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tv   News  RT  June 22, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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ah, ah ah, 4 months at least 28 people have been killed, 180 injured. now this place is a crater from cannon artillery to report from the city of god lapka in the done yet the people's republic is shelling a residential areas by ukrainian forces intensifies. we hear from some local residence, a where on the constant shelling now, when the bomb arrived, i thought the house was going to collapse. michel exploited nearby. it flew into the yard of labor in house, destroyed everything, then another shell hit the gas pipe and there was a very strong explosion and fire us federal reserve amidst the war in ukraine is
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not the primary cause of inflation enough despite the president biden constantly label in its putins prize fight and an online summit of the bricks group of countries kicks off on thursday. the meetings going ahead despite west, at times to isolate russia from the international community with july from us studios rights in moscow. this is r. he's just constantly, i'm here in the russian capital. mine is peter scott and welcome to the program. and we start off with some of the latest developments from the war in ukraine, according to local officials done yet, residential areas have been shared by keeps troops during the day, and 2 men are reported to have been injured. authorities claim the attacks were carried out with weapons delivered by nato member states to key f. as brussels continue russian forces unlocked guns, people's republic army advancing on the city of lucy chunks,
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which is one of the remaining strongholds of the ukrainian army in the area. guns, military officials, believe they will soon capture this city ortiz rome. acosta. of census this report from over in the done yes. for public. we are in a city of girl of could the moment says this town has been continuously shelled by the ukraine military over the last 8 years. and the shilling had intensified in the last 4 months. at least it's when t 8 people have been killed. 180 injured. now, this place, this is a crater from ah, cannon. artillery says one of the shell fragments that fell here. obviously, the impact created this crater. now this is the residential building where all the windows had been shattered. now this is just one of many buildings in this area that were damaged by the ukraine and artillery. i will speak to some of the
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residents about the ordeal that they have to go through. what we can get her cause video for those been shelling every day. this past week i was driving into the garage when a shell exploded nearby. it flew into the yard of a neighboring house. there was not a single window left in it destroyed everything other than another shell hit the gas pipe and there was a very strong explosion than fire. another flew into the yard, then again behind the garages. i think there will be more shelling today as well. you did on last little where on the constant shelling now when the bomb arrived. i was standing in the kitchen. i saw the house was going to collapse, plaster and windows were knocked out. i managed to run out of the kitchen. we have been sitting in an entrance hall for the last 2 days. we are afraid of constant shelling. ah, for some unknown reason,
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residential buildings in this area are constantly bombarded by the ukrainian artillery can see shards of glass under my feet. and there are well that dozens residential buildings out here. and there is a, a kindergarten right here, and absolutely no military positions that i know of the roman casa, of in girl, of god than as people's republic. meanwhile, an explosion has occurred as an oil refinery in russia's rust of region on wednesday. according to moscow officials, a ukrainian drone hit the facility and caused a fire that was later extinguished case in the instance, has been opened by russia's investigative committee. recession in the u. s. is certainly a possibility. thus, the warning from the chairman of the federal reserve that comes amid the highest inflation in 40 years. president joe biden blamed the inflation on the war in
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ukraine, but fed chairman jerome power says otherwise. let's go compensates mtv host, scotty nel hughes explains well and what president obama had 2008, actually termed a gimmick. and then recently in march and speaker to plus, the show is and a bad idea. president biden, today propose, don't believe, be a growing pains that americans are feeling at the gas pump a, it's a 3 month 18th, it's federal gas tax, more tory and or holiday, was proposed by president biden in his address, the country, or the average gas price in america today is over $5.00 per gallon with the highest being in california, peaking at $6.70. but of course the president was quick to make sure the blame for the price increase. it was not on his shoulders. the simple truth is gas prices are up almost $2.00 a gallon because latimer pollutants ruthless attack on ukraine. and we wouldn't let him get away with russia is also the largest,
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or one of the largest oil producers in the world. we cut off fresh oil in the united states, and our partners in europe did the same, knowing that we would see higher gas prices. now the problem is that besides the fact the gas price in the united states were dramatically increasing from the day president biden took office all the way to prior. the conflict happening president and actually said he cut russian oil to the united states and the european off, which is simply not true. but what is happening is the united states and our allies are actively discussing a price cap on russian oil. treasury secretary, get it going confirmed during a joint press conference with canada. finance, mr. christina freeland, with the hopes of allowing more oil supply all and to reach the global market. now however, when she was asked to explain her price exception comment y'all, i said it would be essentially a price cap. and i just sort of an exception to the european insurance ban. but
