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tv   News  RT  June 26, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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i hate, ah ah, russian lead force is advanced in done by securing this strategic city of several done yet. it had been a strong hold of the ukrainian military in the loop gals republic also. and if they need to establish something like this, a command center, any place is good enough even the cemetery martinez, is it heavily fortified positions abandoned by the training? an army near the tough a. russian and allied forces continued the mining territories. captured from key abstruse thousands protest. i was g. 7 leaders gather for
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a summit in germany, with crowds also voicing their opposition to nato's involvement in the ukraine. with the arms deliveries. it is an objective intervention by nato, and we do not know how jackie will escalate. we must therefore take decisive action against it. also in the story that shape the weight for you and wards that somalia is plunging into a severe i'm enduring food crisis with children starving to death quote before our eyes a top stories around the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments as well this is the weekly an rti hello welcome. we start in dung bus, where after a major russian lead offensive the key city of any and troops in the region, they were forced to withdraw from the city which had been used as a military stronghold. hundreds of civilians who were trapped in the area are now
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being evacuated to safety. be successful offensive came by. it's after russian lead forces entered the nearby city of listed chumps and pushed back the ukrainian military. there. as you can see here, luke ganz troops block key of forces from the north, while the latest advance of russian soldiers saw them take the southern front and ukrainian forces retreat ortiz acreage. it has been exploring the fortifications, left abundant in the area with the special forces of the russian army. we are right now moving towards the positions quite recently captured from the ukrainian troops . and we're about to see the fortifications that they have both directed and dug into the ground. well over the past 8 years, and we're about to see what's left of them after the work of the russian artillery jets and well infantry. mm
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hm. i don't show up on your mind. i was going to be sort of mute on them crunches deep enough to safely shelter a man of average height sprout across the area. amid concrete laden fortifications, we find western supplied weapons ukrainian troops abandoned in a hurry, as they fled, logo of the welto ships that research. if this is a permanent fortification, if we go inside, we can see the reinforce doors. they are made of thick steel with sand inside. going further we see another door of the same type and these are the firing positions. each of them has its own zone. these windows are reinforced as well with thick steel as we saw before. on the inside here, the position is draped with his best. if sir cannot catch fire. and this is how the same firing position, which you have just seen from the inside, looks from the outside. there's extra protection in the front,
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on the sides as well. you don't have to be a military expert to see that it takes a lot of firepower to well overcome and kick the forces out of a fortification like this one. ah, and these are the remains of a cluster ammunition that the ukrainian force is used against their former own abandoned well of fortifications. these type of munition is bound to pretty much all over the world. as we explore this labyrinth, we a disturbing discovery, the ukrainian positions are spidering across the fields here in all directions. and if they need to establish something like this, a command center, any place is good enough. even the cemetery, there's no red lines, it seems bulky. forces in the swarm essex is expendable decency is an excess. i mean, there's done of reporting from the don bass c and other developments the russian
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defense ministry phase 3 ukrainian military brigades, helping hit by cruise missile strikes. the missiles, hit training centers for troops in the western part of the country. the ministry claims ukrainian army units targeted have not lost their combat readiness and can no longer be used as a strategic army reserve. well, ukrainian officials, tame russian missiles, had a residential building and a kindergarten in kia on sunday. according to the city's mer one person died and 4 people were hospitalized including a 7 year old girl. 24 other people were to thank you weighted to safety, the russian defense ministry house and commented on the incident as yet. or moscow has repeatedly said it only targets military facilities. this year, a group of 7 summit of leading developed economies as kicked off in germany with leaders warning of the severe energy crisis in the west, and squarely blaming russia for soaring prices. for see just how critical this is
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every day the entire world is feeling, the impact of russia is bruno war and ukraine. and on our energy market here in the, in the g 7, i think what we're realizing is that the, you know, the parties over for russian hydra competence. so everybody's finding new ways of adapting. so it's basically about crushing the economy. it's not about building something up, but the people in the green or to, to get away from the feel it's just a little story to, to get the people behind this control demolition of the worst on the economy. i think is a very good way to, for the, for the profit states of the united states. and they want to have more, they want to put more pressure on the profit state. and they are
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hardly able to, to carry these big, big losses. we are facing the biggest crisis in all history. so that's not less than the dollar. and the euro is on jeopardy. why did they agree to, to ban aria or boil export? it is because of the, these as they are now, are in jeopardy, and i think this is, this is an emergency meeting of the, of the americans who have some big issues going on. otherwise i couldn't explain why joe biden is coming over to this meeting. or india has been invited to the g 7 summit as a special guest. the group apparently seeks to entice the country towards the club and force new delhi to abandon it's neutral stance over the ukraine conflict. art contributor archie chick who is across the story. yes,
