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tv   News  RT  June 29, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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the west campaign against russia, and in the long run they benefit from a world economy in transition. ah, turkey agrees to admit finland and sweden to nato lifting its opposition and green lighting the blocks enlargement something russia considers a red line. bullshit, you don't, i'm counting on you to finally realize how ridiculous you look like when you just go with the ukranian propaganda. new evidence proves that russia did not target a shopping mall in ukraine, but the un security council still deliberates kills claims and with oil prices continuing to spike us officials quietly visit venezuela. despite previously declaring the country, a threat to us national security ah, broadcasting from our studios in moscow,
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this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now a huge development in further nato enlargement with turkey agreeing to lift opposition to sweden and finland joining the alliance. the country's leaders assigned a trilateral deal in which turkey green lights, the admission in return for assurances finland and sweden will stop support for kurdish forces that arkwright considers should to be terrorists. the nato chief marked the breakthrough as a big step to further confine russia and didn't miss the chance to bulk at moscow fall, kristen put is getting more needle on these borders. so what he gets is the opposite of what he actually that mom did. and uncles to nato, to close it source, we are demonstrating natal stores are hope, they distorted. so what's interesting about this is it means that we all, i could see a further increasing if need to moving eastwards. it's something that is done since 1949. if you look at the map pe, you'll see how it's been expanding,
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particularly during the post cold will area where it ended up allowing countries to join, which saw the colon in grad, the enclave of russia. that was surrounded then i, nato countries. then steadily moving up to the baltic nations, which meant that it was right at russia's order. this idea that finn and in particular could now join nato would mean that some 1300 kilometers of board that finn and shares with russia would mean that essentially nato is absolutely on russia's doorstep. there is no and nothing to a new question about in regards to this, moscow's consistently said, it sees this as being a red line. it sees this has been an aggressive move, and it's certainly likely that we will get something to that tune coming from the kremlin later today. now it really does sound when you hear the nature sexy general talk there as if they kind of egging on the kremlin,
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you look at what we're doing. we are saying whoever wants to join us can join us and we will do just that. so that is likely to provoke some reaction to and russia is not the only one that has concern about this continued expansion of nato china to as it concerns china based close attention to nature's adjustment to his strategic concept. and his deeper concerns her brother's policy implications, we urge nato to learn the lessons or not to use the crisis in ukraine as an excuse to escalate worldwide confrontation or to create a new cold war. now, nato has consistently said this is about strengthening its alliance, but some might be questioning what cost is it doing that? now turkey has been the lynchpin here, right? they have had some serious demands on this. they wanted to make sure that they are well for one of their, against certain groups the kurdish parties mainly who they considered terrorists.
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who are these groups and why is tricky so adamant against them? turkey has made a huge u turn when it comes to allowing finland and sweden to join the nato alliance. we've heard for the last few months from president owed one of turkey that this will not happen, that they were not happy about sweden and finland for many issues, particularly over these groups that turkey sees as being terror groups. now as part of this memorandum, this has been signed by the 3 countries, sweden and finland say that they repeat that they recognize the p k. k as being a terrorist organization. this is a kurdish group that has been fighting for independence in the southeast of turkey . for the last few decades, they've also said that they will not be supporting the y p g in the p y d in future . then this is interesting because these are kurdish groups that normally operate in the north of syria. that of course, tensions in the past between the us france and turkey because turkeys alleged that the us and france said not just only supported them with trading,
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but of also given the weapons. so that's an interesting development and sweden and finland have said that they're now going to relocate any requests for extradition of groups that turkey sees as being terrorist individuals or aligned with those groups. and what you're really going to get from this is that turkey is pretty much got everything. it said that it wanted over the last few months at kurdish groups are properly feeling pretty betrayed by this signature of this miranda, particularly by turkey. that's b f. i s wheaton, which has been accused of sort of aiding it in the on the final plan hasn't been laid out yet. of course, we'll get that all the summit. but what's really interesting is that for the past few months, nato's consistently said that what it wants to do is to keep a lid on the ukraine crisis, the war in ukraine, making sure that it doesn't spill over full it's board is russia's may see, this is being the complete opposite of that by now essentially green lighting at