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this is questionable as to whether this is even going to be feasible by the parties involved considering it would make no says to sell oil with price caps, which would greatly reduce or even eliminate any potential profit. well, it's predictable. the president biden monitor are putting the blame on for the gas prices, inflation. it does not correspond, which is own officials, including fed chair drug power, who says ukraine is not responsible for inflation, given how inflation is escalated over the past 18 months. would you say that the warden ukraine is the primary driver of installation in america? no inflation was high before certainly before the warranty crane broke up. i'm glad to hear you say that the by that ministration seems to be intent on deflecting blame. and as recently as just this past sunday spread, the misinformation that putin's invasion of ukraine is the quote biggest single driver of inflation. i'm glad you agree with me that that is not the truth. that is fair to mention that despite bite and healing himself to be and speech that
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american stand with them. here is actually the number's card to a june 22nd year for the job by the public approval rating. so for the 4th straight week to 36 percent matching is a lower level since late may, according to our writers expose opinion poll, there was just completed on monday. now president biden did confirm, but he knew in advance or americans were going to pay the price at the gas for the . busy war in the ukraine, but that was the price that well americans were willing to pay. he even reminded republicans. they're both to support the billions and things that have gone to ukraine. therefore, making sure that were cut republicans were just as accountable as democrats in regards to the rising gas prices. all things he would hope, americans would put the blame on both parties when they go to the polls in november . now it seems it's just a waiting game or during content to see if the us uppercase an observer stands as the european union and other countries might take the same option over doing
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a holiday tax. but that was, it remains to be seen. now the years are present, emitted to conflict over ukraine could be common endurance contests between the us and russia, as well as the e. u. but he does think at some point there will be even more of a waiting game. and what the russians can handle versus what europeans will be able to handle. but the main question on president biden's mind, no doubt is how much will americans actually be able to handle reporting from nashville, tennessee for our t. i'm scott now who's geopolitical strategist and diplomacy. consultants to the u . s. department of state johnson to lead is he believes the current economic situation undermines the willingness of americans to help you claim for political purposes. i think it's important for the white house to maintain. what i think most people see is a fiction that the russian invasion of ukraine is largely responsible for the higher gas prices. more than half of the increase in gas prices in january 2021. have taken place before february 24th. the american people are very,
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very willing to support and provide foreign aid for beleaguered countries. for countries that are suffering because of war or invasion in other parts of the world . when our economy is strong and our society is resilient, we've given many of the challenges that we're facing in the united states right now . most americans would rather our political leaders from president biden on down, focus on fixing what's wrong with the american economy, an american society. then with a war that could lead to a possible nuclear exchange in europe if it escalates out of control of its a europe. now, which must urgently prepare for a complete hold of russian just imports this winter. that's according to the head of the international energy agency, claims that moscow's decision to reduce gas supplies to european countries. this past week may be a sign of things to come. or the, some you politicians have acknowledged their own sanctions. policies, all having of the back effects were urging member states to ramp up investment and
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renewables. ireland doesn't rely on gas from russia, but relies on gas from other places. but if the overall market is disturbed, which it is both by rush his own actions, and indeed by our sanctions, then there are consequences around availability of all to contribute to rachel mazda offers her take on what's happening now on the continent. in regards to the energy crisis, european union to connie was an airplane. it was just, you know, cruising law when the folks in charge suddenly caught the gas. say take that fusion and now their nose diving and madly mashing, all the buttons on the control panel trying to figure out how to save themselves. and that reality is now spilling out into the open. the basically telling the passengers, you know, those of us living here in the u. n. are just so on the ride that they have lost control may read. mcginnis that you commissioner for financial stability like wow, she has quite the task ahead of her. judging by that job,
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the surgeon just said that b e was looking at increasing investment in renewables. yes or no, she got the memo, but germany use big renewable energy champion is urgently going back to cool because of the self inflicted energy crutch. mcginnis also said we under january not realizing that by february we would really be alarmed about our lack of resilience when it comes to energy. and she added that we rely on russian fossil fuels. so we're looking for alternative supplies. and so basically, these folks didn't even make sure that they had their own oxygen mask on to insure their own economic survival before rushing to assist ukraine and taking the russian dependent you energy market with their own sessions. meanwhile, canada use close ally is also trying to find a way around its own sanctions against russia's gas from so that it can get some nord stream pipeline turbines that will be repaired in montreal, back to siemens energy company in germany under its own sanctions. canada won't
