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tv   News  RT  July 6, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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and are you willing to sacrifice for such an order? have you ever been asked to vote for the liberal order? it would seem the liberal order is an ideology of the lease by the elite for the lease. with this ours headline stories, the european parliament box that proposal to us gas and nuclear energy to the use list of climate friendly sources. that's out there, blocks energy prices, then the electricity prices storing to all time with has done yet again comes under. heavy shelling from the ukranian are made for the u. k. steel murders, paper claims moscow for it. despite the city being under the control of russian met with being cheap, their objectives are safety. out of the bottles of an rti,
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cru films russian helicopter is striking, ukrainian military positions on the front lines. the russian made forces continue there at south west with a canadian cultural event, dropped plans to screen a new documentary. all of our grades from the country. the indian community over the phone makers come through personal poster of a hindu goddess smoking a cigarette with wherever you're catching the program from today. welcome to moscow into the global news update on our t. my name's unanimity. the european parliament has rubber stamped and e u proposal to add gal sun nuclear power plants to the blocks list of climate friendly energy sources. it'll enable investments in the sectors to be labeled as green from the start of next year. as the commission believes, there is a role for private investment in gas and nuclear activities in the green transition
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. it has proposed the classification of certain fossil gas and nuclear energy activities as transitional activities contributing to climate change mitigation off the car. i feel badly for environmentalists at this point. they must feel so gas slit right now. i mean at this rate by next week, smokestacks are going to be deemed green energy. could you imagine being in environmentalists today and being in a conversation with the leadership of the european union and trying to argue that gas fossil fuels are bad for the environment and suddenly they're telling you in some cask i ask logic that no, actually they're not the european union is officially just move the goal posts on what constitutes green energy voting today in brussels, to label these investments in gas and nuclear energy as green. and it seems that just yesterday, germany was pushing to accelerate its renewable energy expansion to 80 percent of the country's power mixed by the year 2030 and the conflict in ukraine. only major
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music army minister, robert havoc, double down on that promise. on the one hand, the climate crisis is coming to a head. on the other hand, rushes invasion shows how important it is to face out fossil fuels and promote the expansion of renewables. you see, but that was before the impact of the new sanctions on their own gas supply from russia sent its members state, scrambling for whatever energy it could get its hands on even if it meant reverting to dirty. cool. in germany's case all while pretending that it wouldn't dent it's green goals. france was also feeling the heat from environmentalists over its nuclear power plants which were neglected and allowed to corrode. with a view of, you know, phasing them out and shutting them down to replace them with greener, renewable energy. but then french president manual and my call took a 1st step towards reverting back to france's bread and butter. and he solved the
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country's nuclear image problem earlier this year. by successfully you lobbying the european commission to draft a proposal labeling nuclear energy as green. just in time for my call to promote a new french nuclear when a sauce in his re election campaign. so you see what was dirty is now magically clean and what was the past is now the future all with just the simple stroke of pen. so move over when males in solar panels, the future of sustainable clean energy is natural gas, fossil fuel, and nuclear reactors. in what's clearly a triumph of pragmatism over ideology, as berlin, paris, and other european capital struggle to replace russian gas while steering down a winter of potential energy shortages all bets are off. so you know, sorry, environmentalists that you no longer has the luxury of fussing around with wall
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paper while the house is burning down. less movable now to the latest from the conflict in done baths where ukrainian trips continue to shell than yet to city and it's outskirts. this eye witness footage shows a blaze softer strikes, hit the city. it comes as the civilian death toll has been rising steadily in the done yet republic. over the past number of days, that's up to russian lead forces took control over the neighboring loop, ganske republic. on tuesday, ukrainian shelling left at least 3 people dead, including a 10 year old girl. meanwhile, an article headlined russia in blitz on done yet has been published by the daily mirror newspaper. it shows smoke rising on the dunbar city skyline, claiming it was the result of russian bombardment dots despite done yet be un under the control of russian lead forces and its citizens having to live through shelling
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from kiev forces for several years. the photo that accompany the outlet story featured a building sized honor reading. we are russian don bus, but that message appeared lost in translation by those writing the story. russia stopped up to mother said western countries need to be aware of the fact that they're continuing supply of weapons are being used in attacks on civilians. loosely quote a route, well, in short, they are lying. the facts, well known our defense minutes to present them on a daily basis. but western countries, of course, must be aware of their responsibility regardless of water. and how is lindsey and his team wants to interpret what's going on. the west must be aware of its responsibility for the deaths of civilians primarily in the dumbass, but also in other parts of ukraine where the regime uses west and weapons against civilians in order to terrorize them, they said state terrorism where we have contacted the daily mirror for comments and will bring you any response. if one comes. my colleague peter scott,
