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tv   News  RT  June 25, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this is what is, okay, are you still in the phil williams? i was checking with. mm. ah ganske authority say russian lead troops of entered the telling of listed chance the last stronghold of the ukrainian army in the republic. going against the mainstream narrative, a leading french news channel reports on wisdom w premium city, hostile to local forces. i'm waiting for the arrival of russian for a place at the top table. india is courted by the g 7 group event monthly column, a for under the special invite to some big summit. and what is the latest attempt to push new delhi away from all huge protests are held across the us up to the supreme court, overturns the constitutional rights of women. to access that portion of decision
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that's torn yet deeper rifts in the country already fractured by political division with from moscow to the world. this is our team. great to have your company today. my name's unit o'neill. local authorities in the loop. dance group, public se russian lead forces have entered the time of listen. chelsea, which has been the last stronghold of ukrainian troops and the republic ortiz, ramon cost reg spoke to me from don bout earlier. but we are indeed getting information now from the local military authorities in the legacy peoples republic that said, joint forces over russia and l. p. r. have now entered the city of las a chance, and our combat is now taking place on the streets of the town. now, we are in reports that they have already taken over one of the mines,
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and the other factor is there as well. ukrainian forces at the moment, so according to reports are being forced to retreat from this city. and this so latest advance of the joint forces and the potential loss of the city by ukraine will prolly or represent a major defeat to the entire force of ukraine in this region. in particular. now the city of elicit chance is just one of far, many towns in this area that were taken over by the joint forces in the recent 2 weeks. now ukraine, however, ukraine's army ukrainian nationalists are continuing to use scorched earth tactics as they are retreating form from all these set sounds. now up, hardly any civilian infrastructure is left intact as there finds
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a bomber. everything insides and civilians themselves have obviously also fell victim to the ukrainian shilling. now a one prime example of that is the village offer nova touched kafka according to a report. so from the longest people's republic, as the army of this republic entered the city, they could not find any a local residence alive. and they said that there found many people in the bomb shelters who died simply from a starvation, as they were hiding from the ukrainian shelling. now this killer village became a crucial for the joint forces on the their way to advance in other cities in the longest people's republic seats is like a gorka and does the latoya that have already been freed according to the local authorities. and we spoke to some of the locals who gave their own witness
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accounts of how they were treated by the ukrainian nationalist. it with the ukrainian military fled at night very quickly. they abandoned everything. they destroyed and plundered the whole city. around 40 percent of the city is destroyed . we expect that we will have a stable government here and we are waiting for a referendum to become part of russia. ok, let him know was all you know what it ukrainian soldiers sealed? my eyes tortured me, tried to break my arms and legs. they tied people to a road post. any one they suspected of losing and it's not some random people. the police did it. they kept to man alone for a whole day, then they released him. he still limbs and another one was repeatedly beaten in the abdomen. every other. this is something that so we have seen here not only of the last 4 months, but over the last 8 years as a residence in dunbar continued to suffer from ukrainian atrocities. love
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the battle for eliza chance rages all unless bring you some. other developments from the front lines. the russian defense ministry has stated around 80 polish mercenaries fighting and don bus been killed in a rush nurse right. the amount he also said strikes in the past 24 hours had, quote, eliminated more than $300.00 ukranian militants on foreign mercenaries near the southern city of nic alive, ukrainian artillery units, which had been shilling residential areas. and then yet square also hit meanwhile doesn't solve ukrainian trips continue to surrender. here's what some of them, how to say had to assembled press his uncle, w e t. i had no idea where to go, where the russians are or where the ukrainians are. i was so thirsty as we had been moving on foot for the whole day. we've just been left by our commander and that should come on. but if we had been told not to leave our positions, they said we'll be punished if we did so. but to remain there was just impossible.
