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it is a the, an idea where as you know, the way i don't mind ah, no equivalent in the wild vladimir putin gives the military out a thing the newly developed thought that inter continental ms bonds will be close on duty by the end of the year unexploded marseilles had great cause from fresh shilling obliterated homes, as the ukrainian forces keep blowing up to pieces. livelihoods of people. here i see reports from one of the most intensely shell locations and then to county public. the town of a past 920 worth building for being reported heavily damaged by you. plenty of bombardment. as your claims president, the landscape tries to plain russia for rising food insecurity and to, well,
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the african union calls on the you to ease the sanctions on moscow passes africa face the rising hunger crisis. those countries are hindered. obtaining grain and fertilizers from russia with variable welcome. this is adrea international coming to live it from moscow. with the latest world headlines, it's good to have you with this. now, russian president vladimir putin has said the newly developed so much intercontinental ballistic missile systems will be put on duty by the end of this year. he's also emphasized that the russian army has been guessing state of the art as 500 air defense systems to boast of their capabilities for fending off incoming attacks. waste gun actually with our troops are now receiving the brand new as 500 air defense system, which has no equivalence in the world. we've also successfully tested the sarm out intercontinental ballistic missile and are planning to place the 1st such icbm
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system on combat duty at the end of this year. why my partner says that the russian army started receiving the country's news, n t at croft, missile defense system as $500.00. 22 killer s 500 is a next generation surface ram may sell system with a range of 600 kilometers with a traitor. capable of covering the area of 3000 kilometers, it is designed to intercept and destroy a wide range of targets at the same time, including hypersonic cruise may solve and spouse jet that is considered today one of the most advanced in the world. it was successfully tested last july and early in april base here we heard from the head of russia's defense technology company. her make connect that the system has been put into mass production. also one report and says that soon the russian army will be supplied with super have a intercontinental ballistic missile side, much known as satan to the side,
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a month with a payload of up to 7 and a half mega tons is capable of carrying 10 or more nuclear warheads and of striking different targets simultaneously thousands off longer as a way it is one of 6 brand new strategic weapon is russia is using to modernize its arm and with it was successful. it tested just a couple of months ago and is now getting ready to enter the service. rush military says it's funded off in a tank conflict island, a strategically important location, the black fee, but moscow, his forces took on the very 1st day of the war. well, rush, just defense ministry, say the defense of short down 13 ukrainian drone cloth as well as every missiles that has targeted the island both. and he had forces to counsellor plans, landing operation that moscow say he's an american strategic recognizance drone has also been spotted in the way. jim also met the conflict. the russian army has attacked ukrainian military field near the southern city of
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a desa destroying to hear to replace things that have how it says recently imported from the u. s. the russian military says it's destroyed about 15 american, made how it says in the past 24 hours. all of them, without being used once in basle, elsewhere and the guns were public official say ukrainian artillery forces have been maintaining and 10 shilling of the town of pass naya, with most of the buildings and now heavily damaged or even destroyed. despite the almost not only a talk that some locals remain in the area as on tv, costano reports, unexploded missiles and craters from fresh shillings. this may be 200 people in all of the town of parson. i left in this area in particular around 6 behind me are obliterated homes as the ukrainian forces keep blowing up to pieces. livelihoods of people here. every single house here is wriggled with holes like a fine grain sieve in a place like this,
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which is routinely shelled by ukrainians on a daily basis. it's surprising to see, survive was still willing to call it the only home they have was a saturday, so they were shooting with self propelled guns. rockets were flying, look over there. i'm trying to clean this up. when it rains, it's impossible to be here. you have to please bowls everywhere. we have no way to go. my husband does not want to leave this house. if his parents, the cargo, how have they treated us? bad? we are separatist them. one of them came and said, i'm here to choose slaves for myself. the moment keep troops retreated, these people outlasted their use as a human shield for ukrainian soldiers. they were the ones who dug up the now overgrown french's right to mid people's little backyard gardens. this maze of trenches was one of the most of unguarded, not the most. ivan guard position of the ukrainian forces in the town of papason, i say, in the town, because here you can clearly see that it was established amidst private sector. the
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rest of the town stretches as far as the i can see, the only thing the handful of locals here are left with is to wait and hope wait until they're finally out of range of the soviet made artillery at the service of the ukrainian army. hope that west and made bombs don't start dropping on them, like they already have on the civilians of the next. ah, you envoy to moscow claims, there's no intention to blockade russia's western most region of talent in grass. despite the fact that lithuania has lots of band on the transit of sanctions, goods to the enclave. the russian regions governor has threatened to take measures against the countries transport industry unless the restrictions are listed at the going to be. this is a flagrant violation of the obligations of the you and the baltic states upon their session to the union. in my view, this is a challenge to us. we must persuade them diplomatically to resend or amend this
