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a with a with loss go confirm. new strikes against military targets in ukraine, including the bases of nationalist battalions with a run. 500 troops killed that says russian lead forces advance in they've done yet spring public from pariah to partner. joe biden touches down in saudi arabia on the last leg of his 1st middle east stuart as president, hoping to persuade maria to boost oil production, the backdrop to the us being petrol prices in the u. s. reaching to record
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a new us defense bill gets the green light from congress. yet more military supplies are headed to ukraine, but come south the expense of humanitarian aid deliveries to afghanistan. and a new interim leader is appointed inter like after the president fled the country and resigned. but the economic crisis there ranges, we report from the ground with just after 8 in the evening here in the russian capital. i'm you know, neil and this is the news our on our t. we begin with the latest on the ukraine conflict. some $500.00 ukrainian troops were killed in or, and land tanks overnight, according to the russian ministry of defense.
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yet i was about to job a strike published by the m o day. it said several military assets were destroyed, including bases of ukrainian nationalist formations in the heart called region on the done yet republic. that comes and made the continuing advance of russian lead forces in dom boss, the against republic, official se ukrainian troops are starting to retreat from the key city of severs. the authorities also accuse ukraine of targeting civilian infrastructure in the city of the hun, off thing. sitting a school kindergarten and hospital, they also reiterated that kia was using us, supplied high mars missile systems in those attacks. the russian m o t also commented on thursday strike in the central ukrainian city of b nixa. the ministry say's a ukrainian military building was targeted while commanders were holding and
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meeting with foreign weapons suppliers. kiev claims most who had several buildings in the city killing 23 people. the british foreign office, south blame russia for the death of a u. k. citizen detained in the done yes. republic. the republics authorities arrested pull yury in april, accusing him of helping to hire foreign mercenaries while london and says he was a humanitarian worker. will escrow slide know to to him yet can speak to artic our sponsor remonde costs or have high their remark. dissenting viewpoints that and why this man a travel to ukraine, don boss, what more can you tell us? well, this all began on friday night, friday afternoon when the all human rights onwards woman over the next people's republic. daria morales of i issued a statement regarding the death of the british national. according to her full year, he took port in recruiting and training mercenaries for ukraine armed forces and
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that he was captured when he tried to break through one of the checkpoints of the netscape peoples republic army. now, very emeralds of are also said that british officials, including the foreign office, the embassy in moscow, and even the certain members of the british parliament were all notified about his capture. however, there had been absolutely no reaction from the u. k. now she also said that during his initial, a checkup when he was admitted to prison, here in a generic a he was diagnosed with a number of chronic illnesses. and just to tell you a, some of them are, they included insulin dependent said diabetes said damage to the respiratory system, a kidneys and a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system as well. and that information,
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according to the a human rights on was woman, was also forwarded to the officials in the united kingdom. now the next people's republic, a prosecutor's office have also confirmed that say he did indeed die from chronic illnesses. and they also shared a some of the details regarding what he was charged with in your liberal correctly then you can relate to genetic republics. prosecutor general's office is investigating the death of the detained u. k. citizen paul uri. the name of he is accused helping to recruit mercenaries according to preliminary data. his death was the result of the chronic diseases he had. he was provided with all necessary medication and was getting timely and qualified medical help if you. but i think, i think just
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a little bit of air connection issue with remodel will try and return just for the final part of her mom's piece there in just a moment. okay, still ahead in the program this hour, neutralizing the dangers r t follows russian forces us. they continue to clean up operations in the loo, guns, republic making safe or is abandoned by ukrainian flips the president biden has arrived in saudi arabia on the final leg of his middle east to know that parts of the trip has raised more than a few eyebrows after the present, previously vows to make the country a pariah over the murder of journalist jamal cas shoji. but he now calls the country a partner. let's get more on the reaction to the president's visit its course to our middle east correspondent, paul, i suppose. yeah,
