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very dramatic development and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult. i'm time to sit down and talk with russia, say the missiles and kind of western weapon restock pot in central ukraine course to fire in a nearby mold passes. the local mac claims the mall had been left open despite blaring as strike sirens. with french president kron gets caught on camera breaking the bad news to joe biden, revealing that some arab states will not be able to pump out enough extra oil to help western countries compensate for the bank clash of their own sanctions against
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russia. russian look forward to say that we think he had trip so many guns with public safety of leafy chance, forcing them to retreat eastward. and arty cru looks exclusively at how moscow's military is operating on the ground with seconds until it's about $540.00 quite a bit. over ukrainian forces with very welcome. this is on the international coming to you live from moscow. good to happy with us. and we saw with the latest on ukraine rushes defense ministries, as it says, trying destroyed a warehouse full of western supplied weapons. and the ukrainian city of kremlin showed on monday ukrainian officials came a local shopping center was also bones. but moscow save the non functioning mall, caught fire of the stock pot,
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abomination exploded just dozens of meters away from the building. you believe the crime and choose up. the russian aerospace forces delivered to strike with high precision airborne weaponry on hangers. and that contained arms and ammunition supplied by the us and european countries within the vicinity of the cream and shook automotive factory. what are the high precision strike western made weapons and ammunition that were being kept in the storage area for further shipment to ukrainian troops. and on one of the ammunition explosion led to a fire in a shopping center next to the factory defender and following the story for as his art he's donald caught her don't. thanks for coming. and what do we know about the, the proximity of the shopping mall to this facility facility is what they were targeted by the russian army. well, the fire at this am store shopping mall in crime and chug. ukraine was no doubt a tragedy that nobody's happy about. i mean russians, rushes armed forces remains adamant about the fact that they're only trying to
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destroy military targets. and nothing has changed here, according to russia's ministry of defense. this fire at the shopping mall started after one of its precision missiles hit, a stockpile of ammunition and weapons that were sent ukrainian military from the united states and the european union. the explosion caused by all of that ammunition going off at the same time is what, according to the defense ministry set fire to the shopping mall. and as for the distance between these 2 objects, we're talking about a mere 70 meters here. is there any footage to corroborate that? yeah, there are actually a number of videos that are already circulating online, which appear to show what happened. and it's really important that we look at them because ukraine's national security council is actually contradicting with russia's defense, ministry is saying they're saying that there were 2 missile strikes, one at the shopping mall, and another at the stadium in the city. so right on your screen right now, you should be able to see a video that appears to show the epa center of the missile strike will get that up right now there. you can see it,
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the epicenter of that missile strike. and it's clearly not. it's clearly not near any sort of shopping mall, it's, it's close to a, the factory that was acting as a stockpile for weapons and ammunition. now, we're going to show another video here that is actually also going around on the internet. and it's, it appears to be c, c, t, v footage that shows the moment of the blast. and based on mapping of the area, we can say with a large degree of certainty that there was just one blast. and that, that was the end that the blast was next to what was said to be a military stockpile. so this all really corroborates what the russian defense ministry has been saying for a while since the beginning of its military operation in ukraine. that ukrainian forces have been placing military installations next to civilian areas to draw fire . and so that they can point the finger at russia. now, if there is danger of an air strike that there would be sirens blaring very loudly across the city. at that point, why where people still inside
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a shopping mall shall pay what it is. obviously, most people, you know, even initially thought that the small was non functioning because you would think that institutions would be evacuated in such a case. but apparently, the malls administration actually decided it would not close down even if it was coming under bombing. and even the air raid sirens were going off. we know that because the mayor of the town made a post on facebook that showed messages from the shopping malls, administration st. just that, that they were not going to shut down in this, in the event of an air raid or bombings. and this is something that the mayor said was horrible, especially because there were so many people in that shopping mall. 800 people were killed. dozens were injured. i mean, in my personal opinion, the word horrible is probably one of the nicest kind of adjectives you could put to the situation. don't many, thanks for coming in with the d 1000 se on quarter. and came well, the french president obama mclaren has been caught in
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a hot mike incident breaking some rather bad news to us counts part joe biden, as he said, arab nations won't be able to produce more oil for at least the next 6 months. putting a hold on western attempts to lower the record energy prices. a with one with the full 6 with hold with. there is
