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of some common ground ah, as the boys joke here, thanks for the ukrainian voices for providing extra weapons and ammunition for their little unit, for made weapons as well, like these rocket launchers. this is the infamous british mate and law. as faith battles come to a head in several done yet only to chance god see visit a nearby town taken by russian forces just days ago. the 2nd day of the 14th brick summit is about to kick off the leaders of the 5 nations stressed the need for cooperation. despite western attempt to serve discord among the partners states and a symbolic decision does how the belgium prime minister runs the granting ukraine candidacy to join the block as the actual session may take years. with
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coming to you from our headquarters here in moscow and broadcasting to the world, you're watching our scenes, national. i and peter scott, i'm more of a journey from welcome to the program. we started out with the latest on the war in ukraine in danielle, one person has been killed and 3 more injured at the shelling of the city center by the ukranian army with artillery and rockets and television center in the city was hit in the attack. according to local reports, equipment was damaged, but no casualties were repulsed among the stuff the under the little guns people's republic, the ukrainian military last around 150 troops and some 450 injured over 2 days. that is, according to the russian defense ministry. officials added nearly $1500.00 explosives were cleared in the area over 24 hours. and now let's take a look at what's happening on the outskirts of the city of listed chance, little guns, people's republic. with this fighting continues. the republics armed forces
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alongside russian soldiers are advancing on the city where up to 70000 ukrainian fighters are believed to be located. they are reported to be cut off from supplies from ukrainian control territory. and the guns military officials claim they'll soon have the whole republic under their control or correspondence. eager to don census this report from the front line. this little village, just outside of the city of several, the nets is strategically crucial for the russian forces. basically, this is one of the main directions from where they are closing in the encirclement, the so called cattle around the ukranian forces in the town of lucy chanced on top of that. now that this place is under the control of the russians, what they did, they basically kicked out the enemy artillery from here because this place is a great vantage point overlooking the town of several minutes. little to me on the cooper
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luxury. but we got that boomer, we started to move from house to house in were meeting fierce resistance. we drove the ukrainians out, the nearest houses after a 2 day battle. we're going after that they moved to the other side of the street and held that position. wonderful. but our forces started to get around them from the left and right flanks. we moved along and started to direct our artillery as they had trenches over there while we started to defeat them and move further along . and a little further, a group of around 15 or 20 ukrainian soldiers engaged us with foolish mort arsenal to us. and we saw them in time as the lou against the horses were operating there and had warned us about the enemy. but not we decided to face the enemy from that position in that house where we saw them, but they didn't see us got around them from the right. and if you're shoot out a start end, which lasted for 2 hours, then they directed artillery on us to help their troops to get out in the room. so our soldiers had to move a bit and we left within, within 2 days, we stormed the position again and drove the enemy out from there to here.
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so i said, you know, i think we're, the ukrainian soldiers executed our neighbors. he had been in the basement with us, but when the battle started, we went home from water and they went across the road to get things from their houses. and then we heard sharp as they didn't come back for days. they went too dangerous and check on them while the battle was going on to the leader. when we went over to find them, then we saw their dead bodies that ukrainian soldiers had shot them at point blank range. they clearly saw that they were civilians and they shot the man in the head and his wife and her back. ah,
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as the boys joke here, thanks for the ukrainian forces for providing extra weapons and munition for their little unit for made weapons as well, like these rocket launchers, this is the infamous british made and law smaller one. this is polish, made another one. this is so get made, and yet another piece with all the instructions on it written in english, all these items are being successfully used against well now, against the ukraine enforcers on this direction. as fighting continues, russian armed forces have delivered new packages of humanitarian aid to the don units under guns people's republics. as well as to these up raja region which is under russian control. moscow says it has to live in more than a 180 tons of supply civilians with russia planning to significantly create increase 8 shipments 240000 tons, which are being prepared now for the regions. the 2nd day of the
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14th brick summit, which is a meeting of the world's biggest emerging economies, is about to kick off at the start of the session. the leaders of the 5 nations expressed solidarity on economic unsecure to issues. and despite attempts by some western states to drive a wedge between them, we are glad to know that despite challenges, bricks, countries in 2022 have jointly continued at hansing, solidarity and deepening cooperation on the economy. peace and security. people to people exchanges public health and sustainable development. we reiterate the call for reforms of the principal organs of the united nations. china and russia reiterated the importance they attached to the status and role brazil, indian south africa in international affairs, and supported their aspiration to play a great role in the you. in brazil, russia, india, and china, africa, which are the 5 members of the breaks group, are taking part in a to date, virtual summits. and to put some figures into perspective, the total population of the group exceeds $3000000000.00 people,
