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heard my stories did not seem to challenge with the out probably just to laugh to come yet each policy of your few more of the valet pumped on each next week. i all through from joseph a scheme, at least on the me, a response on the score to leave a new new not sure how to use your comes up with a yearly group. we are going to do on the not somebody sent me a bunch of mobiles of not brought us to some of them with a huge, huge to meet with a different order. like you mobilize them. screw also to focus a lot
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with chris young, explained he lip. ashley, cheerfully. the nation relocation give us more nasa history. a lot of on the please me a 2nd. a lot of new national not road tripping out in the crowd or job change to look national payscale credit is just your choice to my senior. a takes up with the dog. do you not see the blue book, gray, and stuck? moscow clearly admitted a bob with a snuff grain skin, not old, but mister hospital won't. i'm with copper on your own to numerous rich, or he used to come in to order it for today. oh,
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what's a pretty new edition? you think a change in the door is full new to nature, newman, which must focusing on like a couple prescript you question my me and ross or i was next. mr. folks to used to study ships look reason because at their store, pretty annoyingly nuclear fuko a due to late cream school post and a tips peach. it's also worth noting that the mass slaughter of poles was not limited to a single location. no time. you p. a desk wants operated over a vast area for several months. in july 1943 alone. they attacked more than a $150.00 polish populated towns and villages. you're still? yes, i'm such a miracle. kid, the navy anxious isn't a commercial digital sort of a, somewhere by friday. the following is a bill
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and you go to some of the construction ideas that goes to bassetti, lost or not all delicate. as a new teacher, a sheet out of range, give me a linear with the audio. come on, i'm on. so here video we sort of got a but i'm closer to radio. i with this is shay opposed to launch bully
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valley discovery. eventually go the wall without food. now that was before the end of the machine. okay. okay. all righty pronouncing valid if she celia for you leave. do you know she sponsors you chill for emergency? garcia has been almost a she village green apple called low grains of but what i must like on you know, so i and are purely for shoes. if situation is a mouth where according to the erotic he buys with the professions of schedule, it is an established fact that during world war 2, the o u n and u, p. a leaders served in the not to go and roland battalions all with the ss galaxy division and with collaborating auxiliary police unit somewhere also trained at nazi military and intelligence schools got the book, women thought us all of them, but got a document on saturday because we have talked so through you just when you moved away and that was the upkeep, drama,
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avira. so you have to give control how to think own walk without a very is vivian. you can literally on them and she wouldn't have to walk out the own today. you p, i apologise to claim the conflict stemmed from poland, centuries long expansion in to ukraine in lloyd. edna scheduled in about, they say indigenous people had the right to fight enslavement and as ukrainians were indigenous to virginia and eastern galleria, it is quite pointless in their opinion to question the ukrainian insurgent armies, methods lost on the humorously period. this interpreted the developer would. oh, bullshit military theory, alan is porter p jewish fish juice, where he exceeded what we had to resume. it says the wireless. oh no group to rocky diligence, you're going to stop. so krinski and accelerates the lunar facilities to skip out again is that's like a protein stevenson put to us the yet he passed through into graham's kennel some at an angle. barbara had to put her teachers could choose to place what with them.
