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hi, latisha, still reluctant to talk about these events, how to modern day ukraine and poland view, this tragedy of the past. and why does the memory of a student divide people with russia? they've been without trying kind of western weaponry. stockpiling central the ukraine caused a fire in a nearby mall of the local mac claims and more they'd been left open despite and blaring as strikes. byron plus, with french president, mclaren gets caught on camera breaking the bad news to joe biden, revealing that some arab states will not be able to pump out enough extra oil to help western countries compensate for the backlash of their own sanctions against
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russia. and russian led forces say that we think he had the troops from the guns republic, 50 of leafy chance, forcing them to retreat. eastwood and all the crew looks exclusively and how moscow's the military is operating on the ground with literally seconds until it's about to fire towards a 40 point with very warm welcome. this is on the international with the late is world news that is a pleasure to have a company. and we start with the latest on ukraine of russia's defense ministry says it's asked dr. destroyed a warehouse full of western supplied weapons and the ukranian city of kremlin shook on monday. explaining officials came a local shopping center was also bombs. but most go say the non functioning more
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court fire off the a stock pot abomination exploded just dozens of meters away from the building. develops or coordinates with cream and choose up of the russian aerospace forces delivered to strike with high precision air with horn weaponry. on hangers, and that contained arms and ammunition supplied by the u. s. and european countries within the vicinity of the cream and shook automotive factory. one of the high precision strike hid western made weapons and ammunition that were being kept in the storage area for further shipment to ukrainian troops. and don bass from the ammunition explosion led to a fire and an shopping center next to the factory. furnished a little while the fire at this am store shopping mall and kremlin chug. ukraine was no doubt a tragedy that nobody is happy about. i mean russians rushes armed forces remains adamant about the fact that they are only trying to destroy military targets. and nothing has changed here, according to russia's ministry of defense. this fire at the shopping mall started after one of its precision missiles hit, a stockpile of ammunition and weapons that were sent ukrainian military from the
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united states and the european union. the explosion caused by all of that ammunition going off at the same time is what, according to the defense ministry set fire to the shopping mall. and as for the distance between these 2 objects, we're talking about a mere 7 d meters here. is there any footage to cooperate that? yeah, there are actually a number of videos that are already circulating online, which appear to show what happened. and it's really important that we look at them because ukraine's national security council is actually contradicting with russia's defense, ministry is saying they're saying that there were 2 missile strikes, one at the shopping mall, and another at the stadium in the city. so right on your screen right now, you should be able to see a video that appears to show the epa center of the missile strike. and it's clearly not near any sort of shopping mall, it's, it's close to a, a factory that was acting as a stockpile for weapons and ammunition. now, we're going to show another video here that is actually the also going around on
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the internet. and it's, it appears to be c, c, t, v footage that shows the moment of blast. and based on mapping of the area, we can say with a large degree of certainty that there was just one blast. and that, that was, that the blast was next to what was said to be a military stockpiles. so this all really corroborates what the russian defense ministry has been saying for a while since the beginning of its military operation in ukraine. that ukrainian forces have been placing military installations next to civilian areas to draw fire, and so that they can point the finger at russia. now, if there is danger of an ass strike that there would be sirens blaring very loudly across the city. at that point, why were people still inside a shopping mall shop a? well, it is obviously, most people, you know, even initially thought that the small was non functioning because you would think that institutions would be evacuated in such a case. but apparently, the malls administration actually decided it would not close down,
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even if it was coming under bombing. and even the air raid sirens were going off. we know that because the mayor of the child made a post on facebook that showed messages from the shopping malls. administration st just that, that they were not going to shut down in this, in the event of an air raid or bombings. and this is something that the mayor said was horrible, especially because there were so many people in that shopping mall. 800 people were killed, dozens were injured. i mean, in my personal opinion, the word horrible is probably one of the nicest kind of adjectives you could put to the situation. crunch president among them, a crone has been caught in a hot unlike incidence breaking some rather bad news to us cons. part joe biden, as he said, arab nations won't be able to produce more oil for at least the next 6 months. putting a hold on western attempts to lower the record energy prices a with,
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according to tell his conclusion, one with more. have you shipped before 6 with oh, wait with there is no better way to draw attention to yourself than to run up to the president of the united states, yelling joe joe, and then start whispering when there are cameras around. mac ho knew very well that he wasn't at a private party and that there were cameras around. so what's that old adage, if you want people to pay attention to what you're saying? just start whispering, right?
