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in union, but at that time your opinion emphasized that is something completely different, and russia actually accepted this. ah ah, good, good, good. good. this of the, the great. she's like, i just finished. so do you mean you you had called me to him when you're in the new kid nibble come. cousin really was shock
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corley when she when you press be good. yeah. that was why i'm with the name of luisel. we do go with the see in the all of the me she has to do, but you brush also put them a solution that she's coming were the good news, like with lucel's, a fall, newly bull? sure. thanks to your home, but to be with the review of the living, you please give me a shout at me. ah, i can using it as a professional mich, keep it. and i was, i
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was fortunate by it shouldn't be. can this is in your mouth. you did it for most of the 3 it was what was it was should be me and i thought when it's really new, it's like that they used to the rooms working to come i for concealing do modeling to study, to enjoy life is to when you got to look for variance variance with from the what's in your book, but i don't dish with mr. cook with no. william. yes sir. yes. this is from use in europe. so
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either shoot me trade, fries make the milestone. dollars. no. she had the worst of girls this year, those numbers to quinn. yes. ah ah, what that the mr. this is miss polly. but sidney, pardon me? what the status with that you would now wash?
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parker. what was in, you know, china, sharon, what's not that the response of the should run like the lighter shampoo with your computer? yes. ah . with what the la moria. what else was this? the guy with
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with the new mind, with the machine. yeah. you're done with a new i just i cut all the way just a little bit stuck with companies like actually a so i'm not that i was pretty low. yes. lucia brown, my god, what not go away. grandma mean, the retired teachers took a clean up until when the annual pro, so she really thought of my little boy tell me just look at the cold water. so donald music on the chase we're wrong for come with a community here because he was still working here will hold me personally with on deal it for the parts to wire to cook with the pin. the last on the issue is from the hud. you recording the student thought he had the loan with us for
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daniel below. we wish you solution smith mean, it sounds fun the more. so suppose the fine, no problem is no money is on board. you photos williston, what lot of the noise really tell me a little bit here to the hillock roof, but mill, can you read me the news loosely from cook with bloomberg most but it goes with the korean. you see costco, so think, you know, the gosh, monitor was shocked at the, at the move on to keir william for us to discuss with you with the vision, you know, for the motion for the upcoming this and they'll have it in your swear. you walked past ira who was walking with them, but i am when you're still she'll but alex no, we'll have symbol. he will know who has insurance,
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of course. and in this nation who might so one know how to use it. then we put symphony in here, what's last night? oh gosh, a little bit. when you stop we will hear what yellow. lemme see, live about the bill or thought that the song restaurants, national middle initial period that ah ah ah, just nation. he did up at least meet is only a new it's enough for the condition, you know, as a kiss through us was a school. there are years,
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but he's new to the new for the motor. estimated about the year of school and you soon us for good detail of course. but if you can relate to someone to william as you may, can talk to the nearest williams the the the way. mm mm . mm. jennifer littlewood by talk mogley teachable arguing on a concert. them with his lip or william, she's done in the back of the you, sean, from blue or come to the light concert there. ah, but don't come with us. no, ma, ma soldier. eve. she just was, you know,
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got on him up by the moon. she trust me. he is the most. my mom for buddy nixon. platinum die is closer. ah, no picket comes out of them by that artist. but as new law dashing in north got to leech. so a t c plots of canada and you know what it's supposed, watching on his fragment that i knew that the better gospel she thought said the gosh, the total he had a smaller guide concert from the mustang mm. at the range that amounts to want to ship prostate on behalf of loading room, we feel cmt deck with the mirror of stuff is up your company at
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the machine, but yes, nice but yeah, that'll class are shown up front. i do not see somebody at the dcf on ocean front watching that. i'm good. any schlagel? i took away my pedestrian, their shipper had ocean broke and he is teaching which he had actually uh, yeah, brutal disorder at studio order is scattered. bush reach us bus, reduced yard, or my actually i only had shorts though is judge young as was not so easy. maria. yaga shay at resuming yesterday. mm. louis ottawa costa richard short. i will award that she worked at bureau han yet, so not sure. i but on. yeah. you, you need to one us to plan. yeah. i asked, i you, in your room for my, you know, visit, gosh, doing that out the with up i see, 2, pos, nasties. modern, usable? why don't we just do my order stuff here to watch it. but he's got boss ness done
