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ah ah oh yeah, i'll hold on to just for laughs. come jackie, sh policy, the off key, one of the valet pumped on a committee on the me to respond on the school a new new not sure how the rules you're coming up with the whole is are you still my be a casual way? a yellow are you only have, i'm assuming that somebody sent me a bundle of movies a couple of those to some of them with
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a huge to me. it's just a different order, like, you know, some screw also to focus a lot of fish. now just got it for us to talk with chris young, explain it is early. neil, especially if you're really a little partition, give us more. nasa shifts that come with sort of mapping after splitting it on my outside wall. and the reason why it's taking a lot of new initiatives, road tripping at macro or jour changed to look national. hey, skill cranes in just a new bundle of sit. yeah. when you smuggle it with a check stub with, don't you see the dog or do you not see the blank grain? moscow clearly admitted to it which an upper snap i see it, but almost ever, but with stillness, not grains cannot, but almost at last bill won't. i'm please use the spot with copper of the onion on
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2 numbers, which are here's the command ticket, total potential or, or go was for pretty new edition your tradition below the doors phone. you too. we measure my love, which mr. augustine corona cook at the preschool you were doing my me and so what i was thinking, mr. folks to use to study gibson nutrition, they're good because that they're still pretty and more evenly nuclear from co, due to late greens could post them scared me of attempts. it's also worth noting that the mass slaughter of poles was not limited to a single location. no time you pay a death squads operated over a vast area for several months. in july 1943 alone, they attacked more than a 150 polish populated towns and villages. here suggest and
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such a miracle can deny the anxious agent or commercial digital sort of a deal with a bill and you do a lot of construction ideas. mm hm. just of us that he lost a lot of dlc is as a shield. so you think you'll be good up, would you please give me a shout? our brains give me a number in a lean, your, a senior here, but i'm probably, i'm already come and what i want to hear you really sort of a,
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this is what was the one that was i always thought it was questioning galaxy. thanks. easiest one. yeah. i but i'm closer to my deal over with the football doesn't show you how it seems of fully volatile company. actually. we have them all without food. nobody should be able to cover the shuttle. okay. okay. all righty. pronounce, maria, if she's new offers you leave to mean she's sponsors. leave g m on the gonna see if it was the she village green apple grains of work. i do believe i must like on, you know, so i end up purely for she's if she were issue this last month where according to veronica, he buys what the professor schedule. it is an established fact that during world war 2, the o u. n and u. p. a leader served in the not to go and roland battalions all with the ss calisha in division and with collaborating auxiliary police unit somewhere also trained at nazi military and intelligence schools. oh,
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got the book, women thought little of them, but got a look when thoughts they got on it because we have talked so truly just when you means to william their zip code. you are mazda avira, so you think you've gone trazadone own walk up above it is vivian you on the really on them and she would now, what got it all today? you p, i apologised, claim the conflict stemmed from poland, centuries long expansion into ukraine in lloyd. edna got it in the mail. they say indigenous people had the right to fight enslavement and as ukrainians were indigenous to virginia and eastern galleria, it is quite pointless in their opinion to question the ukrainian insurgent armies. methods ross dunlap lester knew him yesterday period the syndrome through the developed a wood old bullshit bullet that it didn't is porter p jewish to sway exceeded what we had to resume is that this gets us demolished. oh, no group of kiddos. griffin is also great if not selling just
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a little game of familiar. steve skid out again, is that's a component. stevenson puts us to act at them. he passed through to craig's kennel some and, and i guess we'll bob's book. so i told her teachers could choose to boost what work out, what the webcam store convenient, williams cobra. but somebody is my point scholar. people were shaving. is me? cuz what got good news do it to me, come now, what actual setup nor sienna, vista capone perform. well, in skate is near to get all swoon. chavaris. yep. or is it? it is chromeboys wound up it firsthand for losing a child cuz cuz uh she had a one year she the not plato by a show. she was wondering what was the budget with you? okay. are you shopping the pap rekey and manage is that you have to look at it at
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the studio cuz we're going to push get with the $1000000.00 mit away. down we're come when you mean you could was to do is to play in your to play with it and just don't get it. that's also so the get the blue much though bruce, loosely williams could use here. but give the deceptive dish. did you put has been done with rocks it was made you get this issue with the you in documents left behind by insurgence contain compelling evidence that the was a strategic rationale behind the eventual decision to purge about union and late again, the seo of outlanders, the hard way, my killing tens of thousands of coal. i this is nadine,