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allow itself to provide any components that could be used in the gas pipeline. in the meantime, gas promise had to significantly reduce gas loads, germany sparking talk of the potential energy of urgency. so by sticking it to putting canada has also socket to as close allied germany. so it's no wonder that jens plugin or foreign policy adviser to chancellor will have schultz is now asking why germany's future really ship with russia isn't being discussed as much as german weapons or ukraine. you can fill many newspaper pages with 20 margins, but there are fewer, larger articles about how our relationship with russia will be in the future. you is just in so obsessed with ukraine that it's now trying to figure out a way out of its own south and east charleston. you know, all i can say is, let's just hope that they figure, i don't consider it for all of us here. crash. major summit's of the bricks, countries which the world's biggest emerging economies kicks off in beijing on thursday with bloody mouth's in jordan. it's on line. the russian president has
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expressed his support for china's move to promotes an alternative world order to the one dominated by washington. and that's in the form of a global security initiative r. c correspondent, donna courts. that gives us a preview. the 1st time since russia's military operation and ukraine began leaders from some of the world's biggest up and coming economies are gathering for the international bricks forum. despite the wes attempts to turn the rest of its member countries against russia, they're standing firm in favor of multi polarity, as the global energy crisis rages on it and they and when they're constantly introducing more and more politically motivated sanctions and strengthening mechanisms of pressure on competitors, there's a deliberate breakdown of cooperative tires and transport and logistic chains are collapsing. this is all contrary to common sense and elementary economic logic. it goes against the interests of global business and negatively affects the well being of all countries. it has been proven time and again, sanctions a boomerangs,
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and double edged sword that politicize, instrumental ice and weaponized, the world economy. and use the dominant position of the international financial monetary system to impose sanctions recklessly, which will eventually harm others and home themselves and make the people of the world suffer unprecedented western sanctions. hab boomerang. indeed, in the 1st 3 months of this year, trade between russia and the bricks, countries have increased by a whopping 38 percent reaching $45000000000.00. in may, china even became the world's biggest importer of russian oil making up for a lot of the difference for western clients last through sanctions. india, for its part, has gone from importing basically no russian oil at all to buying over 760000 barrels a day for the western powers that constantly espoused the principles of free market capitalism. none of these developments should contradict their values. russia has got a product that the consumers want, but things clearly are not that simple. and it is up with me,
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but new to western partners, disregard the basic principles of a market. economy free trade in viability of private property and pursuing irresponsible macroeconomic policy, including the uncontrolled printing of money and accumulation of unsecured debt. as for the ongoing global food crisis, vladimir putin and his south african counterpart had been discussing how to secure africa supply of food and fertilizers. all that is, no doubt, a good sign of closer cooperation between bricks countries and a good sign for the over 3000000000 people who call those countries home. especially those living with the effects of the west sanctions regime. china has hinted, the block is expected to begin an expansion process to include new emerging economies . the program director developed a discussion club insights on potential candidates on the session process. my expectations in terms of the expansion and the ranks of the brakes economies is
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that it will likely be done on the basis of one by one addition. and i think it will take quite some time because initially the breaks economies will have to agree amongst themselves on what the precise criteria and what the conditions will be on the accession of new countries into the brakes club. but i think in the coming years we will see one or 2 countries joining possibly it could be argentina, or it could be large economies such as indonesia or saudi arabia. basically, i think it will most likely be a developing economy from the g 20 and the most likely candidates are the 3 that i mention in the news, a powerful earthquake enough canister has killed more than 1000 people. that's not
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a bond minutes in groups as more than 1000. 500 people have been injured in the disaster according to the un office for humanitarian fez over 2000 houses have been destroyed. but it didn't say mountainous terrain complicates the gathering of exact information about the victims as well as hampering search and rescue efforts. the earthquake stroke african is done amid a serious humanitarian crisis. the red crescent says over half the african population was in need of humanitarian assistance. even before the earthquake the ukraine belongs to the european family boats. its path holds many conditions. those are the words of german. chancellor of shots at the european council submits on thursday. that's where you leaders will vote on ukraine's. membership in the union team shall davinsky takes up the story. it's the summit you crane has been waiting for. will you leaders give it the nord of approval to become a candidate for membership or will life imitate art?
