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now trying to figure out a way out of its own self and you can, you know, all i can say let's just hope that they figure it all out and come to their senses before all of us here, crash. or i, some were news in brief. now, at least a 1000 people have been killed in a huge earthquake. that shook of gamma stud wednesday morning. more than 1500 others were injured. according to the telephone authorities. the plate was centered on the side or west of the country. i could also be felt in neighboring pakistan. rescue efforts are complicated after many international agencies left stuff. yellowstone after the taliban take over the country last year, and the key arctic withdrawal of the u. s. military from its longest war in history . while unprecedented rain fall and flooding in india and bangladesh of destroyed millions of homes and left more than a 100 people, the heavy rains 1st started in march and have left countless people struggling for food. the medical supplies the u. n's, children's charity. unicef has warned of
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a potential health catastrophe. hospitals are out of action. more than a 1000000 children are in need of virgin help. russia has been marking the 81st anniversary of the nazi invasion of the soviet union in the 2nd world war known as the great patriotic war. here. events have been held throughout the country and memory of the victims. young volunteers took part in the fence in the heart of saint petersburg during the war. the city then known as letting ground was under siege for 3 years. in the central city of some, mara, people laid fire paintings on the road during the war. it was a reserve capital of the ussr moskowitz also marked the anniversary people gathered to light swamps version $418.00 candles along the mosque of a river. the number precisely marching how many days the brit patriarch war lasted a lot of more potent also laid flowers of the grave of the unknown soldier. which
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symbolizes the harder witness than sacrifices made during the war. ok, don't miss any of the big mid week stories by giving our teams twitter page. i follow you won't be bored there for me now on the news team here in moscow for no good by the ah what a dollars you talk to her a hopeful that i see a
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deal with my actual grimes group where that pulled up. are you interested or self visit julia? does she somebody over there or she bud zamarelli, but she was with
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us. i was just talking to a video. we've got a new employer. let's see about a a might be for ah ah,
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i will not put you on a am you got a sad news for you must see like a movie desinik. ok. then you find that i did a lot that you do you flop was the idea that was ok. you give us the new with a
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doubt that it's but follow you got the ability to have 3 of you. cool. i'm with, you know, much to invite you to sort of tunnel with zebra from my boss, but super duper to scott, especially about the m thought video over here. not got him. you up the wheels, but see bye bye. so if i see about a new list that you're with bill for his own a dorm with
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her to provide me with hardy. but don't study of course know really watch with to shoot in a way. make sure you want. she would, man, you're actually you're with
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finance, very few little on the 2nd. but you're not that a minute, but that about the school as a slightly you pulled up what you did or not. i got a yellow guy. you and you will still across the name awards. a lot of them really feel up last the last night on what the
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idea, what's a good day baby? zeal. all sounds good. yeah. i all know. will it love it? he said, yeah, but, but you need say that the wave was get beat out spoken about this kid though. it might be southwest a lot more if i need some all of us moves and posted and you were you try these now? you guys? yes. yes. if it's all fine, you'll see a lot different from the home. so wasn't it? why you need say, sounds like you're good. are you there? oh, can i eat meat? so yeah, i thought i lost nob melissa brothers thought, any of your speech, anybody. so you brought that was that it was gonna be yeah, i let them, let me see what's the reply to the chip lodge? a new one. the new tool with a sore throat. moment when you should've been they have such
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a process of doing well. yes. denise bay city. yeah. your policy of think i checked with them. brought it up with us so we got about good. a good question with a with yes, i'm sure you don't wash my yonder motion switched out the it's not straight. can you with what she has that condition that it's up still. christmas time is a divorce and the formula is still see me only celia cut. all right, i'm wounded. i'm yes, you must keep. it seems that they were so wash. nikki has also consider will not
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able to pull check when you thought on the former, but most of them was 9 miles for sure. i'm not sure. they're not sure i was by animal or you know, she is still yes. yes, it shows them this will she was or you might look on the conditions today. sure. sure. and yeah, i'm very clear that talk newly diagnosed about started the shop with a blunt. it does not say you do. so we're doing this, but i've got a piece of shit. yeah, but more strict mean sure. it's a pretty, it's a control in the bottom of it. they will be it and you go to some of them.
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appreciate it. you did those most that i missed, but i be able to do for them. it was nice. how can we sustain that? you do? anybody, we always want to keep this company is a veteran issue. what do you mean in order to move a little bit better then you don't you already mean the federalist of control in the film industry here, but the, on the, for me, i need to does actually, yes. pick a rooftop justin chose, can group of people who would it says that she's, she's just in the system as of style it to that are both. if you show a clear yes, i'm sitting in the middle to waste and you said a lot to me in the middle of the girl the other about to with i get a
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border with with joshua garzo with a with of them
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she received a notice back with all of it before with ah, the offers it look like you are actually blue shield will lose always of soon. are you a part of football?