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restoring his with him with her studio with for new breeding. so put it on the depletion with a series of german defeats, such as the battle of stalingrad and the retreat from the vulgar made the o u. n. b lead as less certain about germany's chances of winning the war. it also made it more likely that the red army would return to western ukraine if that were to happen. local polls would join forces with the red army, making the u. p. ice fight against the soviets, even honda. these were the underlying considerations for local o u. n. b leaders in valencia, and felicia with claim service in charge. when they decided to de polonaise, those regions eligible for mental clean was some work. a tori prostitution is yes, no time you, you will. you will put pc is used to reduce to a dumpster wonderful. come on the right. absolutely. even if mirror could be really
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difficult, only deceptive pieces for you. you said to be smooth. yes, i still stay by me. things like a 1000000 mother. no. such like whatever push gay dr. chestunut tours to last preschool. the seriousness. gary, that's it. even i think euclid euclid have such a good not to do. i am daryl gene is last. i will put your long a didn't leave. well, i'm will bundle her. she probably thought she's matters which you will be to the left. all is to little wise portal where i scheduled for i'm gonna leave you don't, you could, is joncelyn angleton, not our town. somebody said that you all will get a job, get companies, teachers get, you know, i got, i saw a nominee janski's. so mcgill talked about stuff over, but i would exchange my in their official document such as premium guidelines on o u. n. combat and activity. and war of i in the band, a rides refer to themselves in no other terms than an order of fanatics and fight has led to by stepan bandana bung. do they called supreme leader cleansing
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territories of the enemy present seen in times of chaos and unrest? it is acceptable for us to eradicate hostile polish moscow fight and jewish elements. we will mostly eradicate the intelligentsia, make sure they cannot re emerge and keep them away from any leading positions or jobs in education. choose coles and moscow bites must be isolated and removed from governing bodies. those permitted to stay for technical reasons must be liquidated at the 1st sign of noncompliance guidelines on o. u. in combat and activity in war 2 out. go use out. seattle. g show, mogley. bish manasseh were allocated to the organs out, it is a group we see with them as well. i had the opportunity sherry stewart and his i was, i was saying you got a little more with brain side and they found a couple of i bought one of them really probably needed to go video stuff before my dismissal one. i mean about,
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can you with each of you that will mirror at the middle, the zap, i suppose with socialist ours are fundamentals of some ashi. not a lovely which international fundamental not. so my lasagna grants are walkering meeting. she has missed all of the bosses opinion on that go. yes. but of the w a bridge unit of a unit also, i wonder if i just put in my t. today's id. not that i sent an email, it'll guide you online as up on the notion of the committee kinaski kind of these key yackel pazzano, her phone tablets here been that are strong move kind of that home despite what contemporary supporters of the o u. s. u p. i often like to say like you, many ukrainians did not approve of the band to write methods and actions and often chose to try and protect the defenseless polish population, usually risking their own and their families lives laps confirmed by multiple
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witness accounts. little or believe too. now, should he stood, ulysses patuto version, hold on the nashik boys 50 story, got your ceased, you must hoard himself somewhat on the well, i mean when you see me just a confusion brains a enough unless you saw you cool. yes. well, you know, to the works for you. thanks sean scott. turow cause our ship. not club east with eagle them as up and she will not so my like for me to punishable other people. one of them but not one. you will just sort of a deal with all not because we're cubic school, he goes to craig who, who, who poor, he doesn't, what's up, which is a slave. lowered austell of gonzales rocky group off as old as i lets me to pull that back up while we're on the progress of just to pull my keyboards. come associated with the issue with moving that's wonderful. moving from stems from
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michigan with the west sanctions on russia. are distorting in damaging the global economy, consumers all over the world are experiencing higher prices and shortages. at the same time, most of the global south has little interest in the west campaign against russia. and in the long run, they benefit from a world economy in transition. only one main thing is important for knox ism, internationally speaking, that is, that nation's thoughts are allowed to do anything. all the mazda races, the reason us. hey jim, it is so dangerous. is it the law, the sovereignty of all the country?