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which is over 40 percent of the world's population. and the gross domestic product of the bricks group is $23.00 and a half trillion dollars. with the countries a trade share covering over 20 percent of the global market. and experts expect this number to rise to 37 percent in the next 8 years. and that will exceed the total share of the u. s. and e. u and international trade. well, earlier my colleague unit, o'neil and ortiz, will depart host us on a boy could discuss what's on the agenda of this year. so it's originally this organization was created as this loose can only trade alliance, no strings attached. the idea was to kick stars, trade and economic corporation among those large economies. and i think increasingly it's taking on them more political tone. it's not very express at this point, but you already can read between the lines. and i think the best way i can summarize it is that if the west particular the united states sees the current situation in
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the world as sort of a clash and the central battle that's been the talk receives and democracy for many of the bricks leaders. if not for all, it's about practical governance versus political or i would have been say, part isn't maneuvering because there is a clear sense in many of their statements that they want. they want to focus on practical matters of how to improve the lives of the people in this very difficult situation. we have run away inflation all over the world, shortages of food and fuel supplies, etc. and in put in statement and she didn't think statements, we see that stress on actual work rather than idea logical slogans. and that's the main beef with the west that the western politics has become a way to populists, not on the math level, but on the leap level. it's all about slogans and very little about practical matters of people's lives. it's been going on for over a decade now, the bricks,
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the brick for a model. how affective though, hasn't actually been over the years. and how crucial is it in today's economy? well, it's difficult to say, because i think we can clearly say that that potential hasn't been fully realized. even economically, even though, for example, if you look at the figures, russia's tre turnover bricks, countries has increased 38 percent in the 1st 3 months of this year despite all the sanctions. but i think many of the analysts within those countries believe that there are many more senators that haven't been fully explored then that trying to do it now and not out of spice against the west, but out of a comic necessity. and there is a lot of talk about strengthening economic corporation, finding new ways of account settlements. there's even talk of perhaps some sort of a joint currency. again, not because of some ideological and 10 merican or anti repeat reason. but simply
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because macroeconomic station in the world is very, very difficult to be huge goodness, because you get the greenback at the dollar is, is the currency. so if you've got something that's backed up by major economies that could challenge the gemini couldn't well, i think the united states itself is challenging. it's germany, and many of the leaders stated that already on various occasions in just the last few years, the money supply, they supply mass of the us dollar has increased roughly by 40 percent and with the euro, it's roughly by 20 percent. and obviously, some of the burden is put on the developing countries. that's the major factor that's fueling the inflation. now, even putting it aside, russia's own problems with sanctions and being able to carry out those transactions . but it's a major financial liability and that's why they're talking about finding a way to secure the economies and due to mutually beneficial way. and there's even talk about perhaps expanding it
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a bit further. just the other day. the argentine as analog to china on the from this some it said that there ginger is also looking forward to joining this alliance simply because corporation there is mutually agreeable and it comes with no strings attached. you don't have to fulfill any political geo political obligations. larry, we spoke to a former indian diplomats who told us what new delhi expects from the bricks partnership. multi thees, the group recipe for success. of course, we would like to be greater cooperation as prime minister movie has said that there have been, you know, certain area or the last 14 years that the leaders that are going to some progress in a different large number of areas which you know about the new development bagley, know about the currency, those new development bang, the membership is increasing. slicing the outreach of this financial institution
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that is growing. so there are possibilities. and while you know, a number of the other international organizations have not been able to do, even as much as bricks has been able to do, at least breaks, are we able to move every year. and you know, the summit started taking place in 2009. they see the value they see merit in this organization. that is why they are willing to invest that much of time for energy into coming together a task for generation. thus, an idea of how much money the west should spend to help care rebuild after the war with, according to german chancellor la sholtes, won't be done much. just like water in europe, then ukraine today needs the marshall plan for rebuilding the e has mobilizing millions of dollars of bonds in the last $100.00 days to help you crane or be what we will need many more billions of years and dollars for
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rebuilding will be a task for generation dollar put in the ukraine says is received around $30000000000.00 in foreign aid since the beginning of the war with up to one 3rd of the funds being non re payable. that is the u. s. is reportedly pledged more than $54000000000.00 all the way to ukraine, with the u. finalizing and other financial package for kids with $9500000000.00 to go commentator and radio host. steve gill says that raises questions about what's ukraine is actually spending the money on? well, i think 1st of all, we should get a full accounting of what's been spanned, where it's gone. you know, before this all started, ukraine was known as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. and i kind of feel like at the ukrainians or say they've gotten 30 in total. i feel little bit like when i would give my teenage sons at the time 20 bucks on a friday and saturday morning. they're asking me for more money. my 1st question is, what did you do with the money boy? so the 5455000000000 the u. s. and sent to ukraine. where's the money gone if they
