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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 13, 2022 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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ah ah ah, during the 2nd well, when nazi occupied, poland, virginia was a farming region today as part of ukraine between 19431945 members of the ukrainian insurgent army, led by stepan. bandera. nasa could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the murders were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted. the valinda massacre is without doubt, one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. my al ukrainian politician, still reluctant to talk about these events, how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past. and why does the memory of aline, us to divide people ah,
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[000:00:00;00] with hello and welcome to cross stock, were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle, the u. s. foreign policy head joseph burrell lament the wes has failed to win the battle of narratives when it comes to the ukraine. well, that's not the only battle of narratives. the west is losing. the entire neo liberal project is being called into question. it's legitimacy, quickly eroding. ah, cross talking crisis of legitimacy. i'm joined by my guess arthur clear o in toronto. he's a liberty advocate and a freelance editor in ossining. we have dawned bar. he is a political commentator, an analyst, and obey route we crossed to marla, osman, she is
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a university sure. and a political commentator or a crosswalk rules and the fact that means you can jump in any time you want. and i always appreciate it's gotta be rude. first. i marveled at the blog the barrel likes to write every single day about his travails and foreign policy representing the e. u. and he lamented that you know their narrative on ukraine. they can't get the global south on board. what's wrong with these people? and it is, it's really quite amazing how he is a prisoner of his own ideology and in the same applies to western leads. i mean, the, the, the, the fort, the, their former colonies won't get on board and it's really truly extraordinary how out of touch these people are going to talk about domestic issues in the west. but i'm, i want to start out with foreign policy. why can't you people get on board with your old colonial masters? go ahead and route. well, we are being bombed with the same weapons that they are sending to ukraine for its freedom and democracy based. they tried a foreign policy of so called freedom and democracy,
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which is basically the foreign policy of hijacking resources from the global south ever since they took over from great britain. ever since we've gone from being colonized by britain to colonized by the french and then colonized by and then i states of america so been bombed by them, sanctioned by them. they've been helping everyone. and anyone who can basically put a hand on us and maybe steal our resources and prevent us from having a say and self determination in our own countries in the global south. so why should we trust their propaganda and their media machine against russia when we have seen since 2014, how don boss, how the one sent and i, and they did the rest of the eastern part of ukraine being bombed into oblivion. and children's being killed, families being torn apart by the same western machine that's killed us before and colonized us before. why should we leave them? i pretty much believe that there contin has failed. and there
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a contempt against the global south is funny and, and is it, is it, it's also to be honest with you. some sort of a project does against us, holds them in an exceptional or a self implemented exception. low position, which is the use of usual, maybe us and, and western exceptionalism and hierarchy that they believe they have over the rest of the world specially the global south. and we should just follow suit. i don't think that's the case and it will but south, we already have our own problems. but at the same time, we are very well aware that this campaign will not stop at ukraine or russia. it will move on. it will touch us again. but the sand will be well ready and prepared for it. yeah, basically the same question here. arthur, in toronto, i mean the, the, the at the g 20 web which is the g 7 countries in the g 20. what hijacked it. and basically, to paralyze the torpedo its proceedings and saying, you know, they have to talk about ukraine sovereignty. but, you know,
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they don't want to respect the sovereignty of the global south. i mean, they have sovereign decisions to make her foreign policy. but there's a no, you cannot do that. i mean, it's just rank hypocrisy and they can't even see it go ahead. arthur in toronto, while it's a concept that some people have term, the vision of the anointed. right. they have this idea of where things should be and i know we've discussed this before on the show as well. and so disconnected from even their own populations that you have people here in the west who are waking up every single day and wondering what's going on because they're having to the same exact, almost exact same policies directed towards them as well. it's as top down kind of tyrannical. you do this or else way of approaching policy. yeah. you know, done in a, in the, in the same vein here. i mean, in browse famous a blog. i mean, i hear he can speak 5 languages, but every time i hear him speak, it's gibberish is blaming, are russia for all of the the problems with of food insecurity. but it's the