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or is business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion and with ah, nelson as a while you while div easy while furnace us? ah. yeah. do you have fun like yes. south. yeah. thrash a cellphone. there is actually fit
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within your dock. awesome voice. now watch them up all mutable. upright beat on the is emily apple's video from sheila? this is kim sylium. shes thought, can you say the why fi ella? a bill and that's my thought or change in the again the audio fortune very up in the be a lot about it more than just financial. ah . she spies unique all it. she has to go. you're going to go talk to you, but i'm a my mom of this was on, i just not only writing, honestly, just in my own, but just alarming. daniel, be sure i did with melanie couple questions, real quick. we unusual with on the shipment. i'm not what i'm looking at the tone
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when finished. you waiting call actually. yes. now sure. i'm clear lines governmental yeah. i mean who carries with the apollo code? are you still are ready? the rules. my mama, not my mom on the vaughn utilization. i had a solution, i can get this one shot grey sky, he sorted because your face for cranes keep a frankly, army slogan. a wound caught him, but he doesn't want to hear back of chris, the willis, i see total. okay, so what is this not say, such as you can say also guardianship of already. you on your why she would have to ride the bus in my, in my did it, but the more coverage the rules were. yeah, it school krinski being switched to a previous young, almost lose. i'm with furious. my god, i'm rival or he got a minute on that or might a girl i get i each a ski pursue i will a previous meal,
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a combo bought total fruit. got it about say, shoot to report my galle pollock on olympics that we the polish film director, did not say vita hosking news about the events in valencia better than most of his colleagues. because he took an active part in making the documentary that there was once a town with the film tells the tragic story of one polish family in the valley via village of killeen who fell victims of the massacre in the documentary was recently broadcast by poland. first tv channel news and caused a massive outcry. well, but that didn't stop another polish studio from working on a similar film,
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oriental script writer and film director yourself. but nashik says that today's youth knows very little about the events in virginia. recently, a small action group and poland has launched historical reconstructions, but a veil has been drawn over the truth of what happened in valencia for too long aiming. however, strange it may seem. the topic remains quite unpopular in poland. political circles with a dish on different spots. they're more bizarre. schanzer schanzer this willa. each bit of trouble may portion of the job. i'm going to transmission molly g, about those note mala with already some obviously you go to a new, a son, italy, depots. the need to disappear from the sky. it's a problem. it's a popular automate lot mortgage. i would look forward to seeing you smoke fitting. it is olu. so still it will not see them from years ago. but it was, he seemed a problem with that. he thought that was the question, is of no, great you got, do you think a new gosh, it's
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a very at most opposed to play with me when it's emotion stuff with lemming yet, and the thugs lead support. i'll go something up sort of them when i might allow her to my dealer taylor. this is computers being social for $10000.00, but other than put them with the melinda. as we approached the 70th anniversary of the volcano massacre, the ukrainian parliament has introduced a bill on ukrainian righteousness among nations after it was submitted by a group of ruling party amperes. whatever the authors suggested officially honoring non polish people who saved poles from the o. u n u p a, despite the rest to their own lives and those of their families. the idea was welcomed in poland. when you, although many in ukraine, simply refused to believe that the parliament would pass the bill like you and have their reasons for that story with ukraine's for both party. the political successor to the o u. n. u p. a hold 36 parliamentary seats and has thousands of followers all over
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ukraine was lacing to regard those who slaughtered and burned on armed women. children old people and priests as heroes. storms with vocal media for storing him to believe parliament. those who bass, physical secrecy, your money at the boy use on is beneath him from barbara in the and the switching lumpy when you are asking for press, complain m. i a prom though. i pistol plenty avenue coming in. the shopping for a walk, nor took a samsung galaxy, s their ship absolute mamma manpower. louisa, she was up a male crane here. shapiro. m decompose a charlotte youth musician muscle model. corrine's. come on that water for the more of course that was with the blood lab. as glen the grass that are the more craze
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for present corona so that they're gonna go through those of a go provides you will see each nose you still create you grosso cranes, camaro them up. but junior, on our oldest of privacy will net is new. but she need a priority where he hasn't value of it, he paper, would it seem decently it still mavita chip to state or go your party some or border your but it's only about our shirts cautious if you all would you like a tourist for me always young you professors starsky de la, gifted as the gyla organs as you please. can you please state by me. keep on be to put your groups, come will you be noggin with us? my sweetwater is bad though. gross. nancy thought me bloody it was all year. yes. dishes casual will reduce of all when you put a leaching agent will just know or put them on boomers language is getting crazy with us the dida with but your booster whatever. when your whole grain, you venture out of state roller was a bit take on your bill it let the capture,