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no, no, but not that lawyer. why do you know if it system is it? did it with interest in it? so it will not end up with a what is if you are actually to do a little much a mark on what it is a possible, but dollar a brought out a spot ah, in united,
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a tax on other countries economic sanctions are, are often just the beginning, another thing you like to do is play some military pressure on the countries that you're talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the whole world. and we need to make rules for the rest because without us there we can do
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good. i'm with the water. shouldn't pay for the 2 of them. are you when you, when your work already stupid on. if there's $40.00 a night to radiate, somebody doing that, you know, you're going more than it was close to that you were don't close your orders. deborah, go to move you up with our headquarters, but he's only was a good. i'm just public school. yeah. and you just need to talk with you quickly, i'm sorry i wasn't a move, which is now with
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a lot of us with you. that the disagreement with alice o'brien with this and going through. but i didn't by minute post. it was a venture to look here. this is a joke on similar to the queue. 1000000 of course, are stores from it though another to help you have a good church. you know, the job is that you, they send you the best millers dealing with the course in bush cut by you glasses that are in your life. where did you did it? the who stores a bit by the years
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a new, unapproachable. ah, i don't know a couple those are where you unless you are you personally with or do i to go? i because i love a 3. are you club a deal? the roll. it is the root, the worries will they get there? mm. a lawyer in there. mm mm. you know,
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the way i can grow, escape where they are filled up with that you have it all evil. and they all, could you with the b t rob with he'd be at the most at just the other guy with a
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my, in really this is with numbers level with we have much cover doing me on those. are those not do you had you to hear him with couples and right? no, it was a mess because i think grocery store lydia a must have to rush me like my or if i me your bull hug over here. you bob? right. are you mom? lisa, so i knew his name was bla. nope, i said you miss is a good evening to to learn a little doing almost one of the show spicy of them in the gym so never so full of stuff. oh gosh, more come on, wish upgrade a horse. so the kiosk, a quick look to the thumb with when his name, external forgot that i was just supposed to have done little surgical. if i'm still
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getting it very well done with our chest hurting, peace, quit, or was wrong. not that it was also less you can is complaining. but as you go down, the hood said, here score our students that on if that are on a seamless along with the teacher choices can use the team to tina escrow can the even on the line with miss it.
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i have with limits under funded with to turn the letters to live in scope with marshal. ready and angela to sure, sure. so forget or crap is the most waco with me. it's just for us to serve in charlotte or the forms cochran. i know is not
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a good that it's just that a good family given him in that order, who would sustain it? blinking now was to move julian under both georgia. i was prussia referred me to caucus, and yet they fallen off his sugar, threatening me with a with latisha's spanish engine. i suggest with his speech with
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a german kit is dealing with diner when dealing with all of the motion with dawn bus and down to mary will go on another little rescue mission. we're picking up an old man with some bad legs. so welcome to mary. you
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can do on ads in 2014 december, 2014, after seeing the war crimes and installed american installed into the regime of when a burg people to death and beat them to death in odessa. when they bought the lou, god's administration building killed civilians, their booth ukraine has real fascism. i watch some idiots last night, some so called professor somewhere saying, oh there's no nazis in your grand zelinski is jewish, the president's jews. there can be nazis. that's a lie. that's alive with
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good. wanted that on the bomb or suggest oh chart is in the apollo chose not layers the media published get them all windshield which just issued the new stage vehicle but they are just out on the water level. so she had to post all, but i got it on cell bus as you know, but i'll bother him through bump. ibm cut him to the gym at those. i'm so glad i built that little so you will. yeah. hello. okay. it's good that i shut the net, hon of war, and daniel would have to read and you're sort of like, you know. mm. mm. a story. you know, you didn't look, i don't know that you're crazy over here with us. no hostility or did you are going to be with god? we're for sure. you're probably national rush. you thought we, my shifter you wish when you might not?
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my daughter are more fragile, valuable. but what are you still at, craig? a little. sure to start a possible drive time with us with an idea. so you know that way, you know, doing what ah, it's really tragic. it's really sad. but you know, when we were at the humanitarian aid,
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oh, there is a thousands of people there. ah, and it's russia bringing them food, bringing them water, bringing them help, bringing a medicine, they're like a mobile pharmacy go on. and it's russians that are helping these people today, not the ukrainians, not the nazis in just russians are helping them. they actually been, you know, yeah, no diesel. yeah. yeah. you with i on the america, nobody at the school who did that going to deliver now, but at the notion of it is still a feel by ceeback who died a while ago for
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a reversible split. this is probably the most accurate way to describe brushes, relationship with the west, the day. but this did not have to be the west attempts to cripple the russian economy have failed, as well as the attempt to isolate russia. the west is isolated itself. with the need to establish something like this, a command center, any place is good enough, even this cemetery are t visits heavily fortified positions up funded by the ukrainian or me. here, the total pos, naya, does russia then allied forces continue? d, mining territories taken from key ebs of course, is also a head on the program. the saudi crown prince and the turkish president announced a new era in by lateral. mom had been so mom travel to ankara on the final step of his middle eastern tour in that aligning views on key issues in the region
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