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spoke with serbian american journalist on his story and no bush mileage who pointed out the daily as far from the only eisler to have published inaccurate stories during the complex that i saw the photo of the actual city of don. yes, be under fire and thought, wait a minute, something doesn't add up here. and as it turns out, it was, it was actually somebody had put up a picture of the city of don. yes. and claimed it was russian showing that hit it. and that is just an egregious li, gross, factual error, a crime against journalism if there ever was any. it's not the 1st time that something like this happened earlier on during the, during the ukrainian showing of donna city proper by touching rockets. a number of western outlets made the same mistake. so this was russia showing and the ukrainian government actually said, you know, these are, are people getting killed the know? yes. but obviously it was ukrainian government showing them do you expect to the mirror will publish a correction for the depart mistake if they do,
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nobody will bother reading it, but i doubt they will because it's one of those. oh, well, it's just, you know, an anti rushing slander. if you do that it, that's everything is permitted. if you're under the right side of history. so i don't think they're going to issue a correction. i think it's fair to say that russia has been given a bad rap in the press even before the conflicts in ukraine, fairly or unfairly. but do you think the readers should be given more context on the background of this conflict? absolutely, but i wouldn't put it in the hands of the current western corporate and state funded pressed do that because all they're going to do is serve them, i'm sorry, but a served him a pack of lies. i haven't seen demon ization like this since the 900 ninety's in the western press directed against the serbs in yugoslavia. literally in their eyes, russia can do nothing can do no. right. and, and the ukranian government can do no wrong and that's just appalling. i would normally urge people to check a variety of sources and go with the sources that have, have
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a proven track record. unfortunately, western governments have literally band of almost all media that, that don't report in line with their political perspective. ok, another midweek, news lied to bring you the russian defense ministry. i said it's are a force us destroyed to us made. hi maurice rocket launchers in ukraine. the ministry also came to warehouses with munition for and those weapons were destroyed . the long range systems being tied, it was a game changer for kids forced by the us who delivered the weapons recently rushes m o. d also said the ukrainian radar station for guiding anti or missile systems was destroyed along with a base housing merchant marines after russian lead force to secure the last ukranian stronghold in the region of the weekend. there now reportedly advancing west. you can see here the city of subversive, where a fortified area under euclidean control is located. as russian troops moved
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forward, the ukrainian leadership has admitted their troops hub, lost control over a number of talents on the way to the 1st, or senior correspondent morocco. the reports from the frontline, after the liberation of lucy, chanced, a city of a quarter of a 1000000 people. the battle has moved westwards. out there in the distance law rush and helicopters, 2 of them they were always flying in, bears that even in trios were very close to shed ask, which is where ah ukrainian nationalists, the ukrainian military is making a stand after retreating from the city of niecy chance about 7 or 8 kilometers over there, and the distance is the least chance, all refinery, as you can see by, by over all the plumes of smoke rising from there. that is where most of the action is, is situated at the moment. as you can see, the helicopters over there,
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while camber mans filming, as we speak, flying relatively high, so they must feel comfortable that enemy add the fences in this sector have been suppressed. lease is what is called close air support. helicopters launching salvoes of rockets its enemy positions before diving back towards the ground while deploying flesh to throw off any heat seeking missiles fog at them. this particular group of helicopters circled back behind us. as you can see, the helicopters just why does have a good having achieved their objectives are safely out of the battle zone. but again, this, this concludes, they not 4 of them. in fact, all i really
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like this. we usually see them in tears for together. well, this is rare despite the thousands of anti aircraft systems supplied by nate who states the key of ukrainian forces have been unable to close the skies to russian helicopters and jetson cruise missiles. ah, more than that, ukraine has stepped up its use of rocky thought hillary to deploy band had g personnel mines, which it had promised the international community it had destroyed years ago. when you go to court, we are not far from the city of severs right now, and we have repeatedly observed how the ukrainians are deploying band anti personnel mines, mostly in fields on roads, highways,
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and on approaches to cities. ukraine understands well the deteriorating conditions of the front lines, casualties of up to a 1000 wounded and killed, but they are catching up. just this week. ukrainian officials announced that women now faced the draft and all to plan to forbid military aged men from leaving their home provinces to prevent them from dodging the draft all showing how far he had this prepared to go to make sure that it has enough bodies to feed, it's war machine more i'd guess the of our t from the loo ganske people's republic. with the pro key f canadian fighter beaten in battle, play twitter. 120000 people were following him on the social network thinking is the real deal only to find out. he was
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a thing with the guns and equipment. he was posing with all replica, is a constant, been deleted, and you can read more about that story on our teeth. got the supreme court, all the west african nation of guinea. bizarre has overturned the convictions of 2 men that were charged in the country's biggest narcotic seizure. the court find the evidence presented could not support the guilty verdict handed down earlier. now in 2020 the accused drug lords won a columbia national and the other a local were sentenced to 16 years in prison. following the largest ever drug seizure in the country of almost 2 tons of cocaine, hidden in sacks of flour, the country had been labeled africa's 1st norco state by the u. n. in 2013 due to its heavy involvement in drug trafficking. several groups in guinea, bizarre slammed the courts latest decision saying it undermines the credibility of legal institutions in the country. the court was hostage to organized crime. the
