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ah, ah, the driver has to make this rich read a really fast so with don't fall under ukrainian shelling r t reports from that done by the city of done yet scan speaks to emergency services working tirelessly as the city shell by ukrainian horses on a daily basis also ahead in the program this hour, we must get the international community to practice true multilateralism pull the international system with the un. it is core. is the message from the chinese president as an online summit of the bricks grouping kicks off. the high level meeting comes this by western attempts to drive wage between the block of emerging economy. the european parliament that dumpster resolution and supportive grunting
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ukraine can do. the c stages for the some politicians voice concerns the movie coat offered to you both live from our international new center in moscow. this is our t pleasure of your company today. my name is unit oneal. let's begin with the days developments in the ukraine conflict. russia essays, it has destroyed up to 50 multiple rocket launchers, positioned in hungers in nikolai, if not about is the same city where moscow came yesterday. it had kill $500.00 ukrainian soldiers. fuel reserves and repair facilities were hit as well. while in fighting across the don boss, republics, russia say some 650 ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the past 24 hours, while tanks, artillery units, drones and other military hardware owned by kids have been demolished on the
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deadlock situation in the key city of c ever done yet, so we're fierce baffled, have rage since early march remains unchanged. marquee has witnessed, 1st hunt hard people in the city of done yet for living under daily shelling from the ukrainian army, or a correspondent among costa. he spent considerable time there he is there right now . in fact and filed this report. today we're working in the keeps kit districts of the city of the nascar. this area has been targeted by a crate in military for the last 8 years. and the shelling only intensified over the last 4 months. and the moment we are at one of the units for local firefighters . now this particular station has been hit several times by ukrainian artillery. over the last 8 years, it sustained quite a lot of damage,
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but firefighters emergency workers can continue receiving hundreds of calls every single day. the chief or for this station under election go, has been in charge of this unit for over 8 years. and everyone here is like a son to him, so he knows every one year, deeply and personally. i asked him about the tactics that ukrainian artillery employ when bombarding civilian districts of the nest with intense shelling like this has happened in 8 years. some regions of dentist city are shall to literally, every day. 8 years ago shelling lost it after an hour. now it can last 8 hours nonstop and it's civilian areas and civil an infrastructure that we're talking about live in no chance for repairs. we see a pattern here after some shelling our lives arrive and then after half an hour in the shelling starts again. it is now go in cycles. what tactic is it?
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it's sort of tactic really. it's a mockery of all of us will of the liberal, much as we are now ready to leave from this fire station. but so we need to make sure that the road is clear, and we're not going to go under shelling. so i'm going to find out whether the road is that the coast is clear. mcgee, over, we just talked austin walker. but let me look them up critical rigid so we've left a fire station emergency services. the driver has that to make this rich read, read a fast so we don't fall on their ukrainian shelling which has been continuing to day since 8 o'clock in the morning in the here in the keeps kit district or something that's been happening here over the last 8 years and wore intensively over the last 4 months scores, alpha civilians have been killed. score the ceilings have been the ones it,
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but for now we are leaving this area and hopefully we'll make it back to our hotel safe and sound room on costs or have hearty done. that's another news line to keep you aware of us. hi mars missile systems they've arrived in ukraine according to key of authorities. the long range rocket units were sent as part of another assistance package. washington previously announced the delivery of 4 other hi morris systems, although they have not yet been deployed as ukrainian soldiers had not been trained and how to use them ah, can begin the program all. now, a summits of the bricks, countries, the world's biggest emerging economies has kicked off online with russia's president joining the discussions the 1st time. indeed that multilateral meeting involving bodamer parent has been at part of his, at campaign since the ukraine conflict began. here is what the ukraine leader had
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the sins, opening remarks. but 1st let's listen to the host of the summit. chinese president . she didn't pick this is our meeting today, kansas a crucial moment of choice for the future of humanity. we must give the international community to practice true multilateralism uphold the international system with the un at its core and international all the underpinned by international law. we must abandon the cold war mentality and block confrontation and oppose univ actual sanctions. and it's important for the world to recognize that forge in a community with shared future is much better than the practice of hedge money. we're gonna only on the basis of honest and mutually beneficial corporation. can we look for ways out of the crisis situation that has developed in the world economy due to the ill conceived selfish actions of certain countries this other well at the start of the 2 day session, the leaders of the 5 bricks nation stress, the importance of developing cooperation within their grouping with the russian president, stating
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a forum house must have potential for insuring global stability and security. earlier ortiz worlds apart, host sucks on a boiler. give me some insight on what's on the agenda of this year's event. this is a ford in summit, and originally this organization was created as this loose, it can only trade alliance, no strings attached, but the idea was to kick stars, trade and economic corporation among those large economies. and i think increasingly it's taking on a more political tone. it's not very express at this point, but you already can read between the lines. and i think the best way i can summarize it is that if the west particular of the united states sees the current station in the world as sort of a clash of the central battle, that's been the talk receives and democracy for many of the bricks leaders if not for all, it's about practical governance versus political or i would have been say,
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part isn't maneuvering because there is a clear sense in many of their statements that they want. they want to focus on practical matters of how to improve the lives of the people in this very difficult situation. we have, you know, run away inflation all over the world, shortages of food and fuel supplies, etc. and in put in statement and she didn't think statements, we see that stress on actual work rather than idea logical slogans. and that's the main beef with the west that the western politics has become a way to populists, not on the mass level, but on the leap level. it's all about slogans and very little about practical matters of people's lives. not interesting because that's what a lot of people in the west are seeing themselves now, the hearing leaders of emerging countries seeing that as well. and by the way, i mean that there is emerging countries accounts for more than 3000000000 people.