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no better way to draw attention to yourself than to run up to the president of the united states yelling joe joe. and then start whispering when there are cameras around. not cold knew very well that he wasn't at a private party and that there were cameras around. so what's that old adage if you want people to pay attention to what you're saying? just start whispering, right? so here in france, raise talking about it, it makes you wonder if that was the intent. so who was president michael's audience, and what did he want us to understand? obviously, europe is facing it, energy prices and supply problems. but chances are schultz is out there denouncing the same fossil fuels that you countries desperately need. ms. and i know we do have to realize, of course, that the future does not lying gas. this is very particular for germany, and this is something that is going to have an impact on the use of fossil fuels
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such a co and gas fargo. so he says, germany's future doesn't lay in gas. well, i guess than it lays in realistically and dirty coal since germany just fired up cold plants. again, out of desperation, germany industry is sounding the alarm over and over again about a gas emergency. and it economy minister is warning of industry shut down amid gas shortages as of last week. the country is now in phase 2 of 3 of its emergency gas plan. and what that means is a high risk of gas shortages through the winter time. now the federal regulator has said that these scenarios are quote, not pretty and mean either to little gas at the end of winter, or in or already very difficult situations in autumn or winter. now in germany, b a s f is one of the world's largest chemical producers, and it makes products found that things like tooth paste automobiles. madison's and
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it relies on cheap russian gas. and the wall street journal just had a piece about this. but schultz chance socials is dreaming only in green or bottom . we will also expand renewable energies and work even more intensively illness. the decisions that we have taken show that financing fossil fuel energy sources is something that needs to come to an end to the end. so german industries aren't the only ones that are cutting their gas usage in anticipation of shortfalls. european industries are as well. and despite that, chancellor schultz is really pushing ahead with his climate club, which he wants to stand up among the g 7 before the end of the year. and everything is green, green green when in reality they are taking huge steps backwards in anticipation of an energy crunch. let's discuss this further. not as go live, take mohammed al sedans for my senior advisor to saudi arabia's. and even as so many thanks for joining us on the program. now we've just heard mcclung say the
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united arab emirates is unable to increase its all outputs is done and on. so the western leaders should have expected in it. if they do go to other middle east in oil producing countries, i should beg expect to get the same reply. thank you for inviting me. and i was surprised that something that happened over the phone between chef, how much decided of the u. i. e and mac out on has been transpired publicly and on the, on the city. and that is very astonishing. but i don't know if the, if the you eve does print half spare capacity or capacity. that doesn't mean that middle eastern or other opic lot going to do is they don't. we all know that saudi arabia has
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a total capacity of $12000000.00 barrels. that a day. now we are producing $10.00. so there is around 1500000 barrels, that a day spare capacity that we can use if and only if opec loss has the side. decided to, to do that. and how have large oil producing countries in the middle east been reacting to the spike in energy prices around the world. sparking energy prices is not a problem, as long as there is a balance in the market between supply and demand. and we have seen that, and last, actually as a technical body has always studied the market and they show no
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less supplies or no imbalances in the market expend dimensions. accordingly, they took the decision of increasing on lee by a fraction of what the west is, is what would love to see. but the reason for the high price is not the supply demand or supply shortages. definitely not. is the ukrainian or russian war one hand. on the other hand, the chaos that the european union is in with regard to its energy policies. they are not taking that decision. they are following the united se order. and they are not even subjecting all of these proposals that be rising from the united states to the cost benefit analysis
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. what kind of cars not on the economically, but also politically, they are not. they are in total chaos. they, you, they don't know what to do, and we have seen mr. short. how could i have to show that when would be independent varies very soon and they cannot wear that it is organ or gas. this is a reality that they need to take into account. how would you describe the relations between gulf countries and western states? do you think gulf countries are willing to support america on the e u, with the energy needs? when we support our national incidence theory and our national interests, we are a member of the opic last coordination alliance. but if you
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call it and we follow the decisions by the alliance with the was or there is like it or not. so we are not here to please this part of the or that part of the we are to defend the interest of saudi arabia and they become a nation plus the trying to find the market, the stability of the commodity, the u. k. foreign secretary has stated, we don't live in a perfect world when asked about human rights concerns in gulf states. now with this approach to large oil producing countries, to what extent will this affect relations between such states and the u. k. unfortunately wouldn't be for the security of the u. k is saying that they forget that order. they may, she may is she may talking about the u. k,
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you will not rise positions. we all are. so the last few weeks, what they did with the with that geez and the okay. and they are trying to send them through to wonder why they will come in the caribbean refugee. so they are discriminating and they don't coordinate this human rights issue. this, this kind of the standard that we live and, and the hypocrisy that is unfortunately, and the blood that now the world is with too many super power and not the united states alone. and we have seen, as you asked your, your guess before me about the corner called corn is