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only have $30.00? meanwhile, european leaders have voted to grunt ukraine. candidate status to join the you despite is economic woes. the book is so faced the severe economic issues. belgian says the move is more of a symbolic gesture. this is for rent rental e u. canada status to ukraine is a symbolic decision session to the blogger will require huge reforms and time. the word symbolic is hugely important here as on paper ukraine far from meats. many of the requirements to become a member of the block, where the e u is doing by offering not just ukraine, but also more over. this next step is essentially using them to try and stick it to president putin. that's not been lost in translation. it is a signal to moscow that ukraine and also other countries from the former soviet union cannot belong to the russian sphere of influence. but here's the crux, while many will be jumping for joy over this news, they are soon likely to come back to earth with a big bump. ukraine has issues,
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big economic issues. the war has provoked. many of them it can't be ignored. the parts of the country will have to be rebuilt from scratch, and that is going to cost a lot of money. early estimates from the u. n. suggest some $600000000000.00 with a price tag going up every day. the e u has already a marked recovery funds. we stand ready to take a leading role in the international reconstruction efforts to help rebuild a democratic and prosperous ukraine. this means investments will go hand in hand with reforms that will support ukraine and pursuing its european path. sounds like they've got it all in hand and maybe they would have if you're a pink countries, we're also not struggling with their own economies. think greece, for example, it's long had problems after it emerged, it cook the books to join the euro in the 1st place,
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injection after injection of cash hasn't appeared to have worked. now as economies across the you struggle with the impact to inflation. greece is once more falling into basket case status. to see me again. what has changed is that we have seen the price of fuel has gone up and the invoices from the electricity companies are a great shock for everyone. i would say that people are afraid of the crisis in my restaurant business is definitely down compared to last year or so with the old address that we have is huge. we'll anxious anticipating what will come that we are struggling every day. so we can fill in the gaps, generally things that difficult and i don't see things changing because prices keep going up. i asked you in the courses of everything, just keep coming now while our wages have dropped. so we don't have one now the choice but to work 2 jobs every day process, keep going up a very difficult. we don't even use all calls. we all fall motor bikes because they burn less fuel. we avoid going out or just the coffee at most great,
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have seen protest over the rising costs of living. and it's not alone in the you. the given the situation in ukraine, the e was like, you have to spend a lot of money over the next decade. or so in a bit to try and revive its economy. can i do that at the same time is looking off to its current member, woos. and now the e. you could also have to contend with the disillusionment of countries in the west . and vulcans who will ready spent many years waiting to join the block. if countries that aspire to join the you face delays, they will reorient their policies and then we will have an increase of russian and chinese influence in the western vulcans. candidate status seemed like a giant leap for ukraine. the next 1 may be insurmountable. i don't think that
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realism enters into any of the calculations here. we're talking about a symbolic statement. we're talking about the demonstration by the commission and by worst look on the land. in particular, but if you, if you apply massive force and coercion, you can get 27 member states to say that one and one is for it doesn't make one and one for. but it does feel create an illusion of solidarity and it, and it enhances the principle that motivates you today, which is strength and unity. the question of whether that strength is in confirm confirming and implementing absolutely stupid policies is not discussed. in other news, the taliban authorities, enough gun is done, are appealing for international help that's following this week's devastating earthquake. the left at least 1000 people dead. the earthquake in south eastern
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afghanistan was the deadliest in decades destroying over 1500 homes. according to local authorities. rescue operations are ongoing with humanitarian aid on medical support been delivered by helicopter to the affected areas for us 60 of states, anthony blink, and earlier said that medical aid will be provided to afghanistan. meanwhile, of the un, china's ambassador demanded that the us returns african is tons overseas assets need immediately because it is unreasonable, unjustified, and unacceptable to freeze the afghan assets. yet on the u. s. should respond to the appeals of the secretary general human rights acts. humanitarian agencies and other policies by unconditionally returning africa overseas assets as soon as possible. so $7000000000.00 in off gone the central bank assets were frozen by the u. s. does. after the taliban took control of the country last august. in february this year, the u. s president signed an order to release those assets. however,
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the money is yet to be dispersed on when it says it's supposed to be divided between monitoring groups in afghanistan and the fund for $911.00 victims former off gun president. how may i because i, it has demanded that the u. s. returns all the money back to the african people. i've gone journalist below, so worry, says the u. s. does not have the right to take money away from the african people. the united states can simply not rob the african people at the civil $1000000000.00 and say we're giving it to the victims of the $911.00 victims. you know, i mean it's also important that people like myself, lost all of my savings money that i had trusted banks with. so it is incredibly important to clarify that the people put the money, the money belongs to people who understand to businesses. you know, it is actually quite cruel to just basically punish the african people for it. i mean, they live states in many ways because of the doha exit dean that they had to where
