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sense of even 80 percent of soviet people are ferocious. but you know, you cannot make it like a fission or like something that you, you know, number people who come to the book and then you may conclusion. they are pro russians or not. those are phobia means also cerebral phobia. and we were, we have passed through this. so we know how the, the russian brothers are feeling at the moment. a ah, a small apartment in the voice of us just great artist brown is lever dish. it
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begins painting. he already knows the pinterest title, miracle inca dora. a parable about jesus christ who cast out demons from the present. man. it's actually a current story. ah, the toyota. he had more a need to call it docile base. he called the just a yes. yes. but i didn't wanna allegory you young me. you said that as long as you get that oil. as all said earlier, e all lately he on on is was up at a more honest was he does longer just is fema walker, my boy on, is you that gramma, that is you were 3 b r e. they said they, they some ali on easy. they all got the slack will go normal and roll as you
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put in, you only going up either you he doesn't luggage is on us. oh and it's i'm agreeing with rock this bring in the presidential election, this incumbent alexander voucher one. most of the pro russian and so gucci is resisting european pressure, refusing to impose sanctions on russia. i don't know if i wanted to come with the with him or talk we on the phone. okay, cool. want you to be so cynical with what the function was configured on him a query nominees for them to consider this. when you quit honesty, solis, i'm sure to pull it up. screen thunder struck after the elections. so be a voted to suspend russia's membership in the un human rights council. of who teach made excuses about pressure and blackmail. but the subs rebelled and took to the streets with a rallying cry of not on my behalf. the people had not voted against russia. glass
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on yeah, i got it for a bit. we had here and i see my, me a bill. we met last, volleyball, madden a brother, which is one of the organizes of this mass action, a theology graduate. he runs the telegram channel subs for russian. this is also the leader of the over as movement. he confirmed, he didn't speak out against russia, so he's not on his behalf either. he's my grandmother of last me person is whether i the focus body yet on it to book or tactful. gosh, i had to book analysis that to he sort of be using med knows the works of dos dash gay and go go. he's familiar with the philosopher's dionte of an indian. he appears on television streams on youtube and disseminates leaflets around bell grade, about fostering friendship with russia. yes. a job. but go on up
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with oversized to see when a young man. yeah, he puts a truck, he pulls up on again. c, as i speak to a young man and one of the prisoner, there was a property, we'll ask away from school. a major. what modern christian doff is a toy village built by film direct to any a qu, stewart, it's a, it looks like movie scenery, film festival, to held here annually. this year out of $500.00 film submitted. it was the russian entry that won, while russian on his band in one part of europe, it wins in another part. this is going to happen in the western media is the thing, cuz it's his 1st through the russian when, at the moment when we don't want to russians to, in anywhere we've been there a sports fan to be been the kids. we've been everything, but he's russian. but this is so crazy. when you say that european culture is
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cancelling russian culture, i don't see big culture in europe in no culture cannot cancel culture. and how can you separate love, don't say, from the history of the union, from the history of europe. this is impossible. at one time, sylvia was also shunned in europe. it was bombed on the says, who had dubbed outcome to day fraternity between russia and sylvia. as being poisoned, sam's being forced to join europeans sanctions. however, so far without success. what we could say, a politician, they say one thing. they do another and they think 3rd. so i still hope that our president is a moving in between these 3 elements. thinking doing, saying, i still believe that even find the space not to put sanctions because the sanctions
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are symbolic, easily put sanctions in russia. we spit on our past and all our history and on our christian believes which are leading us to the last bombardment that happened in 1889. this is cnn. wait, you knew we must act now. oh, take out clothes on, milosevic. nato began a massive air bombing campaign. we will provide that knockout blow, military action failed, gung ho bomb bomb bomb it is attacked. a sovereign state waves of planes are taking off native cruise missiles, land in serbia law. start again. tomorrow night in 1999 nato bombing yugoslavia without un sanctions. time magazine came out with a cynical headline painting massive bombing would open the way to peace. according to various sources, about 6000 civilians were killed by then you get larvae had broken up into many states, most of which had taken