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so it's a very large proportion of money. you mentioned it's been going term for over a decade now the bricks, the brick for a month. how effective though hasn't actually been over the years and how chris is it in today's economy? well, it's difficult to say, because i think we can clearly say that that potential hasn't been fully realized. even economically, even though, for example, if you look at the figures, rushes, trade turnover with bricks, countries has increased 38 percent in the 1st 3 months of this year despite all the sanctions. but i think many of the analysts within those countries believe that there are many more synergies that haven't been fully explored than that trying to do now and not out of spice against the west, but out of a cannot make necessity. and there is a lot of talk about strengthening economic corporation, finding new ways of account settlements. there's even talk of perhaps some sort of a joint currency. again, not because of somebody logical and can merican or enter your appeal reasons. but
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simply because macroeconomic station in the world is very, very difficult to be huge goodness because the, even the greenback dollar is, is the currency. so if you've got something that's backed up by major economies that could challenge the gemini, well, i think the, the united states itself is challenging. it's germany, and many of the leaders stated that already on various occasions in just the last few years, the money supply, they supply mass of the us dollar has increased roughly by 40 percent and with the euro, it's roughly by 20 percent. and obviously some of that burden is put on the developing countries. that's the major factor that's fueling the inflation. now even putting it aside, rushes own problems with the sanctions and being able to carry out those transactions . but it's a major financial liability and that's why they're talking about finding a way to secure the economies and do it in the mutually beneficial way. and there's
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even talk about perhaps expanding it a bit further. just the other day, the argentine as analog to china on the, from the some it said that there ginger is also looking forward to joining the alliance simply because corporation there is mutually agreeable and it comes with no strings attached. you don't have to fulfill any political geo political obligations. well, let's pick up on some of those points. we're packet none. wong, senior lecturer in the department of politics, languages, and international studies at the case university of buff. welcome to user the bricks forum. this one in particular comes at a crucial moment of choice. that's according to the chinese president. what do you make of the assessment is a correct. okay, i think the city being, he made it very clear sanctions is undermining the recovery all and the global economy. right. and also sanctions are
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feeling crisis for example, for crisis and energy crisis across the world. now i'm, i'm trying to unpack this logic where does it come from? not actually, and the sanction we having this year on russia by western countries or not new. china also experience the most things the back tray was doing the trauma administration. now if we look at the situation, these pieces that to 2 years ago, china has agree to buy more grains, soybeans and wheat and other grain. cultural views from the us ministrations and starting from their actually even door by then become depressive. not here. china continue to buy more from the united states . and if you look at a situation in china now,
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despite the will is suffering from crisis, there's norfolk crisis in china. and also if you look at the inflation rate in china, the may, 2022 inflation rate in china is super low is only 2 point one percent. and we're comparing to europe in the case 9 percent in the us is 8.7 percent. of course the machine is 17 percent. and germany's more than 7 percent. yeah. and i think, i think this is, this is telling us perspective in what c t being is seeing the will be cut off all the sanctions, all actually accidentally because of the tray war china was forced to buy more grains from the u. s. and keep on buying even more and actually last year, so last month, trying to continue to buy more us all been some which from the violent administration. and so from this perspective, i believe,
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what did you mean he's thinking centered the the us and her western allies, again because of the sanctions on the ukraine war, again, shooting their own feet with their own gun. so. so, so this is, this is how i see this is going to how i can unpack that reports are suggesting pack, knowing that the indian government poses beijing's alleged desire to use this year's summit as a means to quote, build dollar turns up to the us, lead global order, what do you make of those reports and is not really what beijing is seeking? ah no, i think i think china understood you being specially he repeated himself, he's not interested in building china as a germany, but trying to be were alternative global order of a multilateral corporation and shared globalization. now i understand
