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a with me and let fall says take full control of several done yet, including the chemical plants move came up. the ukranian troops were ordered to withdraw from the area all talk and no action, thousands gather immunity to protest against what they call the g 7 empty promises of economic development. also, posing nato's involvement in the war in ukraine. we're totally against this war, escalating the ukraine. we had a great fear that made a will openly intervene and unfortunately it was already doing so. and as europe starts to tap into it, when suggest reserve. so you pol efficiency there. sanctions policies having
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a blowback effective with welcome to the weekly here on our t international. my name is peter scotts with some of the top stories from the we just gone. and we start off with the latest on the war in ukraine. the city of several vignettes is now under the full control of the guns. republics armed forces after ukrainian troops were ordered to withdraw. that includes the assaults chemical plants where a key of soldiers had been built in hundreds of civilians that were trucks in the area and now been evacuated to safety zones. the announcement comes amid reports that russian lead forces have entered the city of missy chance amid intense fighting. as you can see here on this map, blue guns forces are blocked, ukrainian army from the north, where the latest advances of russian troops have taken the southern front. as ukrainian troops withdraw, eager done towards the fortifications they left in the area. with the special
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forces of the russian army, we are right now moving towards the positions quite recently captured from the ukrainian troops. and we're about to see the fortifications that they have both directed and dug into the ground while over the past 8 years and were about to see what's left of them after the work of the russian artillery jets and well infantry . ah, i don't show when you when i was going to be sort of mute on him, yet crunches deep enough to safely shelter a man of average height sprout across the area. amid concrete laden fortifications, we find western supplied weapons ukrainian troops abandoned in a hurry, as they fled, logo of the welto community. this is a permanent fortification. if we go inside, we can see the reinforce doors. they are made of thick steel with sand inside.
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going further, we see another door of the same type here, and these are the firing positions. each of them has its own zone. these windows are reinforced as well with thick steel as we saw before. on the inside here, the position is draped with his mastiff sir cannot catch fire. and this is how the same firing position, which you have just seen from the inside, looks from the outside. there's extra protection in the front, on the sides as well. you don't have to be a military expert to see that it takes a lot of firepower to well overcome and kick the forces out of a fortification like this one. ah, and these are the remains of a cluster ammunition that the ukrainian force is used against their former own abandoned well a fortifications. these type of munition is banned pretty much all over the world. as we explore this labyrinth, we
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a disturbing discovery. the ukrainian positions are spidering across the fields here in all directions, and if they need to establish something like this, a command center, any place is good enough. even the cemetery, there's no red lines. it seems bulky. forces in this war, ethics is expendable decency is an excess. i mean there's done of reporting from the don bass c. meanwhile in the dance republic's capital, the $0.50 that has been shelled by ukrainian forces as a result, civilian infrastructure was damaged, but no casualties reported that shilling off residential areas internet has intensified since the one ukraine begun. our correspondence, roman culture of early discussed the rise in civilian casualties with one casto, the french army vets, who joined the done yes, republic forces back in 2015. what made you decide to come here to the next? don't bonacre's you do. when i was living in europe, i followed the european news agenda. i saw what was happening in our country as it
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had made it easier. and when my down began, i thought it's what these events closely. i realized that not everything that was happening on my damn was in cranes will, will issue. it was american politics. it was not the people of ukraine. it was american politicians. you wanted to interfere and ukrainian affairs and change something. i did not imagine they would be such a victims on my dad. i'm at work. i began to notice the nazis and ukraine was being supported by euro. i didn't think that i sent in the world war 2 euros. vote not seems who openly show that belief that if and then people started being keller, odessa is who hands and don't ask. and i decided to come see everything with my own eyes. wilder miss you, while a you and i were speaking at another 3. people have been killed by ukrainian artillery in the nest. why is ukraine terrorizing and targeting civilians? civilians who still refused to evacuate, refused to leave the city of the left. i don't. yes. good yet. bug objectives. me
