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tv   News  RT  June 23, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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ah, with a driver has that to make this scratch read and read it fast. so we don't fold or ukrainian shelling party reports from a done both we've done yet can speak through emergency services working tirelessly for the shell by ukrainian forces on a daily basis. also, i had on the program with the international community to practice true multilateralism, uphold the international system with the un. it is core about the message from the chinese president ally. summit of the bricks grouping kicks off. the high level meeting comes this 5 western attempts to drive a wedge between the block of emerging or columns. while the european parliament
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adopts a resolution in support of grunting you praying come to the c status for the e you. but some politicians voice concerns the move cut off right here. also on the you end up somalia is plunging into a severe i'm enduring food crisis message appears to be largely going on notice with global attention and money focus on ukraine with broadcasting from moscow. this is our t, my name's unit o'neill on 30 minutes of news and views start. let's begin with the days developments in the ukraine conflict. russia says it has destroyed up to 50 multiple rocket launchers, positioned and hangers in nikolai, if nobody's the same city where moscow claimed on wednesday had killed 500 ukrainian soldiers, fuel reserves and ripper 4. we're here as well. well,
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in fighting across the don boss, republics, russia say some 650 ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the past 24 hours while tanks, artillery units, drones and other military hardware owned by key. if i've been demolished on the deadlock situation in the key city of c ever done yet, where fierce battles have raged since early march remains unchanged. martine, seen 1st hand, how people in the city of done yet are living under daily shelling from the ukrainian army, or correspondent roman cluster of is there right? no, on file this report. today we're working in the keeps kit districts of the city of the nascar. this area has been targeted by a crate in military for the last 8 years and the shelling only intensified over the last 4 months. and the moment we are at one of the units off a local fire fighters. now this particular station has been hit to several times
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by ukrainian artillery over the last 8 years, it sustained quite a lot of damage, but firefighters emergency workers can senior, receiving hundreds of calls every single day, the chief or for this station on the election co has been in charge of this unit for over 8 years and everyone here is like a son to him. so he knows everyone year deeply and personally. i asked him about the tactics that ukrainian artillery employ when bombarding civilian district home. dennis was like the intense shelling like this has happened in 8 years, some regions of dentist city. i shall to literally, every day. 8 years ago shelling lost it after an hour. now it can last 8 hours nonstop and it's civilian areas and civil an infrastructure that we're talking
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about live in no chance for repairs. we see a pattern here after some shelling our lives arrive and then after half an hour the shelling starts again. it is now go in cycles. what tactic is it? it's not a tactic really. it's a mockery of all of us will of that we bottom, i just we're now ready to leave from this fire station, but so we need to make sure that the road is clear and we're not going to go under shelling somebody finds out whether the road is that the coast is clear? mcgee, over a we just talked often. okay. but anybody else look them up. okay, louise it. so we've left the fire station emergency services. the driver has that to make this stretch really, really fast. so with don't fall on their ukrainian shelling, which has been continuing to day since 8 o'clock in the morning in the here in the keys kit district or something that's been happening here over the last 8 years. and war intensively over the last 4 months. scores of civilians have
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been killed. scoreless villains have been the ones it, but for now we are leaving this area and hopefully we'll make it back to our hotel safe and sound rum on costs or have hearty done. that's another news line coming in u. s. high mars missile systems hub arrived in ukraine knob is according to key of authorities. the long range rocket units were sent as part of another assistance package. washington previously announced the delivery of 4 other hi maurice systems, although they've not as yet been deployed as ukrainian soldiers hadn't been trained and how to use them case or another, a headline story to day. as some of the bricks countries, the world's biggest emerging economies has kicked off online with russia's president joining the discussions. it's the 1st major multi lateral meeting