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let the vitamin a bit. i'm good. i mean you go by really deciding will you be to the always pauline name? it our still doesn't build a whole cycle again, but somehow are attached to a genetic procedures area that has no m, toys foreshadow, rumsey. yes, you post it or to approach. you should go back in about leadership 9, not, not all the non video, one of them, which is on a shallow store, still because i part of the molla georgia machine middle school for trump or molina present, which means you can share it on another on but i'd also love sheesh, she or chin, you're going to nothing. give me a station when you throw a selection of when you the booster asked as it's just a bill on the following. you bless rosner, i see just a rush, not to still be white climate. would you expect a deal on grading to coin it just as i mean? yes. but when you're at one year price lock. so if you talk of watching stages can continue to live each other, commodity supanik. in other words like your oil,
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we are instantly get awake. are you sure? alicia's name is avoiding those in escrow audio option. you can move all those post traffic level school is through school pop adult class national somehow throughout the country over with little korean scruples. last who says, but it blew our new parson is in the book on basic athlete to rome of par back in under that incident. there wasn't a communion. 3 things equal grain school on our old larson, your not your shadow grains. carroll should go to the not or, oh, she's the top our shoes with a new model to stick to be well it see what an imprint edible i didn't put some sort of jammed up like she would get it. i do presently. it my view to cranes came out of the products. i didn't put some private cells, manual grain support. you're kind of lost all day yesterday, but instead of him c, b a r t i get of all of her answer. anglia, boise usually bubble up or have you didn't, i get results a good excuse. pretty su gustavo is less of room. you like a little i'm an organ all most gosh,
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i'm constantly getting bullied to keep re crossing. miss douglas, eugenia duluth muggy, about our boards are able to use a cup damage on bowman level misconduct or you mr. the teachers could also use us to crate life polish. as a multiple does, the price will give up and your grade level by me could been better. you don't, you could be some political opportunity would be for you to really euro, but i, we ship to stimulate him. euro from use could vote to bresner when he had left her frustrated newkirk with her to me. a simple at waterloo, rocha will follow christopher's whisky seal. no clerk, this war bought a new cousin for which i had. so there's 3 liberty better. uh, because with this, with the liberty centers go ready to talk to you repeat for to to you roku. new chew up a holes over for cheapest through new store are pretty ridiculous. pick technical issues with a problem if you were open you can use most. okay. now for, for the navigation though, for one of those innovative years, crucial, does use
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a cranes come on our order this morning to get me with your school. because michael bopper was a stylish spare mom who is not a ship of the social studies. so i mean, he kept michael for his up atanya top suggestion. i picked sebastian models and sumptuous washed. so when you go video graham's on your bottom, you can you the video solution you the new one is the same. pre stop impossible to ship it yet. that react stop, you know, this for algebra. beach from so washing channels in which so called because when you go on the middle of a company here of 3 of you to sort of yet mac says non ocean, the model of cutting it either in making me think folks can help settle, move on a plan with us through a she's going to bring you might just by midnight middlebury at your quote or from process, the study and user id, jewel props i got most of
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a few years you situation, you should always stem in y'all's grain hospital, the scholarship, nero's, and you should laugh with something just her up. i mean, a group amount sheet rock under your signature, you still to new dr. it's a normal tooth. the study already got one b magic you ramos, i lost one of our shoes. that old rules are open. you for you might tempe grinds, yell at the water on the hood of supper, maple gray, you quite easily. welcome demetrius, you right in the got the right one, you might still to go far, shows water. we didn't you ship nadia shamperdeen almost all over the m s. w role for getting a little hard to write, you know a miss tamika secret that does it. as i mentioned this threat to glen books, glad to finance with him. he is a book from
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a full night than upwards. come now the valise goes yamil and we'll get your opinion, osby, anthony, and emily jack as the asking in that present in hollins. because in distress then yet a dish reason is already in them. nasty damage, ill on good school, should worry. it was wang oh, vigil, finishing out. and yet all the blood your mining believes with, believe me, she'll be with national label on january. so much person. yes. preserving, i'm, you should know my job was city users, my garbage, anybody, mac and there, but of elizabeth zealand, and put your men just in the us. that all we did, i vision of myself for a young man who dreamed the grass through dazzled years. it goes cannot because for many people do ah, ah, ah
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ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. i'm people about the wes sanctions on russia are distorting and damaging the global economy. consumers all over the world are experiencing higher prices and shortages. at the same time, most of the global south has little interests in the west campaign against russia. and in the long run, may benefit from a world economy in transition. ah, cross hocking russia. in the global south, i'm joined by my guess, i don't tangle in beijing. he's a senior fellow.


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