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the a session old finland and sweden really are. i spoke to ken stone from the hamilton coalition to stop the war movement, who believes that nato enlargement brings us closer to the unthinkable. i expect that russia, we'll continue to say, what has been saying all along that nato should rollback its expansion towards russia. and we have to understand that from the russian point of view and from our point of view, even in here in canada, nato is an aggressive military alliance. and nato is responsible for dismembering the yugoslavian federation. nato is responsible for 20 years of horrible war in afghanistan is responsible for the destruction of libya and it's turning it into a failed state. so it becomes, it brings us closer and closer to a, to the unthinkable. because nato has a 1st strike policy. it has a nuclear policy,
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and it's in the process of planting missile systems, aggressive missile systems and armaments in countries in eastern europe, which threatened russia and the russians know that's the game plan as we have seen in ukraine, is to turn all these countries into nato countries with the intention of bringing nato right up to the russian border and doing to russia what it did to the yugoslavian federation. meanwhile, mine at the yellow sea to forced china into negotiations. that's the suggestion of a u. s. navy commander, if it comes to conflict with beijing more on the war of words between the 2 rivals later in the program. go to the latest on the war in ukraine now. a child has been killed and 3 people injured in ukrainian forces shelling of novia ha co. that's according to her song authorities who say that the
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for touch can you missiles fired of those 3 were intercepted by russian air defenses. ukrainian forces are also reported to have shelled a city 25 kilometers away from done. yes. according to done yes. authorities. 10 rod at rockets were fired at the city and several other villages in the don units region were also targeted as well. elsewhere in authorities say ukrainian forces have used the u. s. in donated m 142 high mars rocket system for the 1st time. meanwhile, newly released video proves that russia didn't target a shopping mall in the ukranian city of kellerman. chuck krause, give claims. now, footed from a nearby factory shows that the aftermath of the russian attack on the building that ukraine claims was on the mom. you can see the debris of the destroyed factory
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along with a crater, where the missile exploded on landing that the boss of the plant has said that there were no reports of any death or casualties. a local park was caught up in the blast wave along with the shopping center. let's take a look at this map to better understand the position of the facilities. you can see that the shopping mall is just 70, excuse me, 70 meters away from the crowd. mash factory where the weapons were allegedly being stored. a local park is also near by this c c t. v footage from that park shows the moment the air strike hit. the factory, which suggests russia did indeed target the factory and not the mall. this is the latest video of firefighters sorting through the debris of the burned out mall, which ukrainian officials claim moscow targeted, leaving at least 18 people dead in turn, rushes defense ministry has denied the aiming for the facility, saying it instead it struck a factory just meters away in which ukraine's military had been storing weapons
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that triggered an explosion which led to the fire in the mall. the russian representative to the un meeting has been trying to tell western colleagues what actually happened. thank dishes to with de leon. you are the answer. shopping center was not affected by the strikes as it was some distance away. this can be seen on the surveillance. we knew, hidden them all with missiles would have destroyed it. video from ukraine, bloggers shows the goods inside the shopping center. we're not affected by blast neighboring houses to the shopping center. we're also not affected though. windows, we're not broken, which would have only been possible if the missile exploded at a considerable distance from the area. we have not targeted civic infrastructure and they're not doing it now. so i'm counting on you to finally realize how ridiculous you look like when you just go with ukraine in propaganda. you just heard from the russian deputy ambassador pol janski's. and he pointed out that there is fatigue in western countries including the united states,
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about the ongoing conflict in ukraine and its economic consequences. and he argues that there is just a continued garage him, this vague news i intended to justify the further supply of weapons and funding to the ukrainian government that seems to have no qualms about sacrificing its people . now it's pointed out that the, these allegations about the shopping center that just don't add up fit in with the ghost of key of story they fit in with the allegations of about snake island. and these sailors being massacred when they weren't actually killed. it fits in with a whole pattern of deception before we heard from the russian deputy ambassador. we also heard from the, the ukrainian president himself who spoke over video i. he was given a platform by the representative of albania, i. he called for the un to find some mechanism through which they could declare russia to be a terror, stayed and remove it from the security council. then we also heard from the
