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[000:00:00;00] ah ah rushes administered defence as it has encircled ukrainian forces in leafy chugs where a heavy fighting continues. all crew on the ground with the french news channel goes against the mainstream narrative reporting the residents in these channels are waiting for the arrival of russian troops with iranian court. orders, washington to pay more than $4000000000.00 for the notice of a radiant play. scientists in recent years, under western allies struggle to find common ground on a new antique russian sanctions package. as europe grits by phase of its total cost in energy supplies that of issues
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with the weekends just getting underway in moscow. money is peter scott, and welcome to that units of news and analysis here on oxy. and we start with the latest developments in ukraine where russian troops have partially surrounded the city of the sea chanced. according to the russian, m. o. d for ukrainian battalions comprising up to 2005 as our in circle in the us are in the area, are eager john reports in the latest. the position of the ukrainian forces in the town of lucy, chance g as die according to the russian defense ministry. in the latest briefing, they have revealed that the russian forces they have managed to overcome and well capture and overwhelm the some very well fortified positions of the key of troops outside of the town of lisi. chance can essentially the russians. they have blocked the town from the south, further down from the same direction. another group of the russian forces and the la ganske republics militia,
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they have managed to deal with so cooled cattle. there were 2 remaining strongholds of the ukrainian forces there. and now more than 2000 people that were there, they are no more somewhat killed. some well they have managed to escape and others while they are prisoners of war. now i've had a chance to interview a bunch of them in his what they told me about how they were fighting, and essentially the position they will left in by their commanders and his uncle, w e t. yet i had no idea where to go, where the russians are or where the ukrainians are. like i was so thirsty as we had been moving on foot for the whole day. we've just been left by our command not commando fulton will give us. does he say we had been told not to leave our positions. they said we'll be punished if we did so. but to remain there was just impossible. we've been shelled from all over from all sides of us to go
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on. we had no heavy weapons but only assault rifles. we weren't provided with anything but them and we've been shelled every day. literally every day. we had no chance to fight any one. instead, we were just trying to survive. now this town of lucy chanced is extremely important, as it is the last bastion of the ukrainian troops in the well, what used to be the logon screen of ukraine, and now is the look on the people's republic. when the town fools, well, this would be the end of the ukrainian presence here, even guns people's republic, and then the own slew the russian offensive, the joint russian offensive with the forces of the the next people's republic on the guns republic. it will go onward and nobody knows where they will stop, but they're adamant that the the nets republic will follow suit. well, as russian troops advance on leafy chunks, the front 2 news channel is going against the mainstream narrative. with this report from the ground showing local residents waiting for russian troops to enter
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the area. nicky saw says ed thought i used to shawn's elementary to 62 so i can borrow no back. they'll do the fucking form law made a report on the french channel shows people refusing to leave the city and treating ukrainian troops with hostility. some locals even claimed it was the ukrainian army that deliberately targeted residential areas, journalist crystal, and the founder of don bass inside. it says that some western media are changing their coverage as people start to notice discrepancies between then are active unable on the ground. big mainstream media, i are oblige at some point to tell the truth because people are in the huge. yeah. i mean what, they were more in what we saw on the ground with the video proof. i have to see very few western media are present here. now and are the ones we're here. there
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were several scandals, because against it sir, going against the narrative of the, the western town trees which are supporting your brain was there supported you brain. they have to hi. all the war crimes, old doing korean soldiers are all the war. crimes of the you christian newell not. but are you an said the troy now to discuss us just national east or a beach for right, but not too much as a bit. we are seeing the same scene tickets that we have seen just of the, my dad i, when all the western countries. right. you, i the real nature of the, i don't, i'm really happy to see that my colleagues from crossing for decided to tell the truth for once. ah, the new head of the family youth and sports government department in the city, of course, on which is under russian control, has been assassinated in a car bombing. the senior official dmitri several shanker, was killed instantly in the blast in the local administration,