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so here in france, raise talking about it. it makes you wonder if that was the intent. so who was president michael's audience? and what did he want us to understand? obviously, europe is facing an energy crisis in supply problems. but chancellor schultz is out there denouncing the same fossil fuels that you countries desperately need business . i know we do have to realize, of course, that the future does not lying gas. this is very particular for germany. and this is something that is going to have an impact on the use of fossil fuel, sort of coal and gas fargo. so he says, germany's future doesn't lay in gas. well, i guess than it lays in realistically and dirty coal since germany just fired up cold plants. again, out of desperation, germany industry is sounding the alarm over and over again about a gas emergency. and it economy minister is warning of industry shut
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down amid gas shortages as of last week. the country is now in phase 2 of 3 of its emergency gas plan. and what that means is a high risk of gas shortages through the winter time. now the federal regulator has said that these scenarios are, quote, not pretty and mean either or too little gas at the end of winter, or in or already very difficult situations in autumn or winter. now in germany, b a s f is one of the world's largest chemical producers, and it makes products found that things like toothpaste automobiles. madison's and it relies on cheap russian gas, and the wall street journal just had a piece about this. but schultz, chancellor schultz is dreaming only in green above and we will also expand renewable energies and work even more intensively illness. the decisions that we have taken showed that financing fossil fuel energy sources is something that needs
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to come to an end to the end. so german industries aren't the only ones that are cutting their gas usage in anticipation of shortfalls. european industries are as well. and despite that, chancellor schultz is really pushing ahead with his climate club, which he wants to stand up among the g 7 before the end of the year. and everything is green, green green, when in reality they are taking huge steps backwards in anticipation of an energy crunch. let's go live now, so we can on the consultants and educate awkward mystify director of the asia sense if all studies and translation many thanks for joining us on. a program is good to see. and now i come at, if the arab countries are unable to increase oil output in the near future. due west the natives have any alternatives to bring down these soaring energy costs. first of all, let's say for example, the statements are allows shall, and for macro or something we say egypt bear asked,
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dreaming. i'm sorry to say that, but i've just got the use of it when someone's talking about something logical and it's hard to beat happen because that is new as the future one, he's talks again to get back to the chuckle or the cool as mentioned in the rapport as well as trends as well, because we monitor every day, the rep that coming from the energy expert lives, especially the energy economist the weather, for example. anyway, because countries are not, for example, offered the same quantity of oil, all energy that is supplied by russia. and i said that before, even on your tv before, because as you say yes, the trying to avoid the russian guys once he has a bit of chemicals, industrial now will be suspended very soon as well as we hear before about the
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theme in portland as well. concerning the actors of us as well. the, for the main industrial use in germany by a we to the german, you know, economy is relying on will be suspended the full. and also if we look back to the office of the countries decide russia, i think the countries are very active to such a agreement because yes, but the already promised to increase but not too much increase in order to keep the fife as high as others to compensate the losses that happened via the american you know, oldest to dump the market. 1 by 2014 and. 3 next to that, in order to a be russian and iranian economy, a stop sign. because of, you know, the student quizes i'm picked up. i know they've got the kind of lies that help
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them a lot and supposed to increase their revenues again before the probably says we russia and china for example, on campus and think when they pharmacies with us and the west company, not at all. and this is exactly what i got from some. 3 ghost experts in that respect, know we are more adhered to our commitments with russia and china and in that respect because we need to develop our economies because the local are especially important already initiated by the not. and by the way, not quite. and we were just the fact that in that respect, but in the future of note, we live the lesson and it will never be repeated. so germany's talks about life. so he's be very, it's very vocal support of transitioning to green energy. and he had germany is now opening up his co plans to make up for the,
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the cut in russian energy supply. so to what extent do you see europe suppose for renewable energy, realistic can be achieved? no, no, because post sample they give you the vision of 2050 i had i had a problem before, especially with these floods. what's his name? the russian figure who fled to you other when he talk about that because the tax that shall be added on the russian exposure to your shop. i yes, i bought an article and i told him, please stop paying such not to like this because we are literally, it will never be happened. be give a vision of plenty 50 the full, the expect in the future. just everything will be green. and in reality, these plans of the green energy is just coming to what maximally friend of the plans of the energy. well as wise men of exceed that because the real experience
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already revealed that we cannot play away in one day and night. you know, the natural gas or oil and gas and hardly those in demand showing that yes, it will much explanations or dreams are present, but vs cannot come to in one day or one year and 10, you know, it will take 50 years, 100 years of being clock, mitchell and she we the other part of the world not just. 3 you of germany precisely or american i don't think i'm even going to be able to do such matters because you know why when you already get out of berries convention. ringback just to be out of stock market, just to employ more unemployed american markets. so what options does the you have right now for tackling based crisis? i think they have no options. and they said in one of my articles last week