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representative of the united states who echoed and offered support for ukraine, and then made some other interesting remarks. this is what the u. s. representative said before the 15 member body that leads the united shots, that russia's war of choice has led directly to the destruction of crowded malls, grocery stores, theatres, hospitals, and schools, and the innocent civilians inside them and make no mistake, deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian objects constitute war crimes. united states supports all international investigations into these crimes, including those being conducted by the i, c, c, the u. n. and the o. s. e. now the support we just heard from the representative of the ide states before the united nations for the international criminal court is quite interesting as the united states is not actually a member of the i c, c. and furthermore, in 2020 u. s. officials imposed sanctions against the international criminal court because
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it dared to investigate the crimes of u. s. troops in afghanistan. so it's quite interesting to hear the usa offering support for the international criminal court. the representative of russia basically did long to lot of the garage of deceptive information. i pointed out that russia has supplied information to counter the claims that are being bandied about by western media. regardless of that fact, western media ignores the documentation. russia provides to show it is not committing crimes against civilians. both keith and western powers have dubbed the incident at the mall a war crime, despite russia's denial. that's a fields in which western powers have had more than their fair share of controversy or cheese and don quarter explains why. according to moscow, it was the massive explosion caused by all that ammunition going off at the same time that made the nearby mall catch fire as well. on top of that, the ukrainian cities mayor is saying that the malls management for some reason
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decided it wasn't going to shut the place down. if the air raid alarm started to go off neglecting array alerts is a crime which the trilogy at armstrong has. once again, demonstrated the investigation has revealed that the administration of ems to had announced on the 23rd of june that the moon would no longer be closed during the air raid loots. if a high precision missile dealt that much damage to nearby infrastructure, imagined the destruction that an artillery bombardment would have wrought, according to a previous conclusion by the international criminal court. russia should be well within its rights to bomb a 70 meter radius around. and the legend military target. why, while there's the case of antic, a tova and blood, and markovich to former croatian generals who were acquitted of war crimes by the skin of their teeth. at 1st, these western backed military men were found guilty of indiscriminately bombing towns as part of an offensive that killed $116.00 civilians and displaced hundreds
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of thousands in 1995 in the middle of the yugoslav wars the hague. originally decided that bombarding beyond the 200 meter radius of a military target was outside the bounds of reasonable error. the chamber found that the shelling constituted an indiscriminate attack on these towns and an unlawful attack on civilians and civilian objects. it was only after they appealed the ruling that the hague determines that 200 meters was in fact too strict. and so the croatian generals were led off the hook despite the fact that they had ordered the bombings of civilian populated areas up to 700 meters away from military targets. the appeals chamber unanimously found the child chamber earth in conclusion, that all are tillery impact size, located more than 200 meters from a target deems legitimate, served as evidence of unlawful attacks. the trial chamber, irs and fighting that artillery. attacks ordered by mister gov tova and mister markets were unlawful. so russia being accused of
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a war cry after causing collateral damage 70 meters away from what it says was a military target, but western backed potential war criminals get away scotch free for bombing civilians, 700 meters away. not only are the double standards, glaringly obvious here, but it also bags a couple questions. why in the world would ukraine place military infrastructure that close to a shopping mall? and why was the mall allowed to be opened in the 1st place? unless the authorities were trying to use civilians as human shields, washington could mind that the yellow sea and pearl river delta to bring beijing to the negotiating table in the event of a conflict with china, that's according to u. s. navy commander, victor, do know the united states must find a means of disputing chinese c control. the u. s. indo pacific command should aggressively pursue offensive mining capabilities to use in the yellow sea and pro river delta mining. these 2 key waterways would strike at