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and i can actually imag. yes, you're going it. oh my god. when assigned to your content beyond me rigari my. 2 so you, grania rolo, our gods, real, we really waiting for this so much time. yes, it is though expected the e, you will say yes if only as a means of symbolically showing support for ukraine and providing a good dose of moral boosting. the commission chief has already given her seal of approval. yes. ukraine deserves european prospector. yes, ukraine should be welcomed as a candidate country. it hasn't though, been a smooth ride for kiev. numerous countries of questioned suitability for candidate
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status issues over widespread corruption, a lack of stability in its institutions. it's poor economic state, and of course the fact that the country is improved in a war have raised serious concerns. however many of these issue seem to have been whitewashed when the commission gave its recommendation overall. as regards the political criteria, ukraine as well advanced in reaching the stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities. but even von delane has admitted ukraine will have to pull out all the stops if it's to reach the final destination as an e. u. member. other members of the block agree, this could be
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a very long way off. you so we all know perfectly well the process to allow ukraine to joined would take several years. indeed, probably on several decades. some countries such ifs turkey have been waiting since the end of the last century. and even if you crane can fulfill the very long list of requirements, the dream of becoming a member of the you could still be just fat. becoming a candid, it may signal the intention. but it's certainly no guarantee ah, well, amid dots, enthusiastic rhetoric from the european block on ukraine's membership turkey, which has been waiting for approval to join the you for more than 20 years. as found, their membership card is still not ready. turkey today is further away than it was in 1999. the accession process is merit based and therefore it is very much in the hands of the applicant country. now turkey was gone,
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said you candidates states us back in 99. those 20 is late to the european parliament suspended folks on the countries inclusion. i made human rights concerns that despite uncover, being a long term ally off the block on key issues including the migrant crisis caused by the syrian war. the country president believes turkey is a session should be encouraged, as he stays ukrainian crisis, reassert the strategic importance of turkey for the reaction to the situation from august. i just said that it was a political, economic, and joe political mistake that turkish governments wanted to join the european union. and today, this fact is revealed once again, it is wanting to have an equal relation, a european countries. but it's another think to, to be a country that europe try to use against against asia against russia, iraq,
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iran, and today, turkish national interest and also church nation. and this has never required being a part of the european union, because turkey is not just that european country, but turkey is a euro, asian country. so i mean, if you look to the map, you will see that one part of turkeys in europe and the other part of thirty's in asia to stay in the gates gateway of europe in to rates is not there today. the turkish, it national interest and now for a new era in bilateral ties, i was in also made by the saudi crown prince on the turkish president during the prince's visit to ankara. wednesday was the 3rd day of mohammed been some months, middle east told with the prince, seeking to align the country stances on key issues as an excellent, so met with joe biden approaches. it's been sarmens 1st visit to turkey since the murder of jealous jamal shoji, in a stumble almost 4 years ago. and of course,
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the instant to drive a wedge between the 2 countries, the road trip the case off on monday, as the prince met the egyptian president to discuss security and stability in the area, the su signed off some point $7000000000.00 worth of agreements. john was also on the royal itinerary despite years of strain relations between the 2 states, mostly due to clashing views on regional conflicts. political science professor said cedric told us the saudi princes visit comes amid a re shuffle of alliances individually with less countries. now, willing to please washington, he has to make sure that when the king dies, he will not find any trouble among the region of all of the company. he wants the oldest ball to stand by him. well, he's going here and there to provide. he cannot make assistant also to prepare for the visit off to the by the way, ignored the area for one year and a half. and only because of the korean crisis and the oil and gas issue,
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he began to change his mind even before the caribbean crisis. the alliances and everything was in saudi arabia, emerged on the one hand and then another alliance potter and therapy, and iran. this changes know, we have a lot of things that happen in the, in the last few months that should, that they wanted to bury the action and have some kind of peace because of dec. detail you think it can only conditions today. it is not nobody's interest to play ideological games. there was no business to date, all the area of suffering economically and being special dollars from the gulf states, but they will not go as far as to please the americans because they know that one time the americans, me offended them. that's how the word is looking at 6 30 am moscow tie moneys pizza
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scott's on the back again with another look at today's biggest stories in about 35 minutes time. i'll see you then. thank you. ah ah ah so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy
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confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk aah! with sri lanka has become the southeast asian country in 2022, unable to pay its foreign debt. this total is $51000000000.00 you went to doing the vol reading phase such a economic challenge. the sanctions imposed by western countries against russia
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have brought this island nation to its knees. oil prices have skyrocketed as have petrol medicine and food would be laser bryce as bona who on the percent thousands of people took to the streets. and this is just the beginning. a similar scenario could unfold in bangladesh. net all pakistan and other asian countries in africa to talk to so connect them. but they do with some of us with the same old western trump victims one debate. it could be an individual, an industrial company, or even an entire country still lend money. and then you have to pay it back. was huge interest. our partners are very excited to welcome you. s enhanced economic engagement with the region. we know the west can the industrialized. any country they want, they've done it with japan, korea, taiwan, singapore, malaise. yeah. oh geo political reasons,
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now they do it that these the newer same exactly the same whenever they want to do it, when they don't want to look mean you really consequent it older sleeman easy, strict young spending some 30 on the for just tell you in your glove spear only do sri lanka is paralyzed a sh teams of thousands of gathered in front of the presidential administration building on this square in the capital of colombo. it's become a kind of tent city. with a protested sleep. cook chant, underweighed, change with
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the game you in on the light, and this is where is that we're in the 2nd is dale. the struggle is a shortened version of president. go to a buyer's name, main figures. as for the 2nd on the crisis and current lindsey lanka, the 1st thing is the week guys, and that's the starting place. the 2nd thing is that actually a new pain will, will clear because our export alerts, ford mother. it is a hugely, in russia. so the last that the 3rd, the 3rd sacked is the mismanagement of this government. the all the reason i say all the reason been all the reason i'm doing it, the people up people up.


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