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the americans contributed in some ways to the fall off want to start and to the taliban yellow. and it is important to mention that the afghan people continue to demand the united states release those funds as soon as possible. there's also people in the west including former senior us and western officials who continue to advocate. and i want to sign is a country where millions of people face the risk of mass starvation. if it's not the bombs in suicide, it's actually it's, it's such natural disasters. and the truth is that the taliban are not equipped. they're not able to help the victims, if there is a time, it will be right now to release those finals because they belong to the people off on a stand. and that alone could actually provide some oxygen into the economy which isn't comma demo u. s. congress from an ill hon. omar has introduced
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a resolution designates in india, country of particular concern, that's for a legit religious freedom violations. and that's a claim which new delhi has repeatedly denied as biased. the indian government escalated its promotion and enforcement of policies, including those promoting the hindu nationalist agenda that negatively affect muslims. christians seeks dallas and other religious minorities. now that move does not mean that the resolution will necessarily be adopted. india has repeatedly criticized what's its views of attempts of interference pointing to the alleged bias of the u. s. reports, and it's quote informed comments. earlier, new delhi is ministry of external affairs spokesman condemned congressmen, omar for interfering in india's internal affairs. after a visit to the disputed indian territory of customer relations between the 2 countries have begun to noticeably deteriorate the u. s. as criticized india
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democracy. and this commons, as recent attempts from washington to drive a wedge between new delhi and moscow, have failed with india remaining firm on its tons of cooperation with russia. we discussed the india us relationship with a foreign affairs experts and ill trigger and i, ups who things it's part of a concerted efforts undermine indian autonomy. i really, really feel that this is a motivated campaign. and secondly, i also really that you know, many people and then i get paid for the western. what i'm happy with india as it can give me an independent warrant. so therefore, we tried to use these human rights scandal, essentially, to target a country like india. india is the 2nd largest nation, and the bigger one of the biggest markets, it is the fastest growing for me,
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even the randomly. and it's a market which everybody, isaac, and the united states. also, we have a global, comprehensive started partnership and finally, subsidiaries of the commodity traded glen court and the u. k. u s. and brazil have pleaded guilty to bribery charges related to the oil operations in several african countries. the u. k. serious fraud office, which brought the case against the company. so to set them ins hearing will take place in november. the s f o's investigation exposed that glen core via its employees and agents, paid bribes of over $28000000.00 for preferential access to oil, including increased cargoes valuable grades of oil, and preferable delivery dates. these actions were approved by the company across its oil operations in nigeria, cameroon ivory coast, equitorial guinea and south sudan. glenn co officials said that they expect to pay up to $1500000000.00 in penalties for those actions and london colds hearing on
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tuesday. the company admitted it paid more than $28000000.00 in bribes to secure preferential access to oil from african countries owning illegal profits between 20112016. so the investigations into the company. the alleged violations are currently being conducted by dutch and swiss authorities. earlier we spoke with format and gillian presidential candidates, adama gob. but the 2nd who thinks this shows a pattern of behavior by global enterprises in africa is low is not actually surprising to me. right? because if you look at what blend be really nafrica on, so many of this kind of for middle global integrates a spl, attentive, so them take advantage of the crises that we have in africa to be able to make net profits. colonialism might be out in terms of our immunization, what you're going to be colonial. livingston continued in africa,
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and i knew something that did a very serious review in this kind of kind of go clinical won't be an a or can company is pam company. what about just took of africa? what about damages that is done to continue a practice is who is going to be responsible for the composition dakota from the to within on to me. yeah, we're just with this kind of indictment. euro has no more outstanding to begin to get caught africans as grossly corrupt. in fact, nearby we are taught to be called by the corruption of the corporation that up to my environment with someone trying to say that it is a wooton to be put off. what i'm trying to see is that we're pushing the situation while my, i'm africa mom and his grow and he's got to be caught up. you should be doing or wanting to know similar to the way who should do with evan court. you're my hope, you're my no one who does come up to be corrupt. whether there can be no you because you know those the main stories this our header with our
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t dot com or our social media pages, the more i just got anything great. have you with a thank you for watching. ah, ah, ah, any meaningful relationship is based on the following trust. this is absent in russia's relationship with the west of essentially moscow does not deem western
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leaders to be good faith actors. this is the lesson learned since the end of the cold war. as we all know, raining, trust is very difficult, if not impossible. with with
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the daughter of a brings food to the city. and on her way back, she takes people who are too weak to live in the ruins of mary. you pull any more paper about the guide, nothing just assume with accumulated together door visiting in the dumb this chris mooney, hershey. the scarlet post much difficult to move with the coastal grains just right up a little logo. it shows now to get them to do that at the grange. if my brozowski, which genuine, you wasn't deal of the young people to know also that those who may have not got an e. what group? yeah. what shall shows about. do you feel normal? oh boy maria, those old ladies are involuntary witnesses to the cities,
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horrifying battles. many couldn't get down to basement or a shelter because of their age. so they watch the horrors of war from the windows of shell flats. oh. c show you both with i thought with .


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