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we've been shelled from all over from all sides about it. we had no heavy weapons but only assault rifles. we weren't provided with anything but them and we've been shown every day. literally every day. we had no chance to fight anyone. instead, we were just trying to survive. was russian troops advanced on there's a chance the front to the news channel is going against the main stream. nora to with reports from the ground saying locals have been waiting for the arrival of russian soldiers. mickey still sees a thought. i used to shawn's seal immeasurably distributed to suit. i can borrow no back to the fucking form law made. the report speaks about people refusing to leave the city and treating ukrainian troops with hostility. some locals even claimed it was the ukrainian army about, had deliberately targeted residential areas. journalists, crystal name, find her all of the dunbar inside her sight. in some western lights are changing
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their narrative as they start to investigate the conflict directly. league means to media. i are obliged at some point to tell the truth because the people are seeing the food. yeah. i mean, what they were in, what we saw on the ground with the video prove i have to see very few western media are present here now. and are the ones were here that were several scandals, because against it's a going against the narrative of the western countries which are supporting your brain. was there support you frame they have to hi. all the war crimes of the increase all through all the war crimes of the you could, you knew or not. but on said the troy, now to discuss us just national east or a beach for right, but not too much as a bit. we are seeing the same scene tickets that we have seen just of the,
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my dad i, when all the western countries who are the real nature of the i don't, i'm really happy to see that my colleagues from crossing forward decided to tell the truth for once ah, india has been invited to be a special guest participant on sundays meeting of the g 7 group of leading world economies as being seen as the latest attempt to at whoo, new delhi, away from moscow. amidst the ukraine conflict here started contributor r t ticket from the indian capital france turner in the movie is attending the g 7 summit on june 26 and 27 in germany. add the indication of germany's chancellor laugh shows, branch or more be is expected to speak in due sessions are, which will be focused on environment clean in our sheet. climate would security and
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democracy. branson will be on the sidelines of the summit is going to hold bilateral meetings with some of the leaders of the participating countries. john sla shows invitation to the brands to more be to join b g 7. summit is part of germany's efforts for the walk in the, from russia, in the back job of the war in you. cree india has so far maintained a neutral stance because of its longstanding strategic partnership and security dies waived. russia is also asked broad end oh, hostile these and has aggregated, di, know, and diplomacy. the german chancellor who's hosting this year's g 7 summit has once
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again blamed russia for the pain germans are feeling in their pockets. penguin on the ukraine conflict, olaf shaw says the issue will be one of the main topics of discussion of sunday's meeting. roseland russia's brutal war against ukraine is also having an impact here . many things we by have become more expensive food, but especially the price for energy, which we notice when we pay for heating, heating, oil, gas, everything is much more expensive than last year. and a crowd of more than 3 and a half 1000 people gathered in munich to demand more from the g. 7 leaders in the build up to the meeting, flaming at their own talk and no action that protesters demanded a complete phase of fossil fuels, increased efforts in the fight against global hunger. argentina's president has asked that bricks, countries to incorporate the south american nation as a full member. alberto fernandez, made the request as he joined the blocks 14 major summit via video conference this
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week at been out for me. i'm going to play know, we want to be full members of this group of bricks, countries that are already represent 42 percent of the world's population and 24 percent of the world's growth product. we are reliable and responsible food supplies, who have achieved recognition in biotechnology and applied technologies in logistics . this means we cannot produce an export food. we can also supply services and trained specialist. yeah, he was speaking to the brick summit virtually which china this year hosted. and invited 13 countries in fact, outside the block to attend among the issues discussed was the possible expansion of the club, which currently is made up of brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. the chinese president, she gin paying is reported to personally invited argentina to attend, while beijing's foreign minister also talked up potential expansion. china proposes to start the bricks expansion process,
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explore the criteria and procedures for the expansion and gradually form a consensus. well, argentinian historian, nestor receive or believes there would be big benefits to his country joining the grouping it leaves the bricks is an alternative organization because before cove it and the ukranian crises, the world wasn't able to cooperate enough. and the new world order couldn't to pair . this is why countries whose power has been in decline, such as the u. s. a, trying to stop globalization, to increase the influence in different regions, bricks and other organizations ought to combat u. s. international policy and support a multi lateral world older piece and integration. argentina supports these intentions. the country has been trying to integrate to bricks for several years. and now it has a chance to do so. argentina is trying to be a part of the organization that is making the world multi lateral boost countries. collaboration and development to another story to tell you about today,
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love has become the 2nd southern asian country this year after sri lanka, unable to pay its foreign debt, double low of low cash reserves and surging inflation means the nation can't pay off its arrears of $13000000000.00 locals are being hit hard by petro price, spikes on the value of the currency. plunging problems have been exacerbated, as well by interest rate, rises in the us, making imported goods more expensive. but investment monitor an author of planet ponzi. mitch firestone is convinced more defaults are likely to follow across the globe if the problem of how foreign debt accumulates on cash is created isn't addressed. the west has exported inflation when the quantitative easing that's gone on for the past decade. that's what happens when you just print infinite quantities of money. it ends up manifesting itself in different ways with unintended consequences. so this is the part of the problem. yes. and so i'm not surprised