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policy and allow us to conduct transit if they fail to do so. we have an enormous number of ways we can complicate the operations of the baltic states trust, but industry. russia has slammed the lithuanian move as illegal, but vilnius authorities claim that transit on kellum in grand is in accordance with the sanctions against russia. the restrictions effects, the transportation of coal metals construction materials on the bonds technologies also contribute to racial re, to mazda report on the issue or people who are so obsessed with their own. p r. i'm talking about this is a really bad book. western leaders keep saying how they want russian president wagner put in. ready to pay a price for the call to do you agree, but it's always the average citizens who are paying the price, including westerners, now facie and ami challenges with in the you now. and he, russian sanctions, like as iranian sanctions, or as i venezuela, sanctions, or advisory and sanctions, et cetera, et cetera, always hit the average person the hardest. and the idea is that sanctions pressure
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on citizens who caused them to rise up against their own country's leaders and do the west regime change dirty work except that people on whom the sanctions are ultimately imposed arts, stupid. they know where their country's domestic challenges and, and the impact of foreign interference begins. now the situation with colleen and grad would be like canada, preventing transit between alaska and the rest of the united states. so how do you think washington would tolerate that? but of course, don't anyone dare call this clinic grad situation of blockade? she knew diplomat. gee, the brill says it isn't the land and ship between cleaning good at another part of russia. i've not been stop north bend, but he is noble. okay. he also is splitting hairs on technicalities because in that same speech he also said the indeed and i quote in accordance with european union
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sanctions, there are import and export restrictions that apply in relation with certain goods, including the prohibition of transit from those goods through the european union territory. now he's all caught up in whether or not what they're doing is legal. and he's vowing to ensure of course, that it is. but you know, by then it might be too late. all this might be over. who knows, right? just because something is technically legal, you know, maybe it's that hard to understand under to explain as well as maybe you should be doing it at all. especially if you want to be in line with your own per claim values. you know, you're rushing up to conflict claiming to want peace, and then using the people who could grab is ponce sure. go ahead and say that there's tactically no blockade. and maybe you are technically in the right ask for international law or whatever. it's so confusing, it's hard to know. i mean, nobody really knows right now they're looking into it right. the people of clinton grad and the reality will be the ultimate judge of what that's worth. what happened to those western values of human rights, by the way,
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do they apply to russians and claim rod knows where it's you are only when they're not standing in the way of a powerplay to further western interests, in which case well, you know, they're just shrugged office collateral damage with europe, already eating into his winter gas reserves, which all supposed to be topped up during the summer. the european commissions president has insisted that the con cove without russian supplies of the commodity, energy efficiency and energy saving play an important role. if we reduce the heating temperature to degrees on average in europe or that of air conditioning, europe would replace the entire supply of note stream. meanwhile, about 80000 people attended a protest in brussels on monday to speak out against the quickly rising cost of living. transpose strikes the site to the cities may not hold on to other towns at hubs throughout belgium, bringing public travel from those locations to an f stands. so inflation has been estimates at 9 percent this month. us sanctions against russia have disrupted
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supply chains all over the continent, making regular people pay exorbitant prices for the choices of their leaders. i came here to defend purchasing power of the citizens because demonstrating is the only way to make change. we cannot cope anymore even with 2 salaries as we have on the medical teacher. both of us are working and we can not get our head above water . we must increase our purchasing power. however you love you that your wife is becoming more and more difficult gasoline hidden fuel. if will lower the taxes to 6 percent on what tricity and gas, it will then make the population happier of the nation one suffer. oh, for the moment, after covered with the war in ukraine and others, workers concerns the government isn't facing our desires and wishes for why we should be able to negotiate a fair salary with companies. and we believe it's possible that russia is supposedly holding africa hostage. that's how ukranian president vladimir zalinski
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has described moscow's relations with the continent and made relentless western sanctions against russian exports. africa, africa is actually hosted to those who unleashed war against our state, and it was not for the war against ukraine. there simply would be no shortage of food in the market. people in africa, asia, or in any other country in the world would not be suffering from the catastrophic rise and food prices. head off, the african union has responded by saying is committed to a peaceful resolution. but earlier he called the western countries to ease payment restrictions on moscow to allow africa to pay for russian goods. it is aggravated by european sanctions on the methods of payment. we want to pay, but it becomes impossible. so we are asking the europeans for the same mechanism as for gas and oil. although russia and ukraine export nearly a 3rd of the world's wheat and barley grain cannot get out of your crane and took care of places ports of its minds to allow for the safe export of the goods. former