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india and china structurally be in tango into territorial dispute. but if you look at recently the, the neil was coming out from south asia in facing the carver since the long actory china has opened the commended and praise india's support to see lanka. and, and actually china was trying to prevent a threat perception that she's trying to make news of the a typical situation and see lanka to undermine india. know, instead see lanka has make it open the that the having to meet with not just india and china but also japan. yeah. and i believe that they
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are also all the other country would see lanka would like to see how you for example, united states. yeah. so i think, i think precocious ne china is trying to stay away from that. she want to be to the dominate factor in, for example, in, in india's ocean. ok, we have about a minute last problem. can i just touch on another subject quite interesting as well. china has suggested creating a free trade block among the bricks countries. now, if that agreement, if such a thing goes forward, how do you think, how would it mainly transform the groupings relations and its potential? okay, this is very interesting. i think the correct country, of course, has quite put put a chart here for of re tray agreement because and obviously this,
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the alternative school will be less than bro. but the same time, i'm also watching grows the because in may the, by the administration s formally announced the set up the in the pacific economic framework. and, and i'm wondering the chinese government now the one to think about about setting up a free trade agreement with bricks country, would it be a can alternative to trying to show that there's a way of putting things from the binding members regents in the pacific spring yeah, a lot of interested eyes on not including in the oval office i would say pack none, one senior lecturer of the department of politics, languages and international studies at the university of pop in the u. k. thank you . well, several countries have already expressed interest in becoming bricks. members, including a rum were rushes foreign minister, hell talks with his hunter,
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partner both sides discuss western sanctions with circle of rock saying that the limits of the quality and sovereignty of affected countries. iran agreed with that statement at moscow town also insisted on the full restoration of the around you can deal and cold turkey on the u. n. to work to open up a black sea green corridor. you know the story on a busy news day. you leaders of gathered to decide whether to support grunting, ukraine mil dover come to the sea status for the block. it comes out to the european parliament approved a resolution on the issue earlier. but some politician said the decision will just be the start of a long road ahead for ukraine. a may not of the ending key of the seeking of any grunting e u. candidate status. the ukraine is a symbolic decision. accession to the blog will require huge reforms and time while i'll be any, as prime minister said ukraine joining that you will not be
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a speedy process, albania, north macedonia, montenegro, serbian turkey for years they've all been on the list, current candidates and no big movement on them now, as i mentioned, not all a parliament member supported the resolution from m. p. 's from francis identity and democracy on the left. the party in germany for that. again, please european commission office not to recommend georgia for county the city state or 2nd. it should be noted such a status does not confer membership, which could still be decades away for ukraine. human rights lawyer, germany's the left party member martin daughter is not convinced either ukraine or the you will benefit from this i think it's a symbolic move in anyway. and this is such as if you look at the ukraine, the ukraine protocol making crit area, which means that there has to be a democratic society. the human rights have to be kept alive and in ukraine,
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we have impunity of torture us. we have a lot of corruption. ready have partial involved in the state, so it just will be candidate the on long term. so i think it's more symbolic act, not many actors inside the european union profit off this, especially the population of ukraine and the population in the european or profit of a finland. sweden are also finding hurdles on the way to joining a block. but in their case, it's nato, not the you. the alliance is chief is now hinting it might not be as easy as 1st thing. we are now working actively on the next steps in the session process or both spin and, and when and addressing 30th security concerns, including in the fight against terrorism. my aim is to find the common way
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forward, so both countries can join our lives. as soon as possible they applied for not so many weeks ago, and my aim is still to make sure that they can join us soon. i cannot, i cannot guarantee, but i'm saying that's in my aim. there is less than a week to go now before a highly anticipated nato summit and madrid, finland sweden's bid to join the block. it's high on the agenda. all nato members, though, need to back and move for it to be adopted, or turkey is holding out, claiming the nordic nations tolerate uneven support turkish terror groups. moreover, the finished president has admitted his country is unlikely to join the alliance by september. at least. let's welcome on to the program. political analyst use of our am speaking to us from is to see you. so nato's chief, i said he wants the countries in the alliance as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee that they'll gain membership. what do you read into that?