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that the emerging markets now are becoming more impacted because when the united states sneezes, the rest of the world gets a panoramic debt in the emerging markets, a dollar denominated when the dollar gets stronger, it's more difficult to repay. especially when you have a local currency that's being debased by inflation. so that's what exasperating makes a problem exponentially worse. so i think that the debt has to be cleared. we've got to see bankruptcies across the board to clear out the absolutely horrendous amounts of debt. i mean the debt to g p, the japan has and just watch japan. japan is the model. we're going to be the 1st ones to go because their debt to g p is probably, or the real number is probably around 300 percent. so that's why the currency is, has dropped about 23 percent and the bond market is about to explode. now the, the smaller asian countries can't do that, but the bigger ones have been doing this ponzi scheme for 10 years or so,
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or more. so now it's about time to pay the paper for what they've been doing for the reckless money printing that's been going on for more than a decade. the south east african nation of moves. somebody is facing a surge in terror attacks by islamist groups who humping to rise in the country for years now. since the start of june 24 people sitting 2 police officers have been killed by insurgents in the country. christians are all to be headed this week. moderate muslims, they are a target to. it all comes as militants moved further side to conduct gorilla tax. an estimated 17000 people have been displaced in moves and big by the latest insurgent push. last year of french prisons and money will mccrory acknowledged at what was a serious problem and said, and he was willing to send troops to help the country does not of the greatest
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track records on the continent. or this year. the president poll friends trips out of molly after 9 years there with local seeing the situation heard. indeed worse, and in recent years, the number of terror attacks had increased in the country during the better part of a decade. well, let's go live now to activists, scholar and right. sure molar o d. last the khaki in neighboring south africa for his take. you're very welcome to the program. what do you make of what's happening? what's unfolding and moves, and big is already bad humanitarian situation. they're becoming considerably more serious, worsening as a result of the insurgency. thank you very much. it is a, a, a in was a big, especially one of the county quote. it didn't cover it that way. things are happening and i'm with. but what i just want to say is that
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we must not understand what is move on the outside of the coverage with, you know, attempts to undermine disability. especially t, v. we eat me good day. you know, remember that in 2009 words, i guess, in a french, you know, in yes, company, in this issue with it. so francis, when you have an interest only a, you know, if you're not only on the b, she's. busy been there will be using a home, so whatever i have does it, does it equal, would it be but front say that's going to come in and how par essays at we want to go there and assist. but i would imagine local and local authorities would say,
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well, look, what happened a little bit further north in africa, in molly, you're there for 9 years on the situation. they say is worsened but well, so we must locate our analyses. you know, the history. we know that a, you know, in the u. s. in many had a lot of, you know, come to the colonized yet, you know, a diesel with too much. so they have never mindy thing with it has. what is this? is it when the lease is ohio? who to get, you know, it kind of is that it old natural, this was, it has never been a, you know, is vicki a, in a living room and military and have been she's have always car when the leak of coming to an end day or maybe he's a, you know,
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the 5 fish. so he has never been in this country. it is never going to be in the, in their best interest was on before class in time. it will say that investment was, he wants deviates. and if you do it all the cost maybe to point to like expected. busy that you che, you know, this so going with i try to do with who, when he's playing with this much extra to extract he's not the i'm employed young people. they have him with all never given an opportunity to t movie, but nevertheless they atrocities. now they're committing to the r heinous, aren't they? we're talking about behead of christians on moderate muslims. they are very much the target as well. what can the country do in the immediate term, to, to stop that happening and stop at spreading. you're in south africa, is there
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a fear that it could go over the border or spread to the north as well? it's literally just a gentle took to spreads, to have a dazzle the kind of as you know, by what the country has to do is to politi coming from sleeves. and you know, it be reluctant to call extend an intervention. i'd also a tester which, you know, he has written on words for example, you know, sat you so that we have a light, intense quote associated with that is with meeting disorder problems. and then you go ahead because we know that it is, it is not what is being our countries in africa and they deliver it. so that is the only when it is fully willing to kind of law. that is when you get into sort of because that is going on our side of the age of capitalism that isn't
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in outside. okay. that african the, the woods west in europe. and just the all not help that you mention has mozambique received help from perhaps other african nations to tackle the insurgency about something we don't hear a lot about in the west is because it's because it is all damaged as a, a, you know, the major you know how they has never been in touch, which is the problem we have, you know, and this is how we hope we can work out a solution that. busy the best interest of the best interest, because i placed a formal, maybe outside of the logical a milady one other aspect,
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just to touch upon brief if you would. the country's interior minister, mozambique that is, has accused some police officers of supporting at tara groups. quite an accusation, to what extent is corruption? a serious issue in mozambique i'm what do you see being done to tackle it? if anything i see a option is found to be a reality, especially with countries in countries of entities and on my end it is not seem to be doing any they have people who are good, you know they have to buy so many subjects who are going to be want to move in the expense of national liability and the expense of national. so i wouldn't be released for raising says $0.04. see, a says this already did
