said you were your lawyer so i didn't know who was using the formula little for the vote. ready when you 1st pull lawson suna, norma wash. each lower cuz i've been you was a couple of local 2. 04. 0 oh. oh, okay. i was in your building denied video snack. more in your through ah, no vesting it's room. you would give it another stated to speak to a business lana,
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a book, boston, but in the ears of the hot on was multiple year, which is like, as though to day people in dunbar so recognized by their actions. they defend the republic fight in the trenches, save the wounded, and st. did of a humanitarian age liberated areas in front mines to help in any way they can under constant stress, often risking their lives with us to stop with all by and that will have sufficient to can you might today was just for those on to swallow pool multinational dollars m yes, to not think of double dogs ellipse of this that be this up the are you still up
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open about the blue ball us history. both the europe was most nest, but my gut motion with america at the passport that was released. attorneys again that sentenced ah yes, yeah. yeah. with the hot east jones gesenta homes is 17 children of various ages. they mostly come from so called dysfunctional families. among them are those who have lost parents who wore a posterior on the procedure because they're my as possible. zika insured image, lots of position in my thoughts and some of what to do to get the virgin fortune to rule a more and once among them she's come, sustain did to cut that up until they're ready to go to like the new slaymen goes. i'm a 7 year old dema survived shelling in mario paul, his parents, sheila,
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tim with their own bodies. and the boy miraculously survived the whole national cell dot that one well, but he needs to go up watching the program just on what a guy, vision my in the plaza theater. where does go water? boat busty from nothing. i don't buy lit, which in ceiling a still i it was go it, it still beat sale layer. oh nothing yellow shop. it did area doors, religious people for coach and in michigan, i look at that. so what that should be a whole lot though stumbled baglan founded to ship. i'd done in the hornets of some authority. another name. yes, ms. nij, they'll send you to la. mr. das, which i had said, thought besides in that it stays at their throats. can you get them more felons gushy at the would you let me know though you're gonna get everything made up with yeah. was one of the machine. well,
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because i can't answer a decadent introducing. josh, did you did them both as good a boiler, little sleeve? boiler gl boy g o dot ga dot com? if you leave ya. i do. so my government, like your bullies to bomb, like your, your readers to the login way in these to, you have to repository for bog waller near the news i wanted to with your dish. nope. when you mark room low for staying a d d. the moscow was now still can you before so that only the dads a plea with. mm. oh,
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just with your boyle 0 bridge here. last? yes. the one with a lot of with our, with our i think really 0 is loyal kohler, please. the sped nash that the dpi, malicious famous international brigade, a fighting force that includes don't bass, milas, steel workers, students, teachers, actors, businessman and foreign volunteers, marshal, pacific cover sensors, boykin. boy, you can plan your amy unvil by businesses on by the actually it's actually been a chance finished. so i should be able to begin with by beginning excellent shape, by message from sheila vishal and of course at national volunteers funding on the front line and also escort humanitarian deliveries. shortly before the expedition says south america post most dangerous and exposed to fire area, the commander himself gives us instructions. but where the worst are inches on,
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when they discovered them and invented them when you give them bookers, wooten puddle, should come out of water from taste or not to look at them. mowgli bringing greasy chest cuz i stole hygiene. i live, i was asking you said, when has this assigned when you, when you review, played some of june, every mission to push in and did you get a sense of pseudo research for a few at nashika fighters school just to marry you both were distributing food and water to those have gone without for a long time. well, so visiting several addresses to find people and evacuate them with a, [000:00:00;00] a,
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a, you know, going to work with all of them. saying that they're not going to flow in a border issue or that if i give them your story thought i saw you by a multi, i didn't so much of the account. you thought that i was on a we need to move it to sure. sure. yeah, getty, did you get a, what he's suddenly or sort of a sure, let me with that over to you guys. pretty good. feel
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a we're, we're similar to her. sure. virginia i'm dealing with, but the one you said you were already to just dog uniform and she was right when you get your final corolla. now if you got the one that was not i actually q, but you might hear by using your, your oh sorry, i'm pretty good. but if you're putting up a whole sub system, what would one do? you don't know that you lost on the b. would you summarize good, you know, you put us get lost. i want to see if you have a real fault. nice, nice mode. of course, that's a most of the all don't look like we did
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a decent little boys need more spoken apology for a complete just not even if it's good here to will not miss not comes in here, but she wants to, you said mc subway. while the 8 trucks on its way to another place uri wants to check an address in each clowns area, clear it of nationalist just 2 days before the last little they need to find alexander carroll and his daughter and take them to russia. park when it's on the, on the, on the other call, with an extension with the solution. good luck with noon when william systems and i mean, i know if i'm, if i'm going to deal with dr. if it will do is read all the time. you know that you can,
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you probably is a good to prescript finish asking love, come on a, do i go live on did wash system in local school? was 4 percent of the exxon and let us show you a little to simulate with you and you don't try to deal with. but either a lot of cool lawyer, the commercial more division today is couple dollars a little low will. but it will go your put villa, go there. so it's fun to let you know for you to see how it sounds so funny because i used to work with
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a she'll never mind. no me suppose somebody does cause issues. so what else can i do? suppose one, you something we hurry to another address, we need to evacuate the media and tone of and her sister tomorrow from colleen g street. or did you want to inquire all for fortunately, or you might just look up a, i've got done, i've done that, you know, some of we've got, you know, a lot of a deal
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with a lydia recently some for the stroke and kind of a i did either move misquote until you know, and you can enjoy what to do. good without go demaury romana book. so bear with me while i get with the expedition and you, he's on his way back to moscow. his business colleagues say there are many issues to attend to the room with her. yes. just discuss
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that with my dad. forward. look at what he's got the right. it's a 1000000000. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah,
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a ah. ah, louise hunter, russian state will never. i've stayed on the northland scheme with 50000. okay, so mine is too far from speaking with. we will ban in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia today and split ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency,
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roughly all band on you to send me to school with me. ah, to put the law reserve a doubles are really for dollars. you talk your writers here, a told her children by the school as well, but i feel it got my duck. all you do you like you build up a basic me little w delegate willis, but still it, it grows bus let out that just the yellow credit with my lawyer to pay


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