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us. your buffer shift to william does if, if you're not for yourself to lou does a quarter. so we're in law job with kim moore. yep. i did this for you. heard me sparky. up either of those for you heard me, but i shall to william morris volume. deborah, i knew he outdoors missed his name in your video or your mortgage crowds look sad. sure. ah, let us go. i don't fiction. grandma state felicity. manuela chill cut osha. the federal good fee company put the flash plus the way up to shall fall. because the way the on here, we're pretty much them. you could still see you on the chin i want, you might even let you know that your vote, they, they are pretty much that the young man will, can decide whether you missed that the one which in their meals or guy of it most thought the move so could assure you that the coin which in the front room i meant
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that they have that now below a petition. i know you're the one support you. me, you know dish though. to simply put a show you when you boy with releasing that was your traditional him. ah. ah, need to come to the russians state little narrative. i've stayed as i phone and the most landscape div us mission, american host, all sudden so i could been 55. would this been okay so mine is too bad. must be the one else was about this, even with re rural van in the european union,
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the kremlin jeff machine, the state on russia today and split ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with which you did you think it was the channels with ah, moody to live with billy did his order head against british law previous gomery from missouri to the you know, brought us were body home just literally only 39 years. cook, actually her store,
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go to parish lot various can sub at all that exactly. partial, whoops, just now who used to have good phones go blister or the dish or are you home? yeah, but the kid, pity my verizon. but ah, with her though to the most, from global net triggers to thought of seizure disorder, we are full of studio advocacy, lorshanda, whooping is of sterling rules that go for kids there. that's at least ensure your castell is there. a valley, give them that. but it's a pretty ship that again, it's lisa, we have no, we get is all of that according to potential me it and get it is cuz i'll respond are new and i bring my caching, alabama. zip lamps. any mom with her? i'm within. gotcha. let him go as his casale. can you spell, robert?
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there she at. i'm what the ragged forged thing it again, a little glass. oh, a shirt and 2 tedious music. when your boat overt plug to, he will a good area or more store and many 3, or what. but if we're, we're swim milam in with us dealing much america horses are going to a different revenue soon. the customer, a demarco. what people will up or michelle, because let me there are many, 30 storage. and again, the deal is content issue. i'm we lose your poor said we judge during the storm water this poor speaker thinker and that show up steel of to pay just one more day
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. mean. yep. you wish i thought that i don't shit the war with it for and you for you minute. see what kinda issue are you long gonzales kirkwood, north vicky with the laws news because i need to go know move the quote. still still repeating with good bonus for sheer geometry us dollars before i got them fetch was she responded, 100 bit chilly, extra broad street. dr. new york electric with a balance in but don't will, did the would speedy media see to was familiar with this mean was correct the and there with my chose to your i'm also to nor you, we put the, you see chelsea more father and so i will stay in your bedroom, us could easy scrub with
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the not that we've seen nor mean or but resume like somebody general in that i want the do the educators them even though they haven't with dish and just at the recei chest i had them. oh yeah, definitely. so injected america to me. i don't have some ice floes now right now, but the lucy, they get aged to think it was kimberlia, mozilla butcher. i mean, yeah. jim, good any, by the way, in the lou, debbie danielle, i'm a guy there, a little girl ill just picked up it and get it when i was a bully at the roster them symbol hm. ago, a school should. they wouldn't get away. gleiss hickey scare shakera cited at that jump to go any somebody bug you she said, but i'm we will. hello, this is diane personal care. she is modesta, she would be on which possible episode block. and another is garrander with
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telemark, she's been on dodge of chicken, i'm going to chat like a $1000000.00 for video to the music. i want to follow along out along the wall a concert. you believe that each a couple of different even a concert at the doubt of some good, but she nathan, upscale him off with with with me and then shallow move through fuzzy lane. you, you do much when you choose eniela santiago shows. i mean,
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the was young with the ensuring pretty literal. i knew she is still playing my with . i'm morty. yes. lasha. my, you, prince, you've been fine. you more is it. we can do much to see just in your prov naughty and you hit the garage and when you might use to narrow it down, you do, which in dover, you from 1st you not only approach you lost and you don't cause a nonunion us rule that you do my you wish to signal with a quiet machine you which is risky random from sweet us, you know, friendly, not older. total price quarter note, you guess with just point and you took version or yes. yes it, yes, no, i'm good. ah, not i need to you soon. you can use my year form in your on your chin. get some loy i need do my store. so at the parking lot, ah,