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just as i went through there quite a you turn by president biden and re saudi authorities in general ticket through vase out on the trip itself. what's happening? well, it's so he is quite a, you turn by the american president joe biden. and as you quickly say, it has raised more than a few eyebrows here in the region. on friday afternoon, the american president departed from israel. he, peter ricky, to j. the in saudi arabia making him the 1st american president to make the fight. because of course not the irradiate does not recognize is role. earlier on friday the saudi government announced that it was opening. it's a space to israeli pain. so that is the 1st, the american president, the head of this visit did say that its purpose was to reset the relationships between america and saudi arabia. but as you correctly mentioned, it wasn't so long ago that he referred to saudi re, yet as a prior estate falling the 2018 killing of the saudi journalist jamal kashodi. now
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the americans have always made out that they are the bastion of human rights a day, the policeman of the world, if you like. and it was this with this in mind that joe biden had these harsh mart remarks to make about saudi arabia not such a long time ago. and i would make it very clear. we were not going to sell more weapons to them. we were going to make them pay the price, in fact, make them a pariah, that they are. there is very little social, redeeming value in the present government of saudi arabia while father making them a pariah. we nancy joe biden reaching out to the saudis in an offer of partnership and friendship. he says he seems to have turned a blind eye to be heavy criticism that washington has laid on the saudi government in the past over what it has caught it's indiscriminate activities, shootings in yemen. the americans voice criticize the saudi role in that conflict,
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and at the same time, they've turned to blind al, to saudi's track, and could get catastrophic record of human rights abuses. the question of course, is why and the answer. so he's very clear to people here in the region. it is because of oil following the russia ukraine rule. you have the americans now urgently seeking new partners to provide them with oil. so it's carrie understood that this is why joe biden is in saudi arabia, and he also wants to receive not only more supplies of oil that receive it at a cheaper price. we earlier did hear from the u. s. security advisors saying that another reason for this visit is that the americans wanted to make sure that they would be no vacuum in the middle east that would allow for russia or for china to move in. biden is slated to meet with a number of senior saudi officials, including the saudi king and the saudi crown, prince mohammed, ben, salmon, and another issue on the agenda of course, will be the formation of an axis against iran. we certainly saw that earlier when
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biden was here in israel and the palestinian territories. a lot of that discussion did revolve around iran. i must mention that there was a lot of anger on the palestinian street where i was most for friday, palestinians. they are pointing out that my biden was in israel and palestine full 3 days. he. he spent 3 hours in the palestinian city of bessy, him listening to the concerns of the palestinian so disappointment and anger following biden from israel and the palestinian territories. and it will be interesting to see what comes out if anything, from his trip and from his meetings to saudi arabia. yeah, that's a big question, isn't that what will come out of it if anything are to correspond policy or thank you for that mean? well, the by the administration is facing accusations of double standards elsewhere in the middle east. a human rights activists has slammed whitehouse plans to set up a new international committee to investigate abuses in yemen. extensively at the
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health of saudi arabia. he claims the proposed body is flawed from the start. they're working on a very, very bad mechanism that can replace that ends. first of all, the starting point is that the mandate is weak and 2nd, it is not independent at all. well, according to reports, the u. s. state department is considering including representatives from humans, presidential leadership council in the new committee, and that grouping. it's a contentious issue because it's got close ties with saudi arabia who of course, itself has been the focus of investigations of the war in yemen. and it comes as a u. s. congressional watchdog released the report last month, stating the u. s. has not fully investigated its own rule and perpetuating human rights abuses in the country. pros of also reveal up the saudi bombing campaigns in the country on the ledge war crimes were conducted with us weapons on that very point. in january this year, american weaponry was reported used in a nurse strike in yemen,
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killing at least 800 people. react is among america's biggest customers when it comes to arm seals and washington is said to be discussing, lifting a bomb on the export of offensive weapons to so to really if progress is made in ending, the human were new agreement that was being reached on not so far, you know, many journalists nasir, ought to be said, the new investigative committee won't be independent. the united states is coming to form a to create a committee. what this committee would be doing, they say that they would, there will be be, but from the bridge then shall council visit president. the residential council was made by saudi decisions. it is not independent. it is not to neutral at all. so they are saying that we want somebody to, to, to whitewash. there were crimes not to investigate to why it was that,