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the external was, is, do we use some of them? because it's, you know, a, at some point is everyone in a. busy defined by with in these case, by fast. ok. well thank you very much for coming in the program. sharing your thoughts with us live from johannesburg activists. scholar and right. are molly audi. wassa kat k. thank you very much. appreciate ah, not just the day after the u. s. supreme court struck down the constitutional right of women to access abortion clinics, and some say it's already started. closing. many city saw thousands takes the streets and protests out. the ruling with police in our zone are resorting to firing tear gas to disperse across. yeah,
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the i'm good people tried to force their way into a government building and phoenix, mashing glass walls and doors. officials declared the raleigh, their lawful defender. demonstrations also took place in new york, boston, los angeles, and other major cities to a chorus of my body. my choice president biden slammed the court's decision of a tragic and historic era make no mistake. this decision is a combination of a deliberate effort over decades upset the balance of our law. it's a realization of an extreme ideology in a tragic care by the supreme court. in my view, a cascade of anti abortion legislation in individual states is expected to follow. the supreme court ruling affecting nearly half of the country, states will decide their own policies independently, with conservative states,
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likely to bring in either partial or full bonds. hospitals in at least 8 states, some ready stop providing such services. daniel is our author of the velvet cood, the constitution, the supreme court on the decline of american democracy believes the decision will only deepened divisions in the us. essentially it rolls the clock back by 50 years, all center and left men and women are, are losing faith and by their giving up hope they realize that democrats simply have no way of fighting this republican steamroller. the us seems to be headed for some kind of civil war. we can't be sh, can't be sure, but they states are lining up. they political differences. ready are better and there's no way out of this of this by that of this conflict. twitter has higher dozens of former s b. i. agents,
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and spies from us intelligence agencies, along with ex atlantic consul employee such an organization, largely sponsored at by nato. it's all happening this by the company trying to maintain its image as a home for freedom of thought. under posing views, stunted media, fundamental. a chum has been looking into developments for our to social media companies. in this case, twitter have been on a hiring spree of a number of former f b i agent such as director of corporate security and risk. that's what mark jira shook he did after he marked 21 years at the bureau, leaving his post as supervisor, a special agent at the f. b i san francisco field office, or like u. s. army veteran and west point graduate. karen walsh, walsh also spent 21 years at the f. b i in new york, serving in her lap position as special agent of public and private sector outreach . twitter likes to present themselves as arbiters of free speech, truth,
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anti fake news, and some sort of community to share thoughts and opinions. but can such be the case when they're c suite and executive ranks are filled by folks from the f b. i. the investigative arm of the d, o. j. the truth is that at the f b, i 50 percent of all the normal conversations that people had were about how you were going to make money after retirement. you know, they hire people from the cia who work and sign off, and a lot of people who worked for the atlantic council, the think tank here in washington that is funded by nato. so it should be no surprise when twitter announced the labels that would be tagged to certain profiles like my own twitter account, effectively calling me a social media russian agent, if you will, because of my affiliation who are t or,
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or are account get suppressed. and basically, shadow band, other journalists from china, iran, venezuela. many others also get labels and shadow band but not so if you're a reporter for the bbc or and p r, coincidence. i'll let you decide all this information though important for the average user to know about who's actually controlling what at twitter in washington i. manila chan. an investigation by the un has found, is really forces responsible for the recent fatal shooting of an al jazeera journalist. we've inspected photo video audio material. we visited the scene. we've consulted with experts, and we've looked at official communications. we've interviewed people who are also on the scene based on this very rigorous monitoring. we find that the shots that killed black lay came from israeli security forces. yeah,
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the probe concluded that despite wearing a vast and helmet curly mark with the word press sharina, who actually was shot dead by idea forces, it happened on may 11th, while serene was reporting from the city of gin and her death sparked a furious reaction around the world and thousands attended her funeral. israel has demanded access to the fatal bullets its face to determine whether it was fired by a palestinian gunman or idea of troops. the leader of the palestinian national initiative party said the case is a terrible crime. not israel is very much for in my opinion, the picture is clear and what needs to be done is to punish those who committed this terrible crime. not only the soldiers were short of the shot, not only the office, i've ordered the shot, but there is a government except including the prime minister in the style you will give free hand to his soldiers and all. is there any legal settlers to shoot us without any consideration for the human rights?
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not only there is a lot of me killed and injured but more than that, the attack that had a funeral, coughing almost to the ground and the people who are carrying a coffin to the plan. there were head. some of them were hurt. someone didn't had the fractures of the neck because of is really, i don't have tax. so it was a big infant not only to the memory of shooting a broccoli, but to one journalist, and to the free press and toward the listing of these war crimes should be stopped and they will not be stopped. and this is a knows that it will be punished and sanctioned for these actions. now, a pretty miserable existence for citizens of dunbar since the ukrainian government crew of 2014, with 8 years of war zone life becoming the reality. next we look out a particularly harling part of the front line and battles between kiev.


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