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tv   Documentary  RT  June 30, 2022 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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as council of lucas made excuses about pressure and blackmail, but the subs rebelled and took to the streets with a rallying cry of notes on my behalf. the people had not voted against russia. glass on. yeah, i got yes that a bit we had in our sierra me a bill we met last. we've only model ship madden a brother, which is one of the organizes of this mass action, a theology graduate. he runs the telegram channel subs for russians. he's also the leader of the oversized movement. he confirms he didn't speak out against russia, so he's not on his behalf either. he's my grandmother of last me person is whether i the focus body yet on it to book or thoughtful glossing into book analysis that to piece will be using met knows to work. so da starsky and google. he's familiar with the philosopher's dionte of an iliad. he appears on television streams on youtube and disseminates leaflets around bell grade,
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about fostering friendship with russia. yes, of yoga, but it's a sad to be north of the go on up with the most of us are nice. there's even a young man. yeah. he puts the truck, he pulls up now again, c as i speak to a young man. and one of the prison you never seen a grudging has to be a protocol as to whether it's going or not, or to type person with miss mitchell. what modern christian doff is a toy village built by film direct to any a qu store. it's a, it looks like movie scenery, film festivals are held here annually. this year out of $500.00 film submitted. it was the russian entry that won, while russian on his band in one part of europe, it winds in another part. this is going to happen in the western media is the thing, the conferences 1st through the rush. so when,
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at the moment when we don't want to rush us through in anywhere we've been there sports, what have you been? the kids, we've been everything. what is the russian? but this is so crazy. when you say that european culture is cancelling russian culture, i don't see big culture in europe in no culture cannot cancel culture. and how can you separate, loved also from the history of the union, from the history of europe. this is impossible. at one time, sylvia was also shunned in europe, it was bombed, understand those who had dubbed outcomes to day fraternity between russia and sylvia as being poisoned sampson being forced to join european sanctions. however, so far without success, what we could say, a politician, they say one thing, they do another and they think 3rd. so i still hope that our president is
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a moving in between these 3 elements. thinking doing, saying, i still believe that he will find the space not to put sanctions because the sanctions are symbolic, easily put sanctions in russia. we spit on our past in our history and on our christian believes which are leading us to the last bombardment that happened in 1099. a cnn, right, you knew, we must act now called out hello, but on the loss of nato began a massive ad bombing campaign, we will provide that knockout blown military action failed gung ho bomb bomb bomb it is attacked, a sovereign state waves of planes are taking off native cruise missiles land in serbia, it'll all start again tomorrow night. in 1099 nato bomb yugoslavia without un sanctions. time magazine came out with a cynical headline gaming massive bombing would open the way to peace. according to
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various sources, about 6000 civilians were killed by then you get larvae had broken up into many states, most of which had taken a pro western course, but not serbia. i rattle america nama. he tossed his gum. if i'm allowed one, i will put fellow americans for bombard, normally. my fellow visited. we're born bishop pollock. no, no cut on my cell at this address born biz, offenders. chaos from. donna obama for bill knew it took us from the potter level, but a paranoid fog, less from a debt for bill mile, and i thought he sent me a gentle care other mike out us from your little niece for fleshly near mr slash. immediately. because we're pretty booked butcher, but they were born but wants to billy to which he put latoria with it. but i pleasure. you do your new ne to sion your in was him a quick question that kevin feel really can settle,
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take control bombarded on there until he really cute warranties krueger coach for it and it was honestly, that'll little nibble he up in the motor. how order to throw north luke, which was when a canal, how that's carry money for me. clinton carpenter lou betia millage remembers those bombings. vividly. he was doors old cottages. this one, he says, is a 100 years old and will last another century after repairs after the cove at 19 pandemic, people turn to nature and the demand for country cottages has grown. throating for, for modelling away, fulfilled assembled, their cow for bill or place already. thought if rose would have thought it brother, daughter, for while serbia isn't being bombed to date hasn't become easier. the nation surrounded by nato countries, and the e. u is forcing it to impose sanctions against russia. that to her me or net for
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that will be acquitted. thanks to me from the name of tenicia who will be no bush, who knows which one of those will be for you and then again, fema from auto. it all in cash to the road for me, molly, no vinegar will agree on some of those days will re, how many felony financial the it coming from, the stop stronger solution. and then you're gonna be off until carrots and donkeys here. and also the stake in the carrot europe works with the state more often than not, which is why serbia voted against russia in the un. i smashed another consequence, crunchy, ship her from the city, one man with the you should just city of one. dublin you now here to be for me, washington, the blue sky never suggested ether, glum. the foot w no show each him hitting the teacher could only because of point you when you're at the shunt, gosh, is up with you and you tim start bureau to start. those is
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a mater status. could you that you read piece keith? i use. mm mm. so yes, illness toys in my school, as in my scope and ology, i barely just talk. she's got to call you probably be a more j m e on that i can trust me. night beat me my you each square a seems to will be my soon sending for that here talk to look for that. i belong to many costly missed each. go is ms. you will see. so be a mysterious, a man was a luggage piece, a t a
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a m a and e. me all a small some of it see to mr. chavez a yes. one or veteran? local or does well yeah. the roads, no history on those people. daily law who neck legal yoga. skip, cross dora. he settle. camille, set him up a column. the night will the old miss alex enough route, a monument dedicated to the so called nice incident is being unveiled. the event happened on november the 7th. 1944 american aircraft, allegedly bombed a convoy of soviet troops by mistake. the red army responded by destroying 5 american fighters. some considered to be the 1st show down between russia and the united states. a