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branded the incident an act of terror by ukraine. the city has seen a string of assassination times on newly appointed. a local officials, which have been blamed, also called resistance movements, is comes as ukrainian defense forces have been posting videos of their new military equipment online. ah, now what you're seeing is a rocket launch. a key a says was taken from a down helicopter, mounted on a pickup truck to be used against russian forces. so cycles are used widely in conflicts all over the middle east. as one made a substitute for rocket launcher systems. we go reaction from a former us marine corps intelligence offset. scott ritter, ukrainian government is made no secret that they will seek to carry out acts of this nature. terrorism is universal, so it's not just in the middle east. it's, you know, these,
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these are tactics have been used anywhere where you have an anti social elements seeking to inflict harm on the powers that be and think, you know, you know, as civilians of this nature, it's merc, it's terrorism. and it's, it's also an indication that this is pretty much the limit to what the crating can do at this point. time is acted limited actions of targeted murder. this isn't widespread resistance, at least not yet. we see now that what they're left with is actually terrorism. and acts of desperation, i mean putting rocket launcher from a down helicopter on the back of a pickup truck is, is not the kind of action you expect for me for a winning side. so i think, you know, this is what the ukranian to reduce to and it's an indication that things are not going well for them. i mean, while our crew visited the town of papa nice little guns, republic is under full control of russian forces,
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but the ukrainian army does continue to show the area. most of the civilian population has fled, his ortiz roman casa with more. we have just answered that sound alpha papa. now in the login's, the people's republic ukrainian positions are merely a kilometer away. the town itself has been shelled continuously over the last of 4 months. as you can see, it lies in ruins. there are homeless sun, no people here as many have left to the nearby town. all of us that on of, and all i can see here our military vehicles, military personnel, you can see the houses here are virtually all destroyed. mm hm.
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the city of papa now has been there free from the ukrainian army for over a month already. however, it still remains on the front line. civilian infrastructure continues to be targeted by the ukraine and military. shelly continues. now, as we speak, it seems that ukraine want to destroy everything that they have left behind it. most of them are gonna have natalie. when we arrived here, we found that people were in terrible conditions where the more you can see for yourself. this is why we help people, but there aren't many of them still here. and of course, there are 7 or 8 people living in this square where we are right now. all the other houses are abandoned just. this is a temporary residence for people who fled from papa now, which is under constant shelling, but the ukrainian artillery on a daily basis. we did bring some humanitarian aid to for them. and i've talked to
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a few of these refugees and they have truly horrifying stories to share that they did with the keyboard issue of the shelling was so strong that we lived in the basement for 2 months. we also cooked in the basement, but our house was on fire. it was horrible to say that it was hell. doesn't even describe it for personnel. so through the shelling of the house began in the past night when the ukrainians attack radio at our house caught fire, it burned down in 30 minutes. the neighbors helped me to go down to the basement and we sat there for 20 days. so everything burned down there. oh plus level, stay on, i was in papa's naya when there were attacks and i was hiding in the basement. when i went out a rock, it fell next to me, and fragment hit me in the knee. what do you, doctor said that there is no point in pulling it out as i will need a replacement? and this requires money which i don't have in other news, iran has ordered washington to pay a multi $1000000000.00 compensation package for the assassinations of the country's
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nuclear sciences in recent years. that's according to a p. the 55th civil court of turan ordered the u. s. government institutions and officials who supported israel, which committed the crime of assassinating nuclear experts in violation of international obligations to pay $4300000000.00 in pecuniary and non pecuniary damages. or for iranian scientists were killed between 20102012, or the latest murder of a top nuclear sciences happened in 2020. iran has blamed israel for the killings of its sciences as israel is not recognized by around as a states they have never demanded any compensation, any compensation directly from them. the u. s. has been accused by iran for its support of israeli as a whole. thus, partly responsible for the crimes. when sanctions have been running high between iran and the u. s. emitted dead log in talks between terran unwilling powers to
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revive the 2015 nuclear deal. washington withdrew from the joint comprehensive plan of action in 2018 and has imposed waves of sanctions on the islamic republic. let's go live now christopher halle, a political analyst, and the search a welcome to art. see, christopher. what do you think of this ruling by the reigning court? thank you very much for having me. i think that this is the historic day. first of all, the united states and its courts for decades have ruled against iran to the tune of over $50000000000.00 for bogus claims of supporting terrorism. and for us citizens have been harmed, quote unquote, supposedly, by the iranian government. but today you run has returned the favor to the u. s. by ruling against the u. s. to the 24000000000 for the assassination of its nuclear scientists. it's been a long time coming. and i believe that iran has exercised your, its sovereign right to go after those who continue to attack it's peaceful civilian