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the most pollutant plus says healy. and now they added to it and saying, well, we cannot afford not to get into it because we have a crisis. so they forgot climate change issues and therefore got if the thing and that deb resend that and it's not going to be is always the case. whenever the waves have a problem. that is again, it's their national interest. they go with, with the national entities and forget about what ever they are complaining order, according for as far as the national values or protecting them buttons. to what extent do you think the energy prices would stabilize if the west, the ease, is it sanctions on russia and how likely has that to happen? well, it will take some time before easy oil prices because don't forget that sanction
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. this is the barbarian fashion that there was, is use it. and now when ever the russians react to the sense and they say when this is unacceptable, etc, etc. and they forgot about their, their sanctions. so i think it will take some time before we see prizes go down, deflecting the calmness of the geopolitical fact that this and i think if, if today they abandon the sanction, then probably another 4 to 6 months before, right? this started to stabilize at the lower 11 because of the current sanctions on the russian energy that was also facing a survey gas shortage. to what extent were the lowering of the oil prices ease that
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issue, the europe it will not. we have 2 different markets, of course, they substitute some, sometimes they substitute, not only called, but also oil to produce electricity, et cetera, but there is underwritten law and the i a by the way i am the one to be blamed for the current situation. energy situation, the i a is that if it was a year ago, he was insisting that or international oil and gas company should this. so investing in oil and gas. and now we see that there is only 2 percent excess capacity worldwide. and that is why prices are getting higher and higher and it will die. and before we and says,
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of course i didn't listen to this got to be from i a but we are interesting in more and more oil production. but it will take either more time to insist in order to eat the any shortages in the upcoming shortages and the future. so i think we need, we need to, inc. forget, of course we are all poor climate change. what article predict climate change to protect climate from changing? but you cannot do it this way. your colleague before me indicated that, that we're going to switch your renewal, but they have been saying that for many decades now, it is not that easy to just in. and switch to a new will, it will take the case before you achieve that. so i think we need to,
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we are really and i know that this is a wishful thinking for the ways, but nothing will be achieved by just having a dream of achieving, to get rid of fossil fuel. and that is very serious for the international energy. mach. mohammad also bonds for my senior advisor to saudi arabia as energy minister. many thanks for your time. we really appreciate your insight. thank you very much. thank you. nathan countries need to toughen up and tighten their bells as the economic was the facing. are a fair price to pay for freedom from person. at least that's according to nato's chief speaking on the 1st day of the blogs, ongoing summit imagery, europeans and they dollars a united states partners. they pay a price. there is no way to deny that. but that price is much lower than the
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price will pay if truth and gets his way by use military force against the plantation is about the price you have to pay for pay for freedom, amnesty international as the case, the commission of turning a blind eye to the illegal detention of thousands of arab and african migrants in this way. nia domini reports. the n g a has revealed what it calls, cases of abuse and discriminatory double standards in the treatment of asylum seekers. some of whom are allegedly being tortured inside military style comes by lithuanian authorities. honesty has also highlighted a stock contrast how ukrainian refugees have been handled in the e u. his house, some of the detained rockies have described the situation. it's going to be worse now. after seeing the treatment promised to ukrainians, because people here cannot take it anymore. we are under horrible pressure to go back to our countries. is this the humanity they are talking about? we also want to help people coming from ukraine because we already saw that we
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already lived, that we already felt that the sad thing is we are in a dark place. we are going through a terrible time and we are hopeless. what hurts the most, as when i follow the news and see how the world show solidarity with ukrainian refugees and how they treat us. here. the report was, they said, african and middle east and my quince have been detained for months in, quote, squalid at prison like centers in lithuania, where they were denied access to fair asylum procedures on subjected to other grave human rights violations. to try to push them to return to the countries from which they fled. amnesty international are documented cases of racial abuse including profoundly offensive sled being used against men and women of color. i have been looked up here for 10 months already. we don't even know who we are. somewhere near the buddha, over the refugees here, only people of color. there were whites too,
