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tv   Documentary  RT  June 30, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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aah! dog or of a brings food to the city. and on her way back, she times people who are too weak to live in the ruins of mario cal. any more. april above a guide, nothing yet assume would accumulate a dog. isn't even of a dumb this, chris will new hershey give us credit for the much need for close demo with the coastal grains. just right up a little logo, it shows night to get them to get that. the grains, if my brozowski, which genuine you welcome, had you as the young people to know also that those we have not got an e. what group? yeah. chuck shows about doing young still no go a
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do. maria goes old ladies are involuntary witnesses to the cities, horrifying battles, many couldn't get down to basements or a shelter because of their age. so they watched the horrors of war from the windows of shell flats. oh yes, i can tell you both with
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a problem for grandma tomorrow, this is the 2nd storming of maria bushy seen in her life. she survived the horrors of world war 2 is a child with a she thing the data years later she'd say nazi tag. thanks again, this time from ukrainian military, using civilian says she, my shields. and once again, she'd be thanking russian soldiers for saving her. them with
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a, with
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ah, with i think there was your employer go to my leisure with a new take what to do with
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child go i how dot and zack with will ferguson shut on. would you bizarre on with concura or to the saddam? was that because you are going to steal with this woman when you are, she is my you something. so i did less clearly. what do you said one second? i'm gonna do the store. did you build a ship terminal now with the order from wolf fall on should
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with in spring 2022, many mario pl residence. remember that he has previously, they'd been visited by one of my dans ringleaders built up ira shanker. they've
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become the president of ukraine shortly before his visit. even then he knew that the russian speaking se regional could only be kept from exiting ukraine with punitive measures for meeting. with only now did the people understand the meaning of his words about a human shield defending the city a shallow horizontal score. sheila boy was and if you will push gold or share a for id, shall come fiddle royally for last month and it was a sunday her scott,
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it's floyd, she also possibly knew liz used to little doff, when the la emailing it was really touch on blue shield oily, slow you were you? i since 2014 variable and the don bass region have been considered disloyal territory by cave. stay tv channels open on the call to suppress the pro ration sentiments of the regions, residents in the most radical manner. no. it's in the past of the pressing the you on the doesn't meet them next, a thumb stuck on the percentage. yep. and if people have not got that, what do you think you could have a post of with, whoops, to you or should booster out as really sure. and then so tricky store. so
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you may unique then yes, cool guns, cost option gotta go to the edge. i need to apply we, i school, chris, the regional bush, frazzled supergirl for the lesser should students come, gamble with local residents, explain the nationalist truancy simply. in 2015 pro russian militia repulsed and counter attacked, another ukrainian army offensive. the front line was just 15 kilometers from are you both federal sort of thought they were really seeing me and the 40 live severe she leaves me off the market. said them on the bicycle, isabel said, dear, can you go up or hurry up? would be a what a she had also
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a baby shower then which i thought they had. the men sca accord, stipulating heavy weapons with school was signed at that time. those agreements enable, can you to keep control of the city the 8 years with about my status for my particular plus i get a 0 yet. we're getting those locals abroad seems to be of you. you close to because you money one me well get a move on. you start going for someone you was are permanently see, i mean issues to let you last on. so some of those are the coming thoughts. are you good? sounds good when you decide to listen to these. can you switch one of those done polish need to report to someone booking this at music art. seegitano's a complete you fatigue. what of all this is? just a has all your mobile sure you received any molly?
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some with today, the militiamen regret believing ukraine's assurance apiece and not taking control of mary. you pull in 2015. mm hm. with in may 2019 lady, major lindsey deleted po, to publish and get an ukraine's presidential election with a promise to end the bloodshed in don bass. a straight after his election. he immediately changed the rhetoric and started talking about withdrawing
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from the men sca cause, ah, to meet each other, said the only she mocking. from that moment nato military expert stepped out the ukrainian armies training for the upcoming wall. so when you, which are the morning which i, we somewhat high school grace gave me where we left sharon, your seabreeze device advisor, told taylor boy, you him loosened them a minute. so miser, she's actually a queue operator. dryden. this issue with even before the active combat phase of nationalist regimens, militants were ready to sacrifice murray. you both civilians to keep control of the city ah, needs to come to the russian states will never be as tight as i'm phoning. most
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landscape diva with within 50 beverly feet. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. one else with will ban in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machine. the state aunt, rush up to date and split our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with yes, it's a deal good for you to show me ah,
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70 percent of even 80 percent of so be below for why in the future say i want to approach and it means i want this best with this one, me not a toyota sale, possibly so. and then with a shape out the same becomes the adjective and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well the parts we choose to look for common
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ground. yes a new local pastor that isn't as a viable knows what security scan them to me to construct. sure. sure pronounced them or didn't hear or more can you because you for different from bonham with it are you still computer is not on the policy with an organ nissan, which is a senior call usually come down. so the car was in marana. seattle, so you can give me some familiar with the banking you're about to talk to proseries to sales qu, trip their own stock. no, no company, no more than the teacher. i need to learn it. no, general teresa. such an approach is now resulted in the dance of thousands of
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civilians on both sides of the front line. ah a ah, the catcher is up in a dud dileskimo. there was a more than a deposit yet a bit more durable. a particular good just consorted, should go in there a day and a shimmering distorted mouth is yours. but everybody does that specific printer, especially, your significant other version, the upper left rest of the boys under jose. not jennifer pare down near seattle on in the us of the guy lee as all parts. scott, help me my real re enough time. i know that you all chills when you buy the charlotte for