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oh, what the work i'm still can the v o crane scovella, but suddenly as my point skeptical was showing as mean. cuz what got good mrs. blue to me come now me what? actual setup, nationalistic authority perform in rollins kit is near to get all swoon. chavaris. yep. or is it his ground for it is very frustrating for losing a child because she had a money than that they have to buy another service. if you buy a show she was a buy did she spoke with the are you shopping about briefly more of manage is that you have to look at it at the studio because we're going to push get with the middle. we're way down we're
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you can when you mean you could was just a kid christabel in your to play out with it and the just and what it also says get the boulder with much stuff juice nuclear will introduce near give the deceptive dish. lydia, what has been done with it was media give with this issue with the you in documents left behind by insurgents contained compelling evidence that the was a strategic rationale behind the eventual decision to fudge about union and late to get lisa or of outlanders to hug way by killing tens of thousands of coal ideas with for new freedom. so
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a been a series of german defeats such as the battle of stalingrad and the retreat from the vulgar made. the o u. n. b leaders less certain about germany's chances of winning the war. it also made it more likely that the red army would return to western ukraine. if that were to happen, local polls would join forces with the red army, making the u. p. s. fight against the soviets even harder. these were the underlying considerations for local o u. n. b leaders in valencia, and felicia with clim several in charge when they decided to de polonaise, those regions, hilderman o' came with some work. a tory prostitution is yes, there's time you, you will, you will put pretty years. history goodness to dumpster wonderful. come on. right, absolutely. even muma could do really difficult. i mean, you said this is for you. the subdivision with your sister stayed by meetings the conclusion that no such thing would have push kodiak digestion,
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that was to last preschool to seriousness. juries that say, even i think euclid euclid. if josh good not to do, am daryl gene is a star. we put your logo with samuel euros, didn't leave. well, michelle bundle has she political? she's matters which you will beach and you're not over. you know she left voice to little wise pool. right. i knew what i'm gonna have. no, you don't. you just jumps the knockout on. somebody says that you all will get a good. i saw a snob leaf. junkets are multiple stuff over parameter shift. yes. somebody in their official document such as female guidelines on o u. n. combat and activity and war of i in the band rights refer to themselves in no other terms than an order of fanatics and fight has led to by stepan bandana bung. do they called their supreme leader? cleansing territories of the enemy presents in times of chaos and unrest. it is acceptable for us to eradicate hostile polish musk of id,
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jewish elements. we will mostly eradicate the intelligentsia, make sure they cannot re emerge and keep them away from any leading positions or jobs in education. choose colds and must combines must be isolated and removed from governing bodies. those permitted to stay for technical reasons must be liquidated at the 1st sign of noncompliance guidelines on o. u. in combat and activity in war. double out going south. seattle, g show mowgli bishop another. we're allocated to the organs. that's your total. there's a lot of room with them as well either or judy sherry stewart, and we'll see you've got a yellow with her inside the navy and i will up. i bought one of them really populated florida w. a deal before my dismissal with each algebra one year. at the middle, the going up, i suppose, with a hilarious towers,
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a fundamental or some ashi. not a lovely which international fundamental mazama lasagna grindstone walkering meeting. she has left, installed a pitcher known to go yes, but of the w. a bridge unit of a unit also are in c bondo. i just put in my t. todays id. not that i need a little to id on as up on the financial, the committee kinaski can have these key yackel pazzano, her phone tablets here bundle strong lou crane summers. despite what contemporary supporters of the o u. n. u. p. i often like to say, like many ukrainians did not approve of the band or right methods and actions, and often chose to try and protect the defenseless polish population, usually risking their own and their family's lives. that's confirmed by multiple witness accounts, video or breed to national historical ulysses. today is the ocean wood on the
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massive boise story. gar garcia, you must hold himself somewhere to the well. i mean, when you see me just a confusion brains, a friend who g a enough some i still saw you. cool. yes. well you know to the worst story shown sca what? oh because i was sure not club with eagle them as up. i'm sure people not so my like for me to punishable a mental but most one you will just sort of deal with because we cubic could. he goes to craig, who, who, who, who he does what's up, which is a hostile alyssa activity. but as long as i let me be to pull the file out on the progress of those to pull, my people is coming to seattle with
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the west sanctions on russia are distorting and damaging the global economy. consumers all over the world are experiencing higher prices, band shortages. at the same time, most of the global south has little interests in the west campaign against russia. and in the long run, they benefit from a world economy in transition. for only one main thing is important, not as an internationally speaking to that is that nations because that's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nation. so all the slaves, americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't,
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it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this dangerous go. you man, that wants to take over the world. that was a cut your strategy, and wolf out of it on your own. i not leashed off in zebulon and tablet block. nato said it's ours. we moved east. the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it the law? the sovereignty of all the countries? the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is bad shareholders in united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. with