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nuclear program. do you think this ruling is largely symbolic, though, as there are no us assets in iran? and it is unlikely that washington will call for us. we're certainly certainly there's a level of symbolism here. and it's also symbolic in the sense that it continues to show that iran will not call out to watching then, nor to tell of you. it will choose its own past, it has its self determination, it has its sovereignty, and that's what makes iran such a thorn in the side of the west. the fact that he run with its own government and own revolution will not abide by the west and its ruling. and what do you make of the timing of this ruin? obviously, these killings have been happening for several years now. why is this really been been made? now? i think number one, the j. c p o, a, when the trump administration unilaterally withdrew. and when maximum pressure was
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put on the iranian government, coupled with the assassination of a general sort of money. and of course, the nuclear scientists, including most, most in factories are there. i think now we're seeing that as the talk stall for the j. c, p o, a and the u. s. is just putting a lot of pressure on the u. s. and other countries i think you run is being firm and it's commitments to which red lines that it will not tolerate. you know, to say yes and is really aggression. if they don't abide completely and reduce it, you know, the pressure on the run and withdraw all the sanctions. so you don't know if you're doing what it, what it sees is just to defend itself and what impacts you obviously just mentioned the nuclear deal, then what impact you think it will have on folks of that stalled deal? i think i think that the talks are in the are in the hands of the us. now i you run has complied fully with the j. c. p. o, a. it has done everything that was asked of it. it's the u. s. and the other western countries that have not held their side of the bargain,
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russia and china upheld the, you know, their site in terms of overall commitment iran in its program and to see that iran was committed to the j c. p. away. but the u. s. and the west not been committed to sanctions relief as to where we are bringing iran into the folds of a respect and mutual aid in solidarity. so you're on here is doing what it seems is right. and just, and they are it well with an international lot to do so on finally works. what reaction do you expect from washington to this ruling? i think of the same, the same that's been going on for the past few years. basically the u. s. is, is run by these, the neocons and your liberals are definitely in cahoots with the zionist lobby. so i think that they won't really care. their main goal is to hopefully provoke a conflict,
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the wider escalation with iran. and you see that all throughout the region. so i think that it won't really do much in washington or in television. well, chris, her hell ali, political analyst and research, and they've got to leave it there. but thank you very much for your take today on that ruling by the iranian court. thank you very much. the question of imposing a 7th package of sanctions on russia appears to have split western allies while the u. s. in this new sanctions will help bring an end to the conflict in ukraine. some in europe certainly doubt the effectiveness of the move raising the costs on russia to bring the war to an end more swiftly through unprecedented sanctions and export controls. right now what we experience is that the more sanctions we accept, the worse shape we are in and the russians. yes, it hurts them as well, but they survived. and what is even worse, they proceed in ukraine. so we have to think about something, negotiations, ceasefire, peace, diplomacy,
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that's our solution. or this dispute comes amid an energy crisis, which is gaining momentum in europe, where several states are preparing urgent measures in response to serious gas shortages are t shall davinsky picks up the story. and almighty gas storm is brewing and it's about to hit the new members of the block or in a race against time to pump up their reserves to 80 percent in a bid to survive this winter. it comes as the chief of the international energy agency, wounds. russia may totally turn off the taps. the nearer we're coming to winter, the more we understand russia's intentions. i believe the guts are geared towards preventing europe filling at storage and increasing brushes leverage in the winter months. contingency measures are needed so that countries can adapt, he said. but even before they can be put in place, some you members are feeling more than a little gas out as germany trick as the alarm stage of its emergency gas plan,
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business morale is slumping. one survey showed confidence towards feature activity was at its lowest since the 1st wave of the cove it pandemic, another outline, sentiment clouding, over and fears of a recession. stagflation for the rest of the year remains our base case scenario for the german economy and an outright recession is our risk scenario? germany is not the only one sounding the alarm bell, sweden, denmark, austria, and the netherlands of all activated emergency plans to berlin accuses moscow of playing with fire. we must not fool ourselves. the cotton guest supplies is an economic attack on us by put in from now own. yes, it is scarce commodity in germany. we are therefore now obliged to use gas consumption. now, all rating summer russia to noise it's, we're using gas flows as part of a political game saying sanctions have caused maintenance issues. although supplies