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when there is a war. when someone hits the military infrastructure, there are always civilian victims, but the central finance is not part of the front line. and when they constantly hit the civilian infrastructure, there was heavy weapons. it should be cold terrorism. this is what ukraine has been doing for 8 years. when every single day there are victims among civilians. it can only be called a terrorist state. will pay $155.00 millimeter caliber artillery. so many systems of those that france handed over to ukraine, and this is what they are hitting civilians will. in addition, at the same time, president micron says that he wants the issue to be resolved peacefully or will that it is necessary to conduct peaceful dialogue. but how can such dialogue we can talk to the theme self gives wetness that killed normal people. yeah, they just want to create a war until the last ukrainian remains. this decision was made by the u. s. don't the help of europe against russia. the u. s. want to weaken both russia and the european union, and now they are killing to, with one stone in this war is only beneficial to washington,
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as it find to weaken 2 powers that can create competition for them to war. so germany is hosting the g 7 group of nation summit and while climate change, food security and economic development are on the agenda, the one ukraine on a joint strategy of army kit is likely to dominate those talks. u. k prime minister boys johnson has encouraged the group to increase the fort for ukraine and a speech he posted on line in advance. ukraine can win and it will win, but the needs are back in to do so. now is not the time to give up on ukraine. the united kingdom will continue to back ukraine every step of the way because we know that there security is our security. meanwhile, thousands in germany frustrated by g 7. policy have poured onto the streets, claiming there's a lot of talk, but no action on issues like climate change. while some fair nato is too close to the conflicts with its members already supplying arms directly. elbow available
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don't scope it. i work with the resistance group because we are totally against this war escalating and ukraine. we had a great fear that nato will openly intervene and unfortunately it is already very subtle with arms deliveries. idaho is an objective intervention by nato, and we do not know how exactly will escalate law. we must therefore take decisive action against this thread. i'll work a regular one north and d 7 have a huge climate that they are by far the leading contributors to the climate crisis . not only in emissions, but also in their impact through colonialism and in slave meant of most of the world i guess around a difficult situation. first because of the kroner pandemic now because of the ukraine crisis and cry and not to speak of the crisis. every one to read, but i think i have to take a leadership role now, and i don't see that happening. i . the major protests held in munich have seen at least 9 arrests. hundreds more
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protested against applying arms to key if joined an anti war rally in ramstein, the city with the largest u. s. military base in europe. as well as questioning the conflicts in ukraine. protesters are urging increased efforts in the global fight against hunger and climate change. artes flavio want whitley? ben follows the unfolding protests. it's dear western civilization about to decline . that's what many demonstrators are claiming here. on that this year's demonstrations against the she 7 meeting that takes place on the castle of elmo in the barbarian out. today we have around 2 to 3000 demonstrators, here in the city center of munich through a demand, a would throw wall form fossil energy. they also against imperialism, and again, deliveries of weapons to the ukraine. india has been invited as
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a special guest participants at sunday's meeting of the g 7 group of leading world economies. the moves the latest attempt by western states to drive a wedge between new delhi and moscow amid the ukraine conflicts is artie contributor. artie ticker from the indian capital run in the movie is attending the g 7 summit on june $26.27 in germany. at the indication of germany's john slur law shows, ransom will be on the sidelines of the summit, is going to hold bilateral meetings with some of the leaders of the 5 to speaking countries. chancellor shows invitation to the prime minister movie to join the g. 7 summit is part of germany's efforts to be from russia in the backdrop of the war in india has
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so far maintained a new jobs because of its longstanding strategic partnership and security dies. big. russia has also asked broad end off, hostile dees and has aggregated di know, and diplomacy. somalia is starving to death before our eyes. that's the stark warning. the u. n's issue to g. 7. leaders ahead of us some of this weekend is that only a massive and immediate increase in phones can stop the country from descending into a catastrophe, caused by a great foreman. smolley is just one part of an extensive crisis unfolding on the african continent. despite the global appeal for if, selves who done on somalia, attracting pledges of $6000000000.00, the u. n says only 3 percent of those funds have actually been received. unit f is