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especially guess add. busy some it on to create the summit is to day long and the g 7 nations are looking to a dice, india, to worse than you abandon its new true stance or with me. but the us has said that india has been invited to d 7 only because the agenda is d and diverse and it is not really about trying to link to india. oh, russia at the same diet. it's quite interesting that in the u. s. along with some a ban on new import, so russian during the d 7 summit, that the boss there are also planning to impose a potential gap on the brand. so russian or in
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the g 7 leaders are clearly trying to project an image of unity and vowing to remain together and strong messages with no small port. we have proven counting on beginning no really not agree with this aggression while it's being indicted. it is unlikely that india is going to change these out me. russia has maintained saturday and has also very clearly said that i need you to bye bye. gosh, yeah,
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i know on the stock you're from a own sort of be nice and it's relationship rate. russia, whatever the trading arrangements that india puts in place with regard to the purchase of crude oil all over the world are determined purely from the consideration of energy security of india. and there is no other consideration i'm the same time and now is why them? because he's out which have be invited to the g 7. what is interesting is that it actually has already stated that he wants to join bricks and be off the group, red, russia, and india together. china and south africa, why ran into movies received one very wrong germany, as the indian dies or are you germany? no,
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it is going on simultaneously against the need to increase the conflict in you. it seems that the g 7 countries are that need to me a lot of announcements, but it is not clear how the projected unity is going to florida, i guess. and i go where india is openly and clearly maintaining a strategic independence. me about indian diplomats, roger dora believes western leaders are too focused on sanctions against russia rather than tackling matters such as the food crisis and economic downturn after the war with the war does not work from the moment position. and now with all these sanctions and with all the issues connected with the food supply and saw, there is a deeper decision is the single for what we see today in germany. and one thing
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that is most of us on the issues with the focuses on sanctions walk them through the national water, you put in india and russia sort by each other or the last 75 years is 1947 when it became independent and india has always acted and was just right and judge walker thank is necessary for the independent or and policy. and i think one of the things that india, as for the white tremendous fisher, some of the western sunday as an example in all and be, must maintain its friendship with everyone, especially with russia. yes. something else apart from talk over geo political issues, the u. k. prime minister bars johnson, on his canadian counterpart,
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justin shadow joked about whether they should undress in order to show that their tougher than loving or putting the russian president has occasionally ditched his shirt on vacation with photos showing him on horseback. during fishing trips an icy swims in the siberian lightens the thousands in munich, frustrated by the policies of the g 7, made their feelings clear. during a 2nd day of protests, demonstrators claim there's plenty of talk, but little action from the group on big issues. some are also demanding nato end. it's army of ukraine, fell bite available to a school. i work with the resistance group because we are totally against this war, escalating ukraine. we had a great fear that nato will openly intervene. unfortunately, it is already doing with the arms deliveries objective intervention by nato,
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and we do not know how exactly it will escalate. we must therefore take decisive action against this threat. or i guess it on a difficult situation. first, because of the coal make now because of the brain crisis and speed of the process that has to take a leadership role. and i don't see that happening. protests have also wrapped it in madrid, where a nature somebody says it take place next week, demonstrators are demanding and in what they call the hierarchical military alliance. for nato, it's a whole supply. meanwhile, across the atlantic, as key of officials urge the west to send it more lethal weapons, the miami police department has responded in an unusual way. it's set up a voluntary gum buyback program aimed at sending those weapons to ukraine. we just finished our ours guns for ukraine on my back, and it's been
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a while since we have one of these available looks like a few of them after we do up or the combination and work on them will be fit to send over to our friends over in ukraine, a number of cars queued in miami with people eager to cash in. busy on the deal, according to the guns for ukraine program, police are offering $50.00 for hung guns, a $100.00 for shot guns, and howard rifles in total. 68 gallons of so far been collected with official telling it as a successful program. well, just to put that number of 60 guns in some perspective, more than 35 percent of adults in florida live in homes with firearms while almost 350000 of them are registered orders. the controversial scheme saw people take to social media to slam them miami pd's mood so the miami police have apparently figured out how to use taxpayer money to get americans to give them guns, which they can then sell on the international black market under the pretense of