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ruling jeopardize his efforts to combat transnational organized crime and discredits the country's image and credibility. colombian drug dealers use guinea bessalo as a transit point for shipping cocaine from south america to europe, using ships and planes to smuggle the drugs into the country. they then repacked the cocaine into smaller bundles and transported through the sahara to morocco. after that, the narcotics finds its way to spain with migrants transporting the drug. in their stomachs will senior researcher out the south african institute of international affirm gustavo de co volusia guinea, beside faces serious challenges, trying to stop being a focal point for the drug trade. the recent development you never saw show much of a problem than just that issue of drug trafficking, but rather systemic problem in the country, having a strong judiciary and having strong law in government systems that enable the
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states to actually deal with. so some of the 30, the reasons overturn all of 2019 decision show. some of these challenges, i think presidency circle has to be made and hasn't made some of the promise to increase electric pain around the tasking. but it's facing many challenges around the she have an effect of security sector reform that effectively deal with the culture and all of the many islands that exist outside of the country. and making sure that the country stops becoming or ment remaining as a transit point for drugs that are coming from latin america, you're getting reliable data in terms of what it actually happening on the ground becomes very difficult to just came from from, from a period and so when, when you're off those questions or when you're trying to get the data is really hard, which makes it even more difficult considering the fact that the united nations
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office for drugs and crime which principal should be working on some of those matters, is working with our base from each other. so we still have a process of ensuring the metadata regional taylor will allow us not only to get a better sense of what it's happening, but also using the data public policy and international responses towards the problem tracking crime in the gym more largely not his story. starting to generate a lot of interest, the curtain has been brought on on plans to show a new documentary on canadian cultural festival. that's after the filmmaker behind it sparked outrage among the countries hindu community. by showcasing a poster from the film depicting a goddess smoking a cigarette. ortiz runjun sharma picks up the story for us. creative exploration or a diversity re, it's a multi culturalism. that's what all the new culture project cold under the tent in
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canada. but i've seen someone wants the event to be set under the carpet. this off to one of the participants decided that some red lines when it comes to tolerance, are absolutely fine to cross full me call lee. now, money maker lay shad online bookstore or documentary film, depicting if you move, smoking is cigarette and being an energy bt flag. the move trigger massive public outrage and quickly led to half tied lena money make a light trending on to tap in the room. scream of that, the bull mika house hurts their religious sentiments. her team really just sentiments of hinges, by depicted, hint, goddesses, subjection, numbly, lena, money, macaulay, giving you 12 hours to tender, unconditional apology, or else legal actions will be initiated against you and your entire team. your twit
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is archived, so don't try to deleted. this is deliberately hurting the sentiments of hinder devotee's. freedom of speech doesn't mean the one can cross the line and show anything and the grab of creativity. how can this be allowed to even release on digital platforms? kindly taking note the controller with 0 through a danger all the india high commission, which asked canadian authorities to rules the prerogative material, saying that they received complaints from the leaders of the hindu community in canada. a country which is home to half of media in those high commission of india in auto urge canadian authorities and event organizes to withdraw all provocative material. after receiving complaints from canada's hindu community, leaders about the disrespectful depiction of hindu gods in assume poster at org, con, museum, toronto, and macklin. there are 2 leads departments or even 5 charges against the full
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meager you p police register. first information reports on charges of criminal conspiracy, offence in place of worship, deliberately hurting religious sentiments. intention to provoke breach of peace against filmmaker, lena mon, imaquele. i for her movie, carly, about disrespectful depiction of hindu gods. in a recent interview might make a said that her movie was around the events that day. one evening when he got it appeals as to the streets or toronto, she also said that people could deciding and protesting the post if watched them. we would then quickly be rushing to change the hash tag from a rescue enough to love enough, you know, ordinary time for people still may have gone unnoticed. right now, if you do know that after the scandal, when it's both, both of the willing party insulted the prophet muhammad,
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leading to angry protest and killing off 2 men in the country in the state. enough is enough. and it comes to take them to berkeley with their religion and some news of some big deals and the food markets to bring you russia has become the number one grain exported to egypt and it's also signed new contracts with turkey. the announcements came during a meeting between 2 of them are putting on the head of the countries national grain company. lastly, vanessa. my main export client is egypt into agricultural seasons. we took 1st place among russian exporters exporting 1500000 tons of wheat. we're still actively switching to payment to national currency with our partners from friendly countries . so we've already concluded several contracts with turkish partners. the last of them in march of this year, payment will be made in roubles. the total amount will be $3000000000.00 roubles on us or from russian relations. historically, you have always been very strong economically, bilateral 3,
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the jump just last year to 5.7. oh, $4700000000.00 was to be point to a full point. b, us now the term liberal world order is often heard, but just who's in it? who runs it and where are we ever asked to vote for them to coastal against the grips with ah
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ah, lou to no one? no, no, no. hon. hello job. no, no. what go more shrill than what they should end up? unit 73. 1 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. drill um, you know, took production issue or should go though, did that. they're not good. kildrick underneath sunny laguna rochelle.