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vladimir putin has been part of since the ukraine conflict began. let's take a listen to what the russian leader had to say. it. his opening remarks along with the host of the summit, chinese president, she jin ping shingle. our meeting today counts the crucial moment of choice for the future of humanity. we must get the international community to practice true multilateralism, uphold the international system with the un at its core and international order underpinned by international law. we must abandon the cold war mentality and block confrontation and opposing intellectual sanctions. and it's important for the world to recognize that forge in a community with shared future is much better than the practice of hedge money. luca, only on the basis of honest and mutually beneficial cooperation. can we look for ways out of the crisis situation that has developed in the world economy due to the ill conceived selfish actions of certain countries? will at the start of a 2 day session, the leaders of the 5 bricks nations,
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which are brazil, russia, india, china, on south africa, stress the importance of developing cooperation within the grouping with the russian president, stating the forum has, must have potential for ensuring global stability and security earlier ortiz world support, i was stuck on a boy co, gave me some insight on what's on the agenda of this years of this is the ford in summit. and originally this organization was created as this loose to can only trade a lions, no strings attached, but the idea was to kick stars trade and economic corporation among those large economies. and i think increasingly it's taking on them more political tone. it's not very expressed at this point, but you already can read between the lines. and i think the best way i can summarize it is that if the west particular the united states sees the current station in the world as sort of a clash, an existential battle that's been the talk receives. and democracies for many of
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the bricks leaders. it's not for all, it's about practical governance versus political or i would have been say, part isn't maneuvering because there is a clear sense in many of their statements that they want. they want to focus on practical matters of how to improve the lives of the people in this very difficult situation. we have, you know, run away inflation all over the world, shortages of food and fuel supplies, etc. and in put in statement that she didn't think statements, we see that stress on actual work rather than ideological slogans. and that's the main beef with the west that the western politics has become a way to populists, not on the mass level, but on the leap level. it's all about slogans and very little about practical matters of people's lives. and that's interesting because that's what a lot of people in the west are seeing themselves now. the hearing leaders of
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emerging countries seeing that as well. and by the way, i mean that there is emerging countries accounts for more than 20000000000 people. so it's a very large proportion of money. you mentioned it's been going through for over a decade now. the bricks, the bricks for a month. how effective though, has it actually been over the years and how chris is it in today's economy? well, it's difficult to say, you know, because i think we can clearly say that that potential hasn't been fully realized. even economically, even though, for example, if you look at the figures, russia's trade turnover with bricks, countries has increased 38 percent in the 1st 3 months of this year despite all the sanctions. but i think many of the analysts within those countries believe that there are many more synergy that haven't been fully explored than that trying to do it now and not out of spice against the west, but out of a cannot make necessity. and there is a lot of talk about strengthening economic corporation, finding new ways of account settlements. there's even talk of perhaps some sort of
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a joint currency. again, not because of some ideological and 10 merican or anti repeat reason. but simply because macroeconomic station in the world is very, very difficult to be huge goodness because they get the greenback dollar is, is the currency. so if you've got something that's backed up by major economies that could challenge the gemini couldn't well, i think the united states itself is challenging. it's germany. and many of the leaders stated that already on various occasions in just the last 2 years, the money supply, they supply mass of the us dollar has increased roughly by 40 percent. and with the euro, it's roughly by 20 percent. and obviously some of that burden is put on the developing countries. that's the major factor that's fueling the inflation. now even putting it aside, rushes own problems with the sanctions and being able to carry out those transactions . but it's
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a major financial liability and that's why they're talking about finding a way to secure the economies and do it in the mutually beneficial way. and there's even talk about perhaps expanding it a bit further. just the other day, the argentine as analog to china on the for this some it said that jan is also looking forward to joining this alliance. simply because cooperation there is mutually agreeable and it comes with no strings attached. you don't have to fulfill any political geopolitical obligations. but just on this, we spoke to a former indian diplomat who told us what new delhi expects from the bricks partnership and what he sees us the groups recipe for success going forward. of course, we would like to be greater cooperation as prime minister movie has said that there have been certain areas or the last 14 years that the leaders have been meeting that that has been some progress in a different large number of areas you know about the new development bang,