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have also been cut to countries that were fees to play in roubles. but he says, a dozen member states have been hit, that's almost half of the block. so what does moscow have to gain here? moscow is trying to play divide and rule. the kremlin wants to increase its leverage over europe ahead of the winter and any eventual settlements in ukraine. the benchmark price of gas is already up 300 percent compared to a year ago. if energy prices continue to, so it's feed that combined with i watering, inflation may ship away public support for the e. you continuing to banquet ukraine's war effort. while the e. u has made a big song and dance about ending its reliance on russian gas. it is far from being able to achieve that. and those sudden countries such as the baltic states of urged the union to rip the band aid off and deal with the consequences. it's clear that when that's happening in reality, nobody is having
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a real gas. the german foreign ministers accused russia of destabilizing the global economy by manipulating grain exports. i was during a joint conference with the u. s. secretary of state at the start of the g 7 summit . russia is waging a cynical grain war using it as a tool to make food prices skyrocket and destabilize entire countries. well, it's according to the russian president. there are no obstacles on russia's part, ukrainian grain export stuff. despite western accusations, president putin also stated that these country is ready to supply $50000000.00 tons of grain to global markets this year. is also not today where seen a deliberately inflated hysteria over the termination of ukrainian grain expos through the plexi ports. i would once again like to stress that russia doesn't create any obstacles to transport the grain from ukraine and he's ready to provide the free passage of ships carrying grain to international waters. we have a mutual understanding here with the un,
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but we still lacking constructive approach from the key of authorities. nunez serfs warning that close to 8000000 children in 15 countries are at risk of death from starvation. the fund is now appealing for $1200000000.00 from the international community to live and essential aid package of food and care to meet those urgent needs. speaking to archie, the head of the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies. first that will focus has moved away from the hunger emergency that's happening right now. humanitarian age and i've been in the ideal well, wanted to be fairly distributed. what we do know is that that's not the case. if i look at my continents and we've been shouting the hunger crisis by a few months now, and this situation is going to get was where seen that the a we need is not get in. where seen that are the regions, i guess in the focus and not to say that one humanitarian situation is more or less a one person is that all was off in terms of getting the aid. but what we are saying is that, that
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a does not get in always to the people that need it the most on the continent that i represent, we see a lot a lot of hunger and lots of malnutrition as well in the communities. and in 10 year where i am at the moment, the money tricia and has doubled in the last 2 months. while unicef is asking for just over a $1000000000.00 for the hunger crisis, you says it's ready to give you credit over 7 times at the balance of $9000000000.00 euros in low interest loans to aid the countries, the post war reconstruction will go reaction to the figures from the african national congress use league head who believes the constant flow of money to key of could be better spent elsewhere. well, how does that does not start to be if we wanted to end? well, honda, the united nations would have taken the $40000000.00 package of military weapons and given it to people who are starving instead of sending food to people throughout the world,
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they're sending weapons to clean so that those web ones can be could to you can be used to kill people who are protecting me, which is the people of russia. we think that before we can even begin to imagine to accuse russia, we must entitle kate at the current accessibility of weld honda. it is done by the fact that we just went out of coffee inside was dealing with coffee. so we should not utilize well hired as a to, you know, demean the legitimate. but i do love the lesson, people ah, just 6 months into the year louse has become the 2nd south east asian country following shall anchor, is unable to pay its foreign debt loss. with dwindling cash reserves and surging inflation finds itself on the brink of default as the countries foreign debts
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climes to $13000000000.00. spiking petrol prices and fuel shortages are the latest indicators of economic distress, caused by elevated oil prices and a plunging currency. the u. s. has raised interest rates, local currency in the country, as we can make an impulse more expensive for developing countries with dollar denominated debt. we spoke to mich fear in investment manager and author of planets ponzi who is convinced that the problem of foreign debt across the world has to be resolved. and the more defaults are likely to come. never, you have any economy that, that is in a recession. i think we're in a global recession and now we have 20 percent inflation, which is making food prices go up. oil prices are at 2 year highs. pretty much. so that is going to cause, and that came in the supply chains, is going to make price to go up even higher, which causes the recession to get even worse. the debt in the emerging markets, a dollar denominated. when the dollar gets stronger, it's more difficult to repay,