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he unmoved monica. she knew margaret thought this meant union from all one of up on there and i thought though, myself, i mean, i thought on monday, so i wish to know about doing. oh no, i know you guys are more pushed in jail it's. i had to put a couch that's going to go on what the the well, she my new on it. i'm all i can send more a year. you're not, i'm all put them out that they give us a call with with,
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with you. i'm with with with wage and still would you cause to play political couldn't get to boot from beach but still easier for this patient, but in the board with it,
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there was a the me well joe middle alex, she's just see i'm gonna let him know. but i just want to talk and then whether it's real name is logical, as was good enough to rich, who else could or which yeah, it public is. database number is enough. okay. that make. he says i had to put him easiest solution to that season. now she did the way revealing autism or is it the way it was?
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yes, it just had to go to another bus and deal this wouldn't have happened if natal vida didn't push this agenda, this was because on the other she said what about a good way to get anyone up? what was it was put? it's ok to film to stay with the general, but ah ah
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hello and welcome to cross not we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle. what is the liberal world order? is it some kind of value we're supposed to believe in who benefits from the liberal order? and are you willing to sacrifice for such an order? have you ever been asked to vote for the liberal order? it would seem the liberal order is an ideology of a leech by the elite for the leads ah cross sucking the liberal order. i'm joined by my guest, matthew eric in montreal. he's a senior fellow at the american university of moscow and director of rising tide foundation of canada in chicago. we have caleb mauppin. he is a journalist and political analyst. and in brittany we have john, rick mall. he is a political commentator. all right, gentlemen, cross our girls in effect, that means you can jump any time you want. and i always appreciate kayla only are you 1st in chicago. what, what do you understand by the term liberal order and considering your understanding
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of it? are you willing to sacrifice for it? go right ahead. well, they have a lot of different euphemisms they use. they talk about the rules based global order. they talk about the open the international system. i think that's how ann marie slaughter, one of the ideologues that hillary clinton's state department put it. but essentially what they're referring to is a global financial system, a free trade neoliberalism, the domination of the world by a few banks and corporations based on wall street and in london. and that is really what exists and what they are defending and their war is around the planet lennon called in imperialism the highest stage of capitalism, capitalism and its monopoly stage, where a few banks and corporations keep themselves wealthy by making the world for a holding back. economic development, and i think that's really what the issue here. i mean, you recall the back in the 1990 s. when boris yeltsin was wracking, the economy of russia,
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russia was impoverished. the usa loved the russian government and one russia restored it's economic strength and booth and came in and built up gas from and ross, now state run energy corporations rebooted, the russian economy. suddenly we started hearing about how russia is a threat. russia is a problem. rush is a threat to the so called liberal order, you know, in china was the sick man of asia. they had no problem with it. now china is building up and building better cell phones and united states. and when american manufacturers exploring more steel and so suddenly now that china's competitor are a threat to the so called liberal order. and i mean, this is really the domination of the world by banks and corporations done in the name of this open international system liberal order, open societies. george soros refers to it. that's what we're dealing with here. ok, let's go to matthew. in montreal, we have obviously comes from the left to progressive left. he's a good friend of mine and a good friend of the program. but matthew year, not of the plan of the left. neither am i. how do you understand the liberal order go ahead.


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