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we know about the currency, those from system, new development bang the membership is increasing slighting the outreach of this financial institution that is growing. so there are possibilities. and while you know, a number of the other international organizations have not been able to do, even as much as bricks has been able to do, at least breaks, are we able to meet every year. and, you know, the summit started taking place in 2009. they see value, they see merit in this organization. that is why they're willing to invest that much of time, effort, energy into coming together. or several countries have already expressed interest in becoming bricks. members, including around where russia's foreign minister held talks with his counterpart earlier. both sides discuss western sanctions with circle of roles saying they
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limit the wallet. see, in sovereignty effects and moscow into iran also insisted on the full restoration of the iranian nuclear deal. and called on turkey and the un to work to open up a black sea grain corridor. political communication professor at the university of to run for it is already believes a multi puerto world is becoming a reality because of bricks. but i have been interested in joining bix for many years, as you know we are entering new will know this. ready western countries confronting countries back to russia, china, iran, and the country is that because on the receiving end of us sanctions special have the nice or sometime now that they need to increase cooperation. ready with each other is a big is a venue where this type of corporations can happen. and that is why one is
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interested in joining. i think it can contribute significant to the big project. ah, you know the story to tell you. but on a busy news day, you leaders have gathered to decide whether to support grunting, ukraine and mo dover come to the sea status for the block. it comes after the european parliament approved a resolution on the issue earlier. but some politicians say the decision will just be the start of a long road ahead for ukraine on may not have the end and key of the seeking from different grants and e u. candidate status. the ukraine is a symbolic decision. accession to the blog will require huge reforms and time albini as prime minister said ukraine joining me. you will not be a speedy process. indeed, albania, north macedonia, montenegro, serbia, and turkey are all current candidates on the list. as mentioned,
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not all in parliament members support the resolution. so many things from frances identity and democracy on the left party. and early for that again, 5. incidentally, the european commission opted not to recommend georgia for county to see stated by it should be noted. such a status does not confer membership which could still be decades away for ukraine. but the european council president contains a strong position on here, especially by bro, called the vote is open. this is a decisive moment for the your opinion to saw a job with choice to, to, to make today. and i'm trying to do with ukraine. it hasn't though, been a smooth ride. the key f. numerous countries of question did suitability for candidate status issues over widespread corruption, a lack of stability in its institutions. it's poor economic state. and of course, the fact that the country is improved in
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a war have raised serious concerns would you give me the activities of those politicians aimed at division or collusion will not succeed, but will receive a harsh response. however, many of these issues seem to have been whitewashed when the commission gave its recommendation. overall as regards the political criteria, ukraine as well advanced and reaching the stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for protection of minorities. but even lung delane has admitted ukraine will have to pull out all of this stops if it's to reach the final destination. as an e, you member, other members of the block agree? this could be a very long way off. you $72.00, we all know perfectly well the process to allow ukraine to join would take several
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years. indeed, probably several decades. some countries, such ships, turkey have been waiting since the end of the last century. and even if you crane can fulfill the very long list of requirements, the dream of becoming a member of the you could still be just fat becoming a candidate may signal the intention. but it's certainly no guarantee for independent political analysts or 3rd gilbert doctoral beliefs. the decision creates an illusion of solidarity within the block. we're talking about a symbolic statement. we're talking about the demonstration by the commission by or slow from the land in particular. but if you, if you apply massive force and coercion, you can get 27 member states to say that one and one is for a doesn't make one and one for. but it does feel create an illusion of solidarity