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a known chinese vulnerability and a winning essay for a naval mine warfare contest victory. juno claims mining the key economic regions of the yellow sea and pro river delta would allow the us to buy time and space for a counter attack that's in the event of beijing. launching a conflict through surprise and deception. however, many think such a tactic would do little but further infuriate china with which 10 sentences have recently grown due to disagreements on u. s. military support of taiwan. now the rise of china and developments in the asia pacific region are among the major issues being discussed at the ongoing nato summit, where australia, japan, new zealand and south korea are participating at the leader level. for the 1st time . earlier we discussed us china relations with former us marine brian bear letter, who stressed that any suggestion of violence against china by washington has to be
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seen as a sign of desperation. it's a measure of desperation when the united states is talking about resorting to violence with nuclear arms. china, it seems like they have run out of ideas. they don't have any other way of solving these problems. so resorting to violence, it's a very reckless and seems desperate alternative to a real solution or real viable solution. this is a hold over of western imperialism. that spanned generations are in a new era. they should be trying to readjust their societies to play a constructive role amongst all their nations. instead, they insist on imposing themselves upon all other nations. china has many, many ways to respond to this, you know, totally economically shipped magically. i think the united states should not underestimate china can do in response to senior us
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officials have travel to venezuela on the quiet, in an effort to bring home detained americans and rebuild relations with the south american oil. dr. meeting between officials received a little coverage man was only mentioned during an award ceremony hosted by president nicholas maduro who has previously been blackballed by for us. sorry, sir. no, it's an important delegation that arrived in venezuela. they're working to continue tax initiated on march 5th to continue the bilateral agenda between the u. s. and venezuelan government relations between the 2 countries began to deteriorate rapidly in 2018. when the u. s. refused to recognize the reelection of president nicholas madura washington, instead of referring to opposition leader one guido as the legitimate president for this. willa was also excluded from this month's summit of the americas, which was held in los angeles. however, with well prices on the rise that due to western sanctions against russia, washington has been forced to make overtures to its rival earlier this month,
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spickle house, nancy pelosi could no longer even remember who one quite a was the person that you recognized as the leader democratic leader in minutes and he's not here. what do you think about this of one way they'll hear by him one, why do we say prior to washington and i think sanctions against caracas, venezuela was one of the u. s. biggest oil suppliers, but since they're in position in 2019 imports from the country have almost declined to stagnation point. however, a 50 percent jumping oil prices and the worst inflation in the u. s. in years appears to be leading to a shift in its policy, vice chair of the libertarian national committee in the u. s. arvin. volha thinks
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of the current crisis has forced to us to realize that anti venezuela sentients have not worked. i think there's 2 things. first, there's a sort of self created shortage over here. when you create sanctions or other countries, you end up punishing just normal people in those countries and you end up punishing yourself. oil sanctions are hurting americans as much as they're hurting anybody else. so 1st, this is literally punishing yourself for somebody else is bad at for somebody else's bad actions. but the 2nd thing is, i think americans and even the american government is starting to realize that sanctions are unnecessary to prove the utter failures of socialism. venezuela has the largest confirmed oil reserves in the world and due to their just sheer incompetence has been struggling. the problem with putting sanctions on venezuela is it'll let people say it's not the socialism, but rather the sanctions. striking argentinian truckers furious at price hikes on
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fuel have brought traffic in buenos aires to a standstill. by blocking one of the city's major arteries, the truckers considered essential workers just months ago have gone from receiving a free fuel allowance thing. prices that have doubled in recent weeks, police tried to stop the drivers from entering the city center, so instead they brought gridlock to capital. highways. authorities in 16 provinces have chosen to ration fuel to 20 at leaders per vehicle, claiming supplies are non existent. while european politicians continue to impose sanctions on russian energy, some western companies are scrambling to avoid the possibility of a shut down that comes after russia began to limit energy supplies to germany and other european countries due to the restrictions on t contributor rachel marston explains europe is facing energy supply problems,
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but german chancellor, all sholtes and other european leaders are denouncing the same fossil fuels that you countries desperately need. primary motivation, the rejection of russian gas business. and we do have to realize, of course, that the future does not lying gas. this is very particular for germany, and this is something that is going to have an impact on the use of fossil fuels, co and gas arguer. but german industry is sounding the alarm about a gas emergency, and it's the economy minister is warning of industry shut down a mid gas shortages as of last week. the country is now in phase 2 of 3 of its emergency gas plan, meaning a high risk of gas shortages through the winter time. germany's federal regulator has said that the scenarios are not pretty and mean either to build gas at the end of winter, or already very difficult situations in autumn or winter. sh. germany's
