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a yes to shape out disdain to comes to an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh well she's news media was cards and like if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out in about a quarter. don't put your human symbols on display a little space each night. all right, so you guys don't talk to strangers.
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i avoid noisy gatherings and rallies with your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll russian a glad to with being a minute for a short time. so i'm, i saw i saw a couple things with
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with if you didn't see any issue with your at the end and especially eastern european highways have become rows of hell of a russian truckers and cars with russian number plates have become targets. you see vehicles with broken windows and punctured tires and drivers are lucky of only that cause a targeted pop ups to promotional but sure will come wanted to shut. what do you believe we will increase? cutting motionless fisherman? lola? what's that? all the poem, new month, i don't want to do police chocolate, but he had some police and you've got to get all the machine. you go on up to 333. he will 3 machine on your style. those will change and you will talk to the 3 machine and there is
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a column. ringback and they don't cause you need talk with the money is low use the for the lease or would you suit your yours has vehicle below or sure a. ready ready more credit job dish. no, i have no for a living. no. right. just give us a years wash in just a little boy, my boy. naturalization. yeah.
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gosh, that's good. because the data motion, the units in cars that them decide to have motion to stay on a vehicle with us on the phone because all my vice for the bottom or is it but the resides with on walk, garage and on with because all of the new also just about like ah, gold chocolate banks, new trinity natalia enjoy life and zurich. she followed her expert husband there. but at the end of february 2022, her life changed. the almost sterile swift severity vanished and something else took his place. luncheon is there like a process that them yeah,
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you pull out of she got a little bit of misty asked about with dealing with both of them doing the q him and he should normally do was young. i don't want to keep the spanish 2 people moving him to the fridge. equipment, the ballistics done for you to stay up brought to ship. she mostly looks to me to the discussion that you've gotten with me. hon. the victim. talk to me. i will shoot you a one in museum and she'll talk with you going to ensure that we are actually good to go. i mean, you know me as opposed to lots of to let me know and i was just,
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i mean the price of 9 to 30 years of maturity. fortunately, the ground stocks and launched the child to the school to live with the position. but the female scholars will come out the black hole, which is because it was she just, she did no day to do that. so food can law, which in seattle we did in my what you did at the flooding them, what is your desk in actually your price with a stone and sure enough so much to grow. and we can you welcome to the neglect to do much more to know that you are
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not saved on your so that would be my new to be check your, your project winery estimate for just a religion rod and cookie of show you know, with changes because i think i will put off the french when you buy some coach cross crashed on which and fortune damage for your shed to do any out the but all of them, some dish is because i was scheduled with the machine, you know, suitable coaching should be another person and you know, i would tell you with, in the last of the floor and i was coming to my water bottle possession lab. good to put the result is in that way and she will skip the keys. more car to show us could i think the 1st your deal which will be, will be out of solution for you being over
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these are is a student at the high school to the comics in moscow. just a month ago, she was strolling around from where she was attending charles university studying the science of wealth and social structures. in march, she was told russian students weren't welcome to continue. this stuff is in the czech republic. you're talking about when you bring him back to discuss when you're going to push the skeptic moves the home or is your pregnant and i last got home much tripping or order are much configured. when i look up my number life unusual though, store a trunk of my new telephone shift, no store on the national close gets put into it works for them. so he most of excuse me,
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not the national you private opinion. ruth was born, concurred before trickle, pretty much in new system, a new book nichol. i don't know what your position of the world is seeing things through the lens of the media with the italian m. p. francesca janitor who voted against sending military a to ukraine, leaves the voices of europeans who disagree with the generally accepted point of view as simply not being heard. and there are many of them. i think that most of the european people once accept that and move in italy. we already have poles that show that the majority of italian people don't agree with this. the position of our government and a lot of people want to go on with having relationship with russia and considering russia as