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sanctions, but he a paragraph, have it but it's not the same. it's not the same as, but it is the sanctions. why you talking about it so much? if it isn't western sanctions, i mean the sanction secondary sanctions, nobody was, you know, used to be the enemy was the department of defense. it's the u. s. department of treasury, it's the true enemy right now. so you know, why should anybody touch this? nobody wants to be punished for it. ok. and what did it end? because of this process here, people going to flee the dollars are going to flee. all of this new trade relations they, they, they don't need to put up with this nonsense that lecturing from the g 7 within the g 20 go ahead. done 1st of all to just get a little framing with reality around that issue. last year and $9000000.00 plus people died of starvation in the world. the year before, $9000000.00 plus people died of starvation in the world, the year before, et cetera, et cetera. largely, this is a result of u. s. foreign policy had nothing to do with russia. vladimir putin,
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a little fairy dust, angels fly round or, or anything else. or this is a result of the united states, in essence, sucking the resources out of much of the world at gunpoint. if you take a look at germany, it's still occupied by the united states military. japan. ok? now we're still occupied korea still occupied under the original japanese occupation it around the world. you have this, you have, it is a new occupation of africa. the a product of barack obama joe biden is no re clinton with africa, south tom, in latin america. and by the way, in terms of sovereignty, i don't know how black can, can utter these words. what's the monroe doctrine, as he repudiating that? it's actually a good it arthur, you know, the, the whole issue of sovereignty in the, in the rules based or just, you know, and aside do you know what rules based order means? i'm i almost every single program i have i,
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i do this really quick quiz. what is the rules based order? because i can't find any coherent definition for it. arthur, do you have one? i don't, i don't have one. i would love to hear one morrow and just since we will go round real quick, do you know what the rules base order is? i think it's the cia guidelines that they put for, for all the colonies that they think that they run and were supposed to just abide by them and say yes master. yes, but this is not happening any time soon. i mean the u. s. has been going on for 7 illegal wars all across the world since 2011 and no one has said anything about it . they've been bombing them and they have clicks on it, put on the ground in syria, and the eastern part of their freight is looting. syrian what i thought we are looking bar. what morrow toil, just get real quick, quick check here. i mean, in saudi arabia's attacking one of the poorest countries world. that's where the, where the any sanctions i, if there were, i didn't hear about it. he gave them the highest position in the human rights
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council. they are audacious that no self respect, nor dignity. while they were bombing weddings and funeral processions in some art and elsewhere in yemen, c, b is taking them of sutter india was given on it silver. later you highest a position in human rights council. what human rights have they figured out lately that they have killed more than $52.00 under aged personnel who they are rested with, with their in, within the age of 9 years old to 15 years old. they stayed more than 10 years in prison and then they were executed for no reason other than having a political voice. other than that incremental genocide in yemen, killing people without any a self defense, people having bomb school on their hats, bombing the same areas more than 15 times in less than 2 year. it's crazy and i know what people know, nothing about it. how the, i'll tell you how they're going to be rewarded, because by the administration is going to drop any kind of arms embargo against saudi arabia. that's their reward here. don, i don't want to leave you out on the cold here rules vase order because when blake
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and says that i always ask for a translator because i don't know what he's talking about. done. the rules are based on our orders. that's what it means. i've never had such short hands. it's for a blanket affair or i will go back to the arthur. i mean, one of the things i would posit isn't the global south, not only do they not respect the west anymore because of its ridiculous ideological pronouncements, but they're not afraid of the west anymore. this is a tipping point. go ahead in toronto and there are a few reasons for that. one of them is that the west has spent the last decade or so undermining itself to itself. yeah. that can help anyone spacing it much less. i mean, not, not its own people, not the people they're trying to impress around the world of the west has an issue of not creating win win situations where the people they work with. that's all, that's all me come back and buy you and then secondly, they have this hubris under which they act where they,
