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a joe biden imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economist boomerang. ah, ah, russia says a mis, i'll strike on a western weaponry stockpiling. central ukraine caused the fire and a nearby mold as the local mag claims the board have been left open to spike to as strike sirens, plus with french president mc wrong, gets caught on camera breaking the bad news to joe biden, revealing their thumb arab states will not be able to pump out enough extra oil to help western countries compensate for the backlash of their own sanctions against russia. russian net force is they,
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they're squeezing. he had troops from the guns with public safety of lucy chance, forcing them to retreat. eastwood and our crew looked exclusively at how moscow's military is operating on the ground. seconds until about 545 percent of the ukrainian forces with a very welcome you working on the international with the latest world news update is good to have you with us. and we stop at the latest on ukraine rushes, defense ministry, so they conducted an air strike. they destroyed a warehouse full of western supply weapons in the ukrainian city of kremlin, shook on monday. acquainting officials came a local shopping center was targeted in the attack. but most go say the more cold fight off the stalk, part of munitions exploded in the storage facility near by develops new cream and
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choose up. the russian aerospace forces delivered to strike with high precision airborne weaponry on hangers that contained arms and ammunition supplied by the us and european countries within the vicinity of the cream and shook automotive factory. one of the high precision strike western made weapons and ammunition that were being kept in the storage area for further shipment to ukrainian troops. and don bass from the ammunition explosion led to a fire in a shopping center next to the factory. while the fire at this am store shopping mall in crime and chug, ukraine was no doubt a tragedy that nobody's happy about. i mean russians, rushes armed forces remains adamant about the fact that they're only trying to destroy military targets. and nothing has changed here, according to russia's ministry of defense. this fire at the shopping mall started after one of its precision missile kit, a stockpile of ammunition and weapons that were sent ukrainian military from the united states and the european union. the explosion caused by all of that
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ammunition going off at the same time is what, according to the defense ministry set fire to the shopping mall. and as for the distance between these 2 objects, we're talking about a mere 70 meters here. is there any footage to cooperate that? yeah, there are actually a number of videos that are already circulating online, which appear to show what happened. and it's really important that we look at them because ukraine's national security council is actually contradicting with russia's defense, ministry is saying they're saying that there were 2 missile strikes, one at the shopping mall, and another at the stadium in the city. so right on your screen right now, you should be able to see a video that appears to show the f, a center of the missile strike. and it's clearly not near any sort of shopping mode . it's close to a, the factory that was acting as a stockpile for weapons and ammunition. now, you should now be able to see a more detailed map on your screen with 3 locations, the mall, the factory, stockpiling ammunition and weapons, and a local park. this is employ to understand when looking at the cctv footage that
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has been going around the internet because it looks like it was taken by a camera located at the local park that was facing the factory. and in that footage, you can see that the factory was struck. so based on mapping of the area, we can say with a large degree of certainty that there was one blast and it was at the factory. now, if there is danger of an air strike that there would be sirens blaring very loudly across the city. at that point, why were people still inside a shopping mall shall pay? apparently, the malls administration actually decided it would not close down, even if it was coming under bombing, and even the air raid sirens were going off. we know that because the mayor of the town made a post on facebook that showed messages from the shopping malls, administration st. just that, that they were not going to shut down in this, in the event of an air raid or bombings. and this is something that the mayor said was horrible, especially because there were so many people in that shopping mall. 800 people were
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killed, dozens were injured. i mean, in my personal opinion, the word horrible is probably one of the nicest kind of adjectives you could put to the situation. french president, amanew mac cron has been caught in a hot mike incident breaking some rather bad news to us counseling joe biden. and he said, arab nations wouldn't be able to produce more oil for at least the next 6 months. putting a hold on western attempts to lower their rec, who'd energy prices a with one with have you give us
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before 6 with russian calling? here with there is no better way to draw attention to yourself than to run up to the president of the united states. yelling joe joe and then start whispering when there are cameras around. not co knew very well that he wasn't at a private party and that there were cameras around. so what's that old adage if you want people to pay attention to what you're saying? just start whispering, right? so here in france, raise talking about it. it makes you wonder if that was the intent. so who was president michael's audience, and what did he want us to understand? obviously, europe is facing an energy prices in supply problems, but doug, chancellor schultz is out there denouncing the same fossil fuels that you countries