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a pro western course. but not serbia. i rattle america number it'll she's come in. if i'm allowed one that will put elsewhere. americans for bombard, normally. my fellow visited. we're born bishop pollock. no, no cast on my cell at this address. more as offenders your son donna. but for bill knew it because sony foothill, obama pro no fog. let's for bill a mile. and i thought he seemed be a triple here as it my filters from years to little nice especially near near to thrash major themes cuz we're pretty poo patrol but they were born but wants to be too quick. he put latoria with it. but i pleasure. you do your ne, through sion you, it was him a quick question that kevin feel really key. i thought they put full bombarded on there until he really cute warranties. kroger, coach for your name was, i'm is little, little nebo. he up eat the motor. how order to throw north luke,
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which was put in a canal. how that's carry money for me. clinton. oh, carpenter. lou betia millage remembers those bombings vividly. he was towards old cottages. this one, he says, is a 100 years old and will last another century after repairs after the cove. at 19 pandemic, people turn to nature and the demand for country cottages has grown through him for the for moving away for fail that revenue back out. so bill play forward, started roller thought it brother, daughter, while serbia isn't being bombed to date, hasn't become easier. the nation surrounded by nato countries, and the e. u is forcing it to impose sanctions against russia that to her and that for that will be acquitted. thank families from united of finished it will be to no boucher knows which one of those that are going to be for you again to my from a toys door to the road from emily, now vinegar with
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a yawn from authorities will re how many felony financial aid can refund of some stop stronger solution of the initial anger and they often talk of carrots and donkeys here. and also the stake in the carrot europe works with a stick more often than not, which is why serbia voted against russia in the u. n. r. now nash canada, carson, welcome, crunchy theater. shouldn't get city one man with the you should be city. i'm one dublin i hear you for. i mean, we're certainly blue sky level suggested ether, glove, me fucked. www. you can also reach him. i think when you teach k w cuz or point you, when you are in the shad cash up with you and you see him start, bill status is a moderator. status consider could you read piece keith? i use. mm mm
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so yes, i honestly is in my school, as in my school prepping ology, i barely just talk. she's got to call you probably more roygenia. he on that they can't trust me. night beat me. money each square. yeah. a seems to be my soon sending for that here talk to look what i bill for many closely mystical and he's me you see. so be it to really come. he said he has a man was a luggage k o p t a l, a m a e, all a small tall. some of it see to mr. chavez a yes,
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one or veteran or just one. i don't know your story unless you political yoga, skip roster. he settle me all set him up a column of the night. will the old leash, alec see, not through a monument dedicated to the so called nice incident is being unveiled. the event happened on november the 7th 1944 american aircraft, allegedly bombed a convoy of soviet troops by mistake. the red army responded by destroying 5 american fighters. some consider it to be the showdown between russia and the united states. ah, with
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i'm wanted a deal with where else can you take a photo with the russian ambassador just like that? well, you can hear it wasn't with us. i'm team. i was only with can out of the, with another one of those going to be the 240 kilometers from belgrade. denise isn't a problem for the night wolves. if something about russia happened somewhere in serbia, most likely the walls will be there. for example, in the town of lupo, via, on the border with bosnia, i
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mean with ah, lisa can't go to russian state will never be outside as i'm phoning lazansky with weaver van in the european union. the kremlin. yep. mission, the state on russia today and split the sport, even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and
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with, ah, mm mm. and united states has always had a variety of tools, news, and tax on other countries. economic sanctions are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the country that you're talking about here. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the whole world. and we need to make room for the rest
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because without us there will be k i d, l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law of the patient. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. the point obviously, is to create trust rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot less protective own existence, with a
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marriage, all my body god is known as leaf and the security officer. notice i think for him is about rebellion rock'n'roll, an advantage who cory through yet uncle, yet and globe rosky motto, club enormously. markets and i was you might use ease may june us name or as we can, us is aster swift muscle, clint, it'll door and talk of that for me, but that was mostly meal global, mostly walkie. bratcher miss must have put a well bodily senate on there it is to do it. missus. aml colquitt was law number, quail b o national debt to normal. queer finance. 0 naziism who are square now. mccauley question by brought the only pro piano. michael c. as in apple bed, desired nauseous, and we'll naked nation with a separate them all up and in for she steamer naked me. but i was lousy. small yet?