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or gurgainus must be 13 years of settlement under $3000.00 births if you would. so you do to be pitied, see good to it. so salise the perfect kind of liberally several, which would normally bar no, barley, mullen, yours and your chick school will. you shows a good boy with almost us with the kid schoolyard that up with her there. i was in the she had some more thought about when she'd have scarlet ozzie, i fdr to read those in and look at the aware. oh, it could be report the get off, get the price when did oh wait a minute. i'm when i'm guessing, purchased and buy it as a country executed a ship which hits this medical. yeah. okay. i can go
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yeah, yep, the lack of clarity doing here, but on the can the challenge and you much got a lot of good them, but the daughter of blooming attention to the day. but my guy, li, boberski, v underscore from young. i'm bought the la did the most them been coming up and did it was none of us have been cut out of your choice. mask them come near parish, our papa in when you have the ability to my in your car. so bring english, the bush that about the sky achieve cooking them. i let that one chicken my handle here by feeling that brings me to lunch to little a pin number. and if it ample me, i'm gonna put it in and my indoor matched. and are you in the state? so i took that against call him i'm his police in good about look like the convention. they do what picking
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up just sort of credit her job. it's part of because i was go welling movie or your button that which gets more to with that of applied to the internet. but i wouldn't done that. fletcher left thea able over football. ah, what do you do? it is a while and knowing them then my brother, no game. when joe sugarloaf you can reach out there. i thought you were going to use them guys the order on was not a good story with the want on board and i didn't stay up there. i'm going to be waiting does. i'm not, but don't cheat is me with the are you my do now with
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your shelter? storm a video. yes. the with the media didn't show you a nice. i mean why live on? we're going to need a copy is when you, because all starts with water . holy shirts, i me is that come with style with the color to stay on the you,
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you come to the room to purchase the one with the one that is all a 2nd. will a g, a lot of a to ocean over the moon? yes. because i want to talk about them also and it's about to connect with this policy, which is a little bit off mentioned just wondering what was going to put me in there
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limitation the book was anybody walking me and we did this. i'm going to get the check but also i did send both those shipments which and my number pretty close to me with the last with a leave in wells can wish along the lines for finance. so really what we're meeting over here and what officials are the know he'll and the we are the case energy one. you
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got the me i i didn't plenty of them were to pull nissan shuffles, you know, got on a mac buyer to move luggage. pete is relying laga. she'll sit on this keyboard applicable to his to produce, share, east. but argument sheet that holds tinney honey, a get back to what the listing tickets won't show up at all. still to los angeles jacket, open you ah, till she get to the portal that lynette st. louis, cassandra seattle's ghost. somehow and i've got no thoughts chilling at morton
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jesus, it's a sinner. yep. a credit report and your job is chuck the will some lawyer concrete up by charity. near below. oh, i nibbled another week which us? ah yes. it was in your loading up and you might you to pull still mom, dad, jill. jill, look on, saw e produce you. would you like double spaced such energy? bill beecher g. e is nudged. oh, put you in us. it's as low as 14. not the soto store full shit, but as we'll shuttle afternoon. ah ah ah, ah,
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ah . ah, the phone to on our oh for ukrainian integration into westhal is not the nato. it was a rather european union. and the coal ukrainian crisis, which we see now in the full scale, started with the idea of association agreement. 2013. of course, now we see that there is basically no difference between the european union, but at that time, european union emphasized that is something completely different, and russia actually accepted this. ah
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ah, ah. sri lanka has become the 1st southeast asian country in 2022, unable to pay its foreign debt. this total is $51000000000.00. you wouldn't be winning the wall reading face such a economic challenge. the sanctions imposed by western countries against russia have brought this island nation to its knees. oil prices have skyrocketed as have petrol medicine and food for the laser brice as follow up on the pacific. thousands of people took to the streets and this is just the beginning. a similar scenario could unfolding bangladesh, nip all pakistan and other asian countries in africa to florida. so connect them to
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do with some of us with the same old western trump victims. one of the fate, it could be an individual in the industrial company. oh, even an entire country from a stool, then money, and then you have to pay it back. with huge interest, our partners are very excited to welcome a u. s. enhanced economic engagement with the region. we know the west can industrialized in the country they want. they've done it with japan, korea, taiwan. single malays. yeah. oh. so geo political reasons. now they do it that the eastern europe. same exactly the same whenever they want to do it when they don't want to block this new american school at olga stephen that you just got young, splendid, some 30 on the bridges tell you and you've got to be home. you.


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