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desperately need. ms. and i know we do have to realize of course, that the future does not lying gas. this is very particular for germany, and this is something that is going to have an impact on the use of fossil fuels such a co and gas fargo. so he says, germany's future doesn't lay in gas. well, i guess than it lays in realistically and dirty coal since germany just fired up cold plants. again, out of desperation, germany industry is sounding the alarm over and over again about a gas emergency. and it economy minister is warning of industry shut down amid gas shortages as of last week. the country is now in phase 2 of 3 of its emergency gas plan. and what that means is a high risk of gas shortages through the winter time. now the federal regulator has said that these scenarios are quote, not pretty and mean either to little gas at the end of winter,
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or in or already very difficult situations in autumn or winter. now in germany, b a s f is one of the world's largest chemical producers and it makes products found, did things like tooth paste automobiles. madison's and it relies on cheap russian gas. and the wall street journal just had a piece about this. but schultz, chancellor schultz is dreaming only in green bottom. we will also expand renewable energies and work even more intensively illness. the decisions that we have taken show that financing fossil fuel energy sources is something that needs to come to an end to the end. so german industries aren't the only ones that are cutting their gas usage in anticipation of shortfalls. european industries are as well. and despite that, chancellor schultz is really pushing ahead with his climate club, which he wants to stand up among the g 7 before the end of the year. and everything is green, green green when in reality they are taking huge steps backwards in anticipation of
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an energy crunch. mohammed alpha bound for messina, advisor to saudi arabia's energy men and says those the ears, kale sake, energy policies, and it's sanctions against russia have caused prices. so the reason for the high price is not the supply demand or sure supply shortages. the chaos that the european union is in with regards to its energy policies. they are not taking that decisions. they are to follow in the united states and they are not even subjecting all of these proposals that be at rising from the united say to the cost benefit analysis . what kind of cars not on the economic lead, but also politically, they are not. they are in the top 10 chaos they are. they don't know what to do,
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and we have seen mr. short. how could i have to show that when would be independence varies very soon and they cannot where that it is organ or gas. this is a reality that they need to take into account this of the barbarian stance, and that there was, is use it. and now whenever the russians react to the sense and they say when this is unacceptable, cetera, et cetera. and they forgot about their, their sanctions. so i think it would take some time before we see prizes go down, reflecting the calmness of the geo political fact that this. and i think if, if today they abandon the sanction, then probably another 4 to 6 months before right?
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this started to civilize at the lower livid mohammed, the alphabet again. st. western hypocrisy is rife, and british foreign secretary, his trust is recent remark on london ties with oil producing gulf states. despite human rights concerns, we need to make sure that we have on tentative energy sources. one of the key sources of energy is the gulf region. we don't dealing in a perfect world where dealing in a world where we need to make difficult, difficult decisions. unfortunately wouldn't be for the security of the you're saying that they forget that or they may, she may is she may talking about the u. k. u position. we all are. so the last few weeks, what they did with the, with that if you, jeez, and the okay. and they are trying to tell them on their why
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they will come in the premium and they are given the day. they don't call this human life issue. this, this kind of a sound that we live in and the hypocrisy that is unfortunately, and i love that now is with too many still, per power and not the united states. and knowing west need to think that in joe biden have called for china to pressure russia into ending the conflict in ukraine as, according to a statement by the g 7. following the we can summit in germany, mosca was quick to point out that western need is turning to china, marks and abrupt change in their rhetoric towards that country, and even to pay as like a capitulation to beijing. the final communique of the g 7 summit in which western
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democracies asked china to influence russia, looks like a capitulation of liberalism. ahead of the european studies and to chinese women university says g 7. countries want to drive a wedge between moscow and beijing. but western leaders have failed to realize that half of the world doesn't support sanctions against russia. so the sanctions actually, according to so called the general assembly of a u. n. r today, which is not the legal organ to impose sanction to any certain state. the sanctions actually, according to the western domestic law, is why you can enforce, sorry, states to join the tensions according to your message, actually, half of what population not to join this against the russia, including india and non ice countries and much and economies. and the logic of their t 7 made their payment not to return that much on the sanctions. that's actually
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not a work. so if there cannot impulse russia to give up the wheel and then all talk to china. so this could turn in a very difficult situation. how do we want to divide to china and russia relations and even one isolated china mix excuse so called a couple of china in a global supply chain. so that's the strategy of the nato countries need to have an up in kite in their belt for the economic woes that facing a fair price to pay for freedom from a person, at least as, according to nato's chief speaking on the 1st day of the blocks on going summit in madrid, europeans and they dollars, united states partners, they pay a price. there is no way to deny that, but that price is much lower than the price will pay if truth and gets his way by use military force against the plantation,