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with i'm with like, if you're with where else can you take a photo with the russian ambassador just like that? well, you can hear a cigarette. so i'm team was honest with you, not all the time window. you know which one of those will be? the 240 kilometers from belgrade. nice isn't a problem for the night wolves. if something about russia happened somewhere in serbia, most likely the walls will be there. for example, in the town of lou bobby,
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on the border with bosnia, i mean with with another. why you why do you easy while finance? ah, here for unit one, slide. yes, south. yeah. rational a south with
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a new dock garza by it's now watch done the for me at that. a bull up. i pete on. that is emma? yeah. pull video from she'll let me just give her thought. can you say the why? the ela. a bill? yes. my thought watching in the again the, ah, fortunately out my be a lot about it more than just financially. so what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time time to sit down and talk
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with one son, admiral, who are you? no, no, what go more real than what they should end up unit 73. 1 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. and will not to production with it. so i guess you or she'll book a enough fuel to when you saw new rochelle keep on moon monica. she no longer thought
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this meant new. the more i got the much sale. i got ya. i go on monday. i wish to know about doing whole new feeding or gospel more or less than a ah cheerios. i had a little discouraged mother and all our buddy bill could you could help us out. oh boy, that's good to go. that is your, oh, i want on this the wrong. she might new on him. i'm oh, i can send more or said mom, good student, i don't the year your love at all for them. i don't think give us a little a
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clue to counter russian state little narrative. i've stayed as i'm formerly northland steve asked him the american house southland up with within the 50 babel did. okay, so mine is too bad was needing help with we will van in the european union, the kremlin. ca, yep, machine. the state on russia for date and split ortiz sport neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube. lucas, pushing with me here that
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marriage a former body, god is known athlete, and the security officer, motorcycling for him is about rebellion rock'n'roll and adrenalin, noisily. who corey through yet, and cope yet, and globe o more to cook, norma. so markets and i was you might use ease may june us name or as we can, nash is aster swift, commercial, clint, lilian, talk of that for me. gotcha. that was mostly meal global. no, she will keep bratcher. miss moss, hippa will bodily santa tom. david is to do it. miss la mccully quick does law, normal quail will be on national debt. so normal quick enough. 0 not see them. who are square is normal call equal. so by bro, jeremy will be in micro c. as in apple, they desired no sicilian naked nation with a separate them all up a new, fussy steamer naked me. but i was lousy. we had no you're sally small. never
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bought him with him. was i nico serbia? nature, these little few unique i lucia needs the less of you somewhat alco in eco that day. i knew that a political scientist and professor at mitchell. this is a university in kosovo, is skeptical and says the unbelievable. sooner or later serbia will impose sanctions against moscow. the people may be for russia, but is the politicians who decide not them in a pin, past of appro, cosmetic ether, or it's much the of wilson. this is both impulse, not older, they are a few. but it didn't seem to be a little short. oscars out stall nibbled. it's parker parker. thank see law william nicely. italy bullshit by shannon goes crazy. will say user. probably for my said, the minister of foreign affairs of oak dryscal,
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which is pro nato. he supposed to europe and anti russian, the sanctions, serbia, nager, serbia, in european union service. why serbia, in? because an 8th or is not just this made the police organization to. if you say i want to approach it means i want this vest them and the european yoni on is going on that to load. oh oh man there's a little co cobra nature with you was you know, early post lea a good this is she'll get it should as
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any my don't qualify for be a boy, a girl versus a hook in the last presidential election to serbia. 160000 serbians voted for minute systemic kosky. she came 5th, but still consider it a victory of heat again. so be joining nato and sharpie. criticizes the government for it's done some sanctions from a sample nation. no, would you? yeah. you never thought about valley king never was up on the police can call emma a financial chava, a model of them in a couple be a manual if i paid a bill
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that way and you'll book them. i don't see a b. that's for me. not or to call you ask me a little more than ever go cnas m. yeah. put back on the survey for the where the sancho screen for that i see. find out with other he with the call them with the board a it will not work if shares come here a tori fisher for it was because i thought it
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was on the prize. nickel middle didn't buy me to a, with a managed, honestly, beaten, used to be this way. and she the gym door. absolute. got the name of the definition of, you know, a good enough a gap which is i was just the polish those. those are the last units, you know, stuff, you know, let me tell you of follow me. and i saw the godaddy here it was put in the message on our to bono he steadily as law
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is said that he's only push lost in the way there money. my. he said, well, yeah, i almost 7000 runners from 70 countries weren't put off by the balkan heaton entered the 42 kilometer race, presenting metals at the finishing line. young volunteers shared their pans for the future. some route for russia. others no to europe, a new a lot. lucy with
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while young people compare east and west, the older generation looks east to russia this year. there's a big strawberry harvest in serbia. the community of shabbas has an ideal comment for it on me. let me let you choose 30. hector farm to hecht has a given over to strawberries and 434 for stop. it has guided test to pay a day. the, the here, if you still, i don't know many more a visual what's your natural e on down high miles per se. us and a funny you enough for to the strawberries used to be exploited to russia, but after the ball is closed, they just became more expensive. the farmer complains that if it goes on, he'll only be able to trade with europe. marina, a little molina. oh my yoga yamaha. trash.