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south african senior official in charge of state statistics. it is incorrect to place all the blame on just one country. amid the current conditions. the statement of rica in schools. this ratio would be wrong because africa believes that we will, she has food and opportunity, long lane. russia are holding from show to where and russia green i had war and that war chains that walk in my mind, but to reach them. but it can't be correct, it will blame one country. it is the provoker of the food shortages. i mean, there be our sanctions about it postal and russian exports. where, where you are, you in the u. s. such as the guess that to, to so there is no you don't want to buy your your, your gas,
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you that process. rather cheese for production for, for back to purposes disrupted. to watch admitting that more than 1700000 people in south sit down require food assistance to avoid starvation. the un house suspended humanitarian aid to them fighting a founding crisis caused by the conflict in ukraine. the un says it must now diversify its food supplies to focus on helping other countries and regions in need . their organizations, food program has claimed that exhausted all alternatives before making the tough decision to slash aid to south sedan. we got reaction from some locals. you say the us decision cannot be justified when say many lives are on the line. we have flooding, we have economy on crisis. we have a lot of crisis insulted on. so as we assess, it needs, we need help, we are asking for help. so and then the u. n is the one who is helping us, who providing us the basic needs. if they stop this needs,
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how are we going to survive? as this also then is how are you going to survive? it can never be fair. not only that, people have talked to them, but anyway, because in africa majorly we defend will depend on that to them over other countries. so much here is also facing a lot of problem hunger no indication. i guess we don't have enough. what goes on around 1000, depending on what program they want, but it's a good put all the people we need more support from the world. meanwhile, in india, thousands of people have taken to the streets to voice the anger as a new government cost cutting scheme for the military. as more young adults ought to be recruited on short term contracts, the government hasn't vowed in the recruitment plan, that was the young man, $74.00, which is a full yes. well,
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the goal is to provide jobs with the countries viewed. it says what is to make the armed forces younger, more capable, and more diverse the future challenges. more of the scheme is expected to lower the bill for the armed forces. if the state will be able to reduce the cost of wages and pensions. many people, however, enraged at the changes o demonstrations over the weekend turned violent with protest is blocking trains that setting fine. some railroad cause and tires and clustered with police. dozens were arrested young men believe the losing the opportunity to join the defense forces on a full time basis with implications for salaries, pensions, and other benefits. his aunty contributed artie tica with more details. this scheme is aimed at bringing in efficiency, bringing down the cost of the defense in the country and also bringing in
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younger lina. i'm more efficient groups to the military services. however, the decision has goes up to more in the country in certain pockets. the opposition is unhappy and is strongly protesting against me and has expressed themselves that it might lead them the defense of the country. of the major reasoning behind the scheme seems that the nature of the warfare has changed . the combat conventional was have reduce over the years. the dominant seems to be spending a lot more on air force and it seems to be spending a lot more on weaponry and also on different brands from red begun, dri, has been facing challenges buddy samples. i would a dash financial, a dykes and b,
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this other issues apart from this. the issue is that the indian youth who was used to a certain system off recruitment may be disappointed with this because it does not insure jobs or use also in the military. not to be have also some in support of the team thinking that this is going to use the cos that goes into defense expenditure for me. ukrainian prime minister julia to mishenko is using her political clouds on the flames. avante rushing sentiments in the country, including advertising, a new brand of sausages with the label supporting world war 2 era northly collaborative, collaborate and stepping back there and calling for quote,
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desk to russians. blue cross, some of mich. excellent. the most delicious sausage. this is mendera and this is death to russians. they are close in taste and design, and most importantly, in quality, the movies, the latest by ukrainian political figure to embrace anti russian sentiment and follows the country national parliament. pausing a law banning russian music in public places, the southern city of nikolai f as even gone as far as to prohibits the use of russian language in schools. the ukrainian justice minister has said authority, 2 things thought confiscating the assets of any one believe to be in cooperation with moscow. and yet the man of the predominant, the russian speaking ukrainian city of a desa has cautioned against the rise of anti russian sentiment. he's broken off against the renaming of pushkin's street which leads to the city hall because he wants to preserve the memory of the renowned $900.00 century russian author. no,
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i would not support that debt. so is the intercultural capital of ukraine. i'm worried by the growth of hatred of all things. russian author angela thomas wrote essays. ukraine cannot be called a democracy under its current governments. it's just, it's just a joke to quote ukraine, been you taste ukraine deep democracy, added to democracy. this is again, a sign of what the russians call a nazi of freshest regime. this started already long before this started with arresting of the leader of the pol mitchell a position here with closing all a critical media. and these were all things which happened more than a year ago from western media and politic. politicians don't want to see that. um, they just don't want to see who are the heroes of modern ukraine. the western, the west just seems to be blind on this. they don't want to see it and boat either just not comparable with the western values,