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that you as unique or if she has figured you're going to go talk to anybody. i'm on my way up. i'm a my mom of well with yours not only are with on the flu shot in myrtle beach. i was told on the daniel dish, i had it with some confusion with should i call it a blow? does it have to when feet is your wine call? actually, you know? sure. i'm clear with all range of america. i gave her the new credit for the for
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lack of days to ready the rules. my mama love my mom on the phone, you will as are soon i eat, were you going to school? if you want a solution, it gets this one shot of cranky. he sort of because your face far cranes keep a frankly army slogan, a wound got him bullet, but he goes with black of chris market host a bully. so i see the orders that he's got so easy. such a ye offer, guardian party you on you. why she would have to handle simply my mit, but the most mascot actually yes, with rules where yeah, he for school cleans the english. 2 of you, she had done most of the a little bit a bit is my god, i'm rival or he goes a mclaughlin at the p. a saw your reasoning 9 years on that. are my little, not about looking for my girl. i get i each school bubble, i will a previous meal. i still are utilizing a combo bottle through,
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cut it out. so you should take to report my galle polanko violinist except with the polish film director. will not save itself skin news about the events in valencia better than most of his colleagues. because he took an active part in making the documentary. there was once a town with the film tells the tragic story of one polish family in the valley village of killeen who fell victim to the massacre. ah, ah, nobody in the documentary was recently broadcast by bolan's 1st tv channel media and caused a massive outcry. well, but that didn't stop another polish studio from working on a similar film to get a full script writer and film director years love. banashali says that today's youth knows very little about the events in volcano. recently,
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a small action group and poland has launched historical reconstructions, but a veil has been drawn over the truth of what happened in valencia for too long of an evening. however, strange it may seem to topic remains quite unpopular in poland. political circles with the dish on different spots. they're more bizarre. schanzer schanzer. she's this idea of when we have a bit of subordinate portion i'm job with. i'm giving you a follow up with those note mala with hon mosley. you go to us and you move into a salmon, italy depot. the need to disappear from the sky. it's a problem, it's a seem you smoke fitting, yet it is a loser. so it will not see them familiar with was he seemed a problem with the questions of no great union got through. he thought you guys had somebody at mom was supposed to play with lemon yet absorbed them when i made them hurting my dealer. taylor, this is computers being social support,
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so he's done. but other than for familiar with humid logistics, aberdeen belinda as we approached the 70 of anniversary of the violin massacre, the ukrainian parliament has introduced a bill on ukrainian righteousness among nations after it was submitted by a group of ruling party amperes. whatever the issue is that the authors suggested officially honoring non polish people who saved poles from the o u. n. u p, a, despite the rest to their own lives and those of their families. the i was welcomed in poland when you, although many in ukraine, simply refused to believe that the parliament would pass the bill like you and have their reasons for that with you creams for both party. the political successor to the o u. n. u p, a. hold 36 parliamentary seats and has thousands of followers all over the ukraine, which they seem to regard those who slaughtered and burned on armed women,
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children, old people and priests as heroes. the forms of poker was immediately for 20 to believe parliament guess who bass, physical, secrecy. your money at the bully jensen is beneath the barber in the guitar. the suite number you and you are calling for crystal blaine. m a prob though, i'd crystal, plaintiff, and nick, and being in law shopping for a walk, nor the samsung galaxy ish there, shall thompson. i'm not among them power little shoes up on they will korea should buy the roy modica for as a shallow youth musician muscle model, korean sco another. furthermore, of course that was william. let's see. now, does glen la grasso not of the mill craze for present corona, so did they're gone that other thought those are bigger. provides that ability each knows you still create you grosso crane scheme. not all of them,
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but junior that are not all the stuff at privacy when that is new, but she need a priority where he isn't biographer. if you paper who did seem decently extend mavita chip to state for gloria party, some are border your but it's only about a share. it's a cautious radio. would you like a tourist for me all this yellow here before the 1st dusky de la, gifted as it or do or organs as you please can mention that you'll know police late by me. keep on be reachable at schools. come will you be, you know, you look him, don't you? which of us nice you to water as bad though good businesses that may legit. zarina his dishes cassini will reduce of all in your book a leech and an agent will just them or put them on bull mouse. no, no, not your language. excuse me. crazily metal at the musty dida with it, but you're just about anyone. your whole grain is intra, about of a 60 while a wizard that they're gonna do is let the capture, let the vitamin a but i'm good. i mean, you got a really easy, salim, will you did it all
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a spoke aline. amy, our still doesn't, but i do have some gifts cuz i have and they are very little psychological hanger. but somehow or you just to judge for his desire. that is no employee. so shadow was on her. yes, you post it to 12 rose. you should go back to the lead salesman, you're not, you're not older mom, video another much. it's on the charlo social because like part of the molla georgia, had a machine ross, portrait of trump, or movie in your browser, which means you can share some analysis on proposal of sheesh sheltering. you're going to nothing. give me a station when you throw dotted showers in of when you the woodthrush as it does the bull on the following. you boys rush? no, i see just rush not used to be white. why would you expect we do a hot grade to coin? it was coming out, but when it one year, 2 of the prize life, your dog watching stages come context in which you live each other coming up pretty supanik. in other words, your oil, we are eastern, lee get away, got a shuttle release. his name is avoided logins cro, across your best option. you can move all those post trust levels. school is
