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which american trade would have access everywhere and to markets and to labor had 2 resources around the globe. so they had very different kinds of conflict. the interest churchill wound stolen of an impending attack on the u. s. i saw in the face of great danger. he seeks an alliance with russia. stolen doesn't reply. he doesn't trust churchill. at 4 o'clock this morning, hitler attacked and invaded russia suddenly, with our declaration of war,
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without even an elgin made him. the german bomb rain down from the sky above the russians in russian danger. if therefore, our danger and the danger of the united states 2 days later you as president roosevelt most. ringback whatever other political forces in the united territory makes a speech in december of 41 in the senate is as if the russians are winning wishing to port the germans at the germans. when we support the russians. and that way, let them destroy each other. there was that kind of sentiment in the west at this time, dangerous destructive, roosevelt wound stanolin of japan's intention to attack the soviet union. but soviet intelligence report, state the via tank is still in doubt. it's imperative.
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the u. s. makes it clear to japan that if they attack the soviet union will have support but the british and american authorities will not support the ussr. the u. s. military assures roosevelt that germany law quickly conquer russia in the way to the church. she recalled that 4 out of 5 warded mom, experts at no doubt that russia would be knocked out in a few days. the russians of the 1st serious adversary. ah da store says cassie was born. you got off for a new brother. i says you say you got ashore economics skill. you saw
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a young push visiting out the rural approach to live from sort of girl would not sure it was a fellow ross plus no switch cars in. yeah, you could have dogwood mobility is up for promotion is to go to the choice ma, some duty near sort of federal rebel or girls that are unsure or even logia or to sri. yes. so i bought the liberal magnolia, near pray that i sort of durham grabbed all corporate, all strickland go to france. the allies realize that the soviets will fight hitler to the last and only then. in october 1941, his lend lease extended to the ussr. but the majority of supplies, about 80 percent. you still go to britain? she had to perform. if you slice, no flock there for a subordinate booked is wrong. be sure you got you cooked up. live blood the google dish to sir skis. so use gusher. burger shave was fearless, she's a bullish, fell out of storm. will us wishes no more? litho will officially not the word push home a bit when i shared the go to the novel in the law the wish to point. so if you
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american express with december the 7th, 1941, japan's force is attacked, pearl harbor, the main u. s. military base and the pacific america is forced to join the war. it's vast industrial base which had been used for the manufacturing civilian technology was quickly re orchestrated to produce munitions and tanks and aircraft and naval vessels for a funding of the war. as early as summer 1941 stein raises the question of opening a 2nd front line with churchill. but the british prime minister declines citing difficulties with troop deployment. roosevelt promise is that the u. s. army will land in france in 1940 to lay to us churchill to inform installing that the
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operation will not go ahead. churchill flies to moscow. a . the situation on the soviet frontline is dial. the nazis are advancing to the cabin. a north caucuses under approaching stalingrad started sun senior. lieutenant jago duke really is in captivity and the nazi concentration camp. but it does keep putting me up, but he a whole must call now, which is to roland options. virginia, california, here berlin. forget to just catch up. shell, says churchill, im which and hall of material or not anymore we are viola glitch on the vogtle. sr
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dumpster. yes sir. would you charge ross dot orange kirkwood starting to live daughter after was so sorry. no insurance, pollution. mm churchill wants to leave moscow. but stop and invite him to his criminal apartment. the banquet last more than 7 hours, and they begin to get along. if only i could dine with starlight once a week. it would be no trouble at all. november 1943 cheiron, the iranian capital. all 3 countries have embassies hair. it's the 1st big meeting of the big 3. stolen must, i will not all still bar tedium to provide your story touched you got to re meet telegraph, no serious, so muscular. most of went to my meal, says peter, moscow,
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frontier does what i choice. not close. hung up so much, double moss over in yonah. no, probably there's no crania or storage or grammar. more would be the white little chauffeur on. the american embassy is on the outskirts of the city and due to a terrorist threats, roosevelt accepts an invitation to settle in the soviet embassy where the meetings are also held. churchill, attendance by walking along that covered corridor connecting the soviet and british embassies. britons prime minister doesn't approve of the stock in roosevelt. rapprochement is further complicated by the fact that churchill was that only a colonial as by the an outspoken racist which deeply offended especially the american leaders, roosevelt and henry wallace, vice president wallace. of course, he was a racist, he said he hated people with slit eyes, with slit eyes,
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and pig tails. which means that this chinese and japanese. but we must remember that in those days, most people who erase this in his attitude towards indians in general was extremely racist and derogatory his colleague in the cabinet. lord emery are recorded him as saying indians, a beastly people with a beastly religion. j coil is an indian journalist who knows exactly how the british crown colonized his homeland in 1943 at the time of the terran conference, a great family broke out in bengal in which more than 4000000 people died. it was not human error. it was a conscious decision by winston churchill to deprive ben gall off
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food grains and ship them to europe because he wanted to build grain reserves in europe, in case a 2nd front was opened in the war in europe when he was told people are dying and very large numbers, his response was to write on a file if they are dying in so many numbers. how come gandhi is still alive? at church hills request, roosevelt sends american ships loaded with grains of angle by churchill diverse them to europe. and roosevelt is well aware of it. there was no doubt in anyone's mind that there was a great catastrophe unfolding and been gall. churchill. the decision was
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so be it. ah, the 1st meeting rent actually changes roosevelt's attitude to started. it's a pleasure working with him. there's nothing devious. the outlines the subject he wants disgust, and he sticks to it. roosevelt warms up the stolid and he starts talking to us dollar and making fun of the british making in front of churchill says winston got out of bed on the wrong side today. and by the end of that, he was to call him uncle joe. and in some ways, by the us and soviets were more on the same page in certain respects than the u. s . and of british were at the time, during the same period, the germans offered stolen a trade for his son, yackel, who was being held in a concentration camp and exchanged but general field marshal feed. rick palace captured near stalingrad. the kremlin musta answered. i don't trade soldiers from