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a small bed. i don't think there today at all. not fortunately of nature shows and you what a bug as i journey says you're shy to great deal. graham. okay, in a word shock, priestly mother adventures it died. jordan reba. i knew you spoke with north salt on 7th street vinegar logo. what did surely gone through or that across the domain itself? good. been updated. yep. yep. um. what about all working with up? well, get about abortion mirror. normally in northridge, i'm just gonna what we're going to say on the laser, with journalists follow to brianna is one of those who have been trying in vain for 8. he is to bring the truth about the horrors of the ukrainian civil war to the world. yeah, but in my story of
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a few weeks when you thus no, yes, certainly the 60 mile east. i'd also shoot the cook for cook new they up and most of them not a store there because that us supervision. i put a hold of not still and dusted. i was cook much, i believe, joke what up like new because i will still with my found, did it stall enough and pretty sweet walters. and i think most of each of us lucy's national below, are not listening today. pavel is going back to the city he left 8 years ago. he wants to see what's left of his former life, which changed forever in 2014. mm. mm hm. we'll just get to the sustain, a good misquote. good little chance. coca cola finished showing him logan. he
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said he was looking daniel krishi. just need to see if that if say it on the ocean . it wasn't okay. the bottles from from feller at a inch is there to tuskegee. nestor natal up there. jessica. ah, [000:00:00;00] with i was just unless you close the charges to lose cuz that is the with the we seen him you by us. can you please? cuz i just the window shop i'm putting in my boy. nice got your name, do you feel? but because i knew what the thing is and the other hit. the vala 3 is a brand new product that you voice. it just frustrated about this cuz i just thought that don't go, but i did not say it immediately, a thought for sure, ah,
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with blue . and i did with that system that was going to have ship them was terrible, terrible, quite a pull, quite aquinos for organum. undeniable opportunities were couple how when you were the city of shorter moines. yeah. she's done. you have said silly, better parties can you have no. can you insure to somebody to it a lot. but, you know, it's typically under more vanya, i'm all ready to discuss. you can talk through stiffness, opportunity, the opportunity with over with you vania proposal or tunica. he's not here. we do watch city booking
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because he thought i'm listening but i knew what was your mom. she was so severe, but he was caught my eye when you live here, walk down. there was me see what i just can't you don't thompson's. i mean, you know, all, you know, once all supported on my call, just so you can see us on the, on the stage. it might all fun with when you find a blue with, i mean though some of the g o g d a does give you my didn't the full set those up for them reserved by the assignment you i'm you, my don't, don't, don't boys need it can you see are going with it or do it, but the one that does much go quiet does excited about god dog. because why do i drive a dog? a dum will arrange is performing my
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live need going here. i'm our device here. if they have already given life to go with the city who's learned give, but i do you ask ideally, ah, today my are you please getting used to peaceful life? again, the city is recovering after almost 3 months of fighting. mm hm. everyone's looking for something new housing, food and water lost relatives and friends whose stories of rescue repeat themselves . ready ah, with sure that when you that show
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a film are both going to get a feel for the all of us in the she didn't get the lea a with alicia, a volunteer has just a few hours left before the curfew. she's been looking for the stopping her family all day long. this of the gas piping go this with a i know the main thing is to get ready and leave the city before dark. here i got
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one people, the newest with the call, you know there's nothing in boxes lose them. i've already used to vote for the least bottles. i using their music to bring to you from balance with lunch. and that was the photo and video of the issue. yes, i see a function of the forces mom them was just by you, them from ikea or my last that there are the now state again go see a. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready life. ready ready ready ready ready but this family, the terrible battle from ariel believes in the past that going to their relatives
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in relatively quiet mckee of defended all these years by don bass militia. the 1st shower in 3 months and a sound sleep and a warm bed, a waiting for them. with with. ready ready a thing with . ready ready ready ready ready no
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one knows what they will dream about. battles on the streets of their home city or the militia men who came to liberate their homes, or maybe about a new piece coming to the land of don bass, torn by an h e. s. civil war. mm hm. what our most comfortable, i'm for them, you know, also to just about rama so greatly. let's say sarah, warmer, you know, we had a summer down there to, to talk to the counselor, but did the russia board so much? yeah. let me see, looks homer. so williams and i was going to touch up, i'll be like a little dust. i was cook with the washer, missouri. i butchered so again, sir, ah, on may. the 16th 2022. as of regimen, representatives approached alexander had
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a comp skis unit with white flags. the unit was storm in the as of star plans basements, the last ukranian stronghold, as of had finally surrendered. the battle from mary you paula had lasted almost 3 months. ah ah. ah. only one main thing is important for knox ism, internationally speaking, that is,
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that nation's possess, allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the mind, the nations who are the slave americans, brock obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this danger is boy man that wants to take over the world. that was a culture strategy. so some wolf, as of yet to noon, i english v i n a b i not, felicia adulthood, zebulon and tablet block. nato said it's ours. we moved east. the reason the us had germany is so dangerous. is it the by the sovereignty of all the countries, the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato,
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what is founded shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions and millions wars business and businesses good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. and the north atlantic treaty organization is a peculiar thing. it claims to be a defensive military alliance, but it aggressively expands, and that expansion is directed. russia and it's clients that ukraine is losing a war. nato actively supports, essentially, nato has decided to double down on failure.
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ah ah, mm. oh. oh people i think is 70 percent of even 80 percent of serbian people. oh for sure. but you know, you cannot make it like a fission or like something that you you know, number people who come to visualize the book and then you may conclusion they


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