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the european values or the european values, a different of what they are saying of officially italian tourism like as a crying foul over that industry bearing the brunt of sanctions that have restricted travel from russian tourists, italian managers say that a disrupted summer tourism season, mainly to massive economic losses. bessie alto here in the beloved the when will complain about the absence of russian tourist, the sheer mission tourism moves the economy and for us italian sicilians and is very important. the absence of russians is weighing heavily. there are many close beach umbrellas, empty seats, and little work has been done to the lack of russian tourists. these empty spaces were never there. in other years. there have been many cancellations and hotel bookings we are experiencing a sharp decline. was done of the winter. passamore did you saw that this year? there is a real ban on russian tourists to italy with. we are very sorry about all this and
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we still do not understand why there cannot be a peaceful solution. russian tourism is important. tourists from russia spend a lot of money in their absence is a great penalty for us. so because as you see, there are many beaches empty, but we hope they will come back in droves. found, i do not understand why we continue to penalize the russian people who would like to go on vacation and travel. these sanctions are having the opposite effect. okay . and simple. so, revenue from russian tourists is expected to full significantly in many countries as the russians are traditionally major buys of luxury goods on their travels. last year they spent more than $9000000000.00 overseas. however, it's, these government doesn't seem to be bothered by the losses of its tourism industry and is instead choosing to supply ukraine with expensive weapons, which is further infuriated italian workers, the presidents of sicily that some a beach managers is calling for an urgent solution a. so the main thing i can say is that the weapons that europe is giving do not
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help. we must instead use dialogue and build dialogue. we have suffered so many walls. i tell you that we must engage in dialogue and not fuel the ukraine conflict with weapons given by europe. we should sit down, find the right economic agreements and more good dialogue, avoid confrontation. all of this, penalize is every one, even us europeans and defense alliance of israel. the us on some arab states is already helped with a reigning attack stuff according to we as well as defense minister benny, but benny gans, who had some further support promotions from when it comes to iran. the past was created and midwest and concerns around military capability. and nuclear program. so wrong, however, has emphasized that it only has 3 percent of the world's nuclear fuel is well has those who opposed the restoration of the 2015 iran nuclear deal under which to run was to cut its atomic program in order for sanctions to be lifted. we want to
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report in the wall street journal claims that is, well, has been involved in a series of covert operations, a, the disrupting to nuclear program side mohammed around the professor to run university says the alliance will not break around. it's not really a real alliance because the ara public opinion and regional public opinion is deeply opposed to the apartheid regime in israel and saudi arabia and amaran's have shown themselves completely incapable of fighting against it. even though they start the country. they surrounded the country and they had full support from western countries, nato countries. so it really doesn't mean much to iran, the united states, saudi arabia, there's railey regime. all of them were allies in the just because they're coming
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out of the closet. does it mean that there's any major change in the dynamics in the region? the only thing that will happen is that when things become more out in the open, public opinion becomes more important. many thanks for joining us on the international web. back at the top of the hour with i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point, obviously is too great truck rather than fear.
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a very job with artificial intelligence. real. somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with with only one main thing is important for knox. ism internationally speaking, that is, that nations allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nation. so all the slaves, americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this. danger is boy man, that wants to take over the world. that was
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a culture strategy. says i'm booked as of yet on your own. i not, felicia, too often. zip on in tablet block. nato said, it's ours. we move east. the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it the law? the sovereignty of all the countries, the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato, what is bad, the shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in lodge obs companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good? and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. and so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on,
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often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. to sit down and talk with a manager, keep what you might look and you live most schools. if you look on the initial, you want to pull up a post on a deal with can use to put value. i knew you did origin, but you also still listed on those a
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what i see the student bosses know group you motivation says use no, you don't, bob ah, to put a dollar. you talk too much of a deal
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with the way i kill grimes group where that pulled up. are you interested or se julia, does she somebody over there or she bud zamarelli, but she was with us. i was just talking to a video. are you not got a new a.


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