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marshall's the allies knew about it. roosevelt was notorious of being very complimentary toward stalin and russia general and its people and very cold and distant to winston churchill ah, stone and standing in terror was very strong. the germans surrendered near stalingrad. the great tank battle of the coast phone should be warned. the red army was advancing, but great britain was losing its influence. it was obvious for everyone, including churchill. later he said, cold between the great russian bear on one side of the american buffalo on the other there was, i hope all little english donkey ah,
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the key issue of the terrace conference, the opening of the 2nd front froze. again. we have too many things to do at home to waste our time here says starlet, he was going to leave the conference after that. the allies promised to open the 2nd front. no later as an inmate 1944 a constructive dialogue began. he ron's future and europe's post wall architecture with disgust. mm. roosevelt proposed to divide germany into 5 small states. churchill agreed but started and insisted on preserving germany's unity to europe. if the book b cuddle shows in with mushroom news, you are still chris, up about shark troy, couldn't you? carbonella muscle could draw from me. you construct you newkirk unable to get on you. ah,
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ah, a no deductible plan. you'll probably shop a go on up with a question. given him a, with
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a, with june the 6th 1944 normandy, the allies opened the 2nd front 11 months before victory after the german war machine had been broken down. that was when the british and the americans really focused more power into assaulting germany, but they did a tremendous cost to the russian people and the russian soldiers who suffered more casualties than any other people in any other nation of the war
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with operation about graciano wasn't even great, it dissolves to be hitler than the fabulous donnelly grand. ah, it took the red army 5 weeks to advance 720 kilometers to warsaw. nearly 20 german divisions were destroyed completely. another 50 suffered great losses. grab most of the war, the americans in the british were confronting 10 german divisions between us. while the soviets were confronting more than 200 german divisions by themselves. crimea the alta february 1945, with the last meeting of the big 3. that 1st the allies suggested meeting in scotland but started and locked it off,
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saying he disliked men in skirts and dampness. in fact, the soviet nita wanted the allies to see the devastated territories of the ussr with their own eyes who sympathizing with roosevelt stolen. but the grandest devante a imperial palace at his disposal. lucifer had trouble getting about. 2 of the main sessions were held there. the soviet delegation was housed in the u soup of palace, the position of our insult palace. mm. the palace is set miraculously survived. and had been fixed up for the allies meeting yell to stage from that, shall i saw us cross off a bush before cross snohomish escalated moscow friendship, but his look callous sudden actually and say years nika, how years nicky, tim,
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for some, for horse, from the my really push bushes, diane yamashita, short death, or gordon, or until or when you're finishing a shop. can you're welcome. close. no job to sure. a couple more details. she missed coming from building a plus dot. now, where did her and bukosa know still a little mo, most of the all to blue cross blue shield. our new ford taurus is shirley springer . sybil is that correct? with no 2nd. there's a should on. yeah. belong. listening to the guy on the shelf doors, which is the one that he missed supposedly in french and you're wearing the rotor success to part where he was, he born you. mm. roosevelt had a strong interest in the u. s. hassan, moving against japan and stuff. and needed to secure the ussr, easton borders get back south. jacqueline, unequal real islands. the territories lost during the rousseau, japanese war, poland. his fate was also being decided. churchill wanted the exile, the london pro western government to return to warsaw star and needed friendly pony
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. and he insisted on a free election. roosevelt by stalin, and churchill had to concede, but bar girlish store were shocked. i looked up short measured victoria, good man, you can show more. was it to from national machine. you should the ball but underscore him. tough. skip about a glare and maliciously ray on the portrait. my boyfriend laughed as the lot of summer holiday. oak is capital and net shamal. wish. oh, hollow. no, i nothing. roosevelt proposed a new international coalition. the united nations organization. the victorious countries were given the right to veto the u. n's key decisions or reborn have grew more premier mystery computer. sure, sure, it was all it up and you know, looks like you have reached the deal on the bret uses. broiled might not ship, but she did. no further. gardenia will priyanka martin barocha drew by gip
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a few or so pull him over. chris k, widely started mischief chisher to doubt by the ricardo of leisure. the future is foreigner. what? decoy. what, when you reached already in the altar, there were divisions among the allies zisha since he is in, in the juvenile heiner, louisville one proc, did seattle, georgia for home to play. antique always was when anti soviet is, was the englander, the america whitened as our veterans or fear trodden? sure, food. these, all right. that enough. dim creek her later ashburn meters over to her. and a month later, in march 1945, the allies entered secret negotiations with germany. with the surrender of the german troops in northern italy is of a toyota hut, da smith becoming truly and darker state. take to name and this would are bob kelly
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and the vest mater for let's damn it now for ended as quick as europe. please don't kick me with as of italian. i shall either depend middle of it or not along i li it or find that i sent him in front of our phone politician because he spoke is a for art for morales inquisition is from the gun. mister spoken in a letter to president roosevelt style indirectly accused the allies of making a separate deal with germany, already terminally ill or civil roads. you've been misinformed, started replied. our informants are modest and honest people. yeah, and yeah, my go paula. she's cuz she's my mutual excitement, but she knew in the middle of her book, resumes a book. ah,
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on april the 12th 1945, roosevelt died and harry truman became the new u. s. president. we've got this little man without vision 1000 to make the crucial decision about buying your mental turning point in history. ah, on april the 30th 1945, a red flag was hoisted over the rice tag. ah, by this time hitler was dead and his successor admiral done its negotiated a unit natural surrender in the west with the allies and withdrew his divisions with somebody in nashville. it appeared a sort of water cheer, should they?