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and it, and it enhances the principle, motivates you today, which is strength and unit. the question of whether that strength is in confirm confirming, and implementing absolutely stupid policies is not discussed. the fact that mister schultz would promote it, there's one more indication of is complete on preparedness for the responsibilities of the bears. as the leader of the most of most economically important country in europe. a finland and sweden are also finding hurdles on the way to joining a block, but in their case, it's not the you. but nato. the alliance is chief, has no hinting it might not be as easy as 1st anticipated. we are now working actively on the next steps in the session process or both finan sweden and addressing 2 kias security concerns, including in the fight against terrorism. my aim is to find the common way
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forward so both countries can join our lions as soon as possible. they applied for not so many weeks ago. and my aim is still to make sure that they can join us soon . i cannot, i cannot guarantee but something that's in my aim. well, there's less than a week to go now before a highly anticipated nato summit and madrid. fin down sweden's bed to join. the block is high on the agenda. all nato members need to back, the move for it to be adopted or her own credit is holding arch, claiming the nordic nations tolerates, and even supports alleged turkish terror groups. moreover, the finished president has admitted his country is unlikely to join the alliance by september. at least, we discuss the issue with turkish schiffer as on the list use upper right now with the nato summit about a week away. i don't see any scenario where sweden is, then we'll make it at the madrid summit maybe later on if they're going to make the
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necessary compromise in the roadmap that you get laid out for them. i don't think he's gonna change it's good demand. so they're very, very clear. i think that your objection to sweden and finland are actually a sign of a much bigger problem. and they're not just objections towards sweden and finland, membership out of the strategic concept. documents being drawn up in madrid, june 20th, and 29th chick is going to want to be more than assurances. it's going to want to see some guaranteed. and some clear red lines that are going to separate nato members and put distance between them and designate tire groups that harm the national security of members. germany, her son did the alarm over a gas supplies warning. note that countries economic i put, could fall into recession if russian export stopped all to gather gas prices in europe jumped in mid june following news that russian energy john gas from would
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reduce gas flew into germany by 40 percent, claiming a german operator for not making schedule, pipe repairs in time. moscow insist the supply cuts were not deliberate. however, berlin remains unconvinced. we must not full ourselves. the cotton gas supplies is an economic attack on us by putting from the on the gas is cars, commodity, in germany. we are therefore now obliged to reduce gas consumption now already in summer, durish as early as shall say, beginning of april during a trip to london, the british prime minister of course, johnson. we are actively working to get independent from the important oil. and we think that we will be able to make it during this year, and we are actively working to get independent from the necessity of importing gas from russia actively working. he also said that germany was optimistic that we will get rid of the need of importing russian. yeah, very soon. so pop the champagne mission accomplished right. berlin,
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getting exactly what it said that it wanted and actively work for with a drastic reduction of russia. yes, the courts due to sanctions against russia, but instead of celebrating its progress in reducing russian, yeah, it's sounding the alarm and lady liner group. why do they even need to bring the land recruitment into this when they're doing such a bad job of being their own worst enemy? the russian president is obviously not responsible for setting you for german policy that harming russia. these folks really are just an absolute sideshow. berlin is surprised, the plaza backfires ran his face because he clearly didn't think all this through before pulling the trigger on rush sanctions. and now there's added concern of a gas shut down in july during schedule north stream. one pipeline maintenance meeting, even less gas supply. and it's not like there isn't another pipeline just sitting
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around way to be used. but berlin cow town to washington and you when they demand it in north street, too high line to carry russian gas into germany in europe. a blot by sanction chemical industry association, she, your rothermel says the german gas storage needs to be at 90 percent capacity. but also way gas shortage is an mandate reduction of industrial gas consumption by the federal energy regulator. it's not a gas from c, e o. alexi miller didn't warn you earlier this month of the potentially disastrous consequences of these kinds of misguided policies. we run gallery mccook, the paradigm itself is changing. the priority is being given to another formula, goods, money, good. so we sell gas than we extracted our goods. our rules, europe has abandoned long term contracts. that means that for those long term contracts that have not been concluded or extended capacities have not been created