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they find that agenda that they feel is important and they pushed towards it almost blind to any other option, option or, or anything out there and on the way towards the sorts of things now it seems to be the climate crisis thing, whether it's crane climate, whatever it is. all of these things are important. really destructive policies that are causing food shortages around the world or causing prices to rise over here in the west. big problems in a day, in town, you know, when in it one of the things you know, the g 7 ma'am. but before the g 20, and i've always done a very curious id the, the problems that they want to discuss and solve come from the g 7 itself. okay, that is the thing that, you know, no one wants to point that out. it's an inconvenient truth, but it's really true. go ahead. none. it is true. take a look at once a small slice that actually is kind of fundamental to the economies in general. and
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that is on the price of petrol in west right now. it's clear with the removal of russian oil and gas from the markets here that the entire western economy has been subsidized by russia for quite some time since that condition came into big because the removal of that subsidy has created a serious problem for every market that rests on top of it and the fundamental one itself. so what we're looking at here, i mean, look adolph hitler, a 1924 and his little jail house, home writing about the pathway to empire for germany. you know, was a ruminating over the fact that all the other colonies had been taken in the place to germany needed for raw materials. and the slave labor force was the soviet union particularly rushed. and the plan was to incite internal ethnic differences, whatever contradictions they could find, to excite them, incite out warfare inside basically a split it up into multiple,
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well that gun i have to jump in and we have to go to a break here. but it's amazing how bad ideas have an echo through history in 2022 or i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll can your discussion on the crisis of legitimacy. stay with our team. a
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with ah ah, additions to adulthood, completely new machine to restore can just look up some leveling a muscle around noon. she kitty doesn't being an exemption on a nurse to me as possible. mama cook gas gosh, sit get somebody to look at that. i put his ashy of a dc, one of the most of the biggest pieces goes down to come. you wonder, move please. this is sort of cool. jason mckee did not put the key for the chino, brian's candle for furnished or something like that. and then we are at that point, it is
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a little grain that have that ah, welcome back across stock where all things are considered on peter level to remind you we're discussing the crisis of legitimacy. ah, we can go back to baby mara. one of the things i find really disturbing and really quite dangerous in our times, is that these global leads, primarily the western elite here. they feel that they still have the right to decide the, the global agenda. now it, you know, their portion of the economy, discreet shrinking with every passing year would be the most, the most important growth areas are in the east and the global south right now. but they still, you know, they're at the adult table and everybody else is that the children's table. and that's turning into a real problem here because what we see now and ukraine is put a focus on it. but you know what? now what we're seeing is we're seeing huge populations in the world saying, no, no,
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we're not going to do it that way anymore. the problem with it is, is that the, the west with its idea ology because i believe they are so messy on it. and then their belief in themselves, they can be very dangerous as i'm what am i guess i did my program recently there in panic mode. you don't trust people that are panicking. go ahead. my one. yes. and especially that our countries are suffering as it is from either financial crisis or economic crisis or what not. but what struck you, it was really striking to me what happened less than a week ago when i read the transcript of my compare with the former secretary of state and most probably the upcoming presidential candidate and the us. when his speech at huston the, at the hudson institute, where he called it the global alliance were freedom and said that we should be defending 3 lighthouses of liberty. and these 3 lighthouses aren't on other than ukraine israel anti want. they are still building ground for attack and aggression
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against both russia and the global south added to that china. so are they are building grounds for a very, very serious world war 3 that we have never seen something like this because it's not only with weapons, it's with the economy and it's with fiber attacks as well. so what we are looking upon is people who are not only cut out from reality on the ground, especially in the global south, and with the problems that we have in the mobile cell. they are still adamant on going forth with whatever evil aggressive land that they have for us in the upcoming couple of years, less than 10 years time. so i think that they are just basically crumbling one piece at a time. but this plan, if they put it into an actual implementation, it will definitely be the last, ras, for the empire and it's western allies anywhere in the world. not only in the global so well if the past is any kind of preface for the future borrower, they're going to fail because he can't think of that success or