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they had a problem because they didn't know where to get the come to the it's a new thing and i want to have the convention between egypt and israel called a liquid l g just to supply them with some gas, this, a percentage is only 5 percent of the ration applies to. you'll also be trying to go to qatar, algeria to try to expedite, even if i, for one agreement with iran and order to find i've you, nor to just maybe supply them of the necessarily island. yeah. be for the magic societies or the brick magic countries. unfortunately, do they already selected from people that are non qualified at all? and they have a lot of strength even from germany, from france. the said both people even also have them to live even just
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a problem even though the quantify the order to give a decision because i'm not in, i'm is just the, i'm not position became such the interest as of the research on national companies . but unfortunately, in fact, when you have nothing to give it to us, and we'll never afford more texas from our income to pay it with me, with a full, their inefficient agreement or vision. because such, you know, agreement may be the countries or the people didn't multiple them biography random things like that, like them and put the foundation to such matters and even the trans atlantic agreement between america and europe in 2016 that made by obama will be and been full votes for that and both of maybe the other check matter before people will be have a problem, a problem of class and every day because the actual site is based on individualism and they will have to reach and reach a problem in the future,
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thank you. thank you. most if our director of the sense of studies and translation, thank you for your time. now, what's the lead of including joe biden has called for china to pressure russia into ending the conflict in ukraine. that's according to a statement by the g 7. following that we can summit in germany and mosque was quick points out. the western need is turning to china markets and brought change in their rhetoric towards that country. and even it pays like a capitulation to beijing. the final communicate of the g 7 summit in which western democracies asked china to influence russia. looks like a capitulation of liberalism. but we had all the european studies. chinese redmond university says g 7. countries want to drive a wedge between moscow and beijing. but with the leaders of fail to realize that half of the world doesn't support sanctions against russia. so the sanctions actually according to so called i didn't assembly of
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a you in our to be we trace and not the legal organ to impose sanction to any certain state or the sanctions or to the according to the western domestic law is why you can enforce auto sovereign states to join the sanctions according to your till next little are to be half o'dell, population not to join the sanction against the russia, including indian or older, non ice countries and there and which in our economies and the logic of their g 7 admitted their statement, not even china unlocked on the sanctions, the sanctions, not to work. so if ah, there to not impose or russia to a killer that will. and then old tucker to turn to this quote, china very difficult, a situation, audrey that it wanted to wipe china and to rochester relations and even want to isolate china, a mic, the excuse also called a di couple also are china,
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not global supply chain. so that's the strategy of that. you said nato countries need to toughen up and tighten their balance. is the economic woes they're facing on a fair price to pay for freedom from blad at it that vladimir pierson, at least not according to nato's chief speaking on the 1st day of the blocks on going summit imagery. europeans, $9.00 not to states porters, they pay a price. there is no way to deny that, but that price is much lower than the price will pay, is truth and gets his way by use military force against the plantation is about the price you have to pay for pay for freedom. and sultan burg also claim that he shares the frustrations of people ever spiraling food and energy prices in western countries, but still insisted that it's in the best interests to keep supporting ukraine. earlier. russia's foreign minister was that western government so only prolonging the conflict in ukraine by supplying more weapons to kid. so i love also said that
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russia has been deemed a threat by the us, lead block, the most guys, refusal to bow down to washington's agenda. the room, russia was declared as the enemy long before this natal suddenly removed. in fact, if you listen to somewhat certain politicians, russia is the enemy simply because it doesn't accept the neo liberal world order being imposed on everyone else by the us. along with the western world, and it has completely subjugated nearly that out in the middle. russia under ron, have been ramping up the development of the north south transport route in the face of heavy sanctions by western powers. the route running from india to iran across the re b and c, and then from around to russia, across the caspian is a shorter and cheaper alternative to currently popular transit via the suez canal. they developing north south corridor is expected to reduce transport costs between india and europe. by a 3rd. meanwhile,
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iran has also announced is supplied to join the bricks. group of emerging economies withdrawn, looking to strengthen ties with the organizations, current members, brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. let's go live now to side mohammed moran de a professor at the university of to wrong. the thanks for joining he's going to program. always nice to see now how is the development of the north south transport corridor expected to benefit the countries along the route, particularly iran. it will be extremely important because they'll be. busy an alternative alternative route, instead of the longer route that goes through the suez canal into the mediterranean . so it will be much less expensive to transport goods, and it will be much more quick for goods to be able to be sent to certain destinations. this will be very important for russia, it will allow it to have much greater access, not only to indian for it,
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but also the whole of the sub continent, the west coast, and the east coast in particular of africa. so the expansion of trade for russia will be immense, and also new, new capacities will be built or created for countries that want to trade with iran or through you run to, to central asia or russia. so do you think that we could actually supposed the suez canal is a cheaper way to transport goods from ages to europe? yes, it will definitely be much cheaper, at least for certain parts of europe and asia as well as west asia. so they sort of can, i will serve its purpose for a large segment of the goods and that will be trade that will, that will be sent through iraq. iran instead will become