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also warning, it's almost 8000000 children across 15 countries are risk of death from starvation . and in a bid to tackle the food crisis in africa, the u has pledged an additional humanitarian package, but it's estimated to be much less than europe is providing for ukraine. with more on how the funding is drawing up, his ortiz policy, or i can't to the waste of johannesburg. where when a typical doesn't have a job and wanting for people like the rest of africa, is patient insecurity. maybe 15000000 children among 9 on this continent. now to 5 pm in the last year, european union spend $1800000000.00. compare this with the $4300000000.00. more than twice that number, that the e u has spent in ukraine in just the last 4 months. the foreign policy chief joseph borrow, it uses the russian president vladimir putin, of a deliberate attempt to create hunger in the world in order to put pressure on the
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you to lift the sanctions. when can not imagine that the millions of tons of read remain blog ukraine you are the director who will be paula for the hugger. this is really walk right. but in africa, 12 people die upon get every minute. statistics that existed long before the ukrainian crisis. not only does that not acknowledge it's disproportionate spending in ukraine, it's doing very little to help fight famine. it's excuse and i want to ensure that it's not going to be in sanctions, which creates english crisis. our sanctions don't target foot don't out of the 4th . july's african leaders disagree. the chairman of the african union court on brussels to provide relief for imported cereals and fertilizers. it is aggravated
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by european sanctions on the method of payment. we want to play, but it comes impossible. so we are asking the europeans for the same mechanism as for gas and oil so far that coal has fallen on deaf ears. bowen says that the sanctions on russia are not responsible for the global from crisis, and an african countries should not gain any special sessions. try telling that to people who live here. wait, food is case and becoming more so. policy on a team. it's john i spoke earlier, we spoke to political and economic on the list. i called new york who says it's critical africa receives urgent food assistance in order to a bird hunger and a bird fan in africa. i think the focus has to be on number one, emergency food assistance, and can help work with people in refugee camps and id be camps. and people have been displaced due to conflicts, number to helping some people are in the area, get access to funding and assistance in order to improve agriculture,
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yields and ensure that they are able to provide for themselves. because it is one thing to provide humanitarian assistance. but also unique give out for people to help the work themselves. africa has the potential to become a very good economic powerhouse within the world is given the opportunity providers and this is horrible. well, the west blames russia for the food crisis for the country leader has hit bucket those accusations. russia is waging a cynical grain more using it is a tool to make food prices skyrocket and destabilize entire countries. nothing is preventing food and fertilizer from leaving russia, and only one country is blocking food and fertilizer from leaving ukraine. and that is russia, austin, of today, where seen a deliberately inflated hysteria over the termination of ukrainian grain expos, lexi port, i would once again like to stress that russia doesn't create any of the transport
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and the grain from ukraine, and he's ready to provide a free passage of ships carrying grain to international waters. we have a mutual understanding here with us, but we still like a constructive approach from the key of authority. speaking to r t, the head of the international federation of red cross on red crescent societies is that the world focus has moved away from the hunger emergency that's happening right now. humanitarian age and i've been in the ideal, well, just wanted to be fairly distributed. what we do know is that that's not the case. if i look at my continents and we've been shouting the hunger crisis by a few months now, and this situation is going to get was where seen that the we need not get in. where seen that are the regions i get in the focus. i'm not to say that one humanitarian situation is more better or worse. a one person is better or worse off in terms of getting the aid. but what we are saying is that, that a does not get in always to the people that needed the most. and on the continent
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that i represent wasting children that are starving with people that are also dying because of them of no lack of food. so the situation is really dire. we're saying that more focus needs to be given to the continent so that at least humanitarian work is like a new military organization. my god can really step up in terms of getting up our actions as western allies debates a 7th until russian package of sanctions. europe is already eating into his whence augustus is over. so you politicians have acknowledged that their own sanctions. policies are having a blowback effect where urging member states to ramp up investment and renewables, ireland doesn't rely on gas from russia, but relies on gas from other places. but if the overall market is disturbed, which it is, both by russia's own actions, and indeed by our sanctions, then there are consequences around availability. right now what we experience is that the more sanctions we accept the worst shape we are in and the russians, yes,