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no. you're sally small. that's he bought him with him was i had nico sylvia. nature these though few denique i lucia needs della from you somewhat taco unique aqua lick day. a near rich, a political scientist and professor at mitchell. this is a university in kosovo, is skeptical and says the unbelievable. sooner or later serbia will impose sanctions against moscow. the people may be for russia, but is the politicians who decide not them in a pain when a passive opera can cater a copyright. but the of often this is potential not older. they are you instead of you shut off because out store nibbled. it's parker parker. thank the law william nicely. bullied by shannon goes crazy. i will say user probably almost said the minister of foreign affairs of oak dryscal,
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which is pro nato. he supports europe and anti russian sanctions. serbia, nager, serbia in european union. end of this, why in? because nato is not just military organization made the political organization to. if you say i want to approach it me, i want the best buy and the european uni on it probably on that to load. oh, oh, that is a local us, a sense to me to meet you was, you know, probably a little team. it's not open and i was there any, maybe my this issue get is should as any,
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my colleague or a boy in english by posada a girl. this is a hook in the last presidential election to serbia. 160000 serbians voted for minute systemic kosky. she came 5th, but still consider it a victory. i hate again. so be joining nato and sharpie criticizes the government for it's done some sanctions from santa nation. no, dear, thanks. yeah. yeah. nestor thought a was up on the political kareema, a financial chava, a model of them, and i can be a manual if i break is like a master
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bill that you book them. i don't see a b. that's for me, not or to call you ask me a little more than eval garcia's and yeah, put back on out of the survey for the where the fancier was good for that. i see by now the other haiti called him with me for what our board. a doors were a not worthy of sharing to come here. a tory especially for it was because i thought it was on the prize. nickel
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middle didn't buy me to a, with a managed, honestly, beaten, used to be this way. and she the gym door. absolute. got the name of the to the finish a. m a which is, i was just, that is a polish. those. those are the last you need to know if you let me know if i was just one, follow me and i could. i saw it to godaddy. here it was put some meet each on our to bono he steadily as law is said that he's only course lost
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in the way there money. my. he said, well, yeah, i almost 7000 runners from 70 countries weren't put off by the balkan heaton entered the 42 kilometer race, presenting metals at the finishing line. young volunteers share their pants for the future. some roof a russia, others no to europe, america, a meal. a lot. lucy with
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while young people compare east and west, the older generation looks east to russia. this year there's a big strawberry harvest in serbia. the community of shabbas has an ideal climate for it on me, let me let you choose 30 hate to have farm to head, to as a given over to strawberries. talking up for 34 for stop this guy with the here. you know, i saw the still, i don't know many more. i have to, hey, joseph, this is johan natural. he on down high miles per se, us and a funny, you know, not for to see strawberries used to be exploited to russia. but after the ball is closed, logistics became more expensive. the farmer complains that if it goes on he'll only be able to trade with europe. melina, a little melina. oh yeah,
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go into the yamaha trash. yeah. sheila, sheila, sheila, sheila, oh i thought it was. yeah. aquila sonia where they santia all by dan emma nash appraisal placid. i'm miss wanda. a welcome problem on the sy size way nasha police ward. yeah. all i need is a more baggage stacking like actual why the eco dies with the russia maintenance. the mother of edge, the mayor of 90, but we're city is restoring them to come to like a also allow you know, to sit and go dinner and i'm it on the was supposed to be most thoughts with you to new to most of today's tomorrow to get that out here. all i could i drive it to normally be or not close. it is our serrato saw whose kids don't need to know with a mix of mountain and see air is that the boy is
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a balkan health resort known throughout europe. driving up to an altitude of 1500 meters milon contains the situation in russia with what serbia went for a vicki other said, i'm nice there. gordinez, illegal executive. i spoke with a creditor grade casado, craner. ne, almost because hipaa there were on the quote you most are not to a manager, missouri, bruce, you, marquise obama, latino, likely to view moral skin? not a bit. logo, body of the low quality you will die. i know it was in a barrel scored, not to talk. we studied massage therapy. uh yeah, east of unity roller coaster william at all q e. kennedy at the southern, i am in a code also because we do all of the number of luckily, credit for such a room. you the sodium o'clock practicum? no, it's not your router. no. what motivated coach dahlia met. curtis little nurse
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slips. i asked you to out here will still be the lucy, the man one still reg monument to russian paratroopers on top of mount tunic. they marsh m. o give it to pasadena in 1999, 200 russians to controllers. latina app on the phone. nato troops arrived, the monument is still in moscow, but as soon as freight traffic across europe resumes, the 10 ton bronze structure will go to serbia. ah. in the story up on the i used to use it, but i guess it was really cool. because you, i was lucky, struggled in nike are causing me interrupts. not a problem for you. i see a peak letter that was set up it. hey kristen,
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this is told, you know, one or more of the brand new shops, clinical shops, things you only, it will still are gonna get a bill up night are easily got on the scope at smith local day as well as up at all or by using da brought it all, those local court mulch most of the week don't but he's major dog, he's law. he's a major cylinder of the battle. barbara, is me yusef than it ah ah,
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the north atlantic treaty organization is a peculiar thing. it claims to be a defensive military alliance, but it aggressively expands and that expansion, misdirected russia, and its clients that ukraine is losing a war. nato actively support. essentially, nato has decided to double down on failure. a spoke with madison both both the models you need to do both got nothing new with a a a,
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a, a a with a personal number given that we're talking with when i was showing wrong when i just don't know any well yes. to fill out the same becomes the advocate
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and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. awe . on february, the 24th 2022, russia launched a special military operation in ukraine. the campaigns 1st major battle was an operation to bring the city of murray. you pulled back under the control of pro russian don bass with
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