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helping ukraine kind of brilliant evil, the brilliant miami police tried to explain their illegal gun bye back m p. d is using sympathy for ukrainian forces as a ploy to get guns off the street in the belief this will make the resident safer. how do police buy back something they never actually owned? yeah. guns are too dangerous for our streets because inexperienced or unethical people might get a hold of them. but please let us send them over there to volunteer malicious and we'll give you money. if there's a blue and yellow flag, suddenly guns are a good thing. this is crazy. first of all, we're going to get a bunch of legal and non working firearms that would be dangerous to any ukrainian troops that would have them. you know, we saw what happened in the last gun give away in ukraine, and the ukranian government was giving a k 40 sevens to the citizens of key of gang members who started running around and shooting other citizens of key of this is a disaster unfolding. right, for ice and,
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you know, now they're going to be getting shot with american weapons. it's interesting to think of all the different laws that they're going to have to skirt to send these weapons most likely illegally to ukraine. maybe this is a way to try to save face, but it's not really looking very good for me. a lot of these weapons are probably used in crimes. and if they're getting sent to ukraine, you know, that's, that's one piece of evidence. it's never going to be found. look, they, they have to go along for the ride. i've actually spoken to a couple of them today about this program and they were laughing about it, talking about how ludicrous it was. somalia is starving to death before our eyes are pool. as the stark warning, the un issue to g 7 leaders this week ahead of the opening run on sunday of the summit, it said only a massive and immediate increase in phones can stop the country from descending
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into a catastrophe caused by a great summing somalia is part of an extensive crisis unfolding on the african continent, despite a global appeal for the country along with e. c o, p, and sites down to attracting pledges of $6000000000.00. the u. n. stays only 3 percent of those funds have actually been received. the u. n's children, and unicef is also awarding that almost 8000000 children across 15 countries are at risk of death from starvation. and then a bid to tackle the food prices in africa. b. e. u has pledged an additional humanitarian package, but it's estimated to be much, much less than europe is providing for one country, ukraine with more another funding is drying up here. so our team policy are i can't for the waste of johannesburg. where when he typically doesn't have a job and wanting for people like the rest of africa is patient and insecurity. maybe 15000000 children are mom life on this continent. now to fight found them in
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the last year. european union spend $1800000000.00. compare this repeat 4300000000 dollars more than twice that number, that the e u has spent in ukraine in just the last 4 months. the foreign policy chief, joseph burrell, it uses the russian president vladimir putin, of a deliberate attempt to create hunger in the world, in order to pressure on the youth to lift sanctions. one can not imagine that millions of tons of wheat remain block ukraine. you are the director who will, people are suffering hunger pieces that really walk drive. but in africa, 12 people die upon get every minute. statistics that existed long before the ukrainian crisis. not only does not acknowledge it's disproportionate spending in ukraine, it's doing very little to help fight famine. it's excuse and i want to be
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sure that it's not going to be in sanction shall reach, create dangerous crisis. sanctions don't target foot don't out of the 4th. july's african leaders disagree. the chairman of the african union court on brussels to provide relief for imported cereals and fertilizers. it is aggravated by european sanctions on the method of payment. we want to play, but it comes impossible. so we are asking the europeans for the same mechanism as for gas and oil. so far that coal has fallen on deaf is boiling so that the sanctions on russia are not responsible for the global through crisis. and an african countries should not gain any special stations for killing that to people who live here the way food is case and becoming more so the policy on team 200 african a for a specialist call. i called dock sees it's critical. the continent receives food
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assistance and urgently in order to a hunger and a bird in africa. i've been, the focus has to be on number one, emergency food assistance. i can help burnable people in refugee camps and idp and people. i've been displaced to conflict number to helping some people are and they get access to funding and assistance in order to improve agricultural yield and ensure that they are able to provide for themselves. because it is one thing to provide humanitarian, but also you need give up for people to help the founder of working africa has the potential to become a good economic powerhouse within the world. if given the opportunity and provided the necessary for developing countries in europe, in the united states and canada, to provide assistance in to provide support. and it help african countries and developmental initiatives that can reduce poverty, increase employment,
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and create opportunities and improve governance and contribute to social development. while the west blames russia almost entirely for the food crisis, but if all of them are putting us back, some of the following accusations, brush or is waging a cynical grain more easing, it is a till to make seed prices skyrockets and destabilize entire countries. nothing is preventing food and fertilizer from leaving russia, and only one country is blocking food and fertilizer from leaving ukraine. and that is russia is austin, of today, where cna deliberately inflated hysteria over the termination of ukraine and grain expos throw the plexi poults. i would once again like to stress that russia doesn't create any obstacles to transport the grain from ukraine and he's ready to provide the free passage of ships carrying grain to international waters. we have a mutual understanding here with the un, but we still lacking constructive approach from the key of authority to the head of