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a very long time ago. and depending on how we define it or arthur or, you know, we can focus it a little bit on domestic politics or in canada, in north america, in general. what i find really remarkable in looking at public opinion polls, when you ask the leads, what's important to them. um, a woke ism of the environment, climate change and i, which i'm, i'm not getting completely dismiss all of them out of hand. but if you ask average people, they have a totally different list of things that are, they're interested in, you, the elite want to drive something. you know, it's like, you know, you know, get an electric car. well, you know, what, if you're a wait, you know, an hourly wage earner, i mean, what is an electric car cost like $6080000.00? i mean, they, these people don't know what the price of a, of a leader of gasoline is. they don't know what the price of bread is and, but they're the ones to decide what the agenda is and i, and, and, you know, when we look with it, when you have inflation, that's the one thing that everybody feels, even if you're rich because actually inflation is
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a really good for rich people because you can pay your dead caesar. yeah, that's how they know inflation is there, but it's a good thing for them for the rest of it us. it's awful. go ahead, arthur. yeah, well it's funny cuz it's like you said, there's this, there's a crisis where the urgent know is, is wonderful for them. it's almost the worst thing possible for everyone else where where else it's high prices, food, high price for gas, high prices for, for property, for everything. and this has been going on for about 20 years. it's not a r. yep. it's not new. think although it is escalated by leaps mound or the last 2, and that again goes back to their, their policy making ability and their decision making, which again is very ideologically possessed. it's, it's almost like a new form of life sank hoisin, where it's like, i have this, this, this ideology, this needs to be implemented everywhere. and no matter what the consequences come to the good and if you don't think it's good or if it hurts you well,
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that sucks. you can keep your mouth shut because it's gonna be good regardless. no that mccleary, but they've done that dovetails very well. i'm really glad that arthur said that because that really dovetailed into this cancelled culture thing. i mean, the 1st of all these leads push policies that do not negatively impact them in negative impacts us. and if you complain about it, then you get cancelled for it. okay, i mean, not only do these people not believe in democracy, do not believe in freedom of speech. ok, and this is what makes them very dangerous and it's turned them, i think this neoliberalism into a dangerous cult. done, you know, gives the lie. the idea that you can reform the system, 1st of where you go look at the tax rate for eisenhower period. now from f d r a, down to j f k, a number of markers you how many union members there were wages, you know, against the total economy, et cetera. how much had been won. but power wasn't take it. power remained in the
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hands of the people who hold it now in essence. and as soon as they decided now we don't want that anymore, was gone on. the problem now with we're looking at it immediately is 40 or 45 or 50 years was therapy program, really ronald reagan, so 42 years at least. and then carter before that the catastrophe of that economy. you know, we've seen people rising up 1st in seattle and 1999 and then in 2011 with occupy wall street. and then in the 2016 election with the rise of both trump and bernie sanders. you know, these were all marked also with polling data that showed a loss legitimacy of the institutional structure of the, of this country. and consequently, since, you know, much of the rest of the west rests upon this structure here of those, the entire empire. and we saw that with brags it, and there's a movement for friends in the yellow vest across europe. and also in japan and korea, that there's
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a deep dissatisfaction with the existing situation. and rather than try to address the needs and do something in a keynesian fashion or some other way of buying some piece, they think that with censorship and with more and more aggressive social, which is castle culture and even a military activity, for example, ukraine, that they can force a continuing increase of resources into their hands, just a compliant population and it's not going to work. it explodes every time it's been tried and human history. you know, morrow i the thank you. we couldn't agree more because you have been going to have the same thing that, that your guest was saying, look at lebanon, and now the dispute between lebanon in israel, over our territorial waters, and our gas and oil in cat, each offshore oil field, where the americans are supposedly the mediators between us and our zionist enemy, and they wanted to rip us off from the resources that could and was probably will,
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and the financial crisis and lebanon. look what they did to libya by taking out gadhafi at the moment. he suggested that there will be an african union at something similar to united states of africa. they took him out because of all the gold that he has because of the, all, the, all the oil that libya has look at syria. they began all this global war against europe, bringing 82 countries for some sort of a global coalition against vash, which they created. and they are still funding specially in unbar province now in iraq. look what they did to syria. and now when everyone is in crumbles economically, they cannot continue imposing their foreign policy on us because we have nothing else to lose. we have lost everything, went by them, is coming to the region and he has a plan to promote what heat and a things mess. so which is the middle east alliance which at the middle east strategic alliance led by israel in a world that is now turning around against the u. s. and israel itself because of all the atrocities it's committing and found sign. and it's attempt to steal our worth if resources,