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b a s f one of the world's largest chemical producers that makes products found and things like tooth paste. cars and medicines relies on cheap rushing gas to fuel $200.00 production plants. the largest integrated chemical complex in the world. executives are trying to avoid the possibility of a shut down to put it plainly, there is no short term solution to replace natural gas from russia. in the short and medium term b, a s f would still need gas. there really is no way around it. companies involved in production of paper, metal or wood, could also be hit by the energy crunch with shut downs or downsizing of operations, raising questions about potential lasting impact on germany's job market. and manufacturing base companies will move production to where there is competitive pipeline gas, and this will not be in germany. you cannot correct 20 years of policy errors in 2
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or 3 years. the german government has been scrambling to replace the russian supply, announcing back in march that cutter would fill the russian gas void in the short term. in the wake of economy. minister robert have ex visit to cutter to discuss the issue. but german officials have been tight lived ever since. robert's hobbit announced that a guitar would provide gas in the short turns to replace russian supplies. unfortunately, 3 months later, the german government can not or do not want to say whether a single cubic meter of gas will come from guitar in 2022. all of this has led to other european countries to treat the situation faced by europe sleeping economy like the canary and coal mine in assessing their own vulnerabilities. it's great if individual member states are able to feel their guest or just before the 1st of november. but if other countries are not able to reach 80 percent, and especially big countries like germany, then you have to be aware that this will be a domino effect for the whole of europe. the c, e o, a frances,
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3 main energy companies have all called on frank citizens who immediately and urgently reduce their energy consumption, evoking rationing, elsewhere in europe. they say that levels of natural gas are too limited to compensate for reduction of gas imports. and go figure that the american defense sector also risk blow back from this global energy market. deregulation fuel by anti russian sanctions, the century aluminum plant in kentucky, the largest smelter in the us employing some 628 workers, has announced a shutdown of 9 to 12 months, giving employees just 3 days. notice all due to what the company calls, skyrocketing energy costs. the problem for the pentagon is that it's the largest producer of high purity aluminum in north america, the kind found an f. 16 fighter jack's navy ships boeing 740 sevens and the international space station consequences of prioritizing wishful thinking. an
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ideology of a pragmatic economic reality are already starting to bite economic consult tension to educator. a med mustafah thinks that western countries will, sooner or later return to russian energy as green plants cannot be realized so quickly. anyway, because companies cannot, for example, offer the quantities of all energy that is supplied by russia. it was such expectations or dreams or bell. my fingers cannot come to in one day or one here or in 10 years. no, it will take a 50 years old 100 years and it should be a major issue with the other part of the world, the more they put it is kind of expensive. the more people will push and the more people will not fear such increase and because it has also another economic impact like the speculation in the future. if you increase the commodities, i think like the whole
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a lot of unemployment will take place all if you like. consequences of such matter . therefore, sooner or later they will come back to the normal and visit about energy and sanctioned with many very soon in my, in my, in my view. all right, that doesn't for me this hour, i will be back with more news and commentary. this is our international bye with oh, well it shows a ra, a to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude, and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds
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apart, we choose to look for common ground. only one main thing is important for knox. ism internationally speaking, that is, that nation's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nation. so all the slaves, americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this. danger is boy man that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy and walked out of it on your own. i not leashed off to move on in tablet block. nato said, it's hours. we move east and the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it?
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the law is the sovereignty of all the countries. the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato, what is bad, the shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions and millions? or is business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion with
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