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an engagement trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. awe . on february, the 24th 2022. russia launched a special military operation in ukraine. the campaigns 1st major battle was an operation to bring the city of murray. you pull back under the control of pro russian don bass with
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a group. i want you to with almost 3 months now. alexander had a cough skis unit made up of volunteers from dun ask, has been fighting on the murray you put front a new prospect from previous conspirator. i said you're gonna do sir leicester at the were. so she was two's thoughts here, but i see your brother,
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printer looks the i'm capable of like a could have been sort of a little bit because usual ah, oh, thank angie 14, how to kosky realized they would have to fight in is the ukraine's pro russian cities as protests on keys, my dan escalated into street warfare with nicholas which he wasn't reasonable then. yes. get anybody to us, could you when your city is like okay, hold on with the brochure, summer promotions or some we do him book, but i wasn't almost a julie but also for aah
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with the number that it was all up on. yeah, for sure. on the other question, there will be a pitiful look. i just need you to speak here when we got here, we're just giving them newkirk this parish. their 3rd a 3rd artificial nip it. i've been reached with off to the coup d'etat and ukraine. how to kosky returned to his native done. it's here as in almost all russian speaking regions of southeastern ukraine, people refused to recognize the new government. ah,
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why don't you believe nobody shall not. who shall deploy shipping on my down in? that'll be shy. a cool. what did you wanna border a shawl? narrow with the quote of narrow up in the bush. i st. we surely rust me up is no i for the most of will be stupid. this is a she, i need to consider a song. he goes to dice, can it be what with what was on the home, they call you beast. i mean the guy, he talked to them with the invoice, that is machine streaming yet. oh, i desa lugens done it. and now do you poke people began to form the shows? yeah. got you got to talk to people as my dummy a dual credit. see what i'm always confused. he could look to see what he sure. yeah. because the game you do, you're going to go up to 43 and it will be earlier, but i will need you to bring up a new differ from florida to meet with you, my senior. you'll be on your boss with the horrible bridge or she will,
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you can brush another bus almost with them. but from that of the procurement you almost almost midnight with a go to school. when you get over a resource for your, for you, what's the matter? you're calling in multiple protect to some like, ah, articles, case prediction came true within weeks. the 1st city,
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the new keep authority sent on my dad protest isn't amin, it's to was mary. you both a crucial industrial center in southern ukraine. maryland in the cool and you should could it's all little screen regionally i supposed to live with the managers. listen. oh great, you know external, so we'll do it and it going initial chilson is up because all the students music from scratch point for most greatest order that i roll a little korean mitchell is, but it also show models, kit ukrainian armed forces, open fire on civilians, in mario on may the nice on that day as is tradition presidents with celebrating victory over fascism with
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with . ready in february 2014, mario po, please sided with the pro russian residence the ukranian use combat vehicles against them. most of the fighting took place around the cities, police department building. ah, does the child look. ready ready ready biting they just love. ready the digital, what are you in the home says, daniel, but they only get you with a she can. let's do like that. this will give you a little bit of a, you know, but i need to pick it up with a question. what about the mckinney stone? i don't think it's, i think it's all divided magically to send uniform. get my session with
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it. he'd been up and hold it. so local combustion, it was done. you won't by him that kindly by not going around those. you know, that was on the leisure with a with was the whole family bug. i think the question, but need to thank you for telling me somewhat during the stand it with because
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only good, a lonely, strategic, portable cbs than i'm used to get here. go with a she has the what your loved ones doing? flushing it was on it. so yes, she knew that i knew it. we'll get this a couple of willis i to things that we did to for you would figure with the black sand focus. we're ready for the indoor, he part of the list of allah, but usually i use a little dis form nikia. blood donation sub with you as you want to do is to pull this thing with ah, just ne, you know grainy mean he was only getting one. you select your or was
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a store and says to get a minute bullet will you won't be ah, will during the possible commoner see what the diagnostic nationalist e decent method there was this j e edition. you have a problem with also brit wash and loose. i may just in my show button will be due to hacking me. santos was done. it's people's republics. first defense minister in may 2014. he was captured during an arm clash with fighting from ukraine's as of nationalist battalion. he was interrogated by the leader of ukraine's radical party, and the alleged called him in the presence of keep journalists but give them is go to school. nickerson is a little nervous with a foot and them approval that they've gone with nipples. it will go from, you know,
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this will be little were not positive will just being was mom will as deal it a pleasure. picasso, such as proceeding with from a solemn bullock. i should have more but be a little christ go west, but it was a low i to pagoda my dean. lie, do i? let's go with those be sealant fire, which the city of, of the slow all that but also i don't like others to did these cars, albany plaza, lucille applique blaskowitz it though low of the machine? yes. just at the about pretty still, you know, without michelle, separate public, you'd be actual this is albert, all is boy you build on yours are below just a 2014 ukrainian nationalist. managed to suppress a popular uprising invariable and retain control with
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with for the 2nd world war affected millions of people. during the conflict, the balance of power was held by the leaders of 3 nations. the united kingdom, the united states, and the u. s. s. r dot b die in one day before the dead man tried christa pink, popish normandy because hitler was weak and knew he would wake. and he was bluffing