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that rhymes this would be if it happens, if this committee is created, it would be, i think, at this centers for their human rights in yemen and maybe in the region. yes. as we heard from our correspondent earlier, joe biden met with his palestinian counterpart in bethlehem on friday morning as part of his middle east tour. the visit to the west bank was marked by protest with demonstrators, angered by iden, support for israel. head of the white house announced hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid for palestinians of the u. s. 6th to repair relations with the state. some citizens of bethlehem that we manage to talk to feel sites that by the us despite the high profile visit on promises of economic 8. i think his visit to go to him. it's like a legit visit to the shift. you see our president, you can see a what,
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how much of the time he spent in his room and how many time he's been in all sites . in our side, he spent like just one hours. we are under triggered it before 73 years. i don't things just like this visit, we can put a successful in points and all of the situation. i don't think anything will move, you know, we've been under this tuition for nearly 70 years. we are okay, but do we need the freedom so we help. so some of our suffering guest palestinians, we should see the will, he should see how we present a check for that even he best, very free that check one not like we do. he came just so med like a beasts with another on a contract like he is flies come from here. back to. so the idea if he came to, if he came to do like an o to newbies here, you have to wor, card, or you don't talk about 2 hours or one hours here. it's not that, not enough. you know, while joe biden's press conference with the palestinian leadership wasn't without
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an awkward moment. they awaited the event. journalist bought a photo of slain al jazeera journalist, shauryn, actually on a chair or killing back in may while she was covering on this really operation in the west bank. outraged elis, indians are led to both sides in the conflict. treating blame while biden condemned the violence, the president had trouble pronouncing her name in the united states to suffer the loss as well, including the killing of sharing abo kaylee. not the us house of representatives has passed the national defense bill. bob increases washington's military help to you praying but strikes a significant blow for humanitarian aid to afghanistan. and it's big money. the bill will say, congress said a new record for the country's military budget. at $840000000000.00 novice, $37000000000.00. more by the way than president biden had even requested. the figure includes another $1000000000.00 allocated to you trade. but as we mentioned,
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the new build bonds, the defense department, from funding any transport for humanitarian aid to capital. despite some democratic party members in congress, stressing the importance of washington's health for elis, scanning on his face, and one of the most horrific him in italian crisis on the planet. we should be doing allison in our power to deliver him an italian assistance to the good people, not made this limit. indeed we can supply move comes despite the international rescue committee repeatedly warning, not the current humanitarian crisis enough. yellowstone could result in even more debts than the recent 2 decades of war in the country. some us politicians on both sides of the vital voice concern that military spending is running out of control, history and international relations, almost jamal, what he believes washington's policies towards of telephone is plunging the country into k. i believe that so the united states is deliberately doing this because it
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wants to get this done on my disability and neighboring countries, especially in central asia. this way, the united states could undermine the efforts to promote plan of road and initiative that age to boost trade in your asia. the united states is passing through crisis economic crisis. they should have spend this money on be taking that structure, decaying infrastructure. they should spend this money on development plans in the united states. sure. like as prime minister as being sworn in of being president run the la wicker missing guy has promised to restore law and order in the country after recent demonstrations on violent protest grip. the asian country on thursday. the resignation of president got to buy a raja pac was officially confirmed by the government. as
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a newsgroups master celebrations erupted across the country. earlier in the week, the presidential residents will storm by protestors who blamed him for the country's economic and pollution. roger box f fled the country, eventually turning up and singapore from where he finally offered to spend on new presidential elections will be held in parliament next week. despite many sure, lincoln's hoping a new, brighter chapter as a head. the countries still faces the whole host of crises including a severe fuel shortage. our t correspond, runjun sharma picks up the story. these 2 with 3 me. why did