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as a result, spot markets are a liquid. if we warned europe about the consequences we were asked to build nord stream to, we built it, but it was not certified as human released back to itself. and it's connie, into a corner by caving to ideological anti russian pressures without a viable plan or really any realistic short term stop. now measures, of course, berlin could end all of this all in any time it want it. and you can rehearse core, fire up north street, you would that would require courage placing its own economic interests above suicidal. virtue signaling and of course, owning up to mistakes made by both brussels and berlin. somalia is starving to death before our eyes bounce. the stark warning b. u ends is should to g 7 leaders ahead of their summit this weekend. it said only
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a must have found the immediate ceiling up of funds could save the country, descending into a catastrophe, caused by a great famine. and somali is just one part of an extensive crisis unfolding on the african continent right now. but despite a global appeal for ethiopia such are done on somalia, attracting pledges of $6000000000.00, the u. n. saves only 3 percent of those funds have actually been receipt in a bid to tackle of food crisis enough. forget the e. u has pledged on the additional humanitarian package, but it's estimated to be much less than europe is providing for ukraine. with more and how the funding is drying up your chart tease policy or a cancelled waste of johannesburg. where wanting to people doesn't have a job. and wanting for people like the rest of africa is patient insecurity. maybe 15000000 children are managed on this continent. now to 5 pm in the last year,
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the european union spend $1800000000.00. compare this with the 4300000000 dollars more than twice that number, that the e u has spent in ukraine in just the last 4 months. the ear foreign policy chief joseph borrow accuses the russian president vladimir putin of a deliberate attempt to create hunger in the world. in order to put pressure on the you to lift the sanctions. one can not imagine that the millions of tons of wheat remain block in ukraine. you are the director of the world. people are suffering hunger. this is a really war crime. but in africa, 12 people die upon get if weak minute statistics that existed long before the ukrainian crisis. not only does not acknowledge it's disproportionate spending in ukraine, it's doing very little to help fight famine. it's excuse. and i want to be
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sure that he's not coming to be in sanction. sure. he's creating or is crisis. our sanctions don't target foot don't out of the 4th july. african leaders disagree. the chairman of the african union court on brussels to provide relief for imported cereals and fertilizers. it is aggravated by european sanctions on the method of payment. we want to play, but it becomes impossible. so we are asking the europeans for the same mechanism as for gas and oil. so far that coal has fallen on deaf is borrowing. so if you sanctions on russia are not responsible for the global from crisis, an african countries should not create any special patients trying to link that to people who live here. way food is case and becoming more so the policy on t $212.00 to get a better understanding of the military and issues and food crisis in africa we
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spoke to local experts, call issues to measure and assistance is one aspect regarding crisis or something should happen, you know, so there's been issues for building a crunchy money is one issue that had been great, but then also accountability wouldn't make any sense to ensure that money's stand correctly in order to hunger and burn fat and napa guy has to be on number one emergency food assistance can help burnable people in rapid chance idp camps. and people have been displaced due to conflicts, number to helping some people are. and they get access to funding and assistance in order to improve agricultural yields developing countries in europe and the united states. and canada to provide assistance in to provide support and it help akron country implement developmental initiative that can reduce poverty,
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increase employment, and create opportunity and improve governance and contribute to social economic development. one sustainable developmental model that is not predicated on one time that's related to conflict related to the emergency when it should be a sustainable relationship that can assure that africa is liable for if you'd like to delve further into any of those stories, do check out r t dot com. it will have you covered. thanks for your company. this news our from the team on myself. you know, the legal for now with with
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with churchill goal was to preserve the british empire. the united states wanted an open world there, which american dollar could penetrate, which american trade would have access everywhere, and to market had to labor, had 2 resources around the globe. so they had very different kinds of conflict. the interest with john chil will install in of an impending attack on the u. s. s. huh. in the face of great danger, he seeks an alliance with russia stall and doesn't reply. he doesn't trust churchill with.


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