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ah any meaningful relationship is based on the following trust. this is absent in russia's relationship with the west of essentially moscow does not deem western leaders to be good faith actors. this is the lesson learned since the end of a cold war. as we all know, raining, trust is very difficult, if not impossible. ah ah
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. with the daughter of a brings food to the city, and on her way back, she times people who are too weak to live in the ruins of mario cal. any more. april above a guide, nothing yet assume with accumulate. adore busily. never done this, chris mooney, hershey give us credit post the much need for close demo with the coastal grains. just right up
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a little logo. it shows now to get them to do that again. it's night but i was off . it's genuine. you wasn't had you of the young. it wasn't, wasn't that those and we have not got an e. what group you have a child shows about doing young still noble port dot maria, whose old ladies are involuntary witnesses to the cities, horrifying battles, many couldn't get down to basements or a shelter because of their age. so they watched the horrors of war from the windows of shelf lance. oh. c oh yes,
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i got with you a talk with with the grandma tomorrow. this is the 2nd storming of mario bushy seen in her life. she survived the horrors of world war 2 with a child with a she think that 80 years later, she'd say nazi tag. thanks again, this time from ukrainian military, using civilian says she, my shields. and once again,
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she'd be thinking russian soldiers for saving them with
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ah, with
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with, with a new take what to do with the white. how about the xander? that's a blue book and you said when people are on the phone with a b, b a to this because you what they're going to still with
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this one, like when you are sure this my, you something so i did the last create you. do you said one second? i believe. thank you. you said if you will. i'm sick turner, this hot you know, a foolish for thorn from for, for, for insurance. with
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in spring 2022, many mario pl residence. remember that he has previously, they'd been visited by one of my dans ringleaders built up ira shanker. they've become the president of ukraine shortly before his visit. even then, he knew that the russian speaking se regional could only be kept from exiting ukraine with punitive measures for when you're meeting with
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only now did the people understand the meaning of these words about a human shield defending the city shallow horizontal sculpture boy was unwilling newell styled, although we'll show clear he lusciously or for ideally, shall go, fiddles, wally, for last month and it was a sunday, hers ask your schedule. is for it yourself personally, and you do least, little the for the le emailing. it was really tough. sure. that he will toilet slower you, i since 2014 variable and the don bass region have been considered disloyal territory by cave state tv channels open on the call to suppress the pro ration sentiments of the regions residence in the most radical manner. you know, it's in the past of the person that is the one that has made them next. it i'm just
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talking to pretty much. yep. and if people have not got that, would it take you to have a post of with, whoops, to you, or should booster out as really condense, picky store situ may unique when your school guns could was to capture that of go near. i need to apply. we really, i school christie, to live for us a little bit bigger for the de la shoot students come, gamble local residents, explain the nationalist cruelty simply in 2015 pro russian militia repulsed and
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counterattack to another ukranian army offensive. the front line was just 15 kilometers from are you both federal sort of thought they in me in to for where do you live with is shenice me off the market said them on the call is about with can look up or who heal up would be what they did also update from showered in which i thought they had the minutes cord stipulating heavy weapons with school was signed at that time. those agreements enable, can you to keep control of the city the 8 years with
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about my status for my particular plus i get a 0. yep. we're getting local storage seems to be up, get you close to because you money one me well, got a do more move on to don't you start going for someone you was permanently see. i mean issues there when you lost on the stuff you know, most of the coming thoughts are you good? sounds good when you decide listen to these, can you switch was and those don't polish the proposal to someone booking this. i mean, that's a good thing with you for participating. hello. this is just a, has all your mobile sure you received it? me while it's in with today, the militiamen regret leaving ukraine's assurance apiece and not taking control of mary. you pull in 2015. mm hm. with
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in may 2019 lady measure lensky, defeated out of our shank and ukraine's presidential election with a promise to end the bloodshed in don bass. a straight answer his election. he immediately changed the rhetoric and started talking about withdrawing from them in sca cause them to meet each other, the only shame on them. from that moment, nato military expert stepped out of the ukrainian armies, training for the upcoming war. so anyway, i was, i was somewhat guys call grades given where we left sharon, your seabreeze device, a where you will lose them a minute. so miser, she's actually a cute operator,
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dryden. with even before the active combat phase of nationalist regimens, militants were ready to sacrifice murray. you both civilians to keep control of the city. ah ah ah, well oh oh oh oh, a
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ah it l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point, obviously is to race trust rather than fear i would like to take on various charlene with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with
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yes, unit. got a new local bonsa isn't as a security scan, estimated constant. sure. sure. going out to normal dylan norton because only for different from bonham with it are you still preacher thought he's not on the policy with an organ nissan, which is a senior call usually come down to kind of like the stuff that you can commute are some familiar with new banking, you're about to talk to proseries to sales, co trip their own stock. do you know company? no more than that each. i need to learn it more. general teresa sanction approach is now resulted in the dance of thousands of civilians on both sides of the front line. ah
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a for the cut short is updated. that list come on. there was a more than that, the push to get a bit more durable. a particular good just give sure to should go in there a day of is human, you're started. math. did your bus. everybody does time spot seaborn especially. yes. if never in us version the upper left rest, there boys under stuck with say not 20 enough of care learning near seattle on in the us up through the laser parts. scott, help me my real we enough time. i know that apollo chickens money by the charlotte for a small bit thought thief there today at all. now fortunately of nature shows and you what a bug as i journey such a shy too great deal. great. hm. okay. in the war chuck priestly mother adventures
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it died. jordan reba. i knew you spoke with north salt on 7th street vinegar logo. what did surely gone through that across the domain itself? good. been updated yet. yep. um for a month old. whatever. but well, get about about jameer for it normally northridge. i'm just gonna what i'm, what will say on that was it with journalist follow. sabrina is one of those who have been trying in vain for 8. he is to bring the truth about the horrors of the ukrainian civil war to the world. and yeah, but in my restore it of a few weeks to any of us. no. yes, certainly the 60 mile east. i'd also shoot the cook new. they up in motion to
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mushy store there. he cursed at us so pretty diana put a hold of knot still and dusted. i was cook much, i believe. joke. what up like new because i don't still with me, sam. did it stolen us pretty sweet waters? i think most of each of us lucy's national. below i listening today, pavel is going back to the city he left 8 years ago. he wants to see what's left of his form alive, which changed forever. in 2014 nissan . mm hm. we'll just send it to the sustaining good. this quote. good for a little shaw castillo facial showing him logan. he said he was focused on you krishi . just need to see if say it on the ocean. it. oh, okay. 2 bottles from from feller branch. is there teeth escalating there?