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whether water from jordan oil from syria and oil and gas from them on it's not working. or it's their own benefit right now. and we, the people have nothing else to lose and we will stand by this and we will not allow them to keep on stealing our lifeline. yes, here, but more way it's all for it's all for democracy. remember that, don't forget, it's all about democracy. but that's what, that's it, and that's why i think i, that's one of the signing by a believe and that we have democracy. so you're here in the shambles. country 11 on more than the u. s. will ever have on its slanting, you know, arthur, you know, it for a issue that we have already brought up here. but one of the big, you know, don, gave us a good the timeline about how things have changed. power relation wise. but it's the media is one of the most disgraceful institutions that we have right now. the program you're on right now is completely deleted from you tube. okay. no reason given. i don't know why. i don't know what rules. ok, their rules based order, but say it's, this is the,
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it's this fear of media that they're so terrified of because they talk about misinformation. but really what they're afraid of arthur is information they're in their rate of people giving others information. go ahead less because if you have the accurate information you need, if you have the whole picture, you're going to make the right decision regardless. and the only way you can hurt people into supporting bad decisions is by picking and choosing and giving out of context information are just not allowing the full, the full wrench be to be shown. this is the complaint so many have here in canada when archie was, was ban here. and really what we see, there's a, there's a candidate for, for conservative party leader here in canada who came from the former soviet union . and he's explicitly called canadian media on new prada, and he's just, it's, and this is the case kind of across the west where you have these agendas push and
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the media just runs interference for, for power. essentially, they are basically tools of power down. same question to you about media. go had one minute left. well, last 2 weeks ago now, i guess i had an immediate experience with the state department, the in the c a c, e, the commercial and security corporation in europe. where the discussion centered on sponsored by the state departments, the so called de colonization of russia. i saw that i saw the you with the russian federation is actually not a nation state, but rather a collection of occupied countries that need to be liberated. this is the u. s. or a government policy and we just approve the same thing about you wednesday. we've got martin. go ahead. jump in real quick. good. go ahead. marla. i could say the same thing about the u. s. army got a level of, of incompetence and ignorance, that the media in the west is stooping to his unprecedented amity. he had called me
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at iranian affiliated commune. i affiliated media. and i do mean except talk about them is that they bring out, i just bring up the light, what happens on the ground in my region i'm than i witnessed for it. and they still labeled me as someone who was affiliated to rod or how can we get to the center. oh, those are called all of us are called names, where we're all called names because we speak the truth. that's the problem here. that's all the time we have. i want to thank my guests in toronto, are sunny and in bay road. and thanks. so our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time. remember crossed up rules. ah, well, sure seemed wrong. i just don't know any world that is yet to save out disdain because the answer to an engagement equals the
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trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, during the 2nd well, when nazi occupied, poland valencia was a farming region. today, it's part of ukraine. between 19431945 members of the ukrainian insurgent army, led by step on bendara. nasa could thousands of poles and valeria in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the murders were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted. valinda massa is without doubt one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. while ukrainian politicians still reluctant to talk about these events, how to modern day ukraine and poland view,
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this tragedy of the past. and why does the memory of belinda us to divide people oh, was reason is meaningless credit and that you know, if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out in about a quarter. don't put your human symbols on display a social space each night. oh, i'm guy, so you guys don't talk to strangers. i avoid noisy gatherings and rallies, a marashi, isn't your colleagues, and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll, russian, you, much, naya already the bunch. so new off my doom, the was my,
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i'm saved it so i'd be glad to with these being the t legendary. been proposed by needful e and some she bought each specific struggle with aah, ukraine, big rich country. that's always been hand in hand with russia until recently. 2014, a qu divides ukraine and leads to fratricidal war and on


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