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it hurts them as well, but they survive. and what is even worse, they proceed in ukraine. so we have to think about something, negotiations, ceasefire, peace diplomacy, that's our solution. we must and we will do everything we can to store as much gas as possible in the summer and fall. gas consumption must continue to fall. some more gas must be stored in storage, otherwise things will get really tight in winter. you commission president's earth to live on the land, proposed her own energy saving plan, saying that lowering thermostats by 2 degrees in every european household would be an effective step and replacing gas supplies coming from the node stream one pipeline or the contributor rachel mazda offers her take on the energy crisis. mounting on the european continent. european union to connie was an airplane. it was just, you know, cruising a law when the folks in charge suddenly caught the gas. say take that fusion and now their nose diving and madly mashing,
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all the buttons on the control panel trying to figure out how to save themselves. and that reality is now spilling out into the open. the basically telling the passengers, you know, those of us living here in the u. n. are just so on the ride that they have lost control may read. mcginnis that you commissioner for financial stability like wow, she has quite the task ahead of her. judging by that job, the surgeon just said that b e was looking at increasing investment in renewables. yes or no, she got the memo, but germany use big renewable energy champion is urgently going back to cool because of the self inflicted energy crutch. mcginnis also said we under january not realizing that by february we would really be alarmed about our lack of resilience when it comes to energy. and she added that we rely on russian fossil fuels. so we're looking for alternative supplies. and so basically, these folks didn't even make sure that they had their own oxygen mask on to insure their own economic survival before rushing to assist ukraine and taking the russian
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dependent you energy market with their own sessions. meanwhile, canada use close ally is also trying to find a way around its own sanctions against russians gas from so that it can get some nord stream pipeline turbines that will be repaired in montreal, back to siemens energy company in germany, under its own sanctions. canada won't allow itself to provide any components that could be used in the gas pipeline. in the meantime, gas promise had to significantly reduce gas load germany sparking talk of the potential energy of urgency. so by sticking it to putting canada has also socket to its close allied germany. so it's no wonder that yann's plugin or foreign policy adviser to chancellor will have schultz is now asking why germany's future really share with russia isn't being discussed as much as german weapons or ukraine. you can fill many newspaper pages with 20 margins, but there are fewer, larger articles about how our relationship with russia will be in the future. that
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you would just been so upset with ukraine. but it's now trying to figure out a way out of its own self and you can, you know, all i can say, let's just hope that they figure it out and come to their senses before all of us here crush. meanwhile, versus 2nd largest stock exchange has announced plans to offer clients cross border trading with the chinese church of hong kong. it also comes as russia's oil force to china, sold by record, 55 percent compared to last year. almost $2000000.00 barrels per day are being transported by a siberia pacific ocean pipeline, which is now overtaken, saudi arabia as beijing's leading oil supplier. but demand for oil in china, rose after coven restrictions were suffered, easing logistical problems underlying industrial production to rebound benjamin shower professor at the poorest school of technology and business. he says there will be plenty of buys, of version energy in the long term. for countries like china and india dramatically
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increasing their imports from russia. and since demand is negatively related to prices, so as low as will surely selling at a sufficiently low price to east its corner as absorb all the energy products there were supposed to be exported to rule in the middle to longer term. the current sanctions against russia and the destruction of supply some ukraine create serious energy and crops shortage, and the expectation on salters as well. and does we think historically, inflation in that kids thought that the europe relies on russia for nearly 40 percent off this natural gas and 25 percent office is by all means that it is not possible to remove europeans need of russian oil and gas in the near tub. european council, this week has granted candidate status for ukraine and politicians say this is a mark historic day for both parties. this is a very defining moment and