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foolish group of both or class nationally somehow, but through with the control would the to korean scubas laughed with his but it blew our new passengers. india with academy to roll, move pop back in on the incident. there wasn't many things equal grains gone. our old larceny, another issue, those 2 grains carol should go to the knowledge of washing machine with a new model. it will be, well it see what an in front of the book i can put some sort of gym to as you would get it. as you present will, yes, my visa cranes came out all the books. i didn't put some private, says 9 ample grains supports your con, your son of was all that good stuff. him c, b a r t, a good of all for answer unclear boy should use the bubble up and he didn't, i get results. a good good um, excuse pretty, pretty su gustavo is less of room. yeah. like a limo minova. oh gosh, i'm constantly getting a bullet that keep it across. the me start level. you denise. judy mcgee, about our boards are able to juniors or co damage on bowman. laurel this condo,
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i missed that ticket, just go. so use us to crane. i foolish as a multi with those the price quoted, move up and ukraine just by me. he kept on billy, don't you need some welcome or for you to an issue with the interview roku. what i we ship, what is the millennium euro from use? good. the worse? no, we're here. frustrating. good. so me listening to that for me. sure. all over fall over is different. if you look at this, we're bought a new company for which it finished really by the better. of course rita says, roosters will deliver pretty centers, go ready to talk to would you repeat for to, to euro mutual per holes over for cheaper, so foolish through a multi q district type is a quality issues with a problem. if you were open, you knew was most ok now for the mar based she had the grain of those of each of years. herschel does not use the curve. we'll brainstorm on our order a for pro support. stylish experiment was not
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a sheet of the social studies. so my mickey kept local for his up at the top suggestion. i picture bash models which sumptuous washed when you go graham's on your bottom, you, can you the video solution you w one uses william kristen problem. russia is yet mac reactions stop. this was a broad beach, so we're still shuttles in each so called because when you go on the middle of a, remember i see, please let me as soon as the computer of 3 of you to sort of yet mac says machine, the model, the cutting e the make me such posts of saddle, move a bus through a, she's going to put you might just, you have a quote from process the study i need your product most with a few years. you situation, your sheet, always stim, gaming, y'all's, grain hospital. the scholarship in euro's and you should laugh
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with just up. i mean, sasan you those scenarios announcement follows dump as you put the euro. pamela cheated up another you signal, shall you, sheldon, you arrive at some normal tooth. stunted already got one b my chip. you for almost, i lost on the or shoes at the old rules up on there that you are open, you fine, you my, it's to be grinds. yeah, those are also at the caliah to, to walk on the hook up on the grain you acquired. you leave the details, you writing the got the right when you my actual to go for shows water. we did nisha and nadia shamperdeen almost all of a mr. will you role for getting a little more her watch? still gray, you know, according to lot. and you guys, you my daughter or miss tamika secret because it has all mentioned but these fresh to glen books the way the finance with them. he is, a book is almost all night and up wars come now the valise go, jeremy, only get your opinion, osby anthony, and im pregnant. usually just a busy asking when that was in, hollins is in distress then. yes,
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press the router. this reason is already in the machine family chill on good school should wary in roswell vigil, finishing out and yeah, through the black, your mind a little hopefully me. she'll be with national label. and jeff chased him personally. yes. preferably unusual. might you have with us marsan? very dunedin, collaborative elizabeth viewers and put your men just in the us got always busy, especially for a young man, a little dizzy and big rash through dazzled years. it cannot be parasol, for many people do. ah no one else shows seemed wrong when all dreams just don't hold any world yet to see proud disdain becomes the advocate.
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an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, well, no one. no sir, no, no, admiral, who are job? no, no. well dog, more shrill than what they should end up unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short. then build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. and grill. oh, you know, to production it was, it gives you or sure, doug,
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i thought it that they're not. good, good. good on you, son, new rochelle. he on more, more general margaret thought this is meant nguyen from all one of our new and i got the room was sale. i got your name. i got on monday. i wish to know about joy whole knew he didn't oh gosh. more or less than a jr. let's i had to put all the sco mother and all it buddy bill. could you go out cows? nice. oh boy festival. to go. that is your, oh, what the on this the wow. she my a new other. i'm all i can send more or said mom. good. so you don't the jojo, i'm up. i'm all put them out that they give us a a
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with hello and well in the cross stock where all things are considered. i'm peter level, the west sanctions on russia are distorting and damaging the global economy. consumers all over the world are experiencing higher prices and shortages. at the same time, most of the global south has little interests in the west campaign against russia. and in the long run may benefit from a world economy in transition, ah, cross sucking russia in the global south, i'm joined by my guess, i don't tangle in beijing, he's a senior fellow of the ty, hey.


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