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well, when i'm looking right now at the membership process and seeing the comments coming from ankara, the director of communications, a very close to advisory, to search present rigid baritone. just yesterday said that you're not going to make any concessions on thursday. amanda again reiterated the call. first, we've been going to end their political weapons and financial support for designated terror groups most namely b, p, k, k. and he said that he doesn't feel comfortable having a country like sweden in side a collective defense organization where you're going to be fighting shoulder to shoulder. and he needs to be firmly convinced that sweden's financial weapon support for the p k. k is not harming turkey. citizen, so i right now with the nato submit about a week away. i don't see any scenario where we didn't, then we'll make it at the madrid summit maybe later on if they're going to make the
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necessary compromise in the roadmap that you get laid out for them. yeah, a big week ahead. i would imagine to be a lot of talks even much nations going on behind the scenes. do you think that nato will at least try or perhaps even manage to force sanker to change his position on the issue or will sweden and finland altered their stumps as you've been going through on turkey the month? i don't, i don't think he's gonna change. it's good demand, so they're very, very clear. they've stated the over and over. they want the arms embargo on them lifted by sweden. they want to see this political, financial, and weapon support ended. they want to see the solidarity inside the group and i think that is objection to sweden and finland are actually a sign of a much bigger problem. and they're not just objection towards sweden and membership . it's also challenging the alarm on the other members inside the group that have
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close direct and indirect relations with the p k k as well. so how does this strategic concept documents being drawn up in madrid, june 28th and $29.00 trick is going to want to see more than assurances it's going to want to see some guarantees and some clear red lines that are going to separate nato members and put the distance between them and designate tire groups that harm the national security of members. so use of as it sits, you would be surprised if not shocked. if finland and sweden become nato members in the near future. at the madrid summit, i would be shot, not surprised, i would be shocked. a baby. it would require a complete 1. 80 right now with lyndon's sweden because one of the things i want to see is amendments. the freedom of speech laws to be able to prohibit any type of a speech coming from designated terror groups. and from what i'm seeing, coming out of stock, i'm in helsinki,
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is that they don't want to make any type of compromise it. and they don't see prohibiting the rhetoric or the propaganda designated terror groups as important enough. and they believe that it's a violation of free speech when these types of messages are harmful. and we've seen many other countries take steps, the b l, a blockade speech and violence feature, insightful speech. i appreciate you taking us through that as always use of our political life from istanbul. thank you. germany has sounded the alarm over dust supplies warning that the country's economic output could fall into recession if russian exports stopped all together. gas prices in europe jumped in mid june following news that russian energy john gas from would reduce gas flew into germany by 40 percent, blaming a german operator for not making schedule pipe repairs in time. moscow insist the supply cuts were not deliberate. however, berlin remains. i'm convinced we must not full ourselves. the cotton gas supplies
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is an economic attack on us by putting from the on the gas is cars, commodity in germany. we are therefore now obliged to reduce gas consumption. now, already in summer, georgia or olla shall say, beginning of april during a trip to london to see british prime minister course johnson. we are actively working to get independent from the important oil. and we think that we will be able to make it during this year, and we are actively working to get independent from the necessity of importing gas from russia actively working. he also said that germany was optimistic that we will get rid of the need of importing russian. yeah, very soon. so pop the champagne mission accomplished right. berlin is getting exactly what it said that it wanted and actively work for with a drastic reduction of russia. yes, the board due to sanctions against russia, but instead of celebrating its progress in reducing russian, yeah,
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it's sounding the alarm and the lady blind or good. why did even need to bring the land recruitment into this when they're doing such a bad job of being their own worst enemy? the road president is obviously not responsible for setting you for sherman policy and harming russia. these folks really are just an absolute sideshow. berlin is surprised that plan backfired. ran his face because he clearly didn't think all this through before pulling the trigger on rush sanctions. and now there's added concern of a gas shut down in july during schedule north stream. one pipeline maintenance, meaning even less gas supply. and it's not like there isn't another pipeline just sitting around waiting to be used. but berlin cow town to washington and the you when they demand it in north street to my blind hearing brushing. yes, into germany and europe be blocked by station chemical industry association. she.
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your rothermel says that german gas storage needs to be at 90 percent capacity. but also what gas shortage is, and mandated reduction of industrial gas consumption by the federal energy regulator. it's not a gas from c, e o. alexi miller didn't warn you earlier this month, and the potentially disastrous consequences of these kinds of misguided policies will go audi mccook. the paradigm itself is changing with the priority is being driven to another formula, goods, money, goods. we sell gas and then we extracted our goods. our rules. europe has abandoned long term contracts. that means that for those long term contracts that have not been concluded or extended capacities have not been created as a result. spot markets are a liquid. if we warned europe about the consequences we were asked to build nord stream to, we built it, but it was not certified as human through us. lucas. berlin is backed itself as
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quantity into a corner by caving to ideological anti russian pressure without a viable backup plan. or really any realistic short term stop. now measures, of course, berlin could end all of this self inflicted pain any time that want it. and it can reverse force, fire up north street, you. but that would require courage placing its own economic interests above suicidal. virtue, singling and of course, owning up to mistakes made by both brussels and berlin chess. coming up to half past eights in the russian coupled up is where we leave the news drawn up from. but to stay with us because for a sizable part of the ukraine conflict, one city dominated headlines a next. we have the inside story as told by survivors of its siege more. you, pl. homecoming. begins in moments. ah,
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have a tree that you can foundation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult, time. time to sit down and talk with on february the 24th 2022, russian launched a special military operation in ukraine. the campaigns 1st major battle was an operation to bring the city of murray. you pull back under the control of.


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