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especially when you have a local currency that's being debased by inflation. so that's what exasperate makes the problem exponentially worse. so i think that the debt has to be cleared. we've got to see bankruptcies across the board to clear out the absolutely horrendous amount of debt. i mean the debt to g p that japan has and just watch japan. japan is the model. they're going to be the 1st ones to go. because their debt to g p is probably, or the real number is probably around 300 percent. so that's why their currency is, has dropped about 23 percent and the bond markets about to explode. now the, the smaller asian countries can't do that, but the bigger ones have been doing this ponzi scheme for 10 years or so, or more. so now it's about time to pay the piper for what they've been doing for the reckless money printing that's been going on for more than a decade. in other news, china is welcomed nepal decision not to move ahead with the security partnership
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with the u. s. beijing study supports the south asian nation in upholding its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. various political parties and factions, the government, the army and people across the nepalese society. see the state partnership program as a military and security initiative closed linked to the india pacific strategy. and they consider it against the national interests of nipple and it's long held none aligned, balanced foreign policy to be part of the state partnership program. commandeer abundant plans to join the u. s. state partnership program or s p p on monday. the 1st applied back in 2015, but washington only accepted its request for years later, critics feared membership jeopardize the country sovereignty while a lead letters showed nepalese army had been seeking a military partnership with america. and that's something that played into existing concerns about the s d p being a de facto military alliance. u. s embassy, though, claims the document with fake, saying the program had
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a humanitarian focus. the state partnership program is notes and has not ever been a security or military alliance. the united states is not seeking a military alliance with newbrough. there is no proposed as p p agreement with nipple. the states partnership program was set up in the 90s to perform a soviet bloc countries with the national guard in the us states, and now includes partnerships with $93.00 countries. the team aims to expertise in tackling natural disasters, but also covers counter terrorism training. opponents claim new paul's intention to join with 10th amount to renouncing the countries long held not aligned, foreign policy. china affairs specialist speak to gal believes the u. s. was trying to play political games against china by getting the paul to join the partnership. first of all, in the very beginning for the united states, try to enter such partnership agreement with new pow is starting on the wrong foot . mainly because new power is
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a landlord country caught up between india to itself and china to the north india and the power relations and china and they power relations have been very, very good. over the centuries i seek, the united states was very misguided in moving to new paul tried to play its political game against china. so if it is a disillusioned, i think they deserve it going forward. if the united states want to spend more to really help them, nipponese people to build up or it's connectivity are cyber connectivity, banking, connectivity, poverty, a really asian set out. but more schools, i think never least people will welcome that china will be very open minded. what we got against is doc cooperation. what we got against is to use their pollies as a pong to achieve the america's jewel,
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political dirt. he goals that is try to detain china and d real china's peaceful development. ah, and finally, joe biden has accidentally revealed a cheat sheet card prepared by staff during a meeting with wind industry executives at the white house. i think cruise some very specific actions. the checklist tells the president to enter the room and say hello to participants. it gives basic instructions about where to sit and what to do. jo biden's been spotted with similar guides before, including prepared answers written for him during a question and answer session on ukraine. the lacy's incidence has become the source of mockery on social media. we need a list of what medication biden is on. this is troubling. his staff need to remind biden who he is. this man is running the country. meanwhile, not knowing who he is. this is elder abuse. one, keep people pull and on welfare to concentrate on their gay,
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transgender up agenda. 3, hide biden, clinton crime families, info and hide hunters, laptop info, maxwell, island list, et cetera, et cetera. o presidents have used no carts, only joe has needed wanted with basic human functions, like a reminder to say hello and you take your seat. god help us. i think that will probably spark a little bit of fear in the american people that the commander in chief who's, you know, supposed to be in charge, giving commands, has to receive commands. i just feel like if this was another president, like, let's say, i don't know, donald trump, for example, we would are to be passed the point of wondering whether or not he was mentally capable of remaining commander in chief. but you, if you have not heard any of those concerns from a mainstream media outlets and democrats like cnn and m as in b. c. i'm sure most americans probably find it once again a little bit concerning that they're quote unquote commander in chief doesn't know


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