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is about the price you have to pay for pay for freedom install. simberg also claimed that he shares the frustrations of people ever spiraling food and the energy prices in western countries, but still insisted that it's in their best interest to keep supporting ukraine earlier russians. foreign minister warns at western governments are only prolonging the conflict in ukraine by supplying more weapons. the key is. so gala also said that russia has been deemed a threat by the us, lead block the most as refusal to bow down to washington's agenda. the moon, russia was declared as the enemy, long before this needle. some hills are, in fact, if you listen to some western politicians, russia is the enemy simply because it doesn't accept the neo liberal world order being imposed on every one else by the us. along with the western world, it has completely subjugated nearly that, andre thomas house and a professor of international law at the university of south africa. se nato is only
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escalating the conflict by sending more weapons to ukraine. unfortunately, when the middle of spiraling escalation saw them back for nato, evidently on the orders of the u. s. put 300000 men into combat readiness and, and all natal members have substantially increased their orders for, for the most modern military equipment. germany is going to buy if i'm not mistaken, 50 f 35 high to planes. so there is an escalation in progress. and it is, of course, is quite daunting. and, and for my generation as it is basically unbelievable. russia and iran have been ramping out development of the north south transport route in the face of heavy sanctions by western powers, the route running from india to iran, across the re b and c, and then from iran to russia, across the caspian is
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a shorter and cheaper alternative to currently popular transit by the suez canal. the developing north south corridor is expected to reduce transport costs between india and europe as well. meanwhile, iran is also announced is applied to join the brick scrape of emerging economies, which run looking to strengthen it ties with the organizations, current members, brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. slide mom, a garage, the, a professor at the university of to ron expects the brakes group to expand even further with other countries following the wrongs. footsteps. the greater the cooperation between countries like iran, brazil, russia, china, india, south africa, argentina, among others, the less dependent they become on western powers. the very fact that the iranians in argentine have both expressed strong interest, social and becoming members i think is
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a sign up the importance of the, the breaks organization. and i think that probably in the coming months you'll have more countries that will express the same sort of an interest in joining. now we see the global south joining hands increasing cooperation from the america, the africa, asia. and that will change the world order the world order is already collapsing. and i think with the help of global south countries coming together, this change will not only become more rapid, but i think it will have, it will become. but it will be a more organized shift away from the west. i'm just the international as a q, the commission of turning a blind eye to the illegal, the tension of thousands of our balance african mike with the way near the n g. i
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was revealed what it cools, cases of abuse and discriminatory double standards, and the treatment of asylum seekers on highlighting, contrasting treatments of ukrainian refugees in the refugees and migrants have been held for months on end in squalid prison like centrism lithuania, subjected to serious human rights violations in the hope that they will voluntarily return to the countries they fled from. there have been numerous reports of ill treatment, some amounting to torture. detainees have also been placed in isolation and bitten by dogs. if they tried to escape a psychologist to worked at the center is currently under investigation for alleged sexual violence against detainees in his care. it's going to be worse now after seeing the treatment promised to ukrainians because people here cannot take it anymore. we are under horrible pressure to go back to our countries. is this the humanity they are talking about? we also want to help people coming from ukraine because we already saw that we
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already lived, that we already felt that the sad thing is we are in a dark place. we are going through a terrible time and we are hopeless. what hurts the most as when i follow the news and see how the world show solidarity with ukrainian refugees and how they treat us here. if the way 9 and a you commission officials have yet to respond to these allegations, amnesty international, those are documented cases of racial abuse including profoundly offensive slows being used against men and women of color and lithuanian custody. i have been locked up here for 10 months already. we don't even know where we are. somewhere near the boat of the refugees here, only people of color. there were white tea, but they were all released almost immediately. please help us help us. we want to be released, they took a freedom, we need your support. as amnesty international also pointed out ukrainian refugees and getting all the benefits and that being protected by e governments. and also warmly received by many residents of those countries who