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. he was the major political figure, certainly one of the most prominent political leaders of the 20th century. when they wish to report the germans of the germans, or when we support the russians and that way, let them destroy each other. there was that kind of sentiment in the west at this time. the redrawing of european borders had begun. britain and the united states, and then just any plan to attack the ussr of britain to survive. russia had to be sacrificed is as w, b, i condition davis, mr. boyd from us as the a lot of summer holiday, capital and mitchell knowledge of knowing that the cold war had begun with
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he remembered these strides. the authorities used the next 8 years to turn the city into a fortress ah, [000:00:00;00] with these units when later reinforced and variable became the home base of the as of nationalist regiment, it's bank bound,
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propped up by those who strongly believed in the concept of the purity of the ukrainian race lee was a brothel, supposedly it still believe not so just to just go to his also put their little green down below a wallace. this is not sylvia can was but i don't not sure the cool acumen, little green score on that. so the seats good is on this, when i should have bought into swatches, thought equally porto greens can. will truck openings come or will? he does, some will not bring it with take on that. oh boy, from such impression. your subtle zone with amended humble dog. now he wants response to net way of doing on the w don't cookies to some young a failure. how does keith gonna just tell you on my
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or what made you yellow when the battle for mary you will began keith state hopes on milton's from the outer nationalist as all regiment. which is a boast only a couple of quarter numbers, a bomb care. i've got a good deal better. i'm a little shy. yeah, my cousin of course, would be so bold goes off, but you said last on your mobile phone was mitchell garcia. with as of regimen fighters, trained by nato instructors have adopted a new tactic of forcing residence to stay in the besieged city. they use them as human shields
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with id, you know, they do. so when you got a in the way to did, it won't be when the issue with just with up with a reference to it, but these are like messing with what's due and i brought them back. i see. and you've been there and you come when you brought them,
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but you never did. like waking them up loose professional russian soldiers and ordinary people from don bass. those who joined the people's militia a few days before the fighting account went to storm mary. u. like jordan, this dog, i don't my lease, but he has a house with a bunch a bill mother here with a really long she's
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a new march and then you still have all her children for i'm with kind of short other countries you get. i will show genitive or a few boiled i any see just to be able to what you should have is my forgivable bureaus. with recently civilians they had to learn of and wolf that tactics in the midst of shelling. with, [000:00:00;00]
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with a few sure interface with more than you with while hiding behind the banks of civilians, the ukrainian military turn. hundreds of my re you post houses into strong health with
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north america who usually both only from, with a, with all of our in there with a boy should through thought. now the media, georgia, a, the with the militants, wanted any evacuation attempts. people fleeing from the burning city came under precision fire from the ukrainian army were supposed to,
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i was looking for. well, the focus. i only want to go up a lot about what also gives a book or a stylus. laraca also about keith are struggled with your personal don't work with for like we did a wonderful start care. but from with a home which it will say no in with the liberation of murder. you meant that an assault on each block also became
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a rescue mission. with do you have a question here with the machine? a
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shoe shop you want a relationship with general slacking in mary jo, bull nose, thousands of similar stories. wal correspondent now donna frederickson was one of the 1st to speak to residents of a recently liberated murray local neighbourhood. a laugh at what he had long ago, which political missouri. okay for you to go out with her shot. listen
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with the judge thing. i said i would. okay. when did you lose a? do you like your ah, let's see a sofa. and even though it just didn't hold is that the one you about was about was cable ibp scott. i see. and you put us on the back switch. you were in a said the short wasn't the must be miserable thruster. oh, nothing to do. there's so much luck leslie.
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a with a whole but i'm just looking at that. if you do sit here which is close enough. i was lucky
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with with the beginning of minutes reaction. it's volunteers who've been evacuating mario pose residence a don, it's put an adult, go to the is one of them. a year of shocks, vol. see of any of his wife? every day she travels from done it to bachelor maryville is one of the way that each attempt could be her last name but hor, dumbest. ludlow priscilla. ready for the body of yeah, it doesn't get all but hope. oh, let me have a free to store. i bought that no, don't get that about to plead for me as a choke chip. i'm here, but then you have a quick process to my group. if you do more than erica, look, the chemical zine group dot that we choose this deal. it does different show the
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credit a lot as is boy do not. but i want that value to that. ah, lou needs to come to the russian state. full narrative stivers and funding those landscaping diva jimenez. ingles, samson, with within the 55 when. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy when else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine,
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the state on russia today, and split ortiz food next. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest, and with me any meaningful relationship is based on the following trust. this is absent in russia's relationship with the was essentially moscow does not deem western leaders to be good faith actors. this is the lesson learned since the end of a cold war. as we all know, raining,


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