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because to get our north star boat rather a boat that blunt was mortally way the have brought your so yes, go say you owe brozowski. why you little bit of a full co ashatash and it will cause i names tanya. that's why this why you have good us, you least shanisha very upsetting them. bizarre mom knew was more of them. b sir. jimmy, manuel barnett. having received the information standin ordered marshal, shook off to turn the army westwards. the allies understood a surprise attack wouldn't work out then. charger beckoned clickin dodge and creak sca farmland and so did our more been easier tight planned and annoyed. the buffalo tenses up the who died not iceland wanted to, but some of pavilion divest. mr. ready the play continued germany assigned the surrender on may the 7th at the american command headquarters
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in the french city, a reins stolen was furious. the soviet people had borne the main brunt of the war. but the surrender had been signed on french territory with the anglo americans playing the leading rose, they agreed to consider the documents signed in france as a preliminary one. the 2nd unconditional surrender was signed in the burning suburb of calls. horst, the german signatories were senior military officials, headed by the commander in chief of the armed forces, general field marshall keitel. the soviet union was represented by marshal of the soviet union juke of the allies by british and cheap martial tedder. it happened on may the 8th. i 2243 european time.
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ah, in moscow it was 12 43 am on may the 9th ah, july the 17th 1945. the potsdam conference. what's the, i'm here for the churlish. we're meeting the jitterbug shitoria computer video that middle regional could buy for 3 competitor bill was minion, but a trump a bunch of go as meaning of but elf rockfish to pick a hold of cricket or should you? oh, but the diamond chill chill lost the general election in great britain during the potsdam conference in july,
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churchill has voted out of office by the british people that had enough of churchill. and so that even though now he's revered, is this great war leader. at the time, the british people were not quite enthusiastic about his leadership. churchill negotiated in potsdam for 9 days. the conference was concluded by new british prime minister clement at lee la lord mister patel, senior statistical headed through one shorter comfortable mess. throwing says come sir utah, who w dot, give him a cheer models. roosevelt was convinced that the lasting piece was impossible, without the soviet union. roosevelt was the last us leader who pursued peace, not wo. the last able, roosevelt wrote the churchill right before he died. he said the issues between us and the soviets come up every day and they all work out and they get resolved. we
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should continue to work together. rosa that was convinced that he, that the americans, the soviets, would remain friends and allies in the postwar period. mm. hm, in potsdam, truman got a message. it's a little boy about the atomic bomb. when you tell it's done in about it, the so ledia showed little interest. uncle joe didn't understand trim and thought it started already knew everything. jesus raised in yalta, a lay down in potsdam and above all, he reparations be deprived of part of its territories. koenigsberg and its surrounding areas. would it be seated to the u. s. s. r and say you recently gift to my me, i'm sure should yours unless i recently assess course i you also were planning for my share. bring your not done newest brain. mama. daniel sturgeon bla mush nice from richard gam. dublin. yeah. could i'm scrub the relish of shit. cheer patrol at each cutter hall. stella shepherd, lead, pushy wine. leah should the nurse let
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a japanese read the most? was the idea that they saw vs by from is that the civil war proven undisturbed this fall and assures him that the russians are coming in on schedule fill in rights in his diary, his salary will be in the jap war by august 15th vinnie jeff fanatic her full 30, it's obligations to the allies in august 1945. the red army conducts the lightning fast. 20 day operations against the 1500000 strong quantum army from, with no military necessity. america drops. it shall make bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki. that's enough. we are not interested in an alliance with russia any longer and we can stop carrying out our agreements with it . we should act as if there is no yalta agreement
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just a year later on march the 5th 1946 josh hill made his famous fulton ah, ah ah ah ah ah, ah
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ah, on february the 24th 2022 brush and launched a special military operation in ukraine, the campaigns 1st major battle was an operation to bring the city of murray. you pull back under the control of pro russian don bass with .


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