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a very good day for europe. i think this is a moment of great satisfaction. it hasn't though, been a smooth ride, the kiev numerous countries of questioned suitability for candidate status issues over widespread corruption, a lack of stability in its institutions. it's poor economic state. and of course, the fact that the country is improved in a war have raised serious concerns. however, many of these issue seem to have been whitewashed when the commission gave its recommendation. overall, as regards the political criteria, ukraine as well advanced and reaching the stability of institutions, guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for protection of minorities. but even loan delane has
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admitted ukraine, will have to pull out all of the stops if it's to reach the final destination. as an e. u. member. other members of the block agree, this could be a very long way all use. of course, we all know perfectly well the, the process to allow ukraine to join would take several years. indeed, probably on several decade me from just to let her grant in candidate status to ukraine is a symbolic decision on my question to the blog will require huge reforms and time you crank can fulfill the very long list of requirements. the dream of becoming a member of the you could still be just fat, becoming a candid, it may signal the intention, but it's certainly no guarantee. now to officially enter the ukraine, will need unanimous approval of its members states with each having veto power over new membership. ukraine now joined the candidates on the list of states who have been waiting on approval for years and even decades. in some cases,
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both presidents key, it says ukraine deserves the rights and to the block. those. some politicians warning may not be anytime soon. premium. we say ukraine has been granted each candidate status. let's say ukraine has gained you candidate status, did it fall from the sky or haven't we endured and run a lot today we are focusing on 70 requirements. yes, it's true. what does it scare us know? because before that we have successfully fulfilled hundreds north macedonia has been a candidate for 17 years. if i have not lost count, albania has been one for 8 years. so welcome to ukraine. ukraine became a candidate for membership despite non compliance with the standards that the balkan country. so diligently apply. if participation in the war was enough to start negotiations, i can't imagine what will be needed for completing the mission procedure. longest waiting candidates is turkey, whose bed is still on hold amid human rights concerns. let's despise anchor. have
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been a long term ally of the block on key issues, including the migrant crisis caused by the syrian war. the countries president believes that turkey is a session should be encouraged. as these days, the ukrainian crisis has reasserted the strategic importance of turkey for the e. u. however, the u commission president says that turkeys membership is now even less likely than before. turkey today is further away than it was in 1999. the accession process is merit based and therefore it is very much in the hands of the applicant, country of physical scientists. we supposed to believe that attempts to join that you currently contradict the current geopolitical interests of turkey. i can say that it was a political, economic, and the geopolitical mistake that turkish governments wanted to join the european union. and then today, this fact is reward rebuilt once again, it is wanting to have an equal relation, a with the european countries. but it's in another think to,
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to be a country that europe try to use against against asia against russia, against iraq, against iran. and today, turkish national interest and also church nation. and this has never required being a part of the european union because turkey is not. busy busy just on the european country, but turkey is a euro, asian country. so i mean, if you look to the map, you will see that one part of churches in europe and the other part of george is in asia to stay in the gates. a gateway off of europe in 2 rates is not there today. the turkish or the present for kiss national interest. those the new stories, the shapes, the we care on archie international for more on any of them do head over to our web site r t dot com. i'm peter scott, on whatever you want to this weekend. i hope having a good one. thanks for watching.
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oh, connected the we are, the threats and the threats escalate to a big part of it is the way in which also information or knowledge is being restricted and constraints. the imposition of certain restrictions on the floor. if information branding gets to be counted, it cannot be that the single narrative determines what's happening in the well mm hm. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk
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ah, yes, absolutely. well, with a little thing with some of the free people, good enough, we'll shut, can jelly, you know, she was come out. you can watch some stuff done with all the little money. somebody off with with a
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