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even in the ukrainian state that homes, nigerian politician adama garbo said to you welcoming with ukrainian refugees while mistreating bows when the middle east and africa expose is wise in disparities in the world. just a little bit to wind up people on those people of portal that are not or people you'd be coming to school for entrenched because you're picking up what's your motor? i think we're talking about the responsibility for the, for the general population of the world. if you're thinking about the to responsibility, to be able to manage it with me, we can what, how ukrainian g. one in today, you can please get him or a human beings. while the people like people are forgotten, the middle is a human in a place where the color i loo. nutrition which is like more to leave out on the
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transmission report like the potential central florida i technically be put into. couldn't deny require simon to proceed off or so so. so this is just really not good at all. this is, this is just an sole roughly human. now back to our coverage of the ukraine conflict actions. defense ministry says that more than a 100 of keys, troops on foreign mercenaries have been neutralized. now ukraine, 2nd largest city hawk of in the countries north east. 5th parcels of broken out in leafy chance coffee. russian, that forces took control of key areas around the city. i can see on the map, the ukrainian army now appears to be blocked from the north. after keeps trips, retreated from several don. yes. can also from the south, which is allowed be la guns, call me to surround the see chance on see the cost on. i've got exclusive access to see how russian and the allied forces have been operating in new ganske was ukrainian. now a russian trophy weapon the soviet made the 60 poor thank is successfully
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thinking bought in the the nazi vacation operations just outside the town. oh, are you almost literally seconds until it's about to fi? it's would a 45 percent of the ukrainian forces. mm . and what you have here is a disguised trophy tank. it used to be ukraine's t 60 fool, but was captured all the way on the outskirts of kias since then 4 months. now it has been taking part in the d. nazi fine operations embedded with rushes. special forces though much. melissa. this is our little baby. we took it from the cranny, national gardener, key of florida, a t 64 b. v tank doesn't work well. the works well enough. there are
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a lot of screw ups actually because ukrainian army didn't know how to service it properly. i think we need to pull out all of these american electronics and we can work with it. the most important thing is that it works for her. ah, as the russian forces advance in the don't buy new areas become available for journalists, and this is one of them. this is where the onslaught on the key strategic town of our tome of school by moved is happening. basically, it's the gateway towards ukraine's city citadels. many thanks keeping his company here in asi, international, and as always you'll find plenty monet's analysis and debate on the website are tito ah
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ah ah ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been cancelled. the very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desert. wonderful. i was just a little in one brilliant fraud here. just me sitting there with the phrase now, particularly for us to counseling russian culture. yet them know what to create the
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fuels because it went to my fuel, which will be your there is chill. i think that the most of them are separate yolanda eat them. we what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question. ashley condemned, reviled and rejected it like a bill of bramble. there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you, said a little short list. joining total condemnation grows daily and now enclosed da staff skate sikowski shostakovich. i need to you all left, but yes, you can see that what the time will you do? obama lee, you're left with ah,
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so what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation. let it be in arms. race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk with the alt hold on to just for laughs. come yaki, she falls, steve, your keys in one of the volleyball shirts pumped on each box with
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plenty of new cars. a steamy plains chemically on them, you got to respond on the school to leave a new new not sure how to serial lucia comes up with the whole is are you still maybe a cousin, a yearly group? we are going, you only have, i'm assuming that somebody sent me a bunch of movie in a couple of those to some of them with a huge to me. it's just a different order. like you know, a lot of them screw up a lot with chris young explicitly. neela ashley, if you follow me, well, the nation relocation, give us more fish history. that's a lot of
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new initiatives. road checking out in a crowd or job change to look national. hey skill crazy. it's just you choose to mass you in your brains. could you give me a tech subway different? don't you say you dog or do you not see the blue grain stuck? moscow clearly admitted to it, which is a monster. but with a tree, it's too much, not grains cannot. but mr. i still don't. i'm with the stop with copper on your phone to numerous which are huge. the commune, ticket total put your search to work hours are pretty new to share your tradition with stories for you to lose the nation which mr. morrison corona, coca prescribed you were doing my me and so what i was now mr. folks to used to
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study scripture look reason they're good because that there's 2 more evenly nuclear from co, a digital grins could post a tips. it's also worth noting that the mass slaughter of poles was not limited to a single location. no time. you p, a desk was operated over a vast area for several months. in july 1943 alone, they attacked more than a 150 polish populated towns and villages. are you still? yes, i'm such a miracle kid in the inks, as, as the conversion you think you should use will sort of a deal with one of us in some ways with global and you get a.


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