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a perio is not insane because the history of russia has the so many connections with his family id personally petersburg and moscow. well, be just bird, most of all is a period very close to a european the city. so it's really insane that to, to raise a wall between our cultures, our countries. we have a really big background. 4 of culture and history and knowledge and relationship that must be saved and developed not stop. i really hope that our government will fall. you know. so, and because a lot of people are really, really unhappy, what is happening today. i hope that this situation will as,
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as soon as possible because we have a lot of russian people living in italy coming to italy for 2 reasons for cultural reasons, for commercial reasons. and that we should support these relationship because just to and war. so we must build bridges not to, you know, raise calls. oh mm . the russian, the code in the netherlands is who will not be promoting this instrument in the country. she played in a semi professional ensemble on to music. and then the music ended abruptly. in late february, she was told that as a russian musician, she wasn't welcome any more, fear was j. a really just come out just a chest here. he's a dumb question, but the guy williams from you have
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a good you all of the way you will talk to sure. thoughts from you? why my a lot of those now because we don't trust you with us and certainly should proceed. um you should be on a trip? no, some of appreciate. look, i'm near you. pretty human. yes, because i michelle was also new brochure wishing you a little bit owens, mercedes do but then you will you boys do fortunately with me, it was then i'd rather supposed to go with you guys. you know the oxley at the garage. i should be, do you hear you through a couple like when you might me a girl, the voice that you when you be the solution? easy. no of us. no, no, no
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a. so you negative. surely watching over here. if i did a grossly does, luckily, i will not want you know, how she should go, gators assign me a moment because i am always open. otherwise you will schedule. now, i don't sure i see her so blissful grading. when in time it was a new is not showing up with many new go i need to call she. she walks jacobs. weiss, date is july smith and i spoke with alex about the i, you know, she would be told him the guy building block when you say all last year and she does go anywhere. yes. i see was able to starsky. boshra was to tour a seizure in mother bracket. this is john gray. robert does need to be to pull some your id. by sure, obviously, did i used to rescue it and you're not gonna buy them all. you know,
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we're not a nazi than you at the voice of the whole minute. the duchess. i mean you've got a great mom and you might just say, we're not in my stomach. you by us. oh yes, i was planning to move a couple of i still want you to buy. yeah. the booker got to me. it was nice, toil ski due to that was basically true. but when i took it back to the mall of, ah, ah, yes, mr. absolute mccullough with all 3 of winning up with shock. can we usually i'm not sure. somebody who can watch some stuff done
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with all the money. some i know about the new s corps. we have to deal with with a new engine. you were in love with it. it was a lot, but you can you with
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a, [000:00:00;00] with a what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages? is it become the new front line? i think what they call this area, the gray zone. you don't like the really early found the real close pretty new. what that was only about a used vehicle with
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a tail door. so we won't know why it was funny because i submitted a voice from them or was a show below a alexander who she'll not tell us that she made a step before he boy finn who has got your party. throw your favorite them with the way to finish it. a gentleman rather than you should be had
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with russia. embassies in western countries resemble besieged fortresses. vacations are surrounded by picket lines and bombarded with bubble fritz. i'm once in awhile. projectiles are thrown at them. a launch nod unites them on which one must personal needs are diverted with okay. ranking spatial, i mean it was not i know, but as you know, we ship ceiling. not sure. do you want to comment on that one more? was not sure this emotion stuff as well. i don't for them to mother was a lot of fish to russia that i see
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that i see it was simple hours tomorrow or sometime next week and he is, i did, i was just, we just purchased the modem and used by over a shower law, one teacher form one a, section e with sure no one is coming up. that's why that is more assigned the classical like it always says, oh so on on the night of april they see a vehicle round the gates of rushes embassy and book arrest. the car caught fire and the driver died from bones of the scene. it was later discovered that the day before a quarter found
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a man guilty of abusing his daughter procedures death. i mean on the find us a joy to get at your shift. well, actually it's a funny thing. you can, i've done them. i'm in the category for teachers k. at same case, you go out there or not that i'm just going to for my new person, yet. there is a problem with my case to be new as possibly new now for registering for my war. almost glitches, storm maybe m at because always nice. there must be fully use this one should not