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a southern african cluster. of the red cross and red crescent told me he fears global focus has shifted from the hunger emergency happening there. right? humanitarian age and i've been in the ideal world. yes, we want it to be fairly distributed. what we do know is that that's not the case. if i look at my continents and we've been shouting the hunger crisis boy a few months now, and this situation is going to get was where seen that the a we need not get in? where seen that are the regions, i guess in the focus. i'm not to say that one humanitarian situation is more better or worse, so one person is better or worse off in terms of getting the aid. but what we are saying is that, that a does not get in always to the people that needed the most. and on the continent that i represent wasting children that are starving with people that are also dying because of them all of no lack of food. so the situation is really dire, and we're seeing that more focus needs to be given to the continent. so that at
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least humanitarian work is like a new military organization. god can really step up and kind of getting up our action. well, let's keep focus on the continent because the west african nation of molly was in morning this week after attacks by jo. how this terrorists last weekend left, 132 people did local say a slow make extremist selectively, gun dine civilians. ah, ah ah, let me go on your jaw. they came. they said to the people, you are not muslims in the felony language. they took the men
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a 100 people went out with them after 2 kilometers. they systematically shot people with ah, put them all work for you with the massacres are very painful for me and it's the same for all mile the us. we can't sleep at night when we think about the situation that most he's going through was not good. terrorists must stop with these barbaric axis our armed forces are working and we have to accompany them without prayers. 3 days of national morning began on tuesday with the government pledging to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. the attacks were some of the deadliest. and molly, since the outbreak of fighting a decade ago when tore ag separatists rose up against the government, taking advantage of the kiosk reek by islamist militant molly has faced the string of civilian massacres. this year of extreme,
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this and criminal would take hold. plunging the country into further crisis comes against the backdrop of france is 9 years of attempts to secure the region against and enlarging terrorist presence. the malia and prime minister, however, has previously claimed its paris itself. fueling turmoil in the country compact is ill moment, williams and grand. there is the french authorities, are carrying out genuine political media and diplomatic terrorism against our government. with the aim of overthrowing it. don't you create chaos? you arm people, you tell them to go into vide molly? the separate as clearly said that it was, france was behind the separate its movements of 2011, from libya. the leaders of the move and said francis instigated them to invade northern malia and divide it and create an independent state when in neighboring for fast. so this week, civilians held a rally, demanding an end to franklin military cooperation in favor of other support, including as you can see here, russian to the curb terrorism regional experts,
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ali to encourage claims french troops for ineffective in combining islamist attacks in the region. so you found the speaking about operation service, it can be stated that it failed because not only did molly fail to regain a significant number of territories occupied simultaneously by independence fighters and islamic terrorist groups. but at the same time, this operation gave the opportunity for the molly, an army to return to its former glory. many have pointed out with regard to the military actions of france in this region. the ineffectiveness of military cooperation between the participants of the french mission, the 1000000 army, as well as the combined forces of the cell 5. these shortcomings led to the fact that ultimately france was unable to put an end to the security problems associated with terrorism. as of now, the reason is completely abandoned in terms of joint military operation as since each army fights and isolation without making efforts to harmonize and structure joined efforts to end the instability associated with terrorism. the current
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security situation is connected with withdraw the army of burkina faso with a termination of a joint military operation of molly and shares, as well as the unforeseen and uncoordinated withdrawal of french troops. and as a result of all this, to hell has become a very unstable region opened all kinds of hostilities, australia japan, new zealand, the u. k. and the u. s. sub launch, the quote informal group aimed at boosting economic and diplomatic ties in the pacific region. as our countries continue to support prosperity, resilience and security in the pacific, which you must harness our collective strength through closer cooperation, are 5 countries launched in inclusive informal mechanism to support pacific priorities more effectively and efficiently. the partners in the blue pacific. now critic see it as an attempt to expand the countries influence in the pacific. so country china, it follows the creation of the orcas alliance and military pact also aimed at
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gaining a growing foothold in the pacific political analyst, angelo juliano believes washington is trying to betray china as the hostile force in the region. while the goal here is very clean, it is all about containing china and formal it doesn't, we should look at, you know, like what they say we should look at their actions. so here it's really about creating a 2nd form. they've been trying really hard to lobbying countries in the region, 80 countries, but none of them wanted to join because they, they main partner business partner is china. they want to have a balance of relationship between the width in china, and they don't want to fully to the drug trap to be used by western pose. a justified the, the creation and the maintain meant of nato. because supposedly a trip of russia, they doing the same,
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they need to. but in this story in asia is china as being the threat in the region . while in fact china, it is not. that's our recap of the week. that was, i'll say good bye for now. but do stay close, there's more programs get going in moment for your company ah ah ah.


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