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still new top there. jessica. ah, [000:00:00;00] a i was just unless you close the charges to lose because then is the with the with senior if i was can you please cuz i just the windshield company knew my voice. nice. got your name was the fuel. but beside me when the date of death and history from vala, please, a brand new product that you boise just supposed to do about this, cuz i just thought that don't go. but i did not say it immediately. no, not the good visit with
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lulu. uh huh. good with that system that was good to have shipped, but then we'll start a book over quite a full quote, aquinos for organum. undeniable proceed, fish or cup of how when you go to city of sheila moines. yeah. she's done. you have said silly, better parties, can you have no, can you have any children want to somebody to it? so a lot, but, you know, it's typically a vanya, i'm all ready to discuss. you can talk through stiffness, opportunity, opportunity, with roy steven vanya proposal or tunica. he's not here. we do watch video booking because he thought i'm listening, but i knew what was your mom. she was so severe, but he was holding up. when you i am here, i'll walk,
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you almost missed you. what i just can't you don't mean you know, you just all supported on my call just so you think you can see us on the, on the stage. it might alternative than you bringing a blue with. i'm in though. so another g o u d a does give you my didn't the full say good o cord, there was a assignment. i don't boys need it. can you see or when we see it, do it but the one that does not go quiet, does it started just out of school about god, dog, why do i drive a dog? or if not, maybe a dum will arrange is performing a deep going gm or device here. if they have
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a much to bear with me who has learned give but i do you ask ideally mm mm. today, mary, you police getting used to peaceful life again. the city is recovering after almost 3 months of fighting. mm hm. everyone's looking for something new housing, food and water, lost relatives and friends through stories of rescue repeat themselves. ah, with sure that when you show a film on
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a few is for all of us in the she didn't leave a deal with a volunteer has just a few hours left before the curfew. she's been looking for the stopping her family all day long. this of the gal stopping to go this with a i know the main thing is to get ready and leave the city before dark. so it did not give me a chance to call, you know,
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there's nothing in boxes. louis armstrong, nobody used to vote for diseased bows. i using their music to brings you to lounge with funds and that was the photo and video of the issue. i think the question if was mom them was just for you, them from ikea or my last that there are the now state again co c. ready ready ready no with. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready this family, the terrible battle from ariel believes in the past. they're going to their relatives in relatively quiet marquee. if god defended all these years by don't bass militia, the 1st shower in 3 months, and a sound sleep and a warm bed,
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a waiting for them. mm. hm with. ready ready ready a with . ready ready ready ready no one knows what they will dream about. battles on the streets of their home city or the militia men who came to liberate their homes, or maybe about
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a new piece coming to the land of don bass, torn by an h e. s. civil war. mm hm. up our most comfortable, i'm more than, you know, also to just about rama so greatly watson said mom, here are some of those little w and i can say put your buddy de russia border so much. yeah. let me quickly look somewhere. so williams and i was going to touch up, i do like a little dust. i was cook with a washer, missouri, i butchered sickness, a tooth on may. the 16th 2022 as of regimen, representatives approached alexander hut, kosky unit with white flags. the unit was storm in the as of star plans, basements,
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the last ukrainian stronghold as of had finally surrendered. the battle from mary, opal had lasted almost 3 months. ah ah. the 2nd world war affected millions of people. during the conflict, the balance of power was held by the leaders of 3 nations. the united kingdom,
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the united states, and the u. s. s. r. that is dying when they go to the main tried crews, peak popish norman. because hitler was weak and new healing weak penny was bluffing . he was the major political figure, certainly one of the most prominent political leaders of the 20th century when they wish to report the germans of the germans or when we support the russians. and that way, let them destroy each other. there was that kind of extent of it in the west, at this time, the redrawing of european borders had begun britain and the united states, and then just really planned to attack the ussr overton to survive. russia had to be sacrificed users which be likened to divest mr. boy from us as the law of some ricardo, skeptical, and mitchell knowledge of knowing that the cold war had begun.
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with . who is jo pierre, thanks for the ukrainian forces for providing extra weapons and munitions for their little units for made weapons as well, like these rocket launchers. this is the infamous british mate and law. as faith battles come through, head in 7 are done yet enlisted chance god, the visits nearby town taken by russian forces just days ago. the 2nd day of the 14th brick summit is about to kick off the leaders of the 5 nations stress. the need for cooperation despite western attempts to discord among mistakes and the vote to grant ukraine candidacy to join the blog despite the countries and damaged economy like yourself


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