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take you if it's in still because like this subpoenaed around london transport, it's not clear who initiated this, but many british people found it unacceptable. the british communist party condemned it and demanded the stick, has be removed. they say russian hysteria is becoming irrational. we believe that the interests of ordinary people, whether it's in the ukraine, britain or russia, should always come 1st. encouraging them, stealing, trying to hatred, is not in anybody's interest. and there are lessons from history. and that was being made in the tweet, you know, the m t jewish wisteria that was an hatred that was being whipped up in nazi germany. of course led to the most terrible consequences that you're well aware of in russia and the former soviet union. and people in eastern europe must be well aware of, and people in britain must be well aware of, you know,
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the sort of the only good russian is a dead, russian is not a strategy review. but there are certainly a minority of people who have extreme reviews or unkind under course, they're being being encouraged, perhaps unwittingly, but they're being encouraged. friday, the kind of propaganda is so widespread in our mainstream media. so it's an inevitable consequences and goes the stream. the one sided anti russian coverage that we have in our mass media me, according to some estimates, russian is spoken or at least understood by up to a 3rd of israelis. ironically, many israelis who repatriated to their ancestral homeland and now being attacked because they considered russians all pro russian. yes,
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a d c. so a. busy me sit down like that was also a booster, which is a way to store and you want me to limit, oh no, i do not music in a and
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you have good. then you've got forced the up. i just do the to with the wash the yep. ideally, what was that if i deals with and then i was going to really not bother you, get to what is the idea of not being asked to do is to be in spanish dash thought it did with me. and let me get a moment. i mean, i just need you to get that to find out a don't always, to quickly did the book and he says like in the senior really got that upgrade. i don't wanna get the lexia. she doesn't live a won't give on there. this is she doesn't get recently lose me for out with guys with quality. so why the money more would be so great that i see is the money and more with that credit the project needs to be in the forward for me at the moment it doesn't,
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we don't want to. and i just so i can grasp even walk them if they just searching is it? god bless you. choose when you jania. well, that's about when you those will show you how to make him please club if you'll, if i'm just all going here. yeah. i see computer hours, those cation. yes, i'm calling to see what should i show up? let's see. so it's nothing. it was capital capital letters to somebody. yes. so 1st of all, again, the rules keeps going to get. i see a little kid who should check it. so what was the retailer which i've got a meeting, but i didn't know the shoulder, wilma, busy, and jason, and so i will let you know the short plus each lecture last time you can go when you might want. i'm going to, i'm going to i don't feel so many russian serving in europe, israel in the us. there's only one way out now,
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and that's via an airport yet that you lose. you got going, mr. when you think right actually moved by you did what i see the dumpsters different. yeah, she shampooed ashley jacket italy, but she will. but our boise where you stand by me in the more physical your own skier? not back in the through. i think my own steve bushel. i think it was the other honesty wasted enough with the lily. now with you in our 1st i know i got like i would, i used dr. fisher toy sibling at least. i mean, i did a diff to wish out my the boy was going with you got the was i shut the new credit out of the lot. i'm looking you correct that? the be honest and see what you did. you clean up clement by going national a. she knew that there was session frost crime money into that credit. i was not on that or his gave was it to just bring my with anthem a buffet of they start saying no, you put a choice now because that's a asked me to. it's
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a process mediate facilitator around your pastor in the planet with you to let you know just anything on the country with the class. a smart younger class not allowed to just what with dawn east east came up with asking into the process. yeah, just my daughter came on, i don't know what to put on a little sky. some doors under one person, you know, it doesn't cause to go there. so once it's a images, all the different artificial dog standards into 2 additional cleanings a little while not to continue that she you need not home with the money that you are. you might be on
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my mind. you can always ready know can you give me a new new one year while she started i sure sure. i she she was she probably with the new one. sure. well you know what? she just bought the ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how
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that strategy will be successful, very critical time. time to sit down and talk ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with with ah, the eastern is absolute. no co with them i thought we were just waiting for with it a little sheet. which is much harold lanier. you mean with his material that was supposed to be left for his money for b example graham, it was some live


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