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increasingly popular because it will be those products will become less expensive for consumers. and as i said earlier, they will arrive more swiftly than they would ever reach only when it comes to iran joining the brakes. nations, what benefits would it wrong? get from being part of the blog. well, just like when you run joined the shanghai cooperation organization that created a new forum for countries outside of the western imperial order to communicate, to cooperate, to establish dialogue, and to increase trade among what one another breaks provides a another such platform. although they are different from one another, but they are both significant in that they are all they are both
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affiliated with the global found or the non western world, which is the majority of the low by far. so the greater the cooperation between countries like iran, brazil, russia, the india, south africa, argentina, among others. they've become a bond in western powers. i think ours that have dominated the world for century. then we have colonized world or subjugated most of the world and which have destroyed many of the past few decades. iraq, maybe syria is way like a host of different government and hosts of different countries have been destroyed or severely hurt as a result of western ambition. and this cow out relationship
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cooperation can help deter western ambitions. sorry mohammed moran, the professor at the university of ron. thank you for your time. i really appreciate him. thank you. miss international has accused the commission of turning a blind eye to the enabled attention of thousands of arab and the african migrants in this way near the n g o has rebuilt. would it cause case of abuse and discriminatory double standards and the treatment of asylum seekers? while i hire while highlight, think a contrasting treatments of ukrainian refugees in the u. refugees and migrants have been held for months on end in squalid prison like centers and lithuania, subjected to serious human rights violations, in the hope that they will voluntarily return to the countries they fled from. there have been numerous reports of ill treatment, some amounting to torture. detainees have also been placed in isolation and bitten by dogs if they tried to escape. a psychologist who worked at the center is
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currently under investigation for alleged sexual violence against detainees in his care. as lithuania attempted to legalize push backs, automatic detention, and the denial of asylum through a domestic legislation, the european commissions response ranged from outright praise to tacit endorsement . this treatment is in stark contrast to the benevolence with which people fleeing the war in ukraine have been received in the you. it's going to be worse now after seeing the treatment promise to ukrainians, because people here cannot take it anymore. we are under horrible pressure to go back to our countries. is this the humanity they are talking about? we also want to help people coming from ukraine because we already saw that we already lived, that we already felt that the sad thing is we are in a dark place. we are going through a terrible time and we are hopeless. what hurts the most as when i follow the news and see how the world show solidarity with ukrainian refugees and how they treat us here. if the waning and the commission officials have yet to respond to these
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allegations, amnesty international also documented cases of racial abuse including profoundly offensive flows being slow being used against men and women of color in this way, any and custody. i have been locked up here for 2 months already. we don't even know where we are. somewhere near the buddha versus the refugees here, only people of color. there were whites to that they were all released almost immediately. please help us help us. we want to be released, they took our freedom, we need your support as honestly, international also pointed out ukrainian refugees getting all the benefits and being protected by a youth governments and also warmly received by many residents of those countries who even let the ukrainians stay at their homes, nigerian politician or don garbers, they the e u welcoming ukrainian refugees while mistreating bows from the middle east and
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africa. expose his rising disparities in the world. just part of it to wind up people on those people of portal that i'm not or people use before. mm. tool for entrenched because you're picking up. what's your motor? i think we're talking about the responsibility for the, for the general population of the world. if you're thinking about the responsibility to be able to manage it with me, we can not help ukrainian g one in today. you can please just you all could a human beings while the people of color, like if you build all, forgot the middle is a human in a place where the color i loo. nutrition which is like more julie on the transmission report, like the potential syndrome sort of start there technically be put into couldn't deny. that's why i want to proceed with them so. so this is just really not good. what are paul? this is, this is just so grossly human. now back to our coverage of the ukraine
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conflict, who washes defense ministry, says that more than a 100 of key of troops on foreign mercenaries have been neutralized now ukraine's 2nd largest city hall, called in the countries northeast. fears parcels are broken out and at least a chance go off to russian. that force is to control of key areas around the city. as you can see on the map, the ukranian army now appears to be blocked from the north. after keeps trips, retreated from several don. yes. and also from the south, which is allowed to le ganske ami to surround niecy chance. i'll see the cost on of go, it's exclusive access to see how russian and the allied forces have been operating in the ganske. was ukrainian now a russian trophy weapon this soviet made the 64 thank is successfully thinking bought in the b. that's if occasion operations just outside the town of our germ of literally seconds until it's about to fly. it's the woods,
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a 45 percent of the ukranian forces. mm hm. and what you have here is a disguised trophy tank. it used to be ukraine's t 60 fool, but was captured all the way on the outskirts of caves and spent 4 months now. it has been taking part in the d. nazi fine operations embedded with rushes. special forces at the much. melissa, this is our little baby. we took it from the cranny, national gardener, key of florida, a t 64 b. v tank doesn't work well. the works well enough, there are a lot of screw ups actually because ukrainian army didn't know how to service it properly. i think we need to pull out all of these american electronics and we can work with.


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