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is from can the descend to community leaders about the disrespectful depiction of hindu gods in a filmy post. so it's aga, come museum, toronto, and macklin, the are to police departments or even fire charges against the full mika u. p. police register 1st. information reports on charges of criminal conspiracy, offense in place of worship, deliberately hurting religious sentiments, intention to provoke breach of peace against phil may colleen m and m a. cal i for her movie, carly, about disrespectful depiction of hindu gods. in a recent interview, my mclean said as that ha movie, it was around the events that take place one evening when he knew god is a piano, i'm sure the streets of toronto. she also said that people criticizing and protesting the poster. if what still we would then quickly be rushing to change the hashtags from a rescue not to long enough in ordinary times, which it will still be have gone unnoticed. right now, is he do?
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i know that after the scandal, when a spokesperson of the ruling party insulted the prophet muhammad, leading to angry protest and killing off, 2 men in the country in the sea. enough is enough. and in terms of taking the body with their religion and they got us the latest from around the world. my name is peter scott. me back again at the top of the arbor. do you feel free to head over to our social media pages for more news and video content in the meantime? i'll see you shortly. ah, what is the liberal world order? is it some kind of value we're supposed to believe in who benefits from the liberal order? and are you willing to sacrifice for such an order? have you ever been asked to vote for the liberal ord? it would seem the liberal order is an ideology of the least by the least for the
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least look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders at conflict. the 1st law show your identification, we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to great trust or rather than fear a take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot less protective phone existence, with the
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quote for you going to school to community school. listen to what i went to like and just said i got another bus in deal lucky so okay. didn't implement those people. barry, this is too little milk with those murders for this. you then, but that's what i meant to perform. but of those most possible personally for most us, for most of the 3 stick to do okay,
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what is that, that person, that's just me. most katy though, i want to serve us some time ago joe, which i persona which is company. those amigos milan taste it all this i would say from which are some which is almost a month if i place you lose. do more with i looked them up at the time and one that i see last the last in on the mac i yeah, the little yellow stock mainly based on me. no phone. i mean i'm to put some joke on the car yet either. i'm okay. yeah. do you of eco mall, molest?
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believe a little comment for the good. i'm us. did that pretty super? i'm either i spoke to our staff enough but a lot to look at me on the vehicle you can last initial moment will i can go in and it's the wilmington it's i mean more info on the school, but it also may push it on the spot and get this one which i can do. okay, got you a bunch of mrs. garrett gabrielle that sounded a joy when i started this post. thumbs up. we'll look at the example says i'll get a little chap ah boot
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variable, draw with it a little washington. why these are your weapons who destroyed is and you can't give it to weapons, and you just continue. just don't stop. with walker's court. the hague war clones, right tribunal, plenty of nato officials, military officials from united states a day in court judgment day. and they will pay for every inch of territory that's been destroyed they will have to pay
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full with and then you'll pay for a room with a with while class they're going. i me said it's a tough time when he was, but then my snowboard at that for each period we really deal with that. i wasn't really said i need to issue with the new movie just to put it there that can you more opinion give it to would you a chance? give me 3 your profile with one year and then you prescribe the annual new wasn't
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when you're 20 by 2 clients care. when i ask you and that's the yeah, the new plan with the deal. if you felt that this question i see ski with is wildly share some money, i bet that he sleeps your money. it's with fidelity to get it will be shipped off my dad's full light and you guys with football a a
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little bit more with the issue. so with that, i really feel like i've you know, what that does include, ma'am with you . i'm not your worship. your dealer dealer here that will how they deal with money. do it always tell you a little more that didn't think of a toner issue. but the issue with that point, they say awarded with
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a short pinner from english for a few cried yet i picked to saw it and we lost our can accept this, learn to care the 2001 thing. anything else have done is voluntary on no, hidden on did some of my training with the british army. not lot about that. i did know in years as a british soldier. i was a, with the 1st battalion. i must get a hold to the marines. are you currently marines, or is she still? we have more unit. i more base where we was getting catches her because i'm british i suspense for 6 weeks. literally avoiding the tanks,
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we got smashed. basically. we go, absolutely hammered in wait one day, we have people, next data with debt are saying we're sort of it. and i don't, i don't wish to say ever against are honest. i wish it would stop and some dialogue, so sorry that we can go to australia. i just wish it were to stop a worry every day obviously is petra park. so, you know, i don't want to call, i want to see more forget and i wanna live in respect to where i am, the place i'm at now. yeah. are foreign, are get fed bread and water and you know, the total co borrower named sean are treated
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with dental one. all the multiples. it's uni oh, totally. i went to the door, you're going to them. okay. phil savanna renewal, substituting grinding. nobody but i just part of the level that he thought yeah. a but the linguist stork i guess what the what you good good bar level should have. i'm playing a little need, but i would use the little bits eligibility for food sheets for how can i speak to liz? it's only gonna be me assault authority, particularly because a legal cry. now
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i'm going to sleep to paula story of the, you know, we're also not opinions for them. no, not a lot of the, the full way down was digitally, but the, you need to know the sticker. i and i don't want that a saudi project because i want a little more money about middle school board and all are supposed to talk like when it's 1 o'clock request and what are the public or the don't? yes. no. can you not look, what would you be? dish can put it on a lot of articles. i. one of them will be money, political, mental, or did you want to start a new normal way to really la shawna lee center are going to put a much out of the beta was going to close. the ticket video was paula no cover. a lot of that one or candle somebody what the noise from and getting away