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but they were all released almost immediately. please help us help us. we want to be released. they took a freedom that we need your support without harsh treatment goes installed, contrast to the quote benevolence with which ukrainian refugees have received in the e. u. according to the amnesty international report, white's ukranian migraines, the being protected by a u government, and also warmly received by many residents of those countries who even let them stay in their homes. we heard from nigerian politician odami ga, but the 2nd who say the e welcoming ukrainian refugees while mistreating those when the middle east and africa expose is rising disparities in the world. just a little bit to wind up people on those people of portal that on or people you become entrenched, you're picking up. what's your motor? i think we're talking about the responsibility for the, for the general population of the war. you're picking about the to responsibility
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to be able to manage over a week. i'm not how union g one in to the you grantees? judging all tremendous deval human beings. while the people like people forgot the middle is a missed you one in a place where the color high lou magician would you like more to leave on the transmission report like a potential syndrome sort of part of their technically be put into denying or for assignment to proceed with them. so, so this is just a poll, this is, this is just installed perfectly human. went back to our coverage of the ukraine, conflicts her rushes. defense ministry says that more than a 100 of keys trips on foreign mercenaries have been neutralized the ukraine 2nd largest city hall cove in the countries north east. 5th, my thoughts are broken out into the chance. got the russian lead forces took control of key areas around the city. as you can see on the map,
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the ukranian army now appears to be blocked from the north. off the calves, troops retreated from several don yeske and also from the south with that which has allowed the le ganske army to surround niecy chanced policies go stall. i've got exclusive access to see how russian and the allied forces have been operating in look, ask was ukrainian now a russian trophy weapon the soviet made. the 64 thank is successfully thinking bought in the b. that's if occasion operations just outside the town of our germ of literally seconds until it's about to fire towards a 45 percent of the ukrainian forces. mm hm. and what
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you have here is a disguised trophy tank. it used to be ukraine's t 60 fool, but was captured all the way on the outskirts of caves and spent 4 months now. it has been taking part in the d. nazi fine operations embedded with rushes. special forces at though much. melissa, this is our little baby. we took it from the cranny, national gardener, key f a t 64 b. v tank doesn't work well. the works well enough. there are a lot of screw ups actually because ukrainian army didn't know how to service it properly. i think we need to pull out all of these american electronics. we can work with it. the most important thing is that it works for, ah, as the russian forces advance in the dawn bus, new areas become available for journalists. and this is one of them, this is where the onslaught on the key strategic town of our term of score bar moved is happening. basically,
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it's the gateway towards ukraine's city citadels. oh, mass protests have been continuing throughout the us as pro choice demonstrators voice that anger at the supreme court ruling to overturn and then he 50 year old federal right to have an abortion. oh, much to express that indignation in washington and dozens of other events took place. country wide. at least 10 states have effectively bound abortion since fridays ruling while a 3rd 26 have legislation indicating they could outlaw or set extreme limits on abortions. well, democrats are supporting protests now. they had a completely different position regarding the capitol hill demonstration on january . the 6th of last year, when supporters are republican president, donald trump stormed into the legislature to dispute the results of the
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presidential election that brought biden and to power ortiz. rachel blevins explains days after the united states supreme court overturned the case of roe vs wade. politicians across the country are reacting and they are encouraging americans to take to the streets and protests. some are even questioning the state of democracy. however, while top democrats in congress were quick to criticize those who question the u. s . government, after raleigh and support, then president donald trump led to the storming of the u. s. capital. they are now saying it is more than okay to do so. and they are certainly not holding back a now with drawing. we will be by them. where, oh, i
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morning, the radical supreme court is that this rating american rights and endangering there's health and safety that the congress will continue to act. to overcome this extreme isn't and extremism and protect the american people. but if we were trying to january 6, 2021, this same politicians weren't nearly as supportive of any kind of civil unrest. in fact, they openly condemned it. it is outrageous. what happened to us that the capital of the united states was invaded by domestic terrorism. on this day, last year, a mob of domestic terrorists stormed our nation's capital. it was installed on our democracy. it was installed in our constitution assault on the congress that the united states. you make no mistake, our democracy was on the brink of catastrophe that day. the call to action in this
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case has been to encourage americans to flood the streets and to make their voices heard. but that hasn't come without a reminder from politicians that people also need to vote the right way. because the 2020 to mid term elections are right around the corner. and it didn't take long for a members of the far left wing and chief movement to translate those calls for action in new calls for violence as a rallied in washington, d. c. yeah. so what does that mean for the protestors who are now gathering outside of the homes of conservative justice is on the supreme court. i'm calling for harm against them. in the aftermath of january 6th, demonstrators and writers were called extremist and domestic terrace. their faces were placed on wanted posters and they were targeted by the f b i with the help of large corporate.


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