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yeah. sheila, so actually you are you are. oh i thought it was. yeah. clara sonya where they sunk tear all my van emma emma nash praise with placid i'm miss wanda. welcome. probably more on the sy fi say nasha police war. yeah. or white need been as a more baggage statue like actual why the e cause dies with the russia maintenance to motivate the mayor of not able was, city is restoring them to cancel out a daughter who also allow phenotype to sit on go dinner. and i'm at on the was supposed to be most thoughts with me tomorrow. so today's theme out is give you that out here. oh, i could, i drive it, you know, maybe or not clone unit is on. that on you saw was gonna need to know with a mix of mountain and see air. it's nancy boy is
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a balkan health resort known throughout europe. driving up to an altitude of 1500 meters millen compares the situation in russia with what serbia went for a vicki other said, i'm nice. they got in a little decade as i spoke, we're gonna put you on a credit grade casado craner. ne, almost because hippa there or are me quote, your most are not to a manager most are bruce mercury. so i'm of latino likely to view middle school not a bit. logo body of the low quality theory will. busy that i know it was in a barrel scope. now to talk we studied massage therapy. uh, yeah, the stuff, you know, serial cos away metal keowee kennedy at a southern i am in a condo. so, because we do all of the number of luckily, credit for such a room, you the sodium o'clock practicum. no, it's not your router. no. what motivated to coach dahlia medical liter
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nurse slips. i asked you to alta will still be the neurosis. the male one still reg monument to russian paratroopers. on top of mount tunic. they marsh m o give it to pasadena in 1999, 200 russians to controllers. latina app on the phone nato troops arrived. the monument is still in moscow, but as soon as freight traffic across europe resumes the 10 ton bronze structure will go to serbia. ah, a history of a recall. because you, i just lucky struggled in nike or cause we're drugs, not a problem for ya. c a l t. glad. there was a lot. hi, kristen,
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this is stovall. do you know one or more of the brand new trucks? printers you i'll shop soon as you only it will still up. god, the could you be last night so easily got on the score open and some of the cell was up at all. and you brought these la. it'll just walk away mulch. most of them don't but he's made your dog. he's law. he's made you didn't know the bad luck. i barbie's me recept on it for
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ah . when i was showing wrong when i was just a we have to safe out because the advocate and engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we just to look for common ground
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ah ah . mm. in only one main thing is important or not. ism internationally speaking, that is that nation's cuz that's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the minor nation. so all the slaves, americans, proc obama and others have had
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a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. i turning those russians into this dangerous go. you man, that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy. so some golf out of it, on your own, i not leashed off tim zip on and tablet loc. nato said it's ours. we moved east and the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it? the law is the sovereignty of all the countries. the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato what disbanded shareholders in united states and elsewhere in lodge obs companies would lose millions and millions for his business and business is good. and that is the reality of what we're facing,
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which is fashion. a green has been turned into a foothold to try and balance russia. the russian president says nato and has been using ukraine to achieve its own goals. that as the block dubs moscow, it's most significant and direct threat. well officially inviting finland and sweden on board. let us manage your oil revenue so you can hold free elections. that is a suggestion from the un adviser on libya as a response to the political turmoil in the country that has followed nato's 2011 invasion. a view and urges a probe into the death of at least $23.00 african migrants after a crowd tried to cross morocco's quarter in mass and to spain. north african enclave of maria.


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