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a brenda request of the owner. little comments at the school as the cousin center. probably me the official with us going to the year 2 more last year, a year a year now. so we're often at all for center for little a little trickles got to finish with a while yet. little mini police on the 8th. that saw her cuz i'm here with no boston stuff to do to what about a, a b
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which was done very door. but i'm all that up, you hold on a, do me look really g, jonathan mcqueen, the condo, then too much, he'll kill mantle that i want him to come in to do a lot of the football, electrical. and that's all that i didn't get huge order. me all then give me that she did, she will not until about, well not by is a give a gift further just call or greenfield, bringing it up with a little bit of a formula to an audio book as one of the one door wondering visit one is about so do you want to forget about the well for 2 to one of us all,
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but let me do a a with a lanka has become the southeast asian country in 2022, unable to pay its foreign debt. this total is $51000000000.00 you went during the reading phase, such a economic challenge. a linda with the sanctions imposed by western countries against russia had brought this island nation to its me. oil prices of skyrocketed as
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a petrol medicine and food for the laser brice, as walnut, who on the status on my families out with some up with the one thousands of people took to the streets. and this is just the beginning. a similar scenario could unfolding bangladesh. nick o august on, and other asian countries in africa. media medical school it over in district on spending some 3rd year, which was put in your books for your own, you with
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aah! alone but i will live with him. so they don't have to see him, but then the, the vs. you can get on the windows
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let's go to the back. but i suppose put us in a minute and you know, my number is big enough for making the pin thread, comb or tardy or color sort of thing. go sequence. i think one of your men listed on their phone 4 boxes or whether the problem on the left is more than a 1000000 and guardian loans are going to come up with this idea that they're motivated. what we're not
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picking which is going to let them so not be a big need to do if this were a bit. oh you oh no, that is listed of them. one. okay, then the total medical care. so i might be bad with that. i wanna let them know when i get done, whether it's been a girl, so it's been a good, a lot of people i feel so what i'm gonna feel portal and that'll be as well. okay. i, i got like with the little dentist about that. yeah. okay. good ma'am. good. awesome. k, i think calling to see how the them up with
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you. okay. with the visuals wilson with looking with lisa for the the last has put the that is not the from the lawyer we bought it in. can we buy the summer? oh no, no. so that almost almost deal with i'm there you go. oh no, it's a good one. well, how would i could l k put this together? can the i, laura mitchell must last feel badly than a with
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with she was a human not just so new with
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a, with a skinny night. but they understood that. oh shit that the family violence so that they're doing that. but that was the ideal set. newman, hide you seeking it from bully? well, yeah, yeah. i think my love of she'll be to melissa leslie pink, but yes, i don't know. we'll say, come in, it's a 100. it's marla. i need them to call up with you with the w a because the life still by the thing is that they're easier to say. yeah, yeah. there was, you're past that there was a 1000000 there yesterday with the lady nasha,
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but less if you got enough effect, kill us if i but then you mute but. but you got put in. um. yeah. could you had left? his name is cynthia gardener. and michelle bullock address of but val, during evening the difference over them with escalate. he felt that they're with us when he said that the healing conference for that may be filing if the sticker willis thrust number look i guess not for you to la. he had benefit enough that you had here by be in there yet, the piano bill of the whole number lot which you but i business for has be live or shame it then you do it then, you know dick up more than a funny i to all core and oblivious of then you got more that i could open that i am with ah, with
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there if you could just go home, we shall see when you go to school with a book. if someone, you course force you to what sort of somebody that they might need. sure. i think the way she this, even with them, with the, with student routine or ferguson lower who took the road from there were sure the slow too early here. they did pursue the geometry for you, for your little vote in the school for with us. and those are 2 more. what do you do do is to mr. brought to georgia, choose do it. future trooper
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with that morning a will. hi barbara. how are you?
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a new speaker with how long you live here with major, enjoy life mind too much. do a lot and what's amazing, you know, people think, you know, shaq your issue. thank you for coming to know that the here is a share. well, you guys have to hear the kids who continue to go to school, to teachers who continue to teach, while bobs are full and you heard them this morning, right. and so to continue with life, you are that you're not just to be a part of ah, the special operations right now is truly it is incredibly brilliant.
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we're gonna finish this one, couple of months. okay. how long was american have canister? they couldn't do it. how long was about, can vietnam? did do you cleaned? legal can use it badly after this data will collapse later will be destroyed. ah, there's our flag. the russian flag is way we have liberated mario so we will have
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a free world. peaceful everything will be rebuilt. ah, to ah, who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today rush or is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it? and number those constantly growing a list of course, it's becoming the most you mind the we're, we're banding all in ports of russian oil and gas, new g i. g 's with joe by imposing these sanctions on
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russia has destroyed the american economy. so there is a boomerang with civilian casualties mount in the dom bus, a 10 year old girl is killed by ukrainian shelling and a residential area of done yet. a warning the following footage is distress a . 7 you case daily mirror, a newspaper has apparently published a fake article blaming russia for shelling and done yes of despite the city being under version control and local officials claiming the attack on clear ukrainian officials confirm that some of the military aid provided to the country.


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