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i monday morning. critical. i don't know. many people are seen leaving night, and i mean, if not now with saw gone with all the people a long time will come to an end. what's going on? yeah. and in africa, of course, energy food crisis, they are raging. there are 2 with more than 2000000 people facing acute hunger in come a ruin. that's the emitter brewing shortage of fuel in the country. flooded shows driver is chewing a petrol station. some have been waiting for days. the government's not pumping money into the market to bring price is done. despite the international monetary fund,
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opposing state subsidies on feel local say the situation income is becoming desperate . i'm here to find diesel for my vehicle, which has been poked at home for 3 days. and wanted to bring my mother to the hospital, but there is no way because of lack of fuel. i've been lined up here since this morning at 7 am. unfortunately, they haven't increased the price. we're forced to take the fuel and leaders to the villages. so we can put in our bikes, but it is a bad fuel. we have problems with it, as it spoils our bike engines. sometimes we learn, there are a stations where we can find diesel, but they don't allow it to be taken with a canister. so now we have cars that have broken down dry. what do we do? do we put the car in our head to come and get fuel? willy economic crisis extends well beyond cameroon, on the continent, with an i watering combined debt of a quarter of a trillion dollars. now dragging emerging markets closer to default according to bloomberg. the number of states verging on the default of their foreign debts as
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more than doubled in the last 6 months. the worse had countries her home to almost a 1000000000 people with el salvador pakistan, ganna, an egypt named among the most vulnerable. it'll be national youth development agency in south africa. fears a full loan humanitarian disaster is eminent you many can try to get to the and the not the way you manage the migration. we certainly need to the point into the longer you indicate those potentially pick economic decisions that often made based on political amended to prevent a domino effect. the government do we need to be carefully in how they manage monetary policy. now another story i want to bring you across today, new delhi is set to pass legislation that would put additional control on
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activities. a big tech companies. the decision stems from an investigation about revealed goober skirted locals. it has been fairly obvious to most people that big tech platforms have been using technology to game the system and consumers both and have a baited scrutiny by constantly covering themselves with innovations. according to the indian minister for electronics and information technology, the new laws will bolster the country cyber security. the official fans, a number of tech companies have been abusing legal loopholes to circumvent existing indian regulations. hoover is reported to bypass laws and a number of countries including india to sustain the transportation ups at rapid global expansion. when andy, this is just part of a growing confrontation, it appears between global technology giants and new delhi. or the, or this month twitter challenge, the indian government and the local court over state orders to block a number of the companies, the cons. cyber law specialists, pub,
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and to gal say's india's new legislation before the big tech into complying with local roofs. we've seen that these rules have provided for criminal liability for the top management of these to meet these. and we've also seen that despite the criminal added to the information, these have chosen not in compliance. so someone on the line, the government is not pushed in the direction of trying to come up with more cogent and effective methodologies and strategies for forcing the big tech companies to comply with the provisions of the law. that if you want to operate in india, then you will have to comply with indian law. that can be the basic principle that will have to be no negotiate by moving all know it's a busy news day. i want to fill you in on this as well, the hungarian prime minister said european economies of quote shot themselves in the loans by bombing russian fuel imports of hungry declares
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a state of emergency over tightening energy supplied. initially i thought we had only shot ourselves in the foot, but now it is clear that the european economy has shot itself in the lungs and it is gasping for air. hungary is heavily dependent on russian fossil fuels for its energy needs are on 65 percent of its oil. on even more of its gas comes from moscow under the state of emergency plans hungry will not boost its own production of natural gas and expound its purchases. from other countries, according to the plant price caps on utility bills for high usage, high schools will not be lifted. we are the thoughts all the locals are by the skiing. i do think it. yes, we now we get the picture. well, we are sensitive to it because we are likely to consume more than the average and therefore pay more. but you can't save money on it. so if you need some hot water on a certain level, you do need it. hello, how could it not my pension is low,
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i have nothing else to say. deductions bands. i live on 49000 and florence horror, i am outraged again. oh, i've heard about it. yes, i have a pretty depressing opinion about the whole thing, but i don't really want to deal with it. let's wait until the end of the year and we'll see. yet needs to be pointed out. hungry is one of the few. e, you states which shet, refuse to impose energy sanctions on russia. despite pressure from the block, budapest set a european oil boy cut would be quote, an atomic bomb for its economy and destroy it stable energy supply. global effort, especially as george zamarelli believes hungry was forced to remove the camp on gas prices as its neighbors were taking advantage of the cheap supplies. i think we had to was we had a very serious economic crisis because it's not just that we have inflation rates likely to get into digits in the very near future. but we're going to get
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essentially economic shut down major factors. we're closed down who really terrible was the world that patient high inflation and the, there is depression. hungary had actually put a price cap on the actual prices. so many people were coming from europe to buy the central here in hungary because it was cheaper. and that's gone now they've, they removed all the cash on prices again, probably in order to discourage people from expected indulgence on federal, but the prevent pharmacy from coming to hungry and buying up all the pictures. i just time in the program now to return to the conflict in don boss, we want to bring you this. it's our senior, corresponding rock garcia. he's being following russian soldiers as the korea clean
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up operations across ter freeze. now, under their control, a big task, a big job, and a warning. you may find some of the footage in his report disturbing. barely a week ago, the town of p volume was controlled by ukrainian forces. the front lines may have moved far away, but this is a clearing operation, a search for ukranian troops and hiding for weapons ammunition. and of course, the corpses left behind. you fully functional with it. this doesn't seem to have been irregular ukrainian soldier. first of all, he had a beard, a multi can he war chevrons as you can clearly see and the servants were removed along with all other insignia and equipment is wrong. they never do this with regular service. man, you might like to put him on the radical nationalists, neo nazis and foreign mercenaries, hold a privileged position. they are always better arm, good, better equipped than ukrainian regulars or conscript of these,
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or nato type boy casing. so they're mostly used by nationalists and foreign mercenaries. ukrainian conscripts are mostly equipped with old soviet weapons. at 1st glance, this may seem obvious what happened here. this man died, he was left behind by ukrainian soldiers and his compatriots who, who ran. but if you have a look at his injuries, it is obvious that he was torn apart by a shell, a mortar round, most likely, yet there is no more thought damage. here. damage from shrapnel, the windows are all intact. what this means is that he was likely dragged by ukrainian soldiers from somewhere he died very quickly. they left him behind, which means there's a high chance that they could have left the surprise here, such as a mine or a booby trap under him. this is a trick we saw employed by as of nationalists said mary,
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apple. they would mind the bodies of the fallen fighters and civilians alike. there is only one safe solution to tie a rope to the corpse and pool at a safe distance. the fields in front of his house had been into a fortress by ukrainian troops. they squad of the atman battalion made up of russian. and chechnya and volunteers allowed us to follow them as they went deeper into the woods, acting on a tip from the locals, where on a small island near the refund taken during the, during the assault on the city, the offensive on the city is only now through the fight with the theory for of gotten around the searchingly i got to head had reported that they found a stash of weapon. it was slow progress getting there. the
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biggest danger was minds and every one was constantly looking down the other danger his ukrainian stragglers high. the desert is all those left behind and hiding in the woods. there were none. here. what we found was part of the arsenal. bingo. that was who i am a warrior, these are v o g 20 fives under barrel grenade launch around. so when they hit the ground, they bounce up to about a meter and a half and explode very dangerous things again, lease was slow going. ordinarily a weapons cache as big as this would have at the very least been booby trapped. but it seems order and military discipline among ukrainians here collapsed suddenly and totally. they literally ran squadron macarthur's